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Old February 25th, 2018 (6:30 PM). Edited 1 Day Ago by A Random scrub.
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    Things of the time before
    ok so i have been working on recreating hoenn on fire red with only stock FR tiles.

    its almost an exact replica but since im almost half way done i was trying to see if anyone wanted to try there hand at doing the interiors.

    ill personally handle all of the outside but the thing is if you want to do the interiors you cant create new blocks because thats the goal of this project.

    heres some screen shots

    i have already done 22/50 maps so im almost halfway done thought i should share and see if someone is intrested.

    i will be working on this untill its done so no worries.

    update 2/26/2018

    update 2/27/2018 route 119
    there only like this cuzz there just teasers but trust me there mapped out to a T

    update 3/1/2018
    im done with all the land now i just need all the water routes
    evergrand and the few citys remain should take a few days or a week idk but im excited
    i will release this before movement premissions are done so everyone can see full proof

    update 3/4/2018
    ok ive been extra lazy the past few days because i burnt myself out from mapping day in day out
    but now im gettin that feeling back son ive done a few more maps im not going to update my list yet
    heres a picture of the lateset im almost done just tak a few more days or extra week depending on how big the rest of routes are
    i should be good to release the basically asthetic version then gotta do movement permissions and such. Mossdeep city

    OH and big update project changed slightly but not by much at all when i release it ill explain in detail
    anyone with a good eye will understand
    but i swear it dosent change the project by much at all small baby margin

    Update/3/7/2018 route 126
    well it seems these water routes are more of a pain then i thought
    rock formation are annoying and mundane to make the dive spots are gigantic so they take a little bit to get 100% correct
    now im on sootoplis right now but i dont have any good white rocks so ima have to use stock mountains itll look a lil diffrent

    OK Finally im done with the cosmetic part so here is an ips file i just need movement permissions and connections and it will be usable atleast
    please give me all feedback and i was hoping anyone would start doing interiors plzz at that is going to take so long but i hope u like these maps so far
    there like perfect replicas heres the link to ips NEW MAPS UNDER BANK 49

    50/50 maps
    Petalburg city
    Slateport city
    Mauville City
    Rustboro City
    Fortree City
    Lilycove city
    Mossdeep city
    Sootopolis City
    Ever Grand city
    Littleroot town
    Oldale Town
    Dewford Town
    Lavaridge Town
    Fallarbor Town
    Verdanturf Town
    Pacifidlog Town
    Route 101
    Route 102
    Route 103
    Route 104
    Route 105
    Route 106
    Route 107
    Route 108
    Route 109
    Route 110
    Route 111
    Route 112
    Route 113
    Route 114
    Route 115
    Route 116
    Route 117
    Route 118
    Route 119
    Route 120
    Route 121
    Route 122
    Route 123
    Route 124
    Route 125
    Route 126
    Route 127
    Route 128
    Route 129
    Route 130
    Route 131
    Route 132
    Route 133
    Route 134

    umm the project changed a little i used new blocks for some stuff but only for the outside or some things would look really wierd and not hoenn like
    i made the project with the goal of being able to export these maps and import them into any fr hack rom freely aslong as the tileset isnt edited
    so you can choose a specific offsets if you like you can still do that but you just need to export and import one more thing than before
    im finishing up movement permissions asap hope someone can help with interiors and we will have hoenn in fr enjoy.

    Update 3/15/18
    Done with movement permissions im now working on the insides starting with the important stuff caves/woods
    will keep ya posted

    Update 3/16/18
    did a good amount of inside caves and stuff heres a pick of mt chimney
    it would be a big help if someone could start mapping houses for me because theres alot
    i can do all caves and what not
    update 3/17/18
    Done with all caves that would not be completely butchered using stock tiles missing like 2-3 caves
    going to start working on prof lab and houses wish meh luck this seems like most boring part

    Update 3/18/18
    ok ok after building like 10 houses they all started becoming similar so easy copy pasta still did many unique houses
    so now im all the way up to moss deep city with all unique house excluding ceartin few are made you will see
    im so close to done with insides i didnt do any gyms as there isnt any point trying with stock tiles
    after im done wtih the insides i need to do the long process of MP
    i just finishesd all the interiors i could i did most if not all its good
    working on movement permissions and warps ASAP so expect a ips with full hoenn ina few days
    still needa do a few things

    Update 3/19/18
    AHHHHHH im so close i did all movement permissions for the 136 insides of houses
    and the 35 cave/woods insides i just need warps and connection and we have hoenn in FR ladys n gentlemen
    im missing a few caves and houses from hoenn but that shouldnt be a problem trust me.

    Update 3/24/18
    i have been being super lazy because doing all these warps is going to be a pain
    i did all the cave/woods warp ima let this sit for a few days but when i get back on it
    ill do all the individual houses warps and well have hoenn my fault for the delays shoulda been done
    but you know sometime you wanna do something sometimes you dont.

    Update 3/28/18
    OK i am finally done wtih everything but its not playable there are mistakes i have to fix probably everywhere but this has every map in hoenn with movement permissions there not guarnteed to be 100% Correct right now

    one of my mistakes i cant leave caves when you enter them because ima dummy quick fix have to reposition cave door warps thats allbut i also moved it to a better firered base thats more common Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels)

    anyway theres still much to fix like mauville city messes up and stuff i will fix it all soon and there easy fixes but if you dont want to wait here is the entirety of hoenn

    Map banks
    49 Outside
    50 Caves/Woods
    51 Interior buildings
    have hoenn maps in them

    there ya go i will fix stuff up soon all warps and connections should work just some stuff just dosent work the way i want it to i can fix it tho.

    Update 3/30/18
    alot of bug fixes
    fixed all caves you can leave and enter them all now i was dumb but easy fix
    alot of other fixes
    but for some reason all of Pacifidlog towns houses freeze the game so idk might have to remake them under different map bank

    Update 3/31/18
    So i fixed alot bridges are now actually bridges theres a problem tho it kinds messes with sevii islands you can fix it easily but if you didnt know it
    would annoy you but not by much at all
    i make a export import tut when its done you will understand when you see it had to change some tiles properties some look out of place that i prob cant fix tbh
    i tried to replicate it as best as i could i fixed Pacifidlog had to move maps to new bank had too many in one bank 127 maps a bank limit i guess either way it black screens after that so i fixed it itll hopefully not be a problem later.

    Update 1/20/19
    Wow i can finally log onto my account sweet

    sorry for the wait i fixed alot of things but there all small no new maps or nothing.
    Still need to move maps 120+ in map bank 51 to new map bank did it on my test and it dosent black screen when you move them.
    but mauville is fixed so thats good looks a little diffrent though not by to much.
    sorry it was super late.

    ive been working on a hack its nothing special it will Only go u to gen 4 pokes so yea not to revolutionary but ive been working on it for like almost a year.
    Im going to post a preview of it here on launchpad in a few months just a heads up.
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    Old March 13th, 2018 (11:49 AM).
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      Bump because update
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      Old March 27th, 2018 (10:10 PM).
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        Bump Bump Bump it up
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        Old April 9th, 2018 (6:09 AM).
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          Old 3 Days Ago (12:07 PM). Edited 3 Days Ago by arandomtrainer.
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            NVM I got my account back lol well theres an update in OP
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