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Freelancer GBA Maps

Started by RyuNoKami041 March 31st, 2019 6:23 AM
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Posted April 17th, 2019
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For a good while now I've had the urge to make GBA versions of all the newever generations of Pokemon and just recently I got done Kanto, although I plan on making another altered version of it to fix some problems I have with it. After that I'll start on Johto and go on from there.

That said if anyone is interested in having me make a GBA map for them then by all means contact me with what you want but keep in mind of the following:

- No deadlines please, I do this on my spare time and for fun so I can't promise to have a map done in a day.

- I'm only doing overworld GBA maps, so no interior maps for now.

- If your map request requires specific tiles please provide them or send me a link to where I can find them.

- Please give me specifics about what you want, like the map needs to be 20 trees wide and 24 trees high with a one tree gap at the right near the top and a two tree gap in the middle of the bottom. The entire ground is covered by the Pewter City bricks and there are 5 main buildings and 6 fillers. Details like that, or even a rough sketch.

If anyone is interested please let me.


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I think providing screenshots of your work would be much better than descriptions!

Are you working on AdvanceMap, rmxp, tiled...? Which program? IF you're working in AdvanceMap I'll move you over to the ROM Hacking section's lanuchpad!
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Posted April 12th, 2019
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You can use snipping tool or control+ print screen

I actually am interested, and I would like a design for 6/1 map currently.

The 6 maps need to connect to each other. The map is of RyuuKyuu island (Not the Japanese one, a custom island)

One is of a desert, for the fiery fiend.
One of of a grassland with trees, for the unicorn dragon
One is of an ocean with water, salt rocks, etc. for the fairy serpent.
One is of an icy region, for the cold spirit.
The final is of a mountain range, for the earthbound beast

The six maps are set up in a 2x3 formation. They are of the main island of RyuuKyuu, and part of a demo.

The six creatures I gave you are the main legendaries of the island. Each creature will be in the center of the map. Each map is fairly large, and has a variety of puzzles to solve to grant you a chance to face these mysterious creatures.
If your interested in tutoring me on how to use the scripting and answering all my questions, send me a PM and we can discuss contacting each other in further details.

A little info about me and my goals:

I am burned out on Pokemon games, which, since emerald, have gradually grown worse to me. I am a fan of Generation 3 and earlier. I have some creature ideas I'd rather keep to myself and friends, due to personal reasons. Thus, I want to make my first game encompassing them. I do not know how to program, so I'll learn by using pokemon essentials. Once I complete the game, I'll enjoy it, and work on an entirely new project.
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