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The Ralts Trainer's Homecoming - Kaito vs Flint & Volkner - [2]
Kaito Ishikawa | Normal Rank | Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh

Kaito’s waiting room was a modest space. Aside from the vanity table set, which lay parallel to the walls, unused, and the couch on which Kaito currently sat, there was little else. Beside him, perched on a four-legged table, was a small refrigerator, just within arm’s reach. Though it proved empty. The disappointment Kaito felt upon first opening it was… immeasurable, to say the least. You can imagine why Kaito chose to ignore it entirely after that.

“Polly, then Luciela, then Razor…” Kaito cycled through his three-Pokémon lineup.

To say that Kaito was prepared was an understatement. There were approximately three weeks before the start of his match with Flint and Volkner. And Kaito sure as hell made the most of them, recalling his previous encounters with Flint and Volkner and formulating appropriate strategies.

Naturally, with the time that had passed since he went defunct, Kaito expected a power differential between him and his competitors. Not a large one, mind you, but enough to put him at a disadvantage. Both Flint and Volkner certainly weren’t twiddling their thumbs while he was gone, given their stations as Elite Four and Gym Leader. Not to mention, their battle sense must’ve improved some as well.

Still, it didn’t change the fact that Kaito was prepared.

Lost-in-thought Kaito remained, juggling tactics in his head, until a sudden flash enveloped his room and out came Razor, facing him. “Need something?” Kaito asked the Gallade, patting the seat next to him. Razor growled a gentle growl, and then occupied the seat in question, seeming relaxed despite the battle ahead.

“Cool as a cucumber I see,” Kaito commented, sounding cool as a cucumber himself. His interview with Mr. Alan had done wonders in calming his nerves.

Agreeing with the statement, Razor yapped enthusiastically.

“On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you, Razor?” Kaito was making small talk. In response, Razor raised both of his hands. “Gallade!”

“A 6, huh? Not very high…” From his tone, Kaito was obviously being facetious. Being six-fingered meant Razor could at most signal a “6,” even if he wanted to signal a “10.” That also meant that his “6” was actually a “10” by human standards. Razor didn’t seem to catch on to the subtext, though. Instead, he shook his head and took Kaito seriously.

“Gallade! Gallade!” Razor cried out, a snarl of disapproval escaping the Pokémon’s lips.

With a vigorous motion, the Gallade promptly jumped off his seat, readying what looked to be a demonstration. Of what, Kaito was unsure. What he was sure of, however, was that Razor was determined to make himself understood.

Despite having blades for hands, the dual-type Pokémon tried as best he could to mime a “1” and a “0,” which Kaito immediately realized. Not that he hadn’t before. If Razor was anything, it was “earnest.”

Kaito chuckled slightly at the miming attempt, finding it somewhat cute that Razor would go to such lengths. “Alright, alright. I get you.” Now he felt bad for teasing.

As he should.

Pouting, Razor booped his trainer on the head before returning to his Pokéball. “Saw that coming.” With that, the room had once again returned to silence, leaving Kaito to his thoughts.

“What to do, what to do…”

A minute of waiting soon turned into five, which all-too-quickly turned into fifteen. A clock hanging from the wall, in addition to his phone, which he periodically turned on and off out of boredom, let Kaito know exactly how much time had passed. He was getting restless. How much longer did he have to--

“Welcome, one and all, to today’s event!” A mechanical voice boomed from the speakers in his room, and all of a sudden, Kaito felt everything around him vibrate.

It was the Rotom drone’s voice that was coming through, likely amplified by the stadium’s state-of-the-art sound system. Rotom’s greeting solicited cheers from spectators, which boomed even louder from the speakers. Talk about tinnitus - if the decibel levels were any higher, Kaito would start losing his hearing.

“Introducing our first challenger... The shockingly fiery duo of Flint and Volkner!”

“Shockingly fiery, huh?” Kaito repeated under his breath, a smirk parting his lips. It was a clever joke, considering that Flint and Volkner trained Fire and Electric type Pokémon.

Following their introduction was the sound of pyrotechnics going off, “pew pew”, which Kaito assumed indicated the appearance of the previously-mentioned trainer duo. Further applause from spectators more or less confirmed his suspicions.

“Mr. Ishikawa, it’s time,” a man-in-black said, catching Kaito from behind.

At first, Kaito was too preoccupied listening to Rotom to notice said man. When he did finally notice, however, his reaction was a mix of fright and confusion. Eventually, surprise gave way to clarity, and Kaito’s fears were quickly assuaged once he’d had a second to think things through. The man had likely come from the place where the Rotom drone was. Giving a look of understanding, Kaito turned to face him, and then nodded.

Wordlessly, the man proceeded to usher Kaito into a hallway connecting his room to the stadium’s battlegrounds, where he was instructed to make his appearance once Rotom called for him.

Before he knew it, he stood face-to-face with Flint and Volkner.

“Introducing our second challenger… Kaito Ishikawa!”

The stadium lights on Kaito’s side flared to life as the trainer in question sashayed excitedly to his position. No longer was he holed up in that dingy waiting room. He felt liberated. Kaito waved a friendly wave to the audience, and then to Flint and Volkner, before scanning the platform in front of him. It was large, spanning nearly the entire length of the Sunnyshore Stadium, not counting the seating. In it, boulders of different sizes and shapes were scattered about, seemingly with no rhyme or reason to their placement. “They’ll make for good cover,” Kaito remarked, no doubt planning to use them for something.

Finally Kaito looked up again, locking eyes with Flint, who wiggled an eyebrow at him, as if to say “amazing, right?”. Kaito shot him the usual thumbs-up.

With that, Rotom entered the platform and began explaining the rules of the match.

“Today’s event will be a 3 vs 3 double battle,” it buzzed, reiterating out of protocol what most people already knew. “In addition, 2 Pokémon are allotted to Flint, while 1 is allotted to Volkner.” It was here that Rotom paused for a second while the audience looked on in anticipation. Anytime now, the magic words were going to come out. “Begin!” And there they were.

With an upward sweep of his hand, Flint wasted no time in releasing his Pokémon. “Infernape, buddy, let’s go!”

The Pokéball hung suspended in the air for only a brief moment before revealing the muscular figure of the monkey Pokémon. No less muscular was the Electivire standing next to it, which Volkner released moments later - to the hurrays of fangirls in the stadium.

Seeing Infernape, Kaito considered sending out Razor to deal with it. In a snap judgement, however, he quickly rejected the idea and opted to send out Polly, like he’d originally intended. It was too soon for Razor, he decided. The Scolipede scurried onto the stage, fresh out of her Pokéball, and Luciela the Gardevoir followed suit.

“Flamethrower at the Scolipede!” Flint picked up on the type mismatch between his Infernape and Polly. A pillar of flame then came barreling towards the Megapede Pokémon.

