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4th Gen Poffins

Started by Palamon 1 Week Ago 9:59 PM
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In D/P/PT, you could feed your Pokemon Poffins for Pokemon Contests. In order to obtain Poffins, you had to go to the Poffin House, and make your own. When making poffins, you are directed to a small cooking mini-game, which you can either play alone, or play with people wirelessly or through wi-fi. Playing with other people will give you multiple poffins, instead of just one. However, stirring too fast or slow will either overflow or burn a poffin, so bake with caution.

The only other method of obtaining Poffins is buying them downstairs in Platinum only.

Did you make poffins? What did you think of the mini-game? What were your best and worst poffins made, if you remember?

My worst poffin was a foul one when I was bad at the game... as for best, I can't remember, I might have gotten a mild poffin once over ten years ago, but... eh. It's way too long ago for me to know that detail.
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i ended up being okay at making poffins, but i found the berry blender in gen III to be more of a fun thing to play. the poffin stirring was tiresome and easily messed up. idk i get they were trying to find a good use of the bottom screen, but i don't think it was executed well. would have just preferred the berry blender method. it was faster and i liked that you were also competing with other people there to blend berries. i remember holding a grudge against that one guy in lilycove bc he always beat me and i was always so satisfied when i'd beat his ass. i got to a point where i cared more about beating him than getting a pokeblock lmfao.
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Oh man, I forgot all about Poffins! It's such a cute idea to bake your own, even if it was finicky and kinda pointless. I don't really remember if I made any truly stellar Poffins, and I know for a fact I made a few foul ones, so I imagine I wasn't all that great at it lol.

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