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Apple has confirmed that they are discontinuing the production of the iPod Touch, and all "iPod" branded devices over 20 years after its first launch.

Now I don't know about you all, but the iPod was a MUST HAVE while being a teenager in the 2000s. I remember I had massive quantities of music that I never listened to but insisted on having for the sake of filling the little thing to the brim. It was my go-to device for all my entertainment, and just thinking about taking the bus to school and putting on System of a Down is pretty nostalgic.

Did you own an iPod? What kind of music did you have on yours? Do you still own it?

Do you think Apple is making a good choice by allocating music to smart watches and other devices? Or are you kinda gonna miss having a pocket-sized musical nugget?

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I mean, the ipod is old now, time to move on from it. I never had one, and most people just use Apple Music anyway, I'm sure.
Didn't even know they were still a thing in 2022 until this post.


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I had one in my freshman year of highschool and would frequently get the question "Why don't you just use a phone"?

They were probably already dated, but I liked mine a ton. Eventually accumulated money and bought my own smartphone, so I gave the Ipod away. It remains the only apple product I had ever owned.


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ipods are great if you if own gigabytes of music and you don't have enough space on your phone or you don't want to waste space on your phone

i've owned like four or five different ones over the years and still have three of them


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i miss having an ipod touch. those were the days. :c


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I guess the explosion in popularity of music streaming kinda made them obsolete for modern day listening. It never made much of an impact on me because I was too poor to own one anyway growing up, and I didn't even mind bcs I was just happy playing music through Youtube tabs in the internet cafe lol

It probably was pretty cool though to have a device with you that specifically did one thing and did it well. In the age of smart devices that could multitask very easily (and one of these tasks being music playing), it definitely lost its place in the world.
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I had an iPod Nano, 6th gen. It was really cool and I remember it being a very technological gadget for me. I was coming from a mp4 lol. I also had the wrist band, so I often used it as a watch, which was pretty unique at that time lol. It was pretty cool and indeed what got me curious about technology and Apple. I also remember many people having an iPod touch that they basically used like a phone. It was also my first time learning how to use a platform like iTunes, which was kinda interesting. Nowadays iPods are kinda useless indeed and they have been for a bunch of years tbh. Smartphones pretty much replaced them. I think that you can probably still import mp3 files to your iphone with no problem, but that's an old fashioned method as well. Now everyone uses spotify. I use a similar app, but I have to say that it kinda sucks when it goes offline (happens a lot when u re on a train, where music is a great way to make the hours pass), so I still have some songs saved for the offline necessities, even if spotify and similar are really a comfortable music selection choice. Oh btw, I still have my iPod Nano. It has a little scratch on it and idk how it got it lol. I also thought about selling it, but it still has a value for me.

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Oh wild, I didn't know they were still around until now lol, pretty impressive run considering they have been obsolete since smartphones became mainstream. I believe I had a pink iPod mini, iTouch and iPod Nano at some point, then I got a smartphone and I never really had to use them again. For a while I would still carry my iTouch with my phone because I think I had a BlackBerry at the time and my music was all in iTunes so I didn't want to figure out how to move stuff over, but at some point I got a Spotify account and didn't need to do that anymore to listen to music on the go. Funny enough I never got an iPhone, after I stopped using iPods I just never got another Apple device.


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I remember my aunt have really smol ipod, it's a shame such technology favor on something multifucintional than just watching vidoes in a small screen or listening to a music also I couldn't add anything to it as if iTunes totally stop allowing anything to add to a miniature player. Though apple decission was soild due today we have phones that we can listen to music too and iPod can't purchase music like iPad or iPhone was it makes sense for it to stop on this day.
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