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Do You Use Linux? Why or Why Not? Page 3

Started by Dark Zeta September 25th, 2019 9:15 AM
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After getting through msdos and all solid windowses (3.11,95,98 up to win10 which i've downgraded back to the 7th) i'd say it's too late for me.
It's never too late for switching to Linux. Since Windows 7 support ends today, you need to upgrade to Windows 8 or switch to Linux. Ubuntu and Mint are good and beginner-friendly distros.
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Why would i? There is no chance ms would dare to force its costumers hands. Besides it's virtually impossible for them. They were trying with XP for years - even by "burying it".
Why would i?

Well, I can think of 2 reasons.

1) Security patches. If you don't go online, this isn't too much of a problem. Still, there won't be many security patches in the future (unless it's something incredibly major and even then, it's not guaranteed).

2) The inevitable future. Unless you plan on using the same hardware (which I can't say I'd be surprised you would), you'll eventually have to upgrade. Windows 7 is becoming more and more incompatible with newer hardware. Even if you do stick with older machines in the future, software is going to outpace it eventually.

There is no chance ms would dare to force its costumers hands.

You apparently missed many of the forced upgrades from 7/8/8.1 to 10 epidemic that happened recently.

Without PS/2 mouse/keyboard support, it's impossible to get through the installer for Windows 7 on modern hardware.

Microsoft absolutely would force their customer's hands. An previous customer that isn't buying new stuff isn't making them any money.
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Well, i might've missed certain things thanks to some not-so-legal modifications to my perfectly legal system. There was this spam about upgrading to the next level but disabling it wasn't much of an issue. Problem is, after upgrading system (hateful "dayz" devs recommended that to me) it was too damn annoying. It needs mods at every possible level - even logonui. Who knows, maybe next "Windows" will use booting process more efficiently and display a block of commercials next to their logo.
They've tried, but until now there was always a way to go around it. Besides, how can they change something beyond their control? XP was undead mostly because it was beyond western flank. Mostly in China. I know, i know - it is a story that is long overdue...

Changes are inevitable but nobody force me to reinstall my os in the nearest future. I won't fight again with this damn screen and its color calibration - hell no.



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Windows 2000 is, imho, the best version of Windows to date. I don't dislike 10 anymore than any other version of Windows though. XP and 7 tend to be my least favorites though simply because many users overglorify them. 8/8.1/10 have their own plethora of issues as well. Vista, while not great, isn't as bad as it was made out to be imo.

Most people feel that way, so nothing to be ashamed of honestly. What exactly was uncomfortable though if you don't mind my asking?
Most of time I use my laptop for work. I've been working for a while witi Windows7/8/10 at my previous job and all my work goes through CRM. Otherwise I use laptop only for online communication through crm and that's quite unusual for me ater few years of using another OS. But a lot of other eployees use Linux and they like it..
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