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Recruiting Recruiting for Pokémon Spirit Platinum

Started by lillipup03 January 6th, 2019 8:36 PM
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Hey everyone, I’m lillipup03, a.k.a. Eric, and I’m looking to build a team to help me with a new fan game! I really enjoy the process of planning a story and creating it, but the problem is that I just don’t have the time to do everything on my own. So, I’m hoping there are some people out there who are willing to help!

General Information
Pokémon Spirit Platinum is a pseudo-remix of Pokémon Platinum; it expands on the Sinnoh region, but takes place in the future, meaning that there will be new areas and Pokémon.

As for the plot, the game focuses on Spiritomb, which will now be considered legendary. The mysterious disappearance of Champion Lucas is being connected with the strange appearances of Spiritomb throughout the region, a Pokémon which is known for being bound to its keystone for evil things it did in the past. Now, the protagonist and two of their friends are out to solve this mystery as well as complete the challenge of beating all eight gyms.

In the post-game, the player will be able to travel to both Kanto and Johto and take on their respective gym leaders. Plus, they’ll be able to face off new trainers in Champion Title Defense (like USUM) once they’ve become champion.

The game will run on the default FRLG engine that Pokémon Essentials is set up on, so team members should be skilled in working with that style.

That’s the main idea. Now, let’s discuss the available positions.

Current Team
lillipup03 - Director, Mapper, and Writer

Positions Available
Sprite Artist- Long term
This is probably the biggest role. While I don’t plan on adding any fakemon, there will be regional variants, new forms, new trainer classes, and old sprites needing re-sized.

Composer/Music Editor- Medium term
This is for someone who is skilled with Audacity or a similar audio editing program. The biggest part will be editing .mp3 files into smoothly-looping .ogg files. Original compositions are optional, though would be appreciated.

Tileset Artist- Short to Medium term
I’d like to have some diverse terrain, such as autumn, swamp, and farm, just to name a few, but once those are ready to go, I’ll have all I need.

Thanks in advance for applying! If interested, please either post below or PM me with the following information:

Position you’re interested in:
Proof of your work:

Name: Annabelle
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

Pokémon Essentials WIP: Pokémon Spirit Platinum

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I'm currently making a lot of stuff in FR/LG style. You are welcome to use it. Visit my DeviantArt page in my signature. My plan is to make every generations npcs and trainers in FR/LG style. I'm also working on new interior wall paper and floors and furniture and such. I'm not very good at spriting yet so I wouldn't be able to help much with custom Pokemon though.
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