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Serious How do you cope with stress/anxiety?

Started by Auticorn July 2nd, 2019 8:49 AM
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My way of coping includes things like writing or listening to music. It helps me unwind. I've been trying to write down my thoughts for the day because I heard this can help as well. Most of the time, I feel music plays a huge part in my life since I was quite young. It's always been there for me when I need a reminder that I'm not the only one struggling. There are times where I'll listen to it because it also helps ease those inner demons inside.

So, how do you cope with stress/anxiety? This can also apply to mental health-related stress as well!
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I like to bounce on a yoga ball. Releases adrenaline which helps with anxiety a lot. Honestly, would absolutely recommend people do that. It's not great for your back if you do it for extended periods of time but it helps so much with anxiety! (Also can help you shed a few pounds if you're someone who is wanting to do that)


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I've largely only ever really known how to internalize my stress and anxiety and it bites me in the ass all the time because I get anxiety breakdowns because of it. It's gotten gradually worse over the years, so I've made an attempt to have healthy conversations with people I trust to discuss the root cause of my stress so that can be tackled/resolved as much as possible. I prefer this approach actually, because if not, then my mind starts to brood over it and my depression worsens until I actually deal with the problem at hand. Unfortunately, that does mean that listening to music and whatnot doesn't help all that much because my mind knows it's only temporary relief and will go straight back to sadness, stress and exhaustion when the opportunity presents itself.

Interestingly, there are tons of things that can currently stress me out, but I... just flat out don't think about it. Reason being is that I would hardly be able to function if I were to constantly have these hypothetical worse-case scenarios on my mind all the time, so I just live "in the moment", as it were. I worry about today, not about tomorrow. If I think about tomorrow, or the day after, or the week after, it's very easy to get lost into the unknown, and jumping down the rabbit hole of "what ifs" is not good for my own mental health so I've largely practiced on avoiding to do that.


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I've got a nasty habit of ignoring my stress and hoping it goes away. When I'm very overwhelmed with stress, it helps me to let all my thoughts out on paper. There's something therapeutic about putting all your thoughts out onto something physical. It helps me regroup and tackle each individual stressful thing in my life. When it comes to actually tackling stress, I try to approach it rationally. What's stressing me out? What can I do about that? Is there anything I can do about it? If not, it's a lot easier to let go of. If there is, I do my best to accomplish that.

For example, a year ago at work, I had some severe impostor syndrome stress. It all came to a head when I was at my lowest for confidence in myself, while at the highest for work expected of me. I was so scared I couldn't accurately deliver what was expected. I finally wrote all my worries down, realized that I couldn't control what my peers expected of me, the only thing I could control was how hard I worked to deliver what I thought they wanted. That new attitude helped a LOT and I made it out of that project with a good track record. My bosses were all very happy. I still carry that mentality at work to this day.

Anxiety is a whole 'nother beast. I have a terrible time dealing with anxiety. It eats away at me until the event in question has passed. I mostly suffer from social anxiety, so any type of gathering that I feel obligated to attend ruins me. I've gotten a lot better because I've found a group of friends I hang out weekly with, which helps me practice interaction within a decent sized group. Unfortunately I don't have any tips on how to deal with anxiety, but I'm all ears lol.


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i kiiiiinda have this bad habit of pushing myself so i wouldn't disappoint the people around me until i start crashing and burning from it which inevitably just makes things worse in the long run oops. especially 'cause this normal happens due to social anxiety. i really need to learn that i need to stick to my own pacing when it comes to social interactions no matter how selfish it seems because at the end of the day it's really my health that i need to watch out for more than anything else.

that said when it's gotten to be too much i shut down and focus on the things that make me the most happy and heavily limit my interactions around that. anything out of that scope just stresses me out more (which goes back to the whole selfish things i guess???)


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It's very rare that I get anxiety as I'm more of a let all that stress build up until I need to take a time out. Because I need money (like most of us) I tend to work, work, work especially during stressful times at work (end of the month inventory.) But I've gotten to a point where I tell myself that I need to relax. While yes you need money to live that money is no good if you're dead.

I try to meditate, take time out for just me and do things I like to do like enjoy the nice weather when possible and listen to relaxing music.
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I talk to the people around me and let everything out, usually that's my brother, boyfriend and/or close friends. Then I'll watch some YouTube videos or play a game. I've had a few bad instances where I couldn't cope and I kinda broke, and it just took time to heal even after the above coping mechanisms, but those times have been very, very few and far between, and generally I think I deal with stress and anxiety well. It all blows over pretty quickly for me and I'm usually not one to dwell on stress.



