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Old January 4th, 2017 (2:41 PM).
Metal_Matty Metal_Matty is offline
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Originally Posted by Syvelocin View Post
Now works for me I'll add you and get ready.
Don't u have something for gen VII?
and are u interested in shiny pokemons GEN VII?
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Old January 4th, 2017 (6:23 PM).
JoecoolsinceJohto's Avatar
JoecoolsinceJohto JoecoolsinceJohto is offline
IGN: Joecool
Join Date: Dec 2016
Gender: Male
Posts: 28
I took a look at your wishlist and remembered I had an Analytic Elgyem sitting in my box.
Female, Relaxed nature. Doesn't have any max IVs, rated as decent. No special Egg moves.
Currently my goal is to complete my Dex. It's pretty much complete apart for the Legendaries. Can you help with that?
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Old January 16th, 2017 (12:45 PM).
Scarfy's Avatar
Scarfy Scarfy is offline
Greninja Tamer
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IGN: Devean
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Nature: Quirky
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Hey, I'm going to try and get in one last trade before this shop and all the Pokémon in my Y game gets sent to Gen 7. I'll trade a Pokémon 20th Anniversary Arceus w/ a Modest nature for the M18 Hoopa Relaxed.
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Old January 20th, 2017 (1:45 PM).
Cake's Avatar
Cake Cake is offline
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Would you be interested in the ITA XY&Z set of Gengar, Tyranitar, Mawile, and Gardevoir for shiny Steven's Beldum, shiny M16 Genesect, shiny GAMESTOP Palkia, and shiny MICHINA Arceus? I have proof of these events as well.
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Old January 27th, 2017 (11:13 AM).
OKS | Cesco's Avatar
OKS | Cesco OKS | Cesco is offline
IGN: Cesco
Join Date: Dec 2016
Gender: Male
Posts: 7
Hello there !
I'll request two pokemon for Moon:

Pokemon:Kommo-o (Komodo as a nickname)
EVs:252 Hp,252 SpAtk, 4 Spe
Moves: Autotomize,Clanging Scales,Focus Blast,Flash Cannon
Level (if you have time for that):50
Ability: Soundproof

Pokemon: Scizor (Gatling as a nickname)
EVs:252 Atk,252 Spe,4 SpDef
Moves: Swords Dance,Bullet Punch,Bug Bite(X-Scissor if not possible),Superpower(Knock Off if not possible)

King Cesco aka Flipman.

FC : 3196 8122 3286
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Old January 27th, 2017 (7:17 PM). Edited January 30th, 2017 by Poke Slacker.
Poke Slacker's Avatar
Poke Slacker Poke Slacker is offline
FC: 1736-3889-8526
IGN: Kaiser
Join Date: Sep 2015
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Nature: Calm
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Originally Posted by Syvelocin View Post
Would you trade your MYSTRY Mew Sassy for my shiny timid carbink and your M19 Volcanion Modest for my shiny relaxed Ferroseed.
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Old January 29th, 2017 (8:04 AM). Edited January 29th, 2017 by Imyellowstone.
Imyellowstone Imyellowstone is offline
Join Date: Jan 2017
Gender: Male
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For hidden ability poliwag perfect Hp, Sp A, Sp D, Speed, Def, and Calm nature
FC 3755-1387-5476
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Old January 31st, 2017 (2:39 AM).
LethalTexture's Avatar
LethalTexture LethalTexture is offline
Breeder and Battler
FC: 1547-5175-5150
IGN: Alex
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Colchester, United Kingdom
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Nature: Calm
Posts: 2,287
Hi there,

I'm interested in your Shiny Arceus event. Does it have any ribbons at all? :)

I'll edit my post with available trades when I can get back to my DS.

VGC and OU Singles Battler / @LethalTexture
FC: 1547-5175-5150

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Old January 31st, 2017 (6:05 PM).
Meluvia's Avatar
Meluvia Meluvia is offline
Miss Magius
FC: 4700-0156-9937
IGN: Meluvia
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Location: Johto
Gender: Female
Nature: Sassy
Posts: 321
Is there anything here you'd be interested in?

I'm interested in some of your events:
M18 Arceus
XYZ Xerneas
XYZ Yvetal

-Current Shiny Project-

Shiny Chikorita and Meganium

Ask me for cloning!

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Old February 9th, 2017 (7:30 PM).
overdrive003's Avatar
overdrive003 overdrive003 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2016
Location: Florida
Gender: Male
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Hi there! I'm interested in your Shiny Vulpix. I have a Shiny Minor, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Ninetails, lvl 100 Zoroark (6 perfect IV's), lvl 100 Sylveon (5 perfect IV's), lvl 100 Glaceon (2 perfect IV's, rest are 30), lvl 100 Kanto Ninetails (5 perfect IV's), and a few others.

Let me know if you're interested! Thanks!
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Old 6 Days Ago (2:29 PM).
Nevan90's Avatar
Nevan90 Nevan90 is offline
FC: 3153 7864 5839
IGN: Ardalyon
Join Date: Apr 2016
Gender: Male
Posts: 56
Hi,would you be interested in my aprimons?
I'd really like a HA tyrunt and an HA hoppip.
This is what I can offer:
Beast Ball - Charmander,Dewpider,Eevee,Gible,Honedge,Mareanie,Minior(cyan),Servine,Smeargle,
DreamBall - Chansey,Cherubi,Dratini,Drifloon,Eevee,Hoppip,Igglybuff,Miltank,Munna,Porygon,Ralts,Riolu,Rotom,Shellos,Shuckle,Slowpoke,Spiritomb,Staryu,Swablu,Sygilyph,Torchic,
FastBall - Pichu
FriendBall - Comfey,Cottonee,Eevee,
HeavyBall - Honedge,Larvitar
LevelBall - Dratini,Weedle
LoveBall - Mareanie,Mimikyu,Petilil,Pichu,Sneasel,Stufful,Togepi,A.Vulpix
LureBall - Drampa,Magikarp,Mareanie,Totodile,
MoonBall - Dratini,Litwick,Ralts,
Park Ball - Scyther
SafariBall - Carvanha,Gligar,Kecleon,
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Old 6 Days Ago (4:58 PM).
JonathanGEN1 JonathanGEN1 is offline
FC: 1221-0469-0788
IGN: Joe
Join Date: Nov 2016
Posts: 56
Hello im interested in your happy hour magikarp or any pokemon with that move for that matter. I have a shiny ho-oh and a shiny lugia from Gen 5, both oh them legit. Also im trying to get an ha bergmite/avalugg, do you think you could help me with that, by any chance?
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