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Old September 27th, 2018 (4:57 PM).
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    I threw my first Master Ball today.

    I’ve been playing Pokemon off and on for the last 15 years, having bought myself a Gameboy Advance and Pokemon Ruby shortly after graduating high school. After getting all the way to the cave with Groudon in it I rage quit after accidentally making him faint. I tried LeafGreen but never made it very far. Same with Diamond, I played it on a long car trip but never really picked it back up once we were home.

    We bought our kids 2DS XL’s for Christmas last year and I picked up Pokemon Moon on a whim for myself to play. I got off the first Island in my first day and never touched it again. About 2 months ago though, my 6 year old daughter found it and wanted to play. After a few rough starts (she didn’t know about saving and was starting the game over every time she wanted to play as she’d let her battery die) she got the hang of it and before I knew it she was on the third island.

    Inspired and looking for a bit of daddy/daughter bonding I grabbed myself a copy of Ultra Sun so we could battle and trade. I’ve actually stuck it out on this one and am in post game working on making a living pokedex, while she has made it through 2 of the Elite Four but can’t get further because she only has a few high level Pokemon since she always switched her team around aside from her starter, a Decidueye named Bird.

    While watching videos on Youtube my daughter learned about Shiny Pokemon and they became her obsession. She is always asking me if the ones I’m fighting are Shiny or if I caught any Shinys while she was at school. A few days ago she decided she was going to be a “Shiny Hunter” and has basically just been tearing around the first island running from every battle because it’s not a Shiny.

    Last night, though, I get startled by a huge scream from the other chair. “A SHINY! DADDY HELP ME CATCH IT!” She brings her 2DS over and there on the screen is what looks to be an ordinary level 10 Abra. “Are you sure it’s a Shiny honey?” “YES DADDY! IT DID THE SPARKLE AND EVERYTHING! CATCH IT CATCH IT CATCH IT!”

    A Shiny that only knows Teleport, which means I have one shot. I open her Pokeball menu and she has a single Pokeball. A Master Ball. No Ultra Balls that I thought I had bought her a stack of earlier. No anything else, just the single Master Ball for a ‘mon I wasn’t sure was even Shiny.

    “Screw it”, I thought. “I can just reset if it’s not actually Shiny.” Decision made I threw the Master Ball and caught him. Looking at his summary I do see that he has the Shiny Star, but I’m still not convinced. I pull him out for a battle and sure enough, it does the sparkle. Finally I look online and yup, Shiny Abra is almost indistinguishable from regular Abra; his skin is just a bit brighter. Nothing you’d even notice if you didn’t have a side by side comparison. I hit save and passed her game back as she jumps around and does a silly dance chanting “SHINY SHINY SHINY!”

    It wasn’t even my game but it still pained me to use a 1 of a kind item. I’ve always hoarded my rare items and typically never use them outside of a moment of pure desperation. It did make her happy though, so I guess it’s worth it (sort of :P). I just remind myself that I still have my own Master Ball sitting silently in my own inventory.
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    Old September 27th, 2018 (10:46 PM). Edited September 27th, 2018 by CodeHelmet.
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      Hah... the joys of Fatherhood as they say. You planning to get the Switch for Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee this fall? The game is really tailored towards children and is based in Kanto or on Red/Blue/Yellow(more so Yellow if anything) with Pokemon GO(aka the mobile game) catching mechanics. I should also mention that this Community does have a Shiny Hunters club and we are in the process of making a FAQ for Generations 1-6(and likely Generation 7(if one hasn't been made already) sometime next year when Generation 8 details are leaked/officially announced). If you ever get around to playing Generation 1(seriously, its totally a different animal than what you're used to and may prepare you a bit for LGPE since its based on the original 151(with LGPE adding Alolan variants since Kanto lacks Dark Types)), feel free to send me a Visitor Message with any questions you may have(or look up the FAQ if Nah ever gets around to publishing it....).
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