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Released Pokemon Black Cinder Page 17

Started by digitalzone May 6th, 2016 4:02 PM
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Torchic is Number One Chicken

The Yugoslav Region
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While I am probably going to have to stop playing at the Cell part of this demo, since the amount of flashy teleport panels aren't good for my disabilities, I have to say you've done a good job with this game. I wish you the best on continuing with this game, I enjoyed playing it as far as I could. :)
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Like how much the Dex we talking is it reasonable cause stuffs expensive and money is hard to get
Around 200 pokemon I think

Hmm, That's fine then. Also, where are the fire types? Right now I'm in the now-fogless town and team is Pikachu, Crawdaunt, Lycanroc, Glaceon
There are fletchlings in the route 5

I Re downloaded the game to make sure, the bug is still happening even after I re downloaded. My team when this started to happen is a misdreavus, togetic, and a corsola. This started when I tried to load my save in poppy town
Can you send me the savefile?

What's the rock by the hidden Clefairy? Is it a moon rock? Like could i get a Nidoking by levelling up near it?
No, that rock is for changing the form of some pokemon. But there's a hidden moonstone next to it.
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