“Scoli! Scoli!” Polly rushed full-speed to a nearby boulder for protection, getting behind it in the nick of time. Fried Scolipede was most definitely not on today’s menu.

Sensing no immediate danger, Kaito took the chance to see his "Baton Pass" plan to fruition. “Swords Dance!” While safely behind her boulder, the Scolipede glowed red. She’d seemed to have bulked up as a result of it. Her limbs appeared more spry as well.

Kaito noted Volkner’s pensive expression. “Electivire, draw the Scolipede out with Thunderbolt!” Was the Gym Leader onto him? Either way, he wasn’t going to let anything happen to Polly. The electric attack was in the end intercepted, by Luciela no less, who manifested stars of gold that interlocked to form a shield. This shield cushioned the Thunderbolt meant for Polly.

Unfazed, Volkner pressed his assault. “Close the distance, Electivire!”

“Luciela, throw it off course using Psychic!” Kaito countered.

Luciela would’ve succeeded had it not been for Infernape forcing her to evade a Flamethrower. She stepped back before the blast reached her. This lapse in attention gave Electivire the opening it needed to approach Polly, who was now in close proximity to the electric juggernaut. “Thunder Punch!” Meeting the Electivire fist-first, Polly’s boulder shattered in an explosion of rock and electricity.


Polly had to act. “Megahorn!”

The electric type’s Thunder Punch clashed with the bug type’s Megahorn, and what resulted was a shockwave that spread throughout the stadium. At the display of power, the audience erupted in applause, louder than ever. Despite it, Volkner was unflinching, laser-focused on the battle. Flint was much the same. “Don’t let her off, Electivire! Thunder Punch again!”

As Volkner’s Electivire attempted a second swing straight ahead, Polly lunged to its side, picking up speed as she did so. Polly soon regrouped with her companion.

“Not bad!” Flint commented, voice teetering into a yell, during a lull in the battle. He glanced a quick glance at Volkner before just as quickly issuing a command to his Infernape. “Dig!” The Infernape burrowed underground after that.

For the meantime, Volkner’s Electivire was alone. “Let's take it out!” Kaito commanded. “Luciela, use Swift! Polly, Megahorn once more!”

The situation was too advantageous not to capitalize on. For one, it gave Kaito a chance to overwhelm his opponent. As an added bonus, it also made Flint more predictable. If Infernape wanted to help Electivire, it would have to climb back to the surface. From there it had 2 choices. It could dig towards Electivire to protect it by laying down a Fire attack, or go for one of Kaito’s Pokémon to divert attention away from its teammate. Kaito was forcing it to make one of the two choices, and he was ready for both.

Surprisingly, Infernape did neither, and Electivire - all by his lonesome - retaliated against Polly and Luciela by firing off bolts of lightning from its tendrils.

This three-way scuffle between Polly, Luciela, and Electivire lasted a measly 3 seconds before a rumbling began to shake the ground. An unexpected development, to be sure. Kaito’s face quickly contorted into one of confusion. Volkner knew what was about to transpire, so he instructed Electivire to pull back. Kaito, meanwhile, did not, but his intuition told him to brace for something.

“Now Infernape! Set em’ ablaze with Overheat!”

Boom. A discharge of fire from below transformed the entire landscape into an infernal hell, which was not evident at first glance due to the initial smoke and debris. Eventually, these cleared up, and spectators had an unfiltered view of the damage. In the aftermath of Flint’s Overheat, the terrain on which the Pokémon stood had become nothing more than a disorganized aggregation of stone, scorched to the point of blackness. Kaito could perceive no flat ground to stand on. Everywhere was uneven.

From his left, he noticed Polly beginning to rise to her feet, still reeling from pain but for the most part capable of acting. Kaito promptly sent her back to her Pokéball to rest. “Baton Pass!” The move swapped Polly with Razor.

Upon entry, Razor came to the aid of Luciela, who - despite being covered in a semi-circular barrier of stars, parts of which crumpled to pieces - had bruises all over. The Gallade helped the Gardevoir regain her balance.

“Gallade!” Razor signaled towards Infernape. Seeing the wisps of fire around its body grow stronger, Kaito surmised that the Infernape’s Blaze ability had activated. The collateral damage from the Overheat must’ve been the cause. He also observed a faint but unmistakable charge in the air. It sent his hair flying upwards, which he tried to pin down, albeit fruitlessly. Volkner’s Electivire had used Electric Terrain. For what, Kaito didn’t immediately realize.

It was only until the slabs of rock around him began floating that words from a distant past rang in his mind, enlightening him with a well-needed explanation. “Heat up the right kind of stone, and it becomes a magnet,” he suddenly remembered Volkner saying, the words taken out of their proper context. Rock linking together piece by piece, what was starting to amalgamate in front of Kaito was a golem multiple times the size of Electivire. The obsidian mass of earth slammed a fist down at its completion, sending Razor and Luciela backwards from the force. Behind it was Volkner’s Electivire, acting the part of the puppet master.

There was only one thing Kaito could do to turn the tide of battle.

Clutching his necklace: “Razor, Mega Evolve!” He yelled at the top of his lungs.
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Lana Alanis-Young
Ultra Rank

Lana was truly alone now.

She's been deliberately ignoring her moms, and when Conny lent out a helping hand she turned it down. There was probably a lesson in her battle with Conny, but her rage from him going soft blinded her.

It felt like Lana was back to the basics, as she was deep in Pinwheel Forest with Hoshi out, training him up for their next battle. The Dragonite was always a little unfocused, but she really needed to toughen him up to prevent any future losses.

"Hoshi! Don't slack just yet, keep it up!"

Hoshi had been continuously side-stepping in place to an inaudible beat, long enough to start panting. As he was moving from his left to his right, his movements were slowing down, doing his best to catch his breath.

"I said keep it up! You need to practice movement!"

He was begrudgingly doing his absolute best to keep a steady pace, but his limit was near. Unable to continue any further, Hoshi's body collapses to the ground belly first. It wasn't an ideal way to rest, but anything would do for him.

"Goddamnit Hoshi! Get up, we don't have time to kill!" The Dragonite did get back up on his feet, but instead of doing as he was told, he sticks his tongue out and crosses his arms defiantly.

"What are you doing!?" Lana yells, her rage building up. "What did I just say!? We can't afford to waste any time!!" Her yelling would fix nothing, as all her Pokémon would respond with was a "Hmph."

"I give up…" The black haired girl says, falling to the dirt on her rear. "What am I gonna do if my own Pokémon won't even listen?" The fear of her moms reaction only got worse the more she dwells on the thought. How would they feel if they found out her daughter ran away from home to enter the World Championships, but utterly failed?

"Hey kid! That's a cool looking Dragonite you got there!"

Lana pokes her head up. She recognizes that voice, but it's not someone she wants to hear from right now.

