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There are quite a few pseudo legendaries in the series! Some have really good designs and are popular among fans for being both cool and strong.

Which pseudo is your favorite?


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Goes with Hydreigon. Put an interesting enough spin on a hydra. Describes it as a much fiercer appearance than most Pokemon. Appreciates it on that sort of variety.

Feels overexposed on Generations 1-4's pseudo-legendaries still. Extends to Dragapult as well, for the time being. May become the favorite in time.
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Easily Metagross, especially because it's quite distinct compared to the more saurian pseudo-legendaries. I kinda like a Pokémon with an abstract design, too: like, what exactly is Metagross, and how did they come up with this thing? It's got a strong impression on me.


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Gotta pick my drippy boi. Goodra is so cute!! ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧

Love me some T-Tar too.

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Salamence, though Goodra is the cutest by far.

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Goodra. I love how goofy it looks when compared with the rest of pseudo-legendaries.


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Tyranitar because it's basically a pokemon version kaiju monster.


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Three possible contenders:
-Dragonite, for being the cutest fully-evolved Dragon-type as well as a force to be reckoned with (and bonus, Lance's signature Pokémon!)
-Dragapult, for being part Ghost and for the fact it fights side by side with its pre-evolution,
-Metagross, as said above, for being distinct from other pseudos by being an awesome robot rather than a Kaiju or a dragon.

Still deciding on a single favourite, but have those three for now. :D

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Probably Metagross, I like the super computer vibe.


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Hydreigon is definitely my favorite, though I gained a greater appreciation for Goodra after playing Legends Arceus. I like Kommo-o and its scaly armor design too, but I've never actually used one in the games, so it's hard for me to rate it as one of my favorites.

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My favorite pseudo-legendary is Haxorus. I've had one on my team since Pokémon Black and White and never looked back, even until this day. My other extremely close favorite is Garchomp, which is great because it helped me win several of my ranked battles. There isn't a pseudo-legendary Pokémon that I don't like though, except for maybe Slaking because of its horrible ability. Other than that, they all have their charms.


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My ranked list is:

- Garchomp
- Metagross
- Salamence
- Dragapult
- Tyranitar
- Hydreigon
- Kommo-o
- Dragonite
- Goodra

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