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Fourth Gen Do you still have your copies of the Fourth Gen games?

Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

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Old 1 Week Ago (4:32 AM).
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Sadly, I only have Platinum, because HGSS are super difficult to find these days. D:

i'll be waiting until the sky falls down

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yeah, I still got my copies of Pearl/Platinum/SS

I didn't really see the point in me selling them, so I've kept them around all this time

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Old 1 Week Ago (11:29 AM).
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    I bought a used HeartGold from Amazon 3 months ago and I still have it.
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    Old 1 Week Ago (2:12 PM).
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      emulate then lol
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      Old 1 Week Ago (7:42 AM). Edited 1 Week Ago by strangerhypno.
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        Emulation doesn't evoke the same feeling as playing the real thing though.

        I still have Platinum and SoulSilver, I lost Diamond. I restarted Platinum actually out of boredom
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        Old 1 Week Ago (11:14 AM).
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          I have SS and Platinum, among spin offs I have Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, Darkness and Time, Pokemon Ranger, both Guardian signs and Shadows of Almia. The only thing left I really want to get is a cheap Dimond or Pearl so I can glitch the heck out of it and get Darkrai and Shaymin lol.

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          HG and DPPt all stored in nicely

          I never had SS to begin with

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          Old 6 Days Ago (7:21 AM).
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            I had Pearl and SoulSilver, and those muks were stolen years ago, so no.
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              I have my P/Pt/SS

              And my brother has D/HG

              I also have the spinoffs from gen 4; getting rid of games is something I rarely do. cx

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              Old 5 Days Ago (7:38 PM).
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              I still have my copies of both Pearl and Platinum, and Platinum still has a full Pokedex.

              Can't ever see myself selling those games.

              The 2nd gen remakes, however, I sold back to GameStop YEARS ago.

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                I still got my copies of Platnium and Diamond. #Sinnoh4Life
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                  Having grown up with pokemon - doesn't help that I was obsessed with it as a kid - I've still got at least one copy from every generation. For fourth gen games in particular I've got both Daimond and Platinum (and Soulsilver if it counts)
                  But I've got about 13 different mainline pokemon games not including a pair of downloaded ones (Moon and Yellow, both of which I have hard copies of). I never get rid of my pokemon games (not even the second yellow card I have that got bricked from catching and keeping a missingno. It can't save anymore whoops.)
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                    I still have all my copies of the Generation 4 games since I've never had a need to sell them. :P
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                    I have all the main games from the gen, missing the inserts for HG and my SS box entirely though.

                    Lost my Ranger games, unfortunately.

                    Still have my PMD games. BR and some misc. spinoffs I think.

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