She turns her head around to see her suspicion was correct. She sees a fair skinned woman, probably around Conny's age, wearing a purple karate gi, and as she approaches, her purple eyes and black hair put up in a large messy bun becomes more visible. "Seems like you're having some trouble with him, eh?"

Oh no, what is she doing here???

Lana scoots back with every step the woman takes. She recognizes her, and knows full well she's been exposed.

The woman seems to think otherwise, however, and she giggles at how scared Lana is. "Oh, I'm sorry, we should probably greet each other first. What's your name?"

Lana freezes in place, staring blankly. "W-w-what?"

"Do you have rocks in your ears or something, kid?" She asks again, more irritated than before. "I asked for your name."

"Y-you don't know my name?"

The woman raises an eyebrow. "Why would I? We just met."

"B-b-but I know your name! Your-"

"Heyheyheyheyheyhey!" She gestures for Lana to be quiet, cautiously looking around. "Don't just say my name out loud, kid! Even if we're in the middle of Pinwheel Forest, you never know where crazy fans can lurk about." She then focuses her attention back at the young girl. "And I suppose that's where you know me from."

Are you serious? Does she actually not recognize me? Well I guess it has been awhile, and I've been sort of trying to modify my appearance…

"Look, I'm sorry." The woman begins. "I've gone to so many fan events and I just can't remember every name I interact with. My memory is muk, and that many names presented to me is putting my already poor memory to the test. But hey, here I am right now asking for your name in a one-on-one setting right now. Cool, huh?"

Ahh...That explains it

"My name is Lana." The young girl states, cautious to not mention her last name. She knows for sure that'll get her found out.

"Nice to meet you, Lana!" The woman forcefully yanks Lana's arm and starts energetically shaking it. "You know my name, but just call me Georgia. It's safer to be called that out in the open." "Georgia" takes a second to clear her throat. "As I was saying, that's a neat looking Dragonite you have, but I noticed you're having trouble with him."

"Maybe I am, but I don't need anybody's help!"

"Nonsense!" "Georgia" says, bearing a large grin that Lana has seen many times. "I can't just let young trainers struggle! It's my responsibility to help you!"

Lana furrows her eyebrows. "I'm fine, I mean it, now just leave me alo-"

"And I'm going to do that by challenging you to a battle!" "Georgia" interrupts, grabbing a purple Rotom phone from her gi. After a few button presses, Lana notices her own phone go off.

"How did you kno-"

"Trainer's intuition." The woman smirks. "Kid, how does it feel to know a renowned Pokémon trainer is challenging you to battle? Potentially you can win and knock me down a peg. Tempting, ain't it?"

"Georgia" is right. After an embarrassing loss from Insecta, Lana really needs to get her rank back up. "Fine. I accept."

"Excellent! But under one condition- It's a one-on-one battle, and you have to use your Dragonite!"

Of course. Of all the Pokémon she wants to battle against, it just has to be Hoshi.

With enough space now between the two trainers, a Rotom drone swoops in to begin the formalities.

"The battle between Lana Alanis-Young and G-"

"YOU'RE CALLING ME GEORGIA RIGHT NOW, GOT IT!?" The woman shouts, causing the drone to flinch.

"My bad! The battle between Lana Alanis-Young and…'Georgia' is about to commence in a one-on-one battle! Both sides must now send out their Pokemon!"

Lana already has Hoshi out on the field, and she waits for her opponent to send out a Pokemon, desperately crossing her fingers that "Georgia" didn't catch her last name.

"Hey, your last name almost sounds like mine!" The woman chuckles, totally oblivious. "Ah muk, I hope nobody heard that. Oh well." She shrugs, then grabbing a Pokeball from her gi. "Come on out, Tusk!"

"Georgia" reveals a Haxorus, who roars when he makes his entrance. Hoshi, meanwhile, doesn't seem to take him very seriously.


I can't use ranged attacks, because I know Tusk here is gonna close-in on Hoshi and use Dragon Claw or something...Seems I need to rush in.

Lana orders an Ice Punch from Hoshi, using his wings to fling himself forward, and forms a fist that covers itself in ice. He quickly approaches, but Tusk counters by spinning around and slamming his tail into Hoshi's chest to halt his movement, and follows up with a Dragon Claw across the face.

While up close, the Dragonite charges a Dragon Pulse in his mouth, attempting to fire one off at point-blank range, but Tusk interrupts by lunging forward and sinking his teeth into Hoshi's neck, dissolving the premature Dragon Pulse, instead being replaced with a pained screech that left Hoshi's mouth.

The Haxorus detaches his jaw from Hoshi's neck, and he seizes this opportunity to fly back and catch his breath.

"Hoshi, get back in there!" Lana barks.

"Georgia" notices her behavior, and calls her out. "This is your first problem, kid. Your Dragonite needs a break, and this is when you'd normally want to switch out in a full battle."

"But Hoshi is the best suited for this!" Lana protests. "Even if he faints, I'll still knock Tusk out. As long as I win fairly, I don't care what I need to do."

"Georgia" shakes her head, and faces the Rotom Drone crossing her hands. "Time out, time out!" She jogs up to Hoshi, grabbing a Sitrus Berry to give him.

"Hey, that's against the rules!"

"Are you seriously gonna tell me what I can and can't do?" The drone nervously shakes his "head" in response. "Didn't think so."

Hoshi delightfully swallows the berry whole, but the contrary of the dragon-type, Lana can feel her frustration boiling. "Hey! What the psyduck are you doing! This is a ranked battle, why are you-"

"Quiet, kid." The woman shushes. "I know what we're doing, but I'm using this to teach you a lesson. Of course, you can quit if you don't like it and want your rank to drop."

Damnit, she's right.

"Hoshi seems to do exactly as you say," "Georgia" continues, analyzing the Dragonite as she pets him, "But what does he want to do?"

"W-what? Why does it matter, I'm the trai-"

"I said, what does he want to do?"

Lana sighs. "He likes flying and just messing around in the sky, but all his best moves are melee attacks, and he can't stay grounded. But I'm the trainer, and it's my job to tell him what to do so he doesn't get his ass handed to him!"

"Georgia" shakes her head. "That's not how you should approach this. You're not above him, you're working together as both trainer and Pokémon, and you both should express yourselves! So when we resume, let Hoshi do as he likes while trying to balance that with your goal!"

Lana does her best to formulate a retort, but she finds it hard when "Georgia" was someone she looked up to so much- What could be better than someone she idolized giving her direct advice. "Alright, fine. I will."

"Georgia" shoots a wide grin, and rushes back to her place. "Great! Now then, let's get back to it! Tusk, use Dragon Claw!"

Tusk dashes forward, his claws on both hands surging with dragon energy. Before he can slash at Hoshi, the Dragonite flies straight-up into the sky to dodge the melee attack. With Hoshi now about forty feet in the air, he darts around the sky, doing loops and flying through clouds.

