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My first email address/social media handle was harrypotterkid74 on Yahoo! Games back in like 97 or 98. My first AIM handle was tymew2000.

My first forum username was gohanrulez23 on like NeoPets.

What about y'all?


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pheonix_9333 was my first email address and I still use this for Netflix because my account got hacked and apparently they can't put my account back on the same email address or something, so I had to give them this one

and _pheonix156_ on Neopets

I liked phoenixes, and yes they were both misspelled


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I think my first username that I remember having was swetha777 on Club Penguin years ago. That wasn't chosen by me, I think my sister came up with it and I just used the account. My mum also used to make my accounts when they required parents to verify it with their e-mail address so a few of my usernames were like purple2001. I think the first one I chose myself was rainbow464 and that definitely inspired the rainbow in Rainbow Arcanine when I joined PC. I got people to call me Rainbow because I was uncomfortable sharing my real name at the time! My e-mail address was a pun on my full name but it had the word soap in it so it led to a few of my real and online friends calling me Soap/Soapy because of it. First social media handle... I honestly can't remember but it was probably bad. :D
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I'm pretty sure it was just my real name, and my birth year of 2000.


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i'm not sure what my first username ever was on a forum in general, because before i joined PC, i joined some dbz forum and for the life of me i can't remember. @[email protected]; so let's just go with my first (cringe) PC username, Regirock.

idk why, considering i like Regice better, but i guess it was taken at the time...
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The first handle I ever used was thenumber1 all the way back in 2003 for some ancient Pokemon forum...


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like most stupid kids online, my first username was full dead name and last name i'm sure we've all done it at least once, somewhere. But shortly after, I found Digimon thought Palmon was Palamon, and thus the username stuck (except for that weird period in 2009-2011 where it didn't).
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the oldest name I can remember is neoghost7575, which I used on Neopets and some other sites in like 2002. ahh good times

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Gonna say truth this is the first website that i have made an account i genrally use allen303 in the most of games and other websites and yes my first pc name was also allen303,then DJ allen, then allen and now darth allen and now gonna stick to it......
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if you want to include neopets (though i never really posted in their "forum" part of the site) it was tarita10. tarita being my nickname on my mom's side of the family and well... i was ten when i created my account lmao.

as for actual forums my first forum username was mew20, followed by suicuneangel and then muddykippy.


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my first every username on here, and msn was:

it soon evolved to nintendork15 as I was 15 at the time.
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My first was The Angel of Darkness, on a Baten Katie’s’s one of the bosses in the game and I was 13, okay. I had my edge lord phase on the internet, heaven help me.

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