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I have been working lately on a fool proof way of making progress in my incomplete hackrom of pokemon emerald(without any rom corruptions or starting over) i simply make a new .ips patch for every batch of changes made and make a composite patch for any new feature that is added plus whatever features already exist(so instead of having multiple gba files to create i just make a lot of patches and then apply them to an unmodified rom.

I did this recently for reusable tms but now i want to make the hms forgetable so i can make tms act like hms in that they can be re-used and make hms act like tms so that they can be forgotten, i have only seen one or two threads on the subject to go by and mostly with a focus on fire red and so i am lost as to what to do next. ( if anyone knows what else to do other than replacing the hm table at 0x329EEA with just 00 i would be very appreciative

Edit: i found the other 2 locations in my emerald rom with the same table as previously mentioned however ive no idea how this effects the game itself by removing the table and replacing it with nothing just 00 at all three tables makes the hms aappear as hm - and are always replaced with any tms without even asking what you want to remove changing only the first two tables has no effect at all as far as i know still unforgettable and still displaying the proper data in-game i dont even know if i should make any changes at all since they either turn hms into empty data or does nothing at all.