"Come on Hoshi! Focus!"

"You said his best attacks are physical attacks, correct? So how could you combine the two elements to work?"

Lana taps her chin with her index finger before her eyes light up. "I have an idea! Hoshi, get back down here!"

Reluctantly, the Dragonite lands back to his previous position. He seems upset about having to stay grounded.

"Let's do this again! Tusk, use Dragon Claw!" Just as before, the Haxorus once again rushes down Hoshi with both claws drawn. This time, before he flies away, Hoshi reaches his arms around Tusk, below his arms, and then flaps his wings to fly around.

"Yes! Good job Hoshi!"

Hoshi freely flies around in the sky with a tight hold on Tusk, who grins at the satisfaction present in his opponent's face. He wasn't afraid of heights, and was glad to have accomplished his goal.

Just as her Pokémon did, "Georgia" grinned once more. "Hey kid, can you tell Hoshi to let Tusk down? I forfeit."

"Wait, what!?"

"Gw- I mean, 'Georgia' has forfeited the match! The victor is Lana Alanis-Young!

As Hoshi descends and releases Tusk, Lana's jaw hangs from her head. "B-but- Why?? Why would you sacrifice your rank like that and just- Why did you go easy on me??"

"Georgia" shrugs. "It's just a number. I've competed in Worlds enough that I don't really care anymore. I don't think your new rank is dishonest or anything, you've proven to be a skilled trainer, you deserve it nonetheless." The woman returned Tusk to his Pokeball, thanking him while doing so. "But also, I got a little distracted. See, the reason I'm here is to look for my girlfriend- She always gets lost- But I got so caught up in this that I got sidetracked, and boy, she's not gonna be happy to hear that!"

Lana chuckled. "Georgia" was right, and if she was right, that'd mean Conny was to. "I appreciate your help."

"No problem!" The woman grinned. "I had fun too, but I need to get going now! See ya, kid!"

As "Georgia" ran off to accomplish her task, Lana smiled the first time that day.

"Yeah… See you around. Thanks for your help, Aunt Gwen."

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Ravir Eisenhorth | Great Rank | Nartes, Suocé

Ravir Eisenhorth

3 vs 3

Talea Covarrubias

Hotel Area – Nartes

People on the streets paid their attention to the battle and cheered the Kirlia and Duraludon trying to blast each other with Psyshock and Flash Cannon, to not much effect.

Still, Ravir grumbled. Kirlia was obviously tired, reacting slowly and resorting to hop around the parked vehicles to try and recover any ground lost to Duraludon.

"Give it up, Ravir," spoke Talea from downstreet, sitting on a car's hood. "You know travelling overseas is a pain on the wallet-"

Ravir regained his concentration just as the Duraludon shoved Archo out of the way and then sunk his claw on the pavement to lift off yet another Stone Edge.

"-...spare yourself that cost. I can travel overseas for cheap!" the female Trainer added mockingly.

Fortunately Archo fell on the roof of another car and was quick to roll out of the way, beyond Iedol's immediate reach.

"Argh... I don't like the idea, thanks," answered Ravir nonchalantly. "Archo, enough with the games; impair the Duraludon at once!"

The Kirlia nodded and made his way around one of the cars and back to the street; as soon as the Duraludon followed Archo turned around and whipped him in the face with a very strong Signal Beam that made the Pokémon stagger – but not for long, and more than a few in their audience sighed their displeasure at the fruitless attempt.

Ravir knew Archo was not trained to fight something like a Duraludon; still he needed to try and secure the first round or the rest of his team would be in trouble. At the moment, he could think of one way.

He rose his voice only slightly. "Okay Archo, do that but stronger, see. Fall back and spam shoot him!" He knew Kirlia would get the message.

Talea was quick also to note the change in strategy. "You are being too soft, Iedol. Finish this with Dragon Claw but make sure you get close."

The Duraludon roared contently and charged up some energy just as Archo hopped back.

One Psyshock came the Duraludon's way and he evaded it going to one side. Then a second one, tanked. The Duraludon roared, jumped at the next car then leapt at the Kirlia from there, chasing him. Talea frowned, she knew once Iedol got close they would only have one shot.

Archo got off the cars and returned to the street, turning around to fire a Psyshock with two palms at the Duraludon. In about that moment, Iedol charged with full strength for a jumping down Dragon Claw.

The two Trainers knew exactly what the other one was planning.

"Iedol!" Talea instructed, assured that Kirlia would try to unleash a last-second Disarming Voice or Dazzling Gleam. "Slide it off into a Stone Edge!"

"Archo! Incapacitate and spam him with Signal Beam!"

The Kirlia held his ground just as the Duraludon jumped, his lightweight form making his movement much speedier than one would expect. Still, Archo stepped back, breathed hard and suddenly unleashed a tremendous Hyper Voice scream - loud enough that covering themselves Ravir and Talea were not able to immediately follow the action.

The sudden pain overtook Iedol as well and the Pokémon shook and closed his eyes in pain, no longer able to direct his Dragon Claw.

Archo was quick to hop aside right before the Duraludon fell on top of him and, with a quick dance motion, hopped on the fallen Duraludon's head and sprung up into the air to then swirl in the air and with each swing unleash one,



Signal Beams that blasted the Duraludon a few meters away amidst a cloud of smoke and loose energy before the Kirlia returned to the ground, shaking.

Talea shook her head for a moment, got off the hood and walked closer into the fight. "Well that is annoying. Iedol?" she asked, wincing as she tried to distinguish anything in the cloud of smoke.

Ravir for his part motioned for Sitella to follow him and walked closer as well, carefully. He took a look at Archo who was heaving and looking somewhat bruised from the fight.

Suddenly several pebbles flew out of the smoke cloud and ahead charged Iedol, his body scratched at various points. He headed right for Archo, but the other Pokémon was already waiting for him.

"Iedol! Dragon Claw!"

"Archo! Signal Beam!"

The two Pokémon charged at each other; the Duraludon surprised Kirlia with a shoulder charge to throw him off balance, then charging the Dragon Claw with both arms; Archo retorted charging the Signal Beam with both hands above his head as they got into very close range. Duraludon brought his arms in front of him and hit the Kirlia on both arms very hard, but with a defiant shriek Archo exploded the Signal Beam right on Iedol's face.

Both Pokémon were sent crying to the ground in opposite directions, and the two looked now much worse for wear.

Some of the people around cheered at the clash, but Ravir knew Archo could not please the crowd for longer. He looked at the Duraludon, who seemed to have trouble standing up, and wondered for a moment if the spamming of Signal Beam had achieved its purpose.

"That's okay for now Archo," he declared, producing a Poké Ball and recalling his tired Pokémon.

Talea raised one eyebrow and turned to her opponent. "Well that's a new one." She hopped back as she checked her Duraludon from a distance.

