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Daniëlle D

Age 17
The Netherlands. Noord Brabant.
Seen September 26th, 2019
Posted June 18th, 2019
6 posts
281 Days
So...just a small interest check. Since i can't find active roleplays I'm wanting to start my own. I'm actually wanting to Rp as both Lysandre (my crush. don't judge me) or a trainer of one of my trainer cards. I know Kalos the best so I'm wanting to rp there. So if anyone's interested at all, I'll soon make a starter scenario for that.
Name: Arcey
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]


Age 21
Somewhere among moose, igloos, maple leaves and hockey fanatics
Seen September 4th, 2019
Posted June 25th, 2019
13 posts
254 Days
Hey there! I'd like to join, it'd pretty rare for me to see Kalos RPs... guess my french might be useful sprinkled here and there! What do you have in mind?
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