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Hi everyone,

just joined this forum.. Have a question that I hope someone can answer.. I use to collect Pokemon cards back when I was in college, when they first came out, and basically just stored them away when I graduated.. and haven't touched them or any other kinds of trading cards since..

Anyways, saw some recent news about how crazy the prices have been lately, so decided to dig up to see what I had.. Anyways, seems like I have a complete set of 1st edition basic, jungle and fossil cards.. Not graded or anything, but they were just left in a card folder over the last 20 years and kept in the back of my bookcase.. They were never played and just went straight from the packs into the folders..

A couple of questions though.. back then, there wasn't this whole thing about shadowless cards, etc.. It was just 1st edition cards or not... I'm still a bit confused what exactly they mean by shadowless.. From what I gather, it seems all the cards with 1st edition logo printed on them are also shadowless as well? Also, anyone seen any full sets of of 1st edition cards that have been sold? I can't seem to find anything online or on ebay... just wanted to get a rough estimate on how much the sets might be worth... Lastly, about getting these cards graded, I've never had a card graded before.. What is the process, and how would someone grade an entire set of cards? Is it done card by card or can you actually get it graded as a set? If anyone can point me to a good resource, would be much appreciated!




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Hot damn that is beautiful....


If you want them graded, I'd contact PSA. But before you do, make sure you send them an email or a call to find out how long the process will take due to covid and shipping issues. It maybe better to hold onto these puppies for a bit while all of that is sorted out. Pricing is always fair and the better reted the cardm the more it's worth. You could be looking at some real, real money here man.

Here's a site that will give you a better, more coherent look at the process than I can.

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This is.. huge! These are worth quite of bit of money. I'd say certainly do some research for each card individually and write them down in an excel. Trust me, it'll be worth the time.
I also think it's even more interesting to sell them as a set as well.