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Summary Screen Wrap-Around

First of all, I would like to thank Zeturic for creating the original routine for this. My routine is different from theirs, and I have extended it a bit, which is why I am posting this here.

Anyway, this patch modifies the summary screens in both the Party Menu and in the PC so that if you are on the first Pokemon and you go upwards, you will loop around to the last Pokemon (and vice versa). Ordinarily, in this circumstance, nothing would happen.


This folder contains the patch itself, and the two routines that comprise it. There were two functions which were replaced, and both of the new functions were shorter than the originals (hence why this could be turned into a patch).

This patch will skip over Eggs when scrolling while in the Party or PC, but if you want to see the Egg's summary (to see how long it will take to hatch), you can select their summary individually.
If you have more than one Egg in the party and move up or down (if the next slot is an egg), the game freezes.

Pokémon: Fire Red Extended
Hack rom made by me. 😀