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I have an idea for a fan game, but I don't have any skills necessary to make one. As of right now, I would greatly appreciate any sort of help (mostly coding and art). If you would like to help out DM me at my discord: Cashwarrior1#5973

Also, here is a brief summary of the game:
This is a new gen style game, including old and new pokemon. I'd like to refine some mechanics and introduce new ones that I think would make the experience much better. The focus of this fangame is to make the world feel alive and lived in. This means, there are weekly activities and schedules that you can interact with, as well as side quests to keep you occupied. I imagine the region would feel as if people in the region do something other than standing there to tell you some sort of fun fact/observation that's only useful the first time you read it. Outside of these small details, the main story would also be quite interesting, both story-wise and gameplay-wise. The story is detailed more in the google spreadsheet. One thing I want to do with this game is to target it towards the single player experience. Part of this includes the activities and interactive world, and another part includes the story. However, I also believe that the battles the player takes place in also has to do with this, so I want to actually plan out every single trainer battle so that the player experience is more structured. I'd like to use unique battle strategies to create difficulty as well as personality for each trainer