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Old November 14th, 2016 (4:41 PM).
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Originally Posted by Kunal Sarkar View Post
If it's been erased then u have to start it again
Yes, but the question is how to stop it from being erased. It's erased every time I restart the game.
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Old November 14th, 2016 (4:54 PM).
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So I been wanting to ask this and I originally did so in the Blazed Glazed side hack thread, but nobody anwsered for weeks and since the original version's topic right here is far more active I figured I'll give it a go asking here instead. Apologies if it counts as kinda off-topic or anything.

Originally Posted by Da Man View Post
So very torn between playing this or Beta7 of the original and can't make my mind up since both do have major differences now (I assumed Blazed Glazed is based off of Beta6), any advice or suggestions? Apologies for bumping this.

Really hope that one day this is able to use the original's Beta7 as a base, would feel like the complete package of all features, updates, and fixes in one.
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Old December 8th, 2016 (10:34 PM).
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hello everyone
does anyone here know all the out-of-battle moves needed in this game
i just want to preset my team :) and don't want to have hm slaves
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Old December 11th, 2016 (2:36 AM).
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i wanna make a game with pokemon essentials and i really liked that pokemon translator idea. can i use it for my fangame?
check out my fangame:

pokemon re-imagined
and click here if you are interested in helping me for it.
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Old December 22nd, 2016 (5:09 PM).
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Is there a way to rematch Johto or Rankor gym leaders?
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Old December 23rd, 2016 (2:26 PM).
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How do you change deoxys' forms in glazed?
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Old December 25th, 2016 (2:03 AM).
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Originally Posted by Onmi View Post
Well, I've finished Glazed now and I have a lot of thoughts, not all of them positive. I debated a lot whether I should post them as I no doubt will be the minority voice, but I didn't want to presumptuously PM you or just let it go unsaid.

Let's start off with the enjoyable parts of Glazed. It's very competently put together, you had inventive workarounds for the limitations of the engine, you clearly had a great scope in mind when you set out, and you have passion. These are all good things, you had a lot of inventive ideas that worked out for you, and ultimately I enjoyed my time spent with Glazed, at least until the end of Tunod. Fair warning, this is based mostly on my experiences with Blazed Glazed, so I can't say I'm entirely aware if things had not been touched up for the Beta7. If I am wrong at any place, I really would appreciate it being pointed out to me.

Do note, I'm not suggesting anything be changed, at this point my suggestions would require a lot of reworking, and it's clear I'm a minority voice of not enjoying how the game is in its present state.

Before we really get into this, I want to outline my 10 cardinal sins for Pokemon fangames, these are oft repeated issues that plague a project and bring it down in my eyes, Do note that, obviously not all of these are going to be applicable, one can hardly be blamed for sin 7 if their hack is about sin 7.

1. Absurd difficulty curves. These are most common in “Hard mode” hacks, it's a lack of understanding about how much punishment to dole out to the player. The idea of every trainer being a challenge is an interesting one, it's just a problem in how utterly banal it is. If every trainer beats you up enough that you need to scurry back to the Pokemon Center after each fight, then that's hardly interesting. Especially if said hacks aren't editing the game to adjust for this discrepancy. From my experience with Blazed Glazed at least, there wasn't a difficulty curve problem.

2. Endless Rivals. The red scarfed Pikachu was an interesting idea for a rival, a little easy once the game went on but still an interesting foe to face. However Percy, Chello, Cato and that dude with the Eeveelutions are also competing for face time. With Henri sort of sitting there in the background not actually being fightable (at least to my knowledge). And it's not that there weren't issues with the Pikachu either, why was he mad at me? He mentioned ruining his home but I don't think that's ever elaborated on. I mostly found myself lacking in care for the rivals, just speed bumps on my way through the story rather than foes to sharpen myself against. And the worst part is despite how many there are, they never gave me the feeling that they mattered. There's no arc or progression beyond “Yup, the protagonist stomped my face in again.” Even Chello, who looked like she might have eventually been having an arc where she realized that ultimately she was a small fish in a very large ocean, instead just ends with “Welp, going to Hoenn and you can't follow me there because it's not in the game!” Which... she's not wrong. But I didn't feel anything that concluded from them. Henri was basically a blip on the radar, I think I actively grew to loathe him since the plot he was attached to had long outstayed its welcome.

