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Challenge Logs Rules
Hello, everyone!
Welcome to Challenge Logs! Ever have a challenge in mind, but you would rather run it alone without the hassle of keeping track of other participants? Then you've come to the right place! Here, you may create a thread to log your challenge progress to display to others and...that's pretty much it! Simple concept, right? We only ask that you follow a few rules for this!

You may submit a thread to log any challenge you please! However, if this thread is an original idea that someone created a thread for in the main board, we ask that you post your updates there instead! Major challenges like Nuzlocke, monotype, etc that have been around a long time are fair game, though.

Please do not take challenge ideas from someone's log and submit them in the main board as your own. We will be keeping tabs of what comes through the main board and will know if this happens! You are, however, free to ask the thread owner for permission to make your own log of their challenge.

When making a thread here, they default to being open for everyone to post in. If you would like for your log to only consist of your own posts, please select the private prefix! Your thread will still be visible to the public, but they will not be allowed to post in your thread. For those reading through logs, please respect the thread owner's wishes!

With the previous rule in mind, please also remember not to sign up for a challenge in someone's log thread. You are more than welcome to make a log of that challenge for yourself, but do not sign up and post your own updates in another person's logs. It defeats the point of this area!

Thread owners are allowed to double post!

One log per challenge, please. It will be much easier to keep track of your journey based on the challenge you're doing rather than combining all of your logs in one thread.

And that's it! If there are any questions or concerns about these rules or how this section functions, feel free to PM Zehmanrad. Here's hoping to more great ideas and challenges, everyone! Have fun!

Rules written by Schwann. Updated October 28, 2016.
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