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There are a lot of legendaries available to catch through Ramanas Park. It's a bit of work, since it requires Mysterious Shards that can be obtained through digging in the Grand Underground.

Do you plan to catch every legendary available in your game version, or have you been neglecting this area?


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Not yet; I’ve gotten the Regis and the Latis in my Shining Pearl copy. Then I picked up Brilliant Diamond and wanted to complete that before Legends Arceus, which I failed to do. Now I’m 53 hours deep in Legends Arceus!

I actually liked Ramanas Park as a replacement to Pal Park, but it’s not without its flaws. I ended up buying an extra Discovery Slate by mistake after having caught all the Regis, and… now it’s just there, in my bag, unsellable and unusable.
I guess that’s the fail-safe, in case you knock out the Legendary, but I feel like it could’ve been organised a bit better.

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Nah, finished the Elite Four, fought some missing trainers to sight Mothim, Cherrim, and a few others I was missing for the Sinnoh Dex completion, and that's pretty much it. I find catching legendaries so boring that I didn't even bother with the Lake Trio (they'd just get boxed and never used anyway), especially if I have to spend a lot of time grinding in the Underground to access to them. I normally don't care about post-game because it bores me in most Pokémon games, there were a few exceptions but BDSP isn't one of them.


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Caught them all already =3

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I honestly haven't picked up BDSP since I finished the game. I would like the catch the Legendary Beasts so that I can store them in my Pokemon Home account since I only have Legendary Beasts that are the Shiny Crowned Beasts from the event back when the Zoroark movie came out. But there is also that idea that I kinda want to catch them in HG and transfer them through every game just so I have them from their home region.

I am also very very fatigued at catching Legendary Pokemon since we have had something similar to it since ORAS. And when I am trying to catch the Legends, I'd rather it be me focusing on trying to Soft Reset the Latis in Sun and OR. I had so many of each Legend by the end of Sun and Moon games, that I just had to release some and only keep ones from events. (Even BW2 had a massive amount of Legends)


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No bc I can't find enough of the shards :/
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I was lucky because I managed to find all my shards in a timespan of 2-3 hours (Split in 1.5 day of playing).
Basically living in the Grand Underground when I am on Brilliant Diamond haha. I like the Ramanas Park since it is much easier than SwSh's adventure thing which I aren't too much a fan of, most of the NPCs are too weak and useless and waste turns and I don't really like playing with random strangers because most of them are too greedy (They Gigantamax when someone else should be the one doing it) / slow.
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I didn't, I gave up halfway through. The RNG involved in getting the required shards was just too much for me to deal with, I felt like I was wasting my time and that's really not how I like to feel when I'm playing games. If the game can't respect my time then I don't really want to engage with it, so I didn't. I may go back to it at some point, because I really would like a complete Pokedex in Shining Pearl, but it won't be for quite a while yet.


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No, I haven't, and I honestly don't feel like it. I got busy with Legends Arceus and I haven't felt like going back to BDSP to find the rest of those plate things to get the other legendaries.


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I just reached this area and I was disappointed to realize access requires mysterious shards. I can't stand the fossil digging mini game. I've found 1 shard after 30 minutes. No legendaries for me for a while. :/