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Challenges is evolving!

Or rather, just getting a makeover. We've been working on various quality-of-life improvements for the section, as well as some new things to spice it up a bit and make participation more streamlined.

The Challenges section and you

Most of the changes involve the Pinned Threads on top of the section:
  • First of all, the previous Challenge Rules and Challenge FAQ / Help have been reworked into the Challenges Rules & Guidelines thread. That's the new and improved first stop for all new challengers and challenge hosts! It's... perhaps a longer read than it used to be, but we hope it will be more comprehensive as well!
  • Among the pinned threads you may also find the Challenge News Bulletin. As the name implies, it's a new bulletin board for all the things happening in Challenges, and the perfect place to check in on section events and new challenge threads... but there's more inside!
  • Still inside the Bulletin, you'll be able to find an old feature of Challenges that's making a comeback - a List of active challenges for easy browsing and easy joining!
  • The "Check if your thread is approved" thread is no longer a standalone pinned topic. New threads are announced in the News Bulletin as well!
  • The Hall of Fame Thread is getting a new first post, with easily reachable links to everyone's personal (and still user-mantained) halls of fame. If you don't have one already, go make a quick post, it's worth it! However...
  • When it comes to Events (which we're very eager to continue organizing!), the News Bulletin now has a special section to act as Hall of Fame for event champions instead.
  • As it turns out, the Challenge Ideas and Discussion thread is still there. Come hang out and chat with fellow challengers!

Challenge Spotlight

The other big news is about something going on in the section, the Challenge Spotlight. It's a bridge between intense events and leisurely playthroughs, and our way to feature an interesting challenge for a season or so. Playing along nets you a VPP reward, one more completed challenge for your Hall of Fame, and hopefully, the friends you made along the way, as you all join the challenge and work your way through it. You can check out how this works in the related post inside of the Challenges News Bulletin!


We're also introducing (finally) two Badges for this section - one has to do with challenge runs while the other is specific for section events. How they work and when they're awarded is all explained in the Challenge Rules! You can see it as our way to thank you for your participation, or as proof of your tenacity and perseverance, even against all odds (you'll know what we mean). Your choice hehe!

We strongly hope that these changes will make Challenges an easier section to use and have fun in. And we have more little things coming in the future!
Of course, feedback is always appreciated! Feel free to reach out, or leave suggestions in the Ideas and Discussion thread~

That said, we hope you enjoy your stay in Challenges!

- The Challenges mods, Janp and Eleanor

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