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i'd rather invest all of my time into overanalyzing and fixating on fictional things i enjoy and just not put in the effort on myself. literally i just. bury myself in it and don't want to do much else. it's like a distraction, but. how long is it going to take to wear off lol
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I put my headphones on and try to drown it out with music if I'm home. Similarly to Sydian I also like to distract myself with fiction or other forms of entertainment. In public I do my best to bare it. Usually I just feel somewhat uncomfortable outside. There was an instance where I had my first and only panic attack but thankfully someone was there to calm me down. I know what places and situations to avoid that would "trigger" those feelings the most. Occasionally I try to put those feelings to a productive use by working out or tackling something that might be bothering me in that moment.


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i'd rather invest all of my time into overanalyzing and fixating on fictional things i enjoy and just not put in the effort on myself. literally i just. bury myself in it and don't want to do much else. it's like a distraction, but. how long is it going to take to wear off lol
When I'm depresh-anxious, I tend to do this but all it does is postponing and bottling up for a bigger breakdown later, I feel.

Better things that actually seem to work for me is getting out and socializing, listening to happy powerful music and generally being out and about rather than brood at home. But it's really hard sometimes to get over that doorstep, to stop isolating myself in a dark loop of distractions, when I have really bad weeks.

like now

I actually managed today. A friend dragged me out to lunch and it was lovely and long, and then I wandered around the summery streets and malls for several hours doing some light shopping, and then eventually I went to the movies with other friends. I guess meeting people are my anxiety therapy. ENFP yo!

With stress though... I tend to get anxious in a whole different way when I'm really stressed about something. And I'm frankly terrible at handling it. I procrastinate more and more when I get more and more stressed, and sometimes have breakdowns and give up. Heh. I should probably learn some tricks for that. Maybe meditation? Or being more organized. Actually, I think that has helped me improve a little bit - learning tricks for being more organized. Mostly in work-related situations. But all kinds of things can get a person stressed. idk, there's no universal solution for me yet, augdsdfddf.


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With doing so I rarely am stressed out and anxious now. Also meditation is a great way to clear the mind and put yourself at peace. I used to smoke a lot of weed for stress, but now I rarely even smoke.

Also I know lots don't wanna hear this... But if you're an adult (especially an adult) you created the mental state you're in and you can change that mental state. A good solution is quit playing victim. Instead of thinking the worlds against us , we gotta realize only we are holding ourselves back. In life we have choices.. Nobody is controlling your choice.. I don't care the circumstances. If you are unhappy, figure out why and change it. I know it's such a hard pill to swallow cause I used to be one of those guys. I had severe depression for years until I faced it... Don't be scared to face yourselves guys.
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lmao shut up


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As a previous user said, I tend to just like... overwork myself. I force myself to work through it and overwork myself until I burn out because I don’t want to disappoint anyone. It’s really bad.

My mental state is not the best currently. I’m trying to get through it somehow. It’s difficult. But yeah, uhm. I also try to cope by talking with my boyfriend or my best friend or other people I trust. Watching YouTube is also a huge coping mechanism for me obviously. It’s difficult to reach out, but I know at some points I have to.
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I don't deal with anxiety well. Episodes leave me lathered into a ball of nerves which often cause me to go into full blown panic. But, I've been using a few strategies over the years that have helped.

One: my art. My art is my greatest weapon against my anxiety. I try to put those feelings of distress onto paper where they can't hurt me anymore.

Two: breathing. 8 seconds in, 10 seconds out. It literally rewires the brain to think about something else.

Three: sensation. Using things like ice or holding a hot cup of tea in your hands. This one doesn't work for me as much but tea is always nice.

Four: verbalizing. I say, out loud, "this is anxiety". Naming the beast helps to tame it.

Five: exercise. Working out releases endorphins and chemically alters your brain.

Six: mental checklist. Did I eat today? Did I drink enough today? Basic things like this can help to manage nervousness.

Seven: talking. I turn to my family and friends to express my feelings and concerns. This one can be a little tough since I feel like no one hears me when I'm in a state, you know?

Eight: medication and therapy. Really, this muk is number one. It's not an option for everyone and that's understandable but if you have anxiety or a panic disorder and you're currently not being treated than you're going through a hell that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Please, please seek help from professionals. There's options out there for you, even if you're living below the poverty line. Your mental health is important.


With doing so I rarely am stressed out and anxious now. Also meditation is a great way to clear the mind and put yourself at peace. I used to smoke a lot of weed for stress, but now I rarely even smoke.

