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What did you think of the Battle Subway? How did it stand up to the competitive battling areas of other generations?

What was your best achievement on the Battle Subway? Discuss :)

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B/W Battle Subway was how I got into competitive battling

Never did get that 50 win streak tho. Came very close a few times, but on those occasions where I made it to the subway boss, I lost. Or I think so anyway, it's been a long time so I don't remember very well.
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I got Assassin's Creed Black Flag at the same time as I was playing Black / Black 2 so that kinda sapped my concentration a bit. I did get at least 20 win streak though, and overall enjoyed it. Especially the added music as you get further on - to me one of the best features of Unova was the music.
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I though it was a pretty cool facility and a great idea, I did enjoy the Battle Subway and loved how we could go to Anville Town through it.

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It was basically just a reskinned battle tower.

But I did have fun and made to around 30-40 wins.
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Emmet and Ingo are my favorite "Battle Tower" leaders. They have quirky personalities and great designs. I also enjoyed how you could visit Anville Town via the subway. I hope in a future remake they add some extra places you can go through via the subway, so it feels even more like a transportation system, and you can get even more "rewards" from getting higher win streaks (getting to visit a small new area and not just the platform).

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