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Dear god, what did I get myself into this time?

Pokemon Dark Rising is a FireRed rom hack created by the eponymous DarkRisingGirl in 2012. It is supposed to be a darker and more serious take on the Pokemon series's plot, along with having tougher difficulty. I'll admit that my interest level in this hack wasn't the same as Snakewood at first, due to Snakewood having morbid curiosity going for it and the fact I've been wanting to do that game for a long time.

However, the things I have heard about DRG's game instantly prompted me to check it out. I won't spoil but a great amount of it is not flattering. That said, I'm sure to get some enjoyment either riffing stupid things or doing things my own way like I've done in the past.

Future Dan: I should mention that while the Dark Risings are individually shorter than Snakewood, I also plan to cover three of them (1, 2 and Order Destroyed).

I decided against playing Dark Rising 3 ages ago - regardless if the creator manages to pull it out of dev hell or not. I have a few big reasons for turning away from it: namely disinterest, the fact it would just be beating a dead horse and the fact I have much better things to do like actual game development.

Without any further ado, however, let's slam jam.



(Reminder: Red Emeras () represent scenes that I put into the game.)

I know this isn't actually part of the let's play, but I see this all the time on hacks. What even is the "1M sub-circuit board"?

(Looks it up)

... Oh, it keeps track of hard saves. Looks like we wouldn't be able to do any postgame stuff that requires saving.

You can actually hear Arceus's cry if you press start on the title screen, which is kinda neat they got that working.

Ugh, tutorials. Like anybody needs instructions to know how to play Pokemon.


Poor Pikachu didn't deserve to be glitched like that. Let this indicate the overall polish of the game.

Well, there's god. What better way to start the story than that?

[Song I would use here instead of the normal song: Opening Demo]

: ("Dear child, I have chosen you, one of pure heart, to save me and the world itself.")

Us, apparently: "Wh-what? What's going on?!"

: ("This world... Inhabited by humans and Pokemon, is in grave danger.")

[Arceus sends out a Pichu for some reason]

("An evil, dark entity has reawakened from its slumber. I've chosen you to free me from my chamber and wield my power. Quickly, the last of my strength is fading.")

You expect me, some average joe with no Pokemon, to help you? Sure, I'll consider it.

I must.

Since I was a guy in the last game, let's be a girl instead. Monica is a pretty name to me.

(The default names are much more reasonable here than they were than Snakewood, by the way. Oren and Orena may be kind of uncreative but they're infinitely better than Wraith, Eye, etc.)

He looks like Gary here, but he's definitely not Gary when we actually meet him. Let's give him a proper name.

I have no reasons for these names aside from just trying to make them sound nice.

: ("Ah, I see. Your best friend Noah is worthy.")

"A new chapter in your young life is about to begin. Free me and we will defeat Darugis!"

Darugis, huh? Not a bad name for a formless evil abomination.

[Theme I would use for Monica: Cave Story - White]

"That was some crazy dream... Well, I'd better get going."

That we will.

This is what Monica looks like. Honestly, I don't like how she looks. She looks like a bad cosplay between Leaf and Mario.

Oh, and I have to put this to Fast otherwise I'll definitely skip through the text. That's not good when the primary focus of the game is the story.

Poor Wii U. Everybody gives you muk.

Something tells me we'll be needing this. Technology in the Pokemon world is weird if we can already store items and living beings as data and vice versa.

I chalk it up to magic.

(Note, "Mom" has the blue colored text usually reserved for guys, which is really weird when you think about it)

"You were in dream land last night, huh?"

: ("Dream land?")

Mom: "You were talking while you were asleep, silly. You looked really cute."

: ("Talking to... myself? Also, eww.")

Mom is sort of a creeper.

Oh, and now she gets the correct color text? My kingdom for some consistency.

"I bought you new shoes."


Nice. At least we don't have to wait, seeing as it usually takes forever to get Running Shoes in these games.

Mom: "Are you going to be with Noah? The Core region is undergoing a lot of unusual weather."

: "I'll be okay, mom."

Watch this line take a much darker turn later on when things get serious.

Our first step outside, and it's raining. Good start.

"Follow me."

Hey, it's our friend. He may look like a blue palette swap of Landon, but I swear he's his own character. Honest.

Hello, black-haired Professor Oak.

: "Well, you see... Last night, a strange event occurred and because of that, the delivery men became afraid to travel to the Core region."

