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Well this is a first...

Started by Leafsfan February 15th, 2020 1:58 PM
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For the first time in any Pokemon game I've played, I am so underwhelmed with my starter Pokemon that I'm keeping it in the box in favour of a better Pokemon. There's just something about the starters in this game (I chose Sobble), that is so underwhelming to me that I can't justify keeping him on my team anymore. I decided to replace him with a Level 1 Milotic I will train up, a Pokemon I consider far superior. There are just my opinions, and are certainly not a consensus opinion by any means, but I never thought I would end up not using my starter in this game, especially so early in (just completed the 3rd gym).

Have any of you stopped using the starter you chose in any playthroughs you guys have done?


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Gen 5. It's my least favorite batch of starters, so sometimes I don't end up using them long-term. It's not the only generation I've ditched the starter Pokemon in, but in most of those cases it was because I was doing a challenge run, or just to switch things up a bit for fun.
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Been a bit disappointed by the starters for about the last three generations to be honest. - Well it's not so much the starters that are the problems but I don't really like the final evolution and let's face it, your starter always evolves about level 16!

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The previous generation starters had unique type combinations when fully evolved, so it does feel a little odd to me to move from that straight to the basic single fire/water/grass. Still like Cinderace though and Inteleon's growing on me! But they're definitely not as interesting as Alola imo. ):

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I love the Galar starters (well, not so much Cinderace, but it's grown on me a little), but I do agree that the single typings are disappointing. :/ I would've been so happy if Inteleon were Water/Ghost type, like was rumored before release!



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I stopped using my Scorbunny in my first playthrough of Shield, mostly because it had an Attack-lowering nature. I will probably keep the Scorbunny I have in my current playthrough since I prefer Cinderace over the other starter evolutions.

I've sometimes either never used my starter or have replaced it with something else in previous playthroughs.



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I always box my starters on second playthroughs, if that counts.


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Am I the only one here who actually likes all of the Galar starters? I actually do feel like the starter is truly a partner Pokemon this time around. I don't really care that the starters don't gain a second type upon evolution. I ended up using my Scorbunny and Sobble all the way through my playthroughs and didn't box them even once. I honestly don't understand why people are so disappointed by them.

The only starters I've ever been disappointed by are the gen 5's final evolutions, and most of the gen six starters as a whole... idk, the gen 8 starters just have a better feel to them to me than those two.
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I'm planning to drop my starter in SwSh once again. Moveset just isn't good enough. Will be better when I can breed High Jump Kick onto Scorbunny, but otherwise my Cinderace only has Fire and Fighting attacks.


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I always utilize my starters, although I think it’s safe to say that the Gen 8 starters are perhaps the most disappointing. I adore the Scorbunny line and Sobble, however, the rest I could do without.

I used Cinderace in the first run-through although for my second attempt I’m going to want a completely different team. As odd as it sounds, I’ve always felt obliged to make use of my starter and therefore doubt I will be able to box it.

I also don’t understand why so many dislike the Gen 5 starters! Serperior and Samurott are splendid.


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I love Inteleon, I can understand the disappointment with its overly scrawny arms and its giant hands but as a lizard lover I can not hate how lizardy it is (to me, it's a mixture of a Common Basilisk, Draco, Horned Lizard, and Chameleon) with the hilarious spy motif. I'm so glad I was Sobble Squad since day 1 because while I am not a fan of Galar's other starters, I used my starter until the end and it held its weight.

Only times I don't use my starter is challenge runs, namely Solo runs.

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