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Although in the Pokémon Journeys episode “Solitary and Menacing!”, Ash and Goh travelled to Saffron City to face Bea, where Ash stumbled on his first ever World Coronation Series loss, ending his hope to go for a perfect record and to go undefeated to face Leon.

Then Ash returned with Goh to face Bea in a rematch, after he went winless on the last matchup, but this time Ash tied in the World Coronation Series, making his first ever draw in the series.

Do you guys think Ash is going to ever defeat Bea?

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Yeah, I'm sure he will beat her someday. Like most rivals in the past of the anime series, (I don't consider Bea his rival, btw) Ash will eventually overcome her. I highly doubt this'll be the last we see of her, after all. I guess we'll have to see, though, idk where the Japanese version of the anime is rn. :x
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yeah, probably