«Ravir Eisenhorth, you have recalled your Pokémon,» announced a voice from above as a Rotom Drone flew down from the sky and wandered about inspecting the improptu battlefield. «You still have three Pokémon to send out.»

Talea smirked at the notice.

"I hope you don't think I too will give up that easy," she spat at Ravir.

"Hmph, not my intention." Ravir put the Ball away and turned to his Pinsir. "Sitella, you ready for a fight?"

The Pinsir besides him seemed surprised. She eyed the tired Duraludon standing up then eyed Ravir back. She screeched something in an inquisitive tone.

"It's okay, you just saw what you have to do, right?"

The Pinsir seemed to ponder for a moment. She clacked her pincers to give notice she had understood, then stepped forward.

The Rotom Drone projected an image of the battle rundown, with the portrait of Pinsir bumped up to the first place as Kirlia's portrait slid down.

The Rotom Drone spun in place a few times, examining the surroundings, then flew up.

«Round two, prepare to begin,» the creature announced. «And please, do try and limit the property damage.»

Sitella stepped forward and approached Duraludon cautiously. The other Pokémon turned around to look at her for a moment, but his sight seemed to wander off.

Ravir noticed this and nodded. "We would try."

With that, the Pinsir charged at Duraludon ready to meet him with a pincer grab.

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Mihira Anand

39 | Female | Journalist | Mother Of One
Full Profile | Current Rank: Great

Qualifiers - vs Kayla

Mihira had been fluctuating across the Great rank for the past week, and Viveka demanded to know why. The answer seemed obvious to Mihira- more matches mean more interviews. However, this explanation clearly upset Viveka.

"Mom, you have to stop messing around. Your rank affects a lot more in this bracket than it did in Normal."

"I am not 'messing around'."

"Okay, but you're not being serious, either." Mihira opened her mouth to argue, but her daughter refused to give ground. "I know how you battle when you're serious, and this isn't it! Come on, get your head into it! Stop disrespecting everyone who's come here to actually win!"

With that, Viveka stormed from their shared hotel room, taking nothing but her PokéBalls and phone.

Mihira's hands tightened in her lap as she stared sightlessly at the blank wall ahead.

She should have realized.

Viveka was here to compete. As much as she was enjoying the filming opportunities, her primary drive was to take her place among the top-ranked trainers in the world. That was the purpose of the tournament, after all, and participating in such a thing with nefarious intention, well- as Viveka said, it was indeed disrespectful.

She sighed, smoothing the wrinkles in her skirt. Perhaps she should resign from this and simply follow Viveka's progress, catching those who happen to congregate around matches and cheering for her daughter all the while. As much as Viveka hates when she does so, it may be the better option in her eyes than participating without aim.


Or she could genuinely participate.

Despite her recent travels, she had never chosen to participate in the league tournaments each region offered. Even the smaller tourneys had generally escaped her attention, as she had been focused on emulating the traditional trainers' journeys and getting them over with rather quickly. Viveka had complained each time that Mihira hadn't actually completed the journey. And that she wasn't allowed to cheer for her mother in a tournament. But Mihira had always deflected, always pushed aside the notion of appearing on a stage, battling for an audience of thousands or more. She never wanted to be in the limelight like that.

She still didn't.

But perhaps she owes it to Viveka this time.

Mihira stood, meticulously gathered her things, noted Viveka's left-behind satchel and keycard. Sighed. That Cinccino she caught for Viveka couldn't help her stay organized if it wasn't out of its ball, now could it? She took the keycard to the lobby, and instructed the clerk to hand it over to Viveka should she come back before her.

And made her way into Mauville, as had become the usual routine. But unusually this time, she brought her phone up before it could chime with a challenge.

Time to find a battle.

Mihira squinted at her phone and tapped a few things, her mental imitation of Viveka mocking her for using her phone like an old woman. A list of nearby trainers popped up eventually. How was one meant to choose? Mihira didn't know. Someone above her own rank, that was what Viveka had mentioned…

The name "Kayla" was about halfway down the list and- according to the phone's GPS- about a hundred feet away. A young, cheerful woman with an easy grin, by the looks of her profile picture. Mihira tapped on it, and her phone popped up with yet another screen. She hovered over the green checkmark a split-second longer than necessary and made up her mind.

"Challenge sent," said her phone smoothly, and it didn't have time to say anything more before Mihira's eyes caught on the sandy-haired woman making a beeline for her.

"Hey! Mihira, right? Good to meet ya!" Kayla bounced in place, her energy somewhat overwhelming. Her profile picture hadn't communicated her height, taller than Mihira even in her heels, and her stature- broad and muscular, though not in the showy way of a bodybuilder. Like a combination of Merry and Viveka, in a way. Though neither would dress only in a sports bra and a pair of high-waisted shorts, no matter how high the temperature. "D'you have a field in mind?"

"No, I am afraid I forgot to choose before issuing the challenge…"

"No worries! I know a place that's not used much- kinda tucked away a few blocks from here."

"Please, lead the way. I must ask as well- are you willing to be interviewed?"

"Interviewed? Uh, sure. What for?"

"The question should have come before the agreement," Mihira chided, parental instincts kicking in. "I am writing a series of articles pertaining to the World Championships, and am gathering interviews from participants to feature in said articles."

Kayla considered this. "Sounds fine to me! I don't mind a conversation at all."

Mihira didn't know if the young woman had absorbed the gentle scolding. She shrugged it off, though- this was not her child, and she had no responsibility to further her education. Permission and her notebook procured, she opened her mouth to ask the usual questions, but was stopped by the sudden appearance of a battlefield. Completely invisible until Kayla led them around a sharp corner, the standard-sized field took up the entirety of a courtyard. Two buildings sat along its longer edges, with narrow alleys along its shorter ones. The field itself was simple, short grass- probably used as outdoor lounge space when not put to work.

In fact, someone was indeed lounging in said space- a short person in shorter shorts and an oversized sweater was lying face-up in the middle of the pitch, eyes closed to the midday sun. Only one of those clothing choices was suitable for Hoenn's weather, Mihira thought, but the more pressing issue was how to politely ask for the space to be vacated.

Kayla took care of that for her.

"Found one!" she called out, and the curly-haired person rolled over to prop their chin on their hands, inspecting Mihira.

"Good, good! What's the specialty?"

Kayla shrugged. "Din't ask yet. She wants to interview me!"

Mihira somehow felt as if she had walked in on a conversation, though it was she that had accompanied Kayla here. "You two must be friends, then."

Kayla laughed. "Been together a while now!" She made her way into the field and stopped at the prone form, hands on her hips. "C'mon, get up, I got a battle."

