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Started by abtLucky 3 Weeks Ago 9:17 AM
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Nice to meet all of you. I am new to this forum and am looking to do some competitive tournaments and breeding! Does anyone have any teams or guilds they are a part of that are looking for new members? Excited to see how I can contribute here!


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Hi Lucky, welcome! I'm not part of any groups like that or anything, but good luck searching. <3 I mostly just breed for my own collecting enjoyment rather than battle, but it's neat to watch players compete against each other over yt!!

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Howdy there!

Personally I haven't done much in competitive builds or breeding. However if you were to look around in spots on the forums I am sure you will find some that are completely masterful at doing such things!

Also welcome aboard!


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Welcome! I'm not into competitive tournaments and breeding, but there forums on that stuff.
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