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I have a couple questions about Jambo51's pre battle-mugshot ASM routines:
1. What do you put at the end of the pallet offset table? (if anything at all)
2. In the post Jambo says this:
Musghot Hack One:
Insert at 0x0807FF90:

Mugshot Hack Two:
Insert at 0x08083862:

Mugshot Pallet Hack:
Insert at 0x080D28C6:
Do I need to insert the routine at a certain offset for it to work, IE the 80 at the beginning?
Edit: here's a Link
Edit 2: Got it working, but the background for the intro was black. What slots does it load from when deciding the pal colors?
Edit 3: Figured it out, it loads from the 6th slot, feel free to close this one.