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And they tried to cover this up as "old news" (wtf)

My first thought: can Facebook get their crap together? This wasn't the first time they allowed this. Now I'm afraid my data is out there. So much for "privacy".

Let's discuss. Have you checked to see if your data has been leaked/stolen? Would you continue to use FB after discovering this?

One way to find out:
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I already checked mine and I was in the clear.
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I don't use Facebook at all, and learning of a data breach doesn't even surprise me. How was this website the most used social network back in the day? Baffling.
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ngl, if your on FB, your data is already out there, so it being in hackers hands is not much different than in marks just for sale. But i will say, it is getting annoying hearing about facebook having a breach every 3 months or so


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good thing i havent used facebook and deactivated my account years back
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Thankfully, it seems mine wasn't there. I have always considered clearing my Facebook account and just keeping it purely for Messenger use since my family contacts me that way sometimes, but otherwise I don't touch it anymore.
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Facebook and its other assets care so little about security that I've left years ago. Something that frustrates me about Facebook's UI and social userspace is that it builds an unintuitive, clunky but usable UI for people who are less familiar with computers, and as such results in a lot of people who are afraid of leaving since they might lose contact with family or distant friends.