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July Stats

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Old August 14th, 2017 (4:34 PM). Edited August 14th, 2017 by bobandbill.
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Apologies for the delay. Had a very busy start to the month. Moving house, being sick, thesis things to name a few.

The Raw Numbers
July total views: 73,729 (June: 78,360, May: 48,992)
July total visitors: 54,349 (June: 57,815, May: 34,583)
July average views/day: 2,378 (June: 2,612, May: 1,580)
Daily High Score: 6,298 (Best ever: 78,064 views, June: 5,402)
Lowest Score (for a full day): 1,500 (June: 1,388, May: 1,167)
Number of 100+ days: 31 (June: 30, May: 31)
A bit down from June but second-best month since February. We had two spikes; around the 8th (Ash-hat Pikachu event in GO) and the 23rd (GO Fest and Legendaries and a particular bug...).

Image of hits/day:


Articles visited since start of month until 1st Aug:

(Note that articles posted in the month have the orange tab to the left. Those with < 40 hits in the month were cut for image size.)

The top article was about a bug in Pokemon GO where a team leader was 'replaced' (they used the wrong image). It actually had the most views 3-4 days after the article was released, which I attribute to Legendary raids occurring worldwide - more people playing the game again, leading more people to encountering the bug and hence searching for it, and arriving at our article.

The Egg hatch changes with note about Ash-hat Pichu did quite well too. Nice to see GO guide articles of ours doing decently again (the two Raid battling guides we have had 900+ and 500+ views too). Outside of GO, two more guides did well too - the massive Singles article, and the RMXP introduction article. Good job, guys!

People were interested in the Mystery Files, and also in Worlds ticket info, USUM's guidebook and next year's TCG format. Shiny Tapu article also did okay. On a selfish note I had hoped for more views on the Numbers Game article, but oh well, maybe later it'll jump up.

Google-specific stats ('clicks' = views, lower than total stats):

(That 'note' is just about a change to how some stats are registered.)

'pokemon go spark missing' and variants explains some of the number of views we got for that article, haha.

Search engines terms (what people put in anything but Google to get to the magazine.

(Removed those that gave only one click.)

Google search terms by clickthrough rate (CTR; top 50):

Mostly SM related searches.

The funny and weird searches (that got clicks, and including google) include:
didnt get lokemon go update july 19 2017
wikipedia is lily ub 01
how to play pokemon go with fake gps pixel xl 7.1.2
what does it mean when your pokemon has improvement for battling
vgc dk
do you demote leagues in pokemon go if you lose too many points?
pokemon aarune is hot
pokemon diamond for my boy
Google's top clicked pages (top 50):

Interestingly, google only accounts for < 1/3 of the Instinct leader missing article views...

Referrers (what sites people came from to visit the magazine):

Remember how google only gave <1/3 of the views for the article? That Facebook stat explains why. The article was shared on multiple Facebook posts and got the views that way. Thanks, Facebook!

Twitter went up (doubled), reddit went down this month as it didn't have an article linked that became a trending topic.

Clicks (links clicked in articles)

People liked viewing the Mystery Files and Global Link info.

Country breakdown:

US on top. Some interesting trends. Some countries moved down more than expected (that is, accounting for less views this month than June's - e.g. Singapore), while Sweden jumped up by around 1,500 views!
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Old August 14th, 2017 (4:55 PM).
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    Looks pretty good. There was a lot of GO news which was definitely good for articles and it looks like we will have a lot more in future.

    Pretty good stats overall and with the flow of USUM news slowly starting we will probably get more hits in the coming months.
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    Old August 14th, 2017 (5:47 PM).
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    That time of month again? Here we go!

    didnt get lokemon go update july 19 2017 - lokemon is my favorite series
    wikipedia is lily ub 01 - Probably.
    how to play pokemon go with fake gps pixel xl 7.1.2 - Location Spoofing apps died. Painfully.
    what does it mean when your pokemon has improvement for battling - Low IVs
    vgc dk - uhhhh... Pass.
    do you demote leagues in pokemon go if you lose too many points? - Yes. Wait, points?
    pokemon aarune is hot - RIVVON WHERE ARE YOUUUUU?????
    pokemon diamond for my boy - Confused Parent Wondering If Pokemon is Good For Kid?
    Long ago, superstitions were spread about it,
    saying it brought disaster. This fed a hatred of it,
    and it was driven deep into the mountains.
    It protects fields and warns people of disaster,
    so one ought to be grateful for it.

    Challenges - TCG - Trade Corner - Daily
    Avatar credit to Sylphiel!
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    Old August 14th, 2017 (7:00 PM).
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    "pokemon diamond for my boy" haha

    The GO news definitely gave us more views, and hopefully we can gain even more with future USUM news.
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