Their friend whined in a way that made their over-acting clear even to Mihira. "But I'm warm here…"

"You'll be a lot warmer if she's got a fire-type. Get movin'." Their friend didn't, so it was Kayla's turn to play-act with a heavy sigh and a tone of mock-exasperation. "You leave me no choice, I'm afraid." And in one swift movement, Kayla hefted the smaller person up and over their shoulder, taking them with her to the opposite end of the field.

It had been a long time since Mihira had been so free with friends.

The two younger people made a lot of noise, but in reality it was Kayla's confirmation of battle that called a Rotom drone to their location.

Mihira Anand has challenged Kayla Holt to a Great-Rank battle! The format will be doubles, two Pokémon a side! Trainers, please ready your teams!

Doubles, again. For the fifth time in as many days. She really should have prepared for this- everyone knew Hoennians loved their double battles.

Too late now.

Three… two… one… BEGIN!

Torkoal and Runerigus appeared in front of her to the sound of “Ooh, she did have a Fire type,” from their lone spectator. But of course she was watching Kayla's choices more closely- the bulky form of a Machamp solidified, along with a familiar round, pink shape- a Corsola.


Torkoal, as she tended to do, Yawned and stamped her feet to get her head in the game. But Kayla was quick on the uptake- “Kahvesi, block it out!” she called, and the Machamp scooped Corsola up and turned its back in one swift and practised motion, a blue shield flying up behind it as an extra layer of protection.

As soon as the sound waves were safely absorbed by the shattering shield, Kayla called “Fling!” and Mihira had only a fraction of a second to think fling what? before the Corsola itself came hurtling toward Runerigus, coated in both the dark energy of Fling and a swirling, roaring ball of water. The Corsola crashed in Runerigus, who toppled to the ground with an eerie, pained cry.

“Trick Room,” Mihira commanded. Normally she wouldn’t use such a maneuver so early in battle, but that double hit had taken an obvious toll. Runerigus summoned a wash of psychic energy to coat the battlefield as she returned to her upright position- Machamp’s steps became sluggish, as if it were now running through knee-deep water, but it still charged the three other Pokémon. Torkoal, now boosted in speed, was quick to throw a Flamethrower in Machamp’s direction and the Pokémon took it head-on, continuing its rush into the fray and knocking Torkoal aside with a not-so-effective Bullet Punch. Runerigus shocked Mihira by mistiming her swipe at Machamp and allowing it to once again scoop Corsola, punching with two of its arms to clear Runerigus’ next attempt and knock her over once more. The opposing pair backed away, Corsola alternating spears of ice and chunks of rock.

“Nabat, why’s your power down?!” Kayla yelled, as though either of her Pokémon would have more of an answer than a simple shrug from the Machamp. Torkoal was Mihira’s savior here- becoming a wheel of flame to dodge those rocks aimed at her and swiftly rolling into the ice to melt them before they could hit her prone Runerigus was a wonderful plan. The borrowed time allowed for Runerigus to lift herself up and dash forward, aiming to score a Body Press on Machamp while Torkoal wheeled around to run the pair down. But both attempts were in vain, as Machamp summoned that blue shield for Runerigus to glance off and Corsola drew tall slabs of rock from beneath the earth, knocking Runerigus back once again while Torkoal spun up the steep slope, careening into the air and popping out of her spin to send a thick stream of flames directly downward. The falling, flame-spewing tortoise was answered with that same combination as before- Flinging Corsola straight up, coated in water, landing a dual-powered hit on Torkoal and sending her flying back through the steam, hitting the ground upside-down while Machamp caught Corsola perfectly and immediately spun to throw it towards Runerigus. Coated in Dark energy the Corsola may have been, but its watery boost splashed to the ground below when Runerigus waggled a finger- the ghost only took damage from the dark-type attack this time, but that hit was certainly not nothing.

But Runerigus was still in the game, and to Kayla’s surprise snatched Corsola up before Machamp could grab it again, cheerfully dancing to her fallen teammate and righting the Torkoal before very deliberately placing Corsola upside-down on the ground in mimicry of Torkoal’s prior position. And in that way, Mihira was assured that Body Press would not miss this time, even considering whatever ability had been swapped with Runerigus’ Wandering Spirit. Torkoal fended off Machamp as best she could with steady streams of flames but the muscular Pokémon simply powered through to catch Corsola in its arms, the rescue followed quickly by a Stone Edge punching both Runerigus and Torkoal away from the pair. This time, Machamp’s two free arms punched through the slab wall, the debris peppering Mihira’s team only an appetizer for the perfectly aimed assault of Ice Shards and Rock Blasts. Runerigus toppled, finally down, and even Torkoal’s Flame Wheel evaporated just inches from the opposing pair as the tortoise’s form collapsed with an air of finality.

"Trainer Mihira's team is unable to battle! Trainer Kayla has won the match!"

"Woohoo!" Kayla cheered, spinning her friend around in a circle. "That's Ultra rank for me!"

Normally, Mihira would be content with this outcome. Happier, in fact, that she had lost- as she has stated many a time, a loss for herself meant a better interview. But this time, she found herself upset- she had meant to win this match; she had actually tried. And yet Kayla had come out the victor.

Her professionalism would not be broken, however. An interview was still her goal.

She just wouldn’t be tracking Viveka down quite yet.

Rank: Great → Great

Pokémon in Battle

Runerigus [Wandering Spirit]
Trick Room | Shadow Claw | Body Press | Disable
Torkoal [White Smoke]
Yawn | Flame Wheel | Flamethrower | Shell Smash

Machamp, "Kahvesi" [Guts]
Protect | Helping Hand | Fling | Bullet Punch
Corsola, "Nabat" [Hustle]
Stone Edge | Liquidation | Rock Blast | Icicle Spear
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Alaka Malina
Male | 24 | Hau'oli City (Alola)
Custard (Imposter) - Transform
Prince (Male, Snow Warning) - Aurora Veil, Ice Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Disable
Pan (Female, Slush Rush) - Icicle Crash, Swords Dance, Drill Run, Iron Head
Titan (Male, Snow Warning, Mega Capable) - Aurora Veil, Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Ice Punch
Fuji (Female, Snow Cloak) - Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Double Team, Blizzard
Zeus (Male, Slush Rush) - Bolt Beak, Icicle Crash, Surf, Pluck
Dave (Male, Ice Face) - Hail, Ice Punch, Liquidation, Zen Headbutt
Sunny (Female, Forecast) - Rain Dance, Weather Ball, Thunder, Hurricane

“Okay Oscar, hit it with Hyper Fang!”

Oscar the Bibarel dashed forward, determination burning in his eyes. Alaka had the advantage now though - it was two on one and he still had Aurora Veil and the hail from Titan’s Snow Warning active.

“Zeus, Surf. Titan, Freeze it.”

Alaka’s Arctozolt, yipped happily. With his Slush Rush boosted speed, it was easy for him to get his attack off first. A wall of water rose up around him and then blasted forwards in a wide, surging wave. Titan followed up, thrusting his fist into the water with an Ice Punch. White-blue energy spread through the water from his fist, freezing the wave solid.