Also I know lots don't wanna hear this... But if you're an adult (especially an adult) you created the mental state you're in and you can change that mental state. A good solution is quit playing victim. Instead of thinking the worlds against us , we gotta realize only we are holding ourselves back. In life we have choices.. Nobody is controlling your choice.. I don't care the circumstances. If you are unhappy, figure out why and change it. I know it's such a hard pill to swallow cause I used to be one of those guys. I had severe depression for years until I faced it... Don't be scared to face yourselves guys.
Dude, anxiety is a chemical imbalance in the brain. If you think anxiety or depression is just "mind over matter!" than you've never experienced what real panic feels like. Not to be the anxious gatekeeper or anything, but that's literally just a fact. This isn't about picking yourself up by your boot straps or logic-ing your way out of something, it's a neurological disorder that you cannot talk yourself out of. :/


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When I get anxious, I write down everything I'm thinking. Sometimes I'm just really wound up or upset, so I write it down. I don't like forgetting things, and that just builds up to more anxiety in the moment. This helps me make sure I don't forget things, but I can push it out of my mind for the time being when the anxiety is really bad, as it's recorded on a piece of paper.

Sometimes I'll eat spicy food relieve stress/anxiety, it helps in an odd way. Punching a punching bag is a good reliever as well.

Drawing also helps, probably not always my go too but it helps sometimes. Though I usually go to drawing when I'm sad/depressed rather than stressed/anxious.


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Two words: very poorly.

Due to my disabilities and chronic illness I have a very hard time keeping a job that is okay with me sitting down/taking breaks ocasionally. The jobs I have taken have essentially sucked the life right out of me. My insurance has VERY FEW available therapists and psychiatrists, none of which really specialize in the degree of mental illness and queer issues I've faced through life so I essentially haven't been really helped by either of those options. Psychiatry has helped a bit but therapy has always been a dead end. I've been to different one-on-one therapists, group therapy, another outpatient group therapy, I've tried DBT and CBT... Just.. Nothing helps really so far. I need a gender therapist and someone who's willing to work with me instead of brush me off.

At home it's very difficult, too, living with relatives since I can't often work the way society wants me to, so I can't make money to sustain myself in one of the most expensive states in the USA
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Right now I'm kind of out of touch with my coping mechanisms. When I get depressive episodes they hit me hard, crippling my ability to do almost anything. And the worst thing is literally any small thing can trigger one, so I'm constantly on edge and worrying about when the next one might be or what might set it off. I had a small one coupled with a bigger anxiety attack recently after a confrontational conversation with a friend I just was not ready for. Like I don't usually have problems with confrontation but this time was special I guess? Or maybe not idk.
I was seeing a therapist and taking medication for it, but since the therapist and the meds were both not helping I weaned off the meds for now since they're a hassle and am looking for a therapist. It just takes a long time.
Besides that I find playing Violin really helps me let my emotions out and compartmentalise my mind again. I also find cleaning my living space a very helpful coping tool, as when my living space is organised then my mind tends to find it easier to relax and sort everything out on its own.
Besides those two things I have a therapy cat. Well he isn't licensed but he may as well be one because he is my therapy when all else fails. He comforts me, keeps me company and makes me get up to feed him and clean up after him, the cleaning then leads to me cleaning more stuff and it's kind of a domino effect into getting out of the spiral.
These don't always work, since I suffer from a range of other mild conditions all stemming from the depression, all of which can come at any time. So one day I might end up with ocd on top, or I might flip into a more borderline situation and have a phase of mania. So these techniques don't always help, but they cover the most bases while I'm figuring out meds and therapists. It's kind of like a mental health roulette, where every space on the wheel is really crippling and it really makes things hard for people around me too, so I try not to bother them with my problems, since I don't want to bring others down when it's hard enough for me to understand exactly what's going on.

Also @Fairy what you said about mental health in general was amazing, thank you <3


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With stress I find that I become much more overwhelmed and likely to shut down when I don't make a clear list of what it is that is specifically stressing me out. For example with school, if I am overly stressed it is usually due to feeling overloaded with work. So I make sure to break it down into much more manageable tasks by subject, with specific goals that then have sub-bullet points on how I can achieve the overall larger goal (e.g. finishing an assignment, studying for a specific exam). It helps me to start reducing the stress by giving me a clear direction on what to complete rather than panicking at where to begin, and stressing myself out more. I do get stressed and burnt out easily though, and sometimes even with a list it can be incredibly hard. I let myself rest more if that is the case - working in small increments so I don't panic about not being productive, making sure I have breaks so I don't burn myself out (e.g. listening to music, running can be helpful). Crying if necessary, or writing out what you feel onto paper / a doc which you delete later is good too. Reaching out to people so they can support you and check in on you is also great but I'm not good at putting that in practice.