3. Pointless swearing. We've all been there, when we were young and we thought “Pokemon really needs to be more mature” or really anything, and so we put swears in our scripts. But the thing is... look at the script. Did they need to say **** there? Was it incredibly relevant to swear, was it something that was built over the course of the game or used to dictate that a character has been pushed over the break. Did it mean anything? I look at the script for Glazed and any time a character swears, there was no need for it, it meant nothing, it just made me shake my head. It wasn't mature, maturity is understanding that when someone does swear in a script, it's important and relevant and built up so it fits. Glazed doesn't do that.

4. “Edgy” Character designs and personalities. This goes back to the youth thing, there's always a mentality that a dark character is cool. However I look at characters like Soul and Will and my only response is “You are a geek, you are gigantic geek, the fact that you so clearly think you're actually cool only makes you look more like a geek.” I just don't like these characters, they take me out of the game, there's no satisfaction of having beaten them. Will is a horrid offender of this, acting like a smug ass even though you re-arranged his innards when you fought, and then (though this may be a broken event) claiming you might be a challenge in the future. He's the kind of geek who makes you want to beat him up, steal his lunch money and his girlfriend.

5. Stupid Pokemon placement and no edits to make them make more sense. The examples I have of this are putting Pokemon like Golett and Pawniard at the beginning of the game and then not adjusting their absurd evolution level for the fact they are now positioned far earlier in the story than they should be. I'm glad to say Glazed doesn't do this, every Pokemon I caught in Glazed felt right, Even the Abra you catch, when you catch him, he evolves and immediately learns Psybeam. I think you were very intelligent about this. The other half of this issue is placing a tonne of pokemon in every route, then not adjusting cash or the starting pokeballs to recognize this change. Not only did you smartly adjust the starting amount of pokeballs, but you had almost every legendary give you the option of fighting them, and the one time you had potentially had no pokeballs (vs Mudkip) you give the player one. It shows you have a good understanding of how to place Pokemon, each route typically provides Pokemon that will help you at the next gym to, a lot of hacks don't do that.

6. Arceus as the God creator of everything and his worship. Tell me, how many people say “YHWH damn it”? How many people in Pokemon know who Arceus even is? Even in Sinnoh there are two people total who've even heard of the Pokemon, everyone else refers to Arceus as “The Original One”. The Deification of Legendaries in general comes across as very dumb to me, the games never treat them as gods, they treat them as immensely powerful creatures, those who existed in legends, but they're not a pantheon and their capture does not result in the weather going out of whack and the apocalypse happening. What's even more foolish is the entire plot in the post-game hinges around how capturing Legendaries is a big problem, and then by that time I have like 16 of them. Then I go capture the other ones that caused this whole issue and nothing happens. It's inconsistent, either I can capture them and they aren't so important, or they're very important and I need to leave them alone. And I know what Pokemon has always said. On top of that, It goes against one of the fundamental themes of Pokemon, that the bond between trainer and Pokemon is what brings out the true source of power. The Reshriam and Zekrom myth was two brothers who were partnered with the Dragons. Groudon and Kyogre's weather problems were caused by both being wild and uncontrollable. A further on version of this is “Giratinaism” for Satanism. I mean ignore that Giratina isn't Satan, at this point I can have Giratina in my party. No one bats an eye that I'm walking around with Satan. In short, the entirety of Team Alpha are a massive disgusting moment for me, they are so awful. Everything is contrived about them, It's bad enough that Team Fusion didn't have the decency to die, then I had to deal with those twits.
Oh. Addendum. You are allowed to have Arceus worshipers, so long as you don't make them ape monotheist Christianity. If it is of any religion is it closer to a pantheon based religion, while Arceus created the other legendaries they rule their domains, that's not a result of monotheist religion. Walking into a literal church and being quoted at like a pastor reading a bible is so dumb. Treat it like Shintoism.

7. Ash Ketchum showing up, not applicable, but I just hate when it's done because it's never interesting. Only bringing this up because I'm labeling sins.

8. Roadblocks for no reason. Let me take you back to the Alpha base, and this is when I decided I hated them and everything they were going to do. You enter the base, you punch up some grunts then you see the office ahead and a grunt, standing off to the side says “Nobody enters Pius's office without permission!” I don't know if this grunt is aware, but I'm raiding their compound. I actually don't give a flying **** what the rules are. But, with no fight, no door in the way, nobody standing in the way, I'm forced to turn back. Let's be clear, this isn't a case of guys dancing in front of a doorway that prevents you from going through, that makes sense since you can't move through anybody. But the only thing stopping me from going into the room is this one grunt who wont even fight me. At the very least put a door there that I can't open.