For Oscar it was too late to pull back, he slammed head first into a thick wall of ice, his attack effectively cancelled. It only got worse for him from there as Titan pulled his fist back once more, this time a sphere of oddly hard-looking green light encasing it. Titan slammed the wall of ice with his Wood Hammer, the impromptu structure detnating into numerous large chunks that rained down on Oscar.

“Get out of there, we’ve got a comeback to make!” Jazz ordered.

Oscar didn’t twice, backing away as fast as he could. The Bibarel dropped to all fours to move at his full speed, sprinting back and forth to avoid the incoming ice meteors. So wrapped up in that were the Bibarel and his trainer, they didn’t even notice Zeus gleefully leaping up over the remaining chunks as they fell.

“Bolt Beak, please.”

As the slab of ice exploded against the ground by the Bibarel,Zeus leapt from it, his jaws open and crackling with electricity. He was much too fast for a staggering Bibarel to avoid at that range, so Oscar took the full brunt of the attack, electricity racing over his body before he got tossed away.

The Bibarel got back to his feet defiantly, his trainer looking pleased.

“It’s going to take more than to take down Oscar. He’s a tough one.”

“Seems so,” Alaka replied nonchalantly.

“Is that doubt?” Jazz grinned.

“Dunno.” Alaka shrugged. “Zeus, Jump. Titan, do the thing.”


Jazz didn’t get to finish the sentence before Zeus leapt into the air and Titan stomped hard on the ground, seismic force radiating out from him, shaking and churning the ground, tearing up chunks of the battlefield violently.

Caught off guard by the Earthquake, Oscar was hit hard and knocked across the battlefield. Zeus landed over the Bibarel and lunged forward with a crackling Bolt Beak. With a flash of lightning at the point of connection, it was over; Oscar was down for the count.

“Victory goes to Alaka Malina!” The robotic voice of the nearby Rotom Drone announced.

“Huh, there really is always one of those little guys.”

Alaka congratulated his partners and returned them to their balls, the hail slowly starting to come to a halt with Titan no longer around.

“Is that why you’re so calm and detached?” Jazz asked, approaching from across the battlefield. “You’re just so ludicrously good that you can afford to be?”

“I don’t know,” Alaka replied, “I just like to take it easy.”

“The state of this battlefield disagrees.”

Alaka looked around, only then realising that his chosen strategies in the second half of the battlefield had left it with huge chunks of ice slowly melting across it and large, jagged chunks torn up from Titan’s Earthquake.

“Huh,” was all Alaka could manage in response to that.

“You’re unbelievable,” Jazz said, “I think someone might actually try to strangle you eventually.”

“Maybe,” Alaka responded, still transfixed by the state of the battlefield. Something about the way the melting icebergs and broken earth was arranged reminded him of brownies and ice cream. “Wanna go get ice cream?”

“What? Weren’t you saying before this you were going to visit your parents?! That was why you were so reluctant!”

“Was I? Alaka responded, tilting his head to the side.

Jazz sighed. “Since you clearly need a keeper, sure let’s go get ice cream.”

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The Ralts Trainer's Homecoming - Kaito vs Flint & Volkner - [3]
Kaito Ishikawa | Normal Rank | Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh


A triumphant-sounding bellow, penetrating even through the ruckus of the crowd, marked Razor’s transformation into a Mega Gallade. The purple cloak which had Razor wrapped around it fluttered with every hit the mega-evolved Pokémon threw. One could even call the sight “majestic.”

Volkner’s golem made for another target to keep track of, a large one at that, to Kaito’s (and, by extension, Razor’s and Luciela’s) dismay. Electricity flickering around it, the golem lurched into yet another punch, this time dislocating an arm to extend its range. The arm-shaped missile flew towards its target, Luciela, but was cut to ribbons by a Psycho Cut. A horizontal stroke of Razor’s left blade bifurcated the arm clean in the center. Then, with a quick flurry of slashes, Razor hacked at what remained, arms flailing faster than the eyes can see. Once he finished, Razor stared down Volkner’s behemoth, plotting to do it in with his next strike.

“Electivire, use Discharge!” Kaito found it suspicious that Volkner insisted on attacking. Yet he couldn’t pinpoint why. Those ingenious ideas of Volkner’s, Kaito struggled to grasp. Nevertheless, the command saw a strong current surge through the ground. While it didn’t harm Razor or Luciela, it had a more alarming side effect. As the current ran its electrons-for-fingers across pieces of the destroyed golem arm, they started to hover in the air and collect. Soon enough the golem arm was put back together, showing no trace of old wounds. The objective was never to harm, it finally dawned on Kaito. The crunching of rocks alerted Kaito to a newly-reformed golem.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Kaito mumbled somewhat audibly, and perhaps out of reflex at what had just unfolded. The shock from it all was enough to put him on the offensive. “Time for a comeback Luciela!” Now everyone would get to see what Razor’s counterpart was capable of.

Gold in the shape of celestial bodies enveloped the Gardevoir as she used Swift. With the application of Psychic, these cosmic projectiles were tempered into a bladed whip, floating in a circular formation around Luciela. Luciela willed it to move using her telekinetic abilities, and with some adjustment, the end of the whip now carefully hugged Razor from his torso.

“Sever the legs!” With a flick of her wrist, Luciela spun Razor around like mixtures in a centrifuge. The Gallade whirred menacingly above her head along with the whip. A horizontal sweep from below by Razor left the golem with stumps for limbs, a Psycho Cut in whip form tearing them off from the knees. Without support, the golem came crashing down. Arcing back to Luciela, Razor skidded across rocky terrain, kicking up dust and shrapnel as he did so but all the while keeping his balance. From the perspective of spectators, it looked as if he was surfing through sediment, which he technically was.

“Discharge, Electivire!” Volkner was attempting to rebuild his golem again, that tell-tale streak of electricity already starting to surge towards the pieces.

“Infernape, don’t let those Psychic types interfere!” Flint wasn’t allowing anyone to get in the way.

Using the combustion from its Flare Blitz, Infernape propelled itself forward. It took no time at all for the monkey Pokémon to appear in front of Luciela, fire caressing its arms and legs, all ready to pounce.

Crap. With whip retracted, Luciela was hoping to fend off the Infernape with it, perhaps even restrict the Infernape’s movement if the opportunity presented itself. It was too late, however. The Infernape was mere feet away. Witnessing the Flare Blitz, Razor attempted a mad dash to the scene. But he was also too late.

“Luciela, Ally Switch!” Kaito sounded off, privy to the situation at hand. “Razor, prepare a Psycho Cut!” The “shockingly fiery” duo weren’t the only ones with gimmicks up their sleeves.

