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Sun & Moon Why do people hate Torracat?

Started by ValorSugarcakes May 12th, 2019 6:34 PM
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what, people hate torracat?? i understand if they hate incineroar... but torracat?

has anyone noticed that fluffy cheek fur <3

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I've only heard hatred directed toward Incineroar. I'm personally not a fan of Incineroar, tbh, because it just seems like such a huge departure from cute lil' Litten.

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What's wrong with Torrocat? @_@ I've never heard anyone hate on Torrocat? I've heard Popplio & Brionne hate, but never Torrocat...
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Yeah, a lot of the hate nowadays is directed towards Incineroar. At first, it was initially on the Popplio line (with people fangasming over Rowlet) and then the final evolutions got revealed and reception towards the line was a lot more neutral. Decidueye was also well-received, leaving the wrestler cat in an awkward middle-ground position. I presume it's largely because of the design (another bipedal fire starter) and the fact that it evokes shades of a Fire/Fighting starter, despite the fact it's Fire/Dark and it makes perfect sense for it, being a heel wrestler and all.

Shame it is bashed, because Incineroar is the best Pokemon right now in VGC.

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Torracat? Nah, he's still a handsome boy! He's not the cuddly Litten, but Torracat still looks really cool. Torracat's a solidly-designed pokemon with personality shining through in that little smirk

Incineroar may be good competitively, but both of his pre-evolutions have bested him on design.

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Torracat was adorable and awesome in my Sun playthrough! I really love its design also, being super cat like even compared to many other cat pokémon. Maybe it's the fact that it was so very animated in the Alola games.

But yeah, like many others here, I actually haven't heard of anyone who has hated Torracat.


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Torracat is ugly. I don't support dark types either way, and I just want it to stay a Litten

OOC: I personally think it's fine and I actually chose Incineroar my first run through of Sun.
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