9. Fighting for no reason. Look through Glazed, find all the Regina fights, identify each time you so thoroughly trounce her. Now, pay careful attention, how many times did you fighting Regina make a difference? It's very strange, I keep beating this woman and yet I'm failing to actually stop her. I'm starting to wonder why I'm even bothering. Moltress is by far the worst, you just watch her do it! She doesn't even bother sending out her Absol like she would later in an attempt to blockade you. Let's look at RSE. Imagine if after defeating Maxie/Archie at the Volcano, they accomplished their goals anyway? Imagine if after you beat them under the sea, they captured the legendary you had been moving to stop them from controlling? You'd be asking why you even bothered, since you clearly couldn't stop them, what was the point? Even when you finally beat Regina/Pius you don't actually DO anything, the Swords of Justice are the ones who do! There is so little agency, just the feeling you're a spectator of events. This isn't like the Aqua/Magma base where the admin stalls you so the Submarine can get away. In that case, you are clearly being stalled and they have succeeded in running away from you. But over and over again you fight Team Fusion and you might as well have not bothered showing up. Nothing elicits the feeling of “I don't actually care about you dumb ****s I just want to move on with my life.” Like not having any effect on what's happening.

10. Changing the starting trio without and understanding of why it's the starting trio. Grass, Fire, Water. What's unique about them? Nothing is immune to those three types. They are immune to no types. Why do the starting trio evolve when they do? Because they are meant to grow along side the player as a companion who can always aid the team. They evolve once things start to become difficult. Why is Shinx a starter, beyond a love of Shinx? Why is Riolu a starter, he's a very bad starter since he doesn't typically have the move-set that makes most starters appreciably useful. Now you get around the problem most games have because you just added starters, and at no point do you really run into a rival using “The opposite of what I picked.” But it's a sin for other games that just pick three pokemon out of a hat without understanding the balance of why.

So we've spent 2000 words establishing the cardinal sins, and the ones that Glazed fails 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10 as an edge case. Now if these were the only problems, I wouldn't be writing this, but there's more.

Team Fusion is a worn out plot by the time Tunod is done, every single encounter after when Regina has split off on her own just leaves me rolling my eyes, wondering what the next dumb thing they are going to do is. From getting away with burning down a forest in front of a Gym Leader and E4 member (despite having just had their ****ing heads kicked in by you). I can't discern exactly what it is they even want after Michael disbands the team either. Power? For what purpose? At least them wanting to make the ultimate TM and ultimately furthering themselves as a business was a unique take on a team idea (what if Silph Co. was the bad guys?) Why do they want Mew? Fat stacks from all the different TM's they could make using a Pokemon who knows every move and can learn any move. Sure there was the whole alternate dimension plot that... didn't really go anywhere, but I never felt like there was a massive loss from that. It just felt like a side effect. By the time we get to Rankor, who can care about Regina's lust for power and her dumb quest? And it would be one thing if Henri was at all an interesting character to be running along side, but I never got the feeling he was actually changing he says “We have a lot to learn” and finally fights back, but that didn't feel earned, or worth it, it just felt like posturing. A better role would have been Henri as the new head of Fusion ultimately using his funds to assist the player character in their endeavors in Johto and Rankor. In fact I feel like that would be a very good twist for the whole team, sort of a Pokemon version of the Speedwagon Foundation, Fusion changing from an organisation devoted to its own profit and self-interests to one developing new technology and providing the player with a means to actually fighting against the forces arrayed against them.

Can I also mention how the Gym Leaders just seem to drop from the plot after the fourth? Before then they seemed to actually have characters and be attempting to add to the story, after that they exist as “People for you to challenge and beat.” I miss Gym Leaders who have character and purpose, by Johto they're just people to beat, and by Rankor they're just all assholes (except for Maku, who's surprisingly very chill as an opponent.) I feel like all that time establishing Blake (who doesn't really seem to contribute much rather than to be shocked about things and ask you to fight Fusion. Steven, Cynthia and Alder, you will recall, taught you things, whether about themselves or the regions lore. But they had purpose, while Blake feels like he's running about because someone needed to be) Could have been time used to give the rest of the gym leaders a feeling that they had purpose.