In terms of anxiety, mine mainly stems from recurring, intrusive thoughts about irrational fears I have. It has been difficult to cope with them but over the years you learn methods to manage it better. Before I was so focused on telling myself to stop thinking about it, but that was counterproductive because it just made the thought stronger when I kept actively trying to distract myself. Instead I just learnt to let it exist and slowly expose myself to it (i.e. try to let myself have the thoughts and not trigger reactive anxiety) by attempting to rationalise it as being harmless to have, and the psychosomatic symptoms that occurred from it being in the anxiety cycle of "I can't have this thought!" rather than the actual thought itself. To give context, a lot of my intrusive thoughts are related to developing symptoms of illness (hypochondria). I realise it doesn't make too much sense if you have never experienced something similar but I learnt how to cope mainly from my therapist. Anxiety is very irrational so it doesn't always work and I've had severe relapses before but it does help to keep them at bay mostly. For panic attacks I also think its important to emphasise breathing exercises - I find it really hard to breathe properly and it scares me even more as this then leads to feelings like chest tightness, but just trying to actively focus on breathing until it subsides helps. If it's particularly bad, I would tell someone so they can be there and I feel calmer by them being there to help talk me through it.


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Work stress, my brain tends to shut down on its own and hurts. I don't really do much, just distract myself for a while with the least intrusive thing I can get, which are webtoons and food (food has been my default go to). It used to be much worse (to the point where my boss had to tell me that I have to learn how to stop drawing all the time), and it can get much worse but anxiety's doing it's job of keeping that in check due to said recent events.👌

Stress in general as well as anxiety in general, well, i kiiiinda don't? Idk if I am. Maybe ask someone else because I have no idea fjdidmla


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World of Warcraft

Logging on after work and beating the crud out of a few hundred monsters can do wonders for stress level. Psychiatrists call it "Catharsis"

(Oh, and a lot of other games work too; good ones include GTA, Mortal Kombat, Borderlands, Metal Gear Solid, you get the idea.)
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I feel like nothing helps me. Doing anything, even if it's drawing or playing my favorite video game, only seems to intensify things for me. The only way for me to relax is to wait until the anxiety goes away on its own. I do also have anxiety supplements though that I had gotten used to taking daily, but I'm working to get myself off of them (only took one in the last 30 days, and even that I don't think I'd have needed) since they often cause headaches or are just a bit too strong. May consider something a little less strong like lavender, but for now, I'm content just waiting things out. Fortunately most of the time people can't tell I'm anxious, but when it's obvious it's obvious.

Going to try out some of the suggestions here next time I'm anxious. Lots of things I've never tried! But yeah, my anxiety is a chemical imbalance rather than just 'getting nervous,' so there is only so much I can do to help myself. A lot of things won't work, but I'm hopeful I can sometime soon find more things that at least make me feel a little bit better.
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My therapist taught me a wonderful technique on Tuesday that has a really helped calm me down. It's called the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 exercise. When you're extremely anxious, this technique is a great way to ground yourself a little more in reality and get out of your own head so those terrible intrusive thoughts don't have so much control over you.

Step one: Slowly, and aloud, name five things you can see in your immediate area. It can be anything. Take a moment to describe it as detailed or brief as you want. Maybe you see a carpet and it has a nice pattern? Maybe you're in front of your computer and it's playing a video. Study your environment for a moment and focus on the present.

Step two: Name four things you can feel. This can be as simple as the glasses on your face, the surface you're sitting on, or the shoes you're wearing. How does it feel? Is the couch soft? Is your sweater scratchy?

Step three: Name three things you can hear. Even if it's just static or white noise in your head. Maybe you hear a bird outside. Maybe your air conditioner is running, or there's a car driving by. Anything like that.

Step four: Name two things you can smell. Perhaps you used a new hand lotion? Take the time to really identify your surroundings. Maybe it smells a little dusty where you are, or maybe the window is open and it smells like freshly cut grass.

Step five: Name one think you can taste. This one is a little more difficult, but nothing is an acceptable answer too. Maybe you can taste a little mint from brushing your teeth?

Just putting your mind in the present can help reorient your brain into feeling less anxiety. I hope this can help someone!


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I cry.

Crying is the best thing to lower the hate and aggression that can develop in me in a stressful situation.

....It helps to be such a boldly feminine lady~<3
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