Infernape’s flaming left hook was greeted with a Psycho Cut, hitting it square on its side. Since Razor’s previous position gave him a clear vantage point of the altercation between Infernape and Luciela, he was able to orient himself for a counter. The moment Razor took Luciela’s place, he was already poised to strike.

Razor scrutinized a chink in Infernape’s “armor.” Before the switch was made between Razor and Luciela, Infernape sprung into an attack, its momentum causing it to pivot clockwise. The Infernape invested itself fully into a move that would no doubt prove devastating if it made contact. That said, for the Infernape, going all-in also meant throwing all caution to the wind. With the follow-through forcing Infernape to loosen his guard on the right, an opening was created. An opening that would not go unutilized, Razor would make sure. Infernape’s eyes widened in surprise as Razor’s figure overtook Luciela’s. In a second of hesitation from Infernape, Razor managed to sneak in a hit, and from the right no less. What was this called again? Adding insult to injury?

Flint could only look on helplessly as blade brushed against skin.

Plopping like a fish out of water after contacting the ground, Infernape struggled to stand upright. However, it was hopeless: the Infernape quickly fell unconscious, succumbing to Razor’s Psycho Cut. “Infernape is down,” Rotom announced, first verifying Infernape’s condition through biometric technology before making the call. It beeped for a couple of seconds, bringing up a holograph filled with data, and then declared Infernape’s inability to battle. At once, the stadium broke out in a symphony of boos and woohoos. Some cheered on the Ralts Trainer for making headway while others booed in lamentation of Infernape’s defeat.

Flint fetched a Pokéball from his belt and returned Infernape to it. “You did great, buddy. Hung in there like a champ.” The Elite Four member only had words of affirmation for his fallen partner. Stretching: “Alright Steelix, you’re up!” Flint released his second Pokémon. The iron serpent balanced on the tip of its tail, its maw clicking open, revealing a set of large teeth.

“Mega Evolve!” A familiar orb of energy enveloped the Steelix, and with an ending flash, it revealed its new form. Crystals had grown from its back, protruding in every direction, with some even poking outward from the inside of its body. Glass shards floated around its head, reflecting some illumination from the stadium lights. Kaito flinched a little as the reflection met him in the eyes. Finding it unbearable, he momentarily averted his gaze. Fortunately, the Steelix didn’t remain in the same position for too long, so the light soon passed him. With that, he was spared from any serious corneal damage. Still, it couldn’t hurt to exercise caution. Squinting, he could see Volkner’s golem standing arm-and-tail with the Steelix. Though the height difference between the two wasn’t very significant, Steelix seemed to have had the golem beat by some meters. Shifting his gaze upwards allowed him to catch a glimpse of Electivire, who rode atop the Steelix, clutching onto nearby protrusions.

“Steelix, let’s go with a big Iron Tail!”

“Electivire, have the golem jump with Discharge! Stick close to Steelix!”

One by one, the Steelix and the golem lunged at Kaito. Steelix, even in its mega form, was slow, so evading it was easy. Razor simply jumped to safety. The golem, on the other hand, was not so easy to evade. Steelix targeted Razor from the left, sweeping its tail as wide as possible so that going any other direction but backwards would mean getting caught in the crossfire. Having little choice, Razor proceeded backwards. Volkner must have accounted for this, Kaito thought. And Volkner did. Suddenly looming over Razor was the golem, now casting its shadow on him. How it had been reacting to the recent string of events was… unnatural, to say the least. As if it knew how things were going to work out and moved accordingly. As if Volkner knew how things were going to work out and moved accordingly. Hunches aside, what certainly didn’t require speculating was the fact that Razor could not dodge. With blades crossed, Razor bore the brunt of the golem’s attack. While the golem’s weight hadn’t completely flattened the Gallade, it should be noted that Razor was by all accounts barely holding on. The Swords Dance from Polly was the only reason he was even able to contest the thing. He could feel his legs slowly buckle as the golem pressed him deeper and deeper into the ground.

“Razor, just a little more! Use Swords Dance and keep it up!” That seemed to do the trick. The larger muscles granted Razor some well-needed leverage in his struggle against the golem. Now, it was the golem who was being pushed back.

Seeing cracks begin to form on his golem forced Volkner to act. While Razor was still pinned in one place, Volkner decided: “Electivire, leap off with Darkest Lariat! Go straight for Razor!” He had to finish things here or else he’d lose the chance. Razor was fast. And strong to boot, even without the power-ups he had been getting. This was not an opportunity Volkner would come by again. Elbow cocked and ready to pummel, the Electivire jumped as instructed. It glimmered an ominous purple that made it look somewhat comet-like as it neared Razor.

Kaito shot an urgent glance at Luciela. “Pull it back with your whip!”

Luciela caught Electivire by the leg, and with a sideways yank, drew it in her direction.

“Run a current through it, Electivire!” The whip lit up in a Thunderbolt-induced spark. Being connected to Luciela ensured that the electric attack would land if nothing was done about it. “Disengage immediately Luciela!” Not a moment too soon, however, Luciela let the whip go. She redirected the bolt to her side by wresting the whip away from her before releasing her control over it. Without anything to hold it together any longer, the whip broke off into smaller pieces.

Kaito observed that the Electivire had not yet landed by this time, its course still set for Luciela. “Luciela, perform an Ally Switch again!” Razor and Luciela traded places once more.

Electivire was now within striking distance. Razor stepped into position. “Knock it out with Close—”

“Electivire, one last Discharge! Give it everything you've got!” Volkner cut in.

As Electivire ran its electricity to the ground for the last time, it magnetized everything around it, traveling from one end of the stadium to another. In that instant, countless hunks of rock - all under the influence of an electric field - flew up in the air in a frenzy. A “parting gift,” as Volkner called it in a mid-battle aside, rained down on the stadium once Razor finished off Electivire.

“Electivire down!” Rotom buzzed for the second time in the match.

“Just one more left,” Kaito thought optimistically. There it was, the home stretch. All he had to do now was—

“Steelix, follow up with another Iron Tail sweep! Don’t let the Gardevoir warp away!”

—take out the Steelix.

Kaito had forgotten where Ally Switch put Luciela. Twack. Steelix hit the Gardevoir on the side, the situation oddly similar to what had been done to Infernape. Luciela was flung to the far end of the stadium, breaking through rocks as she zoomed past, before reinforced glass ultimately prevented her from infringing on the audience’s space. She streaked across it slowly and then fell to the ground, lifeless.

“Luciela down!” That was Rotom’s third declaration.

“Steelix, push through with Iron Tail!”

“Wrap things up with Close Combat, Razor!”

Both Kaito and Flint were determined to settle the match here. In a rainstorm of static and stone, Razor and Steelix exchanged blows. The stadium grew quiet.

Then, Rotom buzzed for the fourth time. “Final Score: 3-2. The winner is Kaito Ishikawa!”