Also, and this is hardly your fault and you're not even the only one who does this, but why does Clair continue to act depressed about Lance after I met the man and confirmed he was alive, is my character just an ass who wont let her know that her cousin is alive? Why does your father or mother never react to your becoming champion? Where the hell did Regina and Pius's love plot come from? She makes one comment that he's hot and then all of a sudden there in this super creepy romantic tension (doubly creepy because Pius is just an awful human being) It just feels like a bunch of plots that just dangle and never conclude. Why is Pryce a villain now? Yeah I know blah blah I guess he squandered all that money he earned doing his job, but like... we don't fight him, we don't help him. He's just a villain for the sake of being a villain.

And I'm restating this, because it's important. Your rivals are just roadblocks they aren't characters.

Excluding Blue, who came first, lets look at the rivals in order.

Silver – Started as arrogant and self-focused, learned that he couldn't become strong this way, grew to care for his Pokemon
May/Brendan – Learned that they actually didn't care all that much about the battling aspect of Pokemon and moved on with their lives
Wally – Grew from a weak person who needed aid to even catch a Pokemon to someone who could stand on his own two feet and make it to the Elite 4.
Barry – A hot blooded spaz who thought he was the best and a hero until he got beat, hard, and learned more about becoming humble, refining his team and his battle strategy until he's a proper trainer
Cheren – Learned that his single minded world view was in fact very narrow and that there was more to it than his simple beliefs, developing more as a trainer.
Bianca – Managed to break out of her shell and discover what she could actually do and what she loved about being a trainer, rather than dedicating herself to battle.

Rivals have arcs, stories, they aren't just there for you to have a punch up with. They aren't just whetstones for you to sharpen yourself against, but characters in their own right. The only one with an arc right now is the Pikachu, who clearly dislikes you takes every measure he can to become more powerful and then in the end realizes he was wrong about you, and gives up on his quest for revenge. But what's Chello's arc? Constantly falling behind you, never actually realizing that there's more going on in the world than her own battles? What about Cato? To be champion to? Is that the same as Percy? Who gets the champion role by virtue of you turning down the role? It's just weird, they don't seem to be characters, just trainers to fight with more unique sprites.

Please understand, I am harsh on Glazed because it has more potential. I could not care less about a bad romhack, I care a lot about a romhack that is technically impressive and could be great but feels itself stumble. The Tunod region is so well developed and paced, the game flows, there's very little swearing or sin breaking and the stuff that did happen I forgave because everything else had been on top. But once Johto hits, the feeling goes away, the sins pile up along side the problems. By Rankor it's just become frustrating to see something I enjoyed thoroughly become so unfortunately terrible.

Obviously, even if you agree with all my statements, there's very little you can do now, it'd require a vast rework, and it's very clear that I'm in a minority with my feelings toward this. So I hope in the future for other projects, you will keep these words in mind. Because you can do better, you have the talent and one day I would love to see you make a truly great game.

I don't even think I covered everything. I find more flaws in this I enjoy than things I hate, and I don't have the time to go through inch by inch and document them (It says I've played for 534 hours but I'm sure most of that time was spent leveling every Pokemon in the EV Dojo and leaving the game on. But I did almost complete the game. I still feel like catching the remaining Pokemon in my dex simply to mark it as absolutely complete) but I feel like this is enough, it's probably a lot to digest already.

And to the thread, please do not feel the need to dogpile on this, I understand it's an unpopular opinion and people are free to think I am wrong and my opinions are wrong. By all means, feel free to tell me if there's simply dialogue I missed or character interpretation I missed. Don't necessarily feel the need to tell me you like characters like Soul or Will, everyone is entitled to like the characters they like, I did not like them, I felt it would be remiss of me to leave them out of this critique. You can be a fan of those characters, or the language used and of the plot, this is not a call for the entire thread to hate Glazed, or an attempt to convince anyone to dislike it, this is merely me posting my opinions on what I believe to be flaws. I obviously cannot stop you if you want to tell me I'm an idiot, but I would appreciate a more constructive response.
The key to making a good Pokemon Hack/Game is keeping it simple. I know I have troubles going overboard with complicated plot-lines, and obviously you want SOME plot in there to keep things interesting - you want your characters to develop - your rivals - your Pokemon, even, but, defeating an evil organization, conquering gyms, saving the world, it's been done so many times already that it's just not fun anymore.

I like Regions that have actual meaning and are based off of real-world locations. I don't see that in Hacks/Games. I'm trying to develop a Region based off of Brazil called Sabor (Sabor means Flavorful). Semi-tropical with rain forests and beaches, port towns, etc. I've been thinking about developing it for almost a year now - few months? I've just had no one to help me. I haven't had any time to make the characters, and at first I wanted to add fakemon but then I decided against it. I'm just going to slowly work on it until I can silently ask for help later and make a proper presentation.

