GO Do you play daily?

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Do you play GO daily? What do you do (even if it's just logging in a few times to check spawns around you)? Do you also do your daily research stamps?
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I do all my daily stuff and try to catch everything that pops up. I also do the same when I get to work because I have a lot more to do when I get to work.
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I log in to do my daily research stamp if there's something worth redeeming in the breakthrough, and I'll shiny/CP check the couple of pokemon that spawn on my house. Apart from that I don't really play that much, bad weather, living in the middle of nowhere, and niantic refusing to ease the gacha systems have killed my desire to go out of my way to play it every day.

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I kinda do..?
I usually play on public transport and what I do is usually either pogo or YouTube depending on what I feel like. Sometimes I do split screen, but then all the graphics go weird (its not fun). I've forgotten all about research at this point lol.


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I check the spawns every day. I have a gym a short walk from my house, so lately I've been trying to go there and leave a Pokemon as many days as I can (both for the coins and for the exercise), but sometimes it's too cold, or I just quite frankly don't feel like it. Lol