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Say you lived in Ryme City, what Pokemon would you want to be your partner?
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Posted 2 Hours Ago
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Hoopa unbound or ultra necrozma
, if your out on the streets fighting crime you want the toughest pokemon to have your back, hoppa can summon legendary pokemon and control them, can't get better than that or ultra necrozma as he was probably the hardest pokemon I have ever faced

But if we can't use legendary pokemon then I'd go with Gallade as it can read thoughts so we would be one step ahead all the time


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I can imagine the ability to fly is a valuable transportation tool in the bustling Ryme City. Most flying Pokemon strong/big enough to carry a person though are birds of prey, so it's safe to say that they're pretty territorial and otherwise aggressive if left to their own devices. For that reason, my choice would be Togekiss; an elegant Pokemon that is very functional in a city and is calm enough to be trusted outside of its Poke Ball.


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I'm not responsible enough to take care of a Pokemon, but if we put that aside then I'd want a Togetic. Its happiness-sharing power would be invaluable to me, and I can honestly relate on a deep level to the fact that it "grows dispirited when not in the presence of kind people". (According to the Pokedex.)


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Vulpix. Always a Vulpix.

We can travel the lands together, meeting new people and Pokemon as we go and when it gets late, we can return to our home in the city.

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I want to say Mareep, but that might not be as convenient lol. Emolga would be perfect for me since it's cute and electricity can come in handy, and it can glide!! I imagine it'd have less trouble getting around a bustling city than Mareep.

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Okay so I'm going to purposefully NOT choose Sylveon even though that's the obvious answer.

I'm going to go with Sneasel. I think having a Pokemon that's small and sneaky (and not afraid to bend the law a little bit) would definitely come in handy! I'd definitely have to breed for one without Pickpocket though, since that would get awkward if I decided to be a detective, lol. Another good teammate would be Drilbur, I think! It could easily work it's way through any kind of underground tunnels and whatnot. :)

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Right now, I'd pick Typhlosion. Strong enough but not too intimidating or too big so I'd have to spend tons of cash on food. Huggable yet fierce, agile and can attack from both long and close distance.


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I'd personally like to have a Arcanine. Protective and fierce, and usually obedient ;).
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My good friend Treecko of course. Small and fast but also calm and fearless enough to take on some of the toughest case. It would be fast enough to chase anyone down but can also climb up walls and do aerial attacks from high up.
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metagross would be an awesome partner. but it'd be kinda scary to have outside, too big and intimidating o.o but I guess you need something that can protect you


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I'd have either a Squirtle, Charmander, Growlithe, or Buizel. I'd like the first 3 because it gives me DP vibes, cute but pretty tough, and i just really like Buizel lol
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Part of me says a Nidoran (surprise) but honestly, what would work better would be a Noctowl. We can spend a lot of time together observing people and in general we can complement each other with the crepuscular and night time activity period. Plus my work is literally observing people and correcting them when they do something wrong and an owl helps a lot with that imagery.

I'm going to go with Sneasel. I think having a Pokemon that's small and sneaky (and not afraid to bend the law a little bit) would definitely come in handy! I'd definitely have to breed for one without Pickpocket though, since that would get awkward if I decided to be a detective, lol.
First, d'awww @ Sneasel idea. They are... sneasely. Model for the movie was IMO very well done. And good point about Pickpocket, hadn't thought of that!
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I'd love to have a little Eevee as a partner. I probably wouldn't use it for battles, but it'd be pleasant to have one just to hang out with. Either way it'd also be something cute to hug when things feel rough.
Although I like Eevee as it is, I could also consider using a fire stone eventually since Flareon is cute too, looks quite a lot like Eevee and could provide extra warmth. It looks pretty in the film too, even though the appearance is brief!

Some other options would be Garchomp, Dunsparce or Luxray since those are some of my favorites. There are really many sweet options though so choosing just one would be difficult.

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