It takes a long time to develop a game. It's not 'oh hey I'm going to make a game' get started on mapping, and whoop there you go. I'm not saying that's what Glazed did, as obviously it's been awarded several times. I don't dislike Glaze - I haven't even played it yet. I might, if it ever is revamped one day, but I want to start working on my own game and when I say work on it - really work on it and then release it into the wilds. Since so many people have a game that's barely completed and don't seem to have an actual plan for their hack/game and they dump their projects before they're even finished, which makes me sad.

(I was really looking forward to Prism, too, but that got a C&D...)
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Old December 27th, 2016 (11:57 AM).
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You're making a Glazed 2? Go for it! I have to say I'm not even halfway in and I love this game. Continue the good work!
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Old 4 Weeks Ago (9:51 PM).
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I just played Glaze 7b during 80 hours.. LOL
Glazed 7b was best pokemon game ever including Official Pokemon Game!

I wish you make Glazed 2 so so much!
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Hi guys, how are all of you doing. So I've played some Pokemon Glazed and It's certainly one of my favorite Pokemon games ( yes even out of all of the real ones) ever. So, with the new installation coming soon as a result of its popularity, I was thinking, "how could we possibly make it better, you can definitely improve a great game like Glazed," and the truth is you can. We all know Glazed can be better, but how. I agree with Omni on most of what he put, we definitely need a better character curve. Also toning down the difficulty would be great, but don't do too little, I kinda liked it somewhat difficult. So, now I propose my idea, Pokefusions. I have always wondered how a Lucariark (Lucario+Zoroark) would work, and this might be the chance try it out. Possibly, because fusions are essentially two Pokemon in one, they could have two abilities rather than one and would retain both's primary typing. I would also say that you can't fuse legendaries in basic fusion chambers so you would instead have another one use device that would fuse three Pokemon of any status. Regular Pokemon would also stop being able to fuse when they reach legend status. Getting sprites is hard, so maybe we could have Deviant Artists to help create concepts and we could poll them on this thread. Anyway this is just an idea of mine, and if this cannot be accomplished, then don't do it, we all know it's going to be great anyway.
Your pal and Glaze fan,
Paradigm of Destiny
P.S., If you're reading this RedRider, please give me credit if you use this idea. Thanks
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Old 3 Weeks Ago (4:54 AM).
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Hi! I have a problem, and I don't think anyone's answered it yet D:

So I've beaten Soul, and am now on Legendary Hunting season. Problem is, when I went to Ilex forest to try and catch Celebi, I found that it's still burnt. I've read that it's supposed to be green and blooming after beating the Johto Elite 4. So does anybody know of a fix?
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Old 2 Weeks Ago (12:09 PM).
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Any trailer/screenshot about pokemon glazed 2?
Game Hacks I Like
Pokemon glazed reborn
Pokemon Nameless fire red project
Pokemon Theta Emerald Ex
Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma
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Originally Posted by wilso View Post
no i made my own with it on only because shinx was a starter otherwise he would be way underpowered (bite/spark) :3 but im thinking of starting over but with turtwig because there is a place 2 get electric types early on (thunderpunch elekid ftw >.<) btw is there anyway 2 get totodile if so where?
I know this is a VERY, very late reply, but you can choose him in New bark town as a starter, along with Cyndaquil and Chikorita!
hi im opticalplays if you dont know

I support these games:

[In the link you'll be redirected to a 404 page, just take out the repeated "" in Pokemon Glazed and Pokemon Light Platinum]
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how to get 6th generation pokemon
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Old 6 Days Ago (12:56 AM).
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how to get syleon
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Old 6 Days Ago (12:58 AM). Edited 6 Days Ago by pikachu18.
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how to get 6th gene starter
pokemon in glazed
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Old 5 Days Ago (8:32 AM).
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Possibly one of the greatest rom hacks to date.
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Old 2 Days Ago (11:29 AM).
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Just finished this and I enjoyed it a lot. That Hajime no Ippo reference with the last Rankor gym leader was great. Thanks a lot!
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Old 1 Day Ago (11:12 PM).
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Awesome ROM hack. Having a blast playing it.

Only one problem... No Pokemon sprite animations with the new beta. I like the idea of the newer gen sprites but no animations make them kind of stale. :\
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