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Started by Tsutarja March 22nd, 2019 6:15 PM
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I've been pretty addicted to twitch these past few months, and I'm honestly on it more these days than YouTube. many of you guys go on Twitch? Who are some of your favorite streamers to watch? Do you stream yourself?


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there's always something that's bothering me about twitch, don't know what it is though. but more than that, i think its a great platform and a good (sort of) competitor for youtube.

personally, i have never been interested with twitch and livestreams and such so... yeah. im just stuck here on youtube


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Unfortunately, I don't use Twitch all that often. :< Unless a friend of mine (or, at the very least, someone that I know) is saying that they're streaming something, I usually don't pay much attention to it.



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I sadly dont use twitch, because im either distracted by some game, discord, or just catching up on videos on youtube. I did find a good streamer last sunday, didnt turn out to be good person once talked to for awhile in their discord (not getting into deeds to not start drama and what not) but im hoping to actually use twitch more often as i get more grown, as in i wanna livestream while recording my vids so people can get a fresh live look at what happens during recording, then edit it down normally for youtube vid. Along with finding other smaller streamers and support them. (sorry for small wall of text)
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