Dark Rising Girl inexplicably capitalizes some words in the actual game, by the way.

: "What happened?"

: "I'll get to that later. But first... Monica, I need you to pick up my package at the station. And Noah, I need you to pick up some ingredients from the Twist Woodlands."

"The guard never lets anybody past without permission."

: "Don't worry, I'll send him a text to let you pass."

: "You text?"

: "That's news to me."

Just because he's an adult doesn't mean he can't do cool kid things.

: "What?! You're just gonna give us your Pokemon?"

: "Yes. Due to the sudden disasters, I cannot risk both of you to be in danger... They are all dragon Pokemon. They will keep you safe from harm."

As amazing as this is, however, the fact that all the starters are Dragon-types should be a large red flag regarding this game's difficulty.

: "Monica, can you believe this?! We're finally getting our own Pokemon!"

: "Uh, Noah... I think he's just letting us borrow them."

Monica, while not the sharpest tool in the shed, is still bearable. Let's see if she can keep it up!

You're the raddest professor ever!

: "Really!?"

: "SWEET! I can't wait to pick mine!"

[Noah turns his back to Monica]

:"You alright, Noah?"

: "Yeah, I just want to be surprised!"

:"No peeking, then!"

: "Of course not!"

You two are adorable.

Very... interesting starter choices. It's hard to pick just one, but alas we're limited by game design.

Garchomp is a beast, like are you kidding? Of course I would choose them.

(In hindsight, this was actually the correct choice. As it turns out, Dark Rising Girl unfairly prioritized the Garchomp line over the other two due to it being her favorite. Bias already? Oh, this is bound to be good.)

I haven't even played FE Fates and my only reference for this name is Super Smash Bros., but screw it. It fits.

: ("Nice to meet you, Monica! I just know we're gonna be great friends.")

And Noah picks the Bagon. I approve, as Salamence is pretty kick-ass.

Oh boy here we go. The rival theme is playing in the background, by the way.

: "Yeah, let's do this!"

It's not a Pokemon game if the rival doesn't stop to fight you.

Our first fight, and it's with dragons. Is this an omen? I sure goddamn hope not.

: ("It's that voice from the dream!")

: ("When battling opponents such as these, simply attacking will not lead you to victory. Use strategy to overcome him.")

Very basic advice, but I'll admit: Rom hacks tend to have giant leaps of difficulty where the only way to win is to either overgrind or science the muk out of everything.

I heard somewhere that Arceus says "use strategy to overcome him" even when you fight something ridiculous like a level 50 Landorus with your unevolved starter. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

(Future Dan: Hahahaha.)

: "Okay, I appreciate the advice but give me some credit."

... It says Oak even though he's nowhere around. PHANTOM PROFESSOR!

Seriously though, that's a bit of an oops.

The entire fight was just me using Mud Slap while Bagon hurt himself on Corin's rough skin. I knew I made the right choice.

He's a very graceful loser, so that's good.

"Battle other Pokemon trainers to make you stronger."

: "Okay, I know. It's not that hard to understand."

() : ("... Impudent child...")

"Make sure to train!"

[Noah leaves]

We seriously need to heed that advice given what's up ahead. But for now, let's mess around a bit.

"I heard this place attracts Pokemon from every other region in the world."

: "Yeah, that's why I love this place."

Pokemon from other regions, you say? Interesting...

There's a weird tiling glitch where it looks like you climbed up to the roof of your house. I like it because it lets me do this:

[Monica stretches up her arms and looks up at the cloud-covered sky]


: ("A-are you sure that's safe, Monica?")

: "Pfft, are you kidding? I've done this tons of times."

: ("Oh no, don't tell me my trainer's a kook...")

"How about we test it in a battle?"

: "Sure, let's go!"

Trainer Trio: "Wait, before we start here are the rules. We are called the Trainer Trio! You have to battle the three of us in a row. Don't worry, if you defeat one of us, we will restore your Pokemon back to full health and we will reward you with something special if you defeat all of us."

Interesting - an optional challenge already. However, we're on sort of a strict schedule so I won't be doing it now. I'll definitely come back later, though.

We live in [strike]Feels[/strike] Fells Town, apparently.

"I know, take this!"

Oh snap.

I'll admit, though, all of these nice things are making me very suspicious of the road ahead.

Yep. A selling point of the game was that Pokemon from Gen 4 and 5 were going to appear. I'll say Snakewood did it too, but in that game it was more like a novelty thing that was tacked on at the end while in here it's an integral part of the setting.

Hey, at least I can get new Pokemon without being limited to just Gen 3's assortment of mons!

Corin learning Bite is actually a blessing in disguise as it still counts as Special. That doesn't sound like much, but she definitely needs something to counteract people who use Intimidate on her.

This lady gives you a Potion, which I skipped for some odd reason. Ooops.

"Don't you just hate the rain? My Quagsire loves it, but I can't stand much more of this."

: "Then why not just give it a shower?"

This woman asks all the right questions.

Oh yes, I should mention right now before I forget: Dark Rising does not have custom music - we're using the FireRed soundtrack from start to finish, which I've heard actively hinders the "dark and forboding" atmosphere that it's supposed to have. Oh well, I'm glad I have my own music for this.

"Sorry. By order of Blitz, no one is allowed to pass because of the three disaster Pokemon! We will let you pass after he has driven them all away."

: "Then why did Noah get in?"

Officer: "He has permission from Dr. Ivan - that's why I let him pass."

I've just realized that Ivan never told us what the "strange occurrence" was. I can't really complain seeing as this isn't where we need to go, though.

... The station is a cave. The Core region is weird.

But hey, there's someone in front of the cave-station. Let's say hello, shall we?

: "Hey, Pete. I'm off to pick up a package for Dr. Ivan. I just got my first Pokemon, too!"

: "Really?! No way! Oh man, this is so exciting! C'mon, let's have a battle."

: "I guess Prof. Ivan's package could wait."

Oh, you wacky kids.

Pete, aside from being a victim to the Sudden Capitalization Disease, is actually a bit tough for a beginning trainer.

He has a level 10 Trapinch that hits like a linebacker due to how intense his Headbutt is. It doesn't help that he likes to keep using Sand Attack on you, which is very pleasant to deal with after a while.

At the very least I have Mud Slap so everything evens out.

In a fit of absolutely delicious irony, Corin bites Trapinch and takes him down. That's my girl.

Fun for you, painful for me. I had to use a Potion just to survive the first Headbutt.

Probably not. I'm busy.

If you talk to Pete again, he mentions something about a lady who's looking for Darugis... which is very interesting considering how nobody should know that name but us.

I love FireRed's area transition pictures. They're really well drawn for the Gameboy Advance.

The Mainland Cave is literally just the Altering Cave from the normal games. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Altering Cave change based on if you went to get a Mystery Gift Pokemon in real life?

It's always something that's confused me in Emerald because... well, I wasn't one of those lucky kids who had a Link Cable. I find it hilarious to imagine that Link Cables used to be cutting edge accessories while today they're an artifact of the past due to the rise of wireless connections.

Future Dan: No, it was just straight up scrapped content because they couldn't make it work outside of Japan.

With that said, there's not much here unless you want to grind on Geodude and Drilbur. Then again, I like Drilbur so I might be coming back here later.

[We move towards the exit only to bump into a blue-haired lady]

: "Kid? I'm not a kid... Who are you? I've never seen you around here before."

Since I doubt it'll ever be stated how old Monica is, I'll just assume she's like 18+. Old enough to travel on her own.

???: "Hmm, so you live around here? Do you mind answering some questions?"

: "Uh, sure. If you're not going to be rude about it..."

: "Darugis...? That name sounds familiar... Why is that?"

???: "Aha! So you must be under its spell as well! Prepare for battle!"

: "What?! A spell? What are you talking about? But if it's a battle you want... You'll get it! Let's do this!"

I love this woman already.

Hey, it's Mars from Team Galactic with blue hair. Look, I'm not going to criticize the palette swaps because it's not only too obvious but also because I don't have the same beef with DarkRisingGirl like I do with Cutlerine.

(Future Dan: YIKES. This comment sure aged well.)

That said, I'm not quite fond of the palette on Miss Twenty Questions here.

Her only Pokemon is this Axew that knows Intimidate, which is clearly designed to screw you over as I doubt any of your Pokemon would know any Special moves at this point. Then again, Bite is a Dark type move...

Not only that, ???'s Axew loves to use... Razor Wind?? I assume this was done on purpose so that we could have a few free shots, but damn. One hit took out half of Corin's health and this is after we grinded a bit.

: ("Two for flinching!")

Thank god that flinch happened by the way, otherwise we'd be in trouble. The game wastes no time with the hard hitters, doesn't it?

That is a lot.

We're gonna be swimming in EXP by the end of this, aren't we?

(Future Dan: If you count swimming in Rare Candies then yes.)

: "And all I had to do to convince you was to beat you up. Like come on."

: "Wait! What is a Darugis? I need to know..."

: "Hmph... We will meet again."

I thought Monica paid attention to when Arceus told her that Darugis was some ancient evil creature. Oh well. Our mystery lady is still a pain in the ass.

[Mystery lady walks offscreen]

: "Cryptic nonsense and a bad attitude? Sure hope I don't bump into her again."

As much as I'd love to continue, I'm afraid that's all the time we have for chapter 1. Next time on Dark Rising, we're going to get the video game equivalent of a booster shot. See you then.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 11, , /) - "Hey, uh... I'm not imagining the draft inside of the cave, right?"

Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)


- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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Impossible to gauge!

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I don't even know where things will go from here.

Future Dan: Many places, obviously, considering you made this a branching timeline.

Chapter #2 - Fragile Border


If I could accurately summarize the last chapter in a few words? There was a ton of fighting. This chapter will be more of the same with some key differences.

Who hides their store in the middle of a cave? Also, I thought this was a station, not a Pokemart.

"Here's Prof. Ivan's package!"

Those two sentences practically have nothing to do with each other without further context.

I would say something about how it's still called Oak's Parcel, but believe it or not they actually wrote around this.

Anyway, that's all well and good. Let's get out of this strange cave-mart.

... I knew something bad was going to happen when it started raining.

: "Whoa! What kind of Pokemon is that?"

: "I'll battle this guy to see how strong I've gotten."

Sweetie, I know you're eager but you should recognize that's definitely not a normal Pokemon.

: "I don't think that's a good idea, Monica. It looks really powerful..."

Sensible comment.

: "Nah, don't worry about it. Me & my partner Pokemon can handle this. We're always ready!"

Told right off.

: ("... Monica is going to get me killed.")

Woman, you are suicidally overconfident. Who looks at this:

And goes "Yeah, I can totally beat this up with the Gible that I just got."

It doesn't even make sense, either - Monica hasn't done anything outstanding at this point to warrant the arrogance. At least in Snakewood, Jack (or Wraith, as the default name apparently is) had done a ton of impressive feats before he even reached the bad guys. So you got me.

Oh well. It's Monica's funeral.

: "What?"

???: "Your agony will satisfy me. Prepare to fall!"

Tornadus isn't even facing towards us due to sprite limitations, but I'm still impressed they got it in there.

Hello, Lance. Like no seriously, that's Lance - who are you fooling?

: ("... Oh. So that's what hubris looks like.")

[Theme I would use for this encounter: A Crisis]

I hate forced loss battles, but at the same time it makes perfect sense - in real life, you don't fight a ton of disposable mooks before fighting the really tough guy. So I'll give you that at least.

God, what do you want now?

The exchange is the exact same as when we fought Noah, by the way. Including this bit.

: ("Use strategy to overcome him.") [Snicker]

: "HOW?!"

I can't interpret that part in any other way. But then again, God isn't meant to be a troll here... so I'll laugh even harder.

[Tornadus used Hurricane!]

What did you expect to happen? A come from behind victory with a level 100 hack mon? Please.

(Yeah, you're telling me)

Oh wait, you're the bad guy. I'm supposed to disagree with you... Nah.

: ("Hm... How disappointing.)

"I will use some of my power to create a payment for your opponent. However, I will not always be able to do this. You are the Chosen One... I need you to be stronger in order to use my power."

Why pay him? Why are we even talking about money? I know I'm harping a bit on what's happening but damn, this is too silly.

In-Game Monica: "Oh shucky darns, my Pokemon just got atomized by a force of nature."

Let's Play Monica:

???: "You don't have the potential to stop us... I'll leave for now."

Classic Bond villain mindset - "If the main hero is severely incapacitated and I clearly have the upper hand, let's just leave instead of finishing the job."

: "Aargh..."

"Speak to me!"

: [Ellipses]

The fact she's not atomized is a miracle to begin with.

???: "HAHAHAHAHA! You can't even speak! Hahahaha!"

Does this guy get excited for everything like this? Because beating up a kid (well, not kid...) with a level 11 Gible is playground bully stuff.

: "What have you done to him?!"


The last time I checked, Monica was a girl.

???: "It's none of your business... We'll meet again, Monica..."

Pete is honestly the best character right now. He's reacting to all of this like a normal person would.

: "They disappeared right at the same time when the rain stopped... C'mon, Monica, I'll take you home."

You're the best, Pete.

So the Tornadus was causing all of the rain? That's a nice attention to detail, actually.


[Theme I would use for this scene: Kindertotenlied]

: ("Monica, you have many trials ahead of you. Some harder than others. But if there's anything I have to warn you about... It would have to be about an entity that threatens to turn your kindness against you.")

: ("What? What even is it?")

: ("They are a red Riolu with white hair and blue eyes. I consider them as much of a threat as Darugis.")

: ("If you see them, kill them on sight. I have faith that you'll make the right choice.")

: ("A Riolu...? Wait, hold on!")

[Monica abruptly wakes up]

: "Ah. I passed out, it seems. A red Riolu with white hair... I don't think I could have the heart to do what he says, though. Who am I to trust some random voice in my dreams?"

This is all building up to something, I swear.

[Theme I would use for this & the scene after: Safety]

"You got beaten down by that strong Pokemon."

: "Where is it now?"

: "Don't worry, it's gone already..."

Mom: "Oh, sweetie, I was so worried when Pete brought you here hurt... Are you alright? No broken bones, no dizziness--"

Awwwww. Characters that actually care about our well being! Not gonna lie, forgot how that felt after playing Snakewood.

: "I'm alright, I just needed some rest."

Mom: "Oh, what a relief! Next time, take care of yourself, ok?"

"I'll be going now, then."

: "Okay, Pete, thanks for everything."

: "Heh, no prob! I'll be back in Douba Road if you need anything."

[Pete goes offscreen]

"Didn't you need to deliver that package to Dr. Ivan?"

Long story short, we say bye to Mom again and hope more bad things don't happen.

Oh yeah, one vital piece of information I forgot to include last chapter: Don't walk on the sides of the entrance here.

By some incredible glitch, you will instantly be frozen with no chance of escape if you move one space to the left or right. When I first discovered it, I had to reset the game.

"You're finally here. Did you get my package from the station?"

: "Yeah, it's right here. A lot of weird stuff is going on in the Core region... Anyways, here's your package."

[Monica delivers the package]

: "This package is from Prof. Oak of Kanto."

See, I told you there was a reason. Also, if we say package one more time, I'm going to scream.

: "Whoa! This is really from Prof. Oak? Amazing!"

Short little discussion break: You can already tell that Dark Rising Girl has genuine respect for the Pokemon franchise despite the wonkiness of the writing/gameplay. Contrast Cutlerine, who was arguably more talented in some respects but was like "lol my game is much better than the actual series i am such a genius".

(Future Dan: Oh my god I was blissfully unaware of what this series really had to offer at the start. Also, Cutlerine was younger than you when he first made Snakewood, you dope.)

Anyway, Noah is here.

Aaaand the text says he's Monica. It does this twice, by the way. Oooops.

"You're already here! Man, those woods were crazy! You'd hate it there!"

Guess where we're going.

: "Here's the ingredients, Dr. Ivan."

Is he a doctor or a professor? Make up your mind, dude.

: "Oh! Thank you both. This is really important."

Do we ever get to see what the ingredients are used for?

"The Core Region has been in such a disaster lately... I really wanted to give you these days ago. Take these, you two!"

: "You can't get detailed data on Pokemon by just seeing them. You must capture them in order to obtain complete data. So take these Poke Balls..."

Hell yeah. Now we're talking.

Be careful with these, though. There's no Pokemart around here, and the place in the Mainland Cave doesn't count.

: "You two have been studying on becoming a Pokemon Trainer since you were kids. So I'd expect you already know the basics. So get going! This is a great undertaking in Pokemon history!"

It's not that big of a deal, Prof. Then again, I somehow managed to complete the national dex in Omega Ruby - a great undertaking in of itself.

: "Okay, let's both have a contest! Whoever becomes the Champion first wins! Let's meet again somewhere..."

[Noah goes offscreen]

Yeah good luck, buddy.

Anyway, we have the Pokedex and some balls. I think we're good to go.

Remember these three from chapter 1? Now we're actually taking a shot at them.

The first one has a Minccino that Corin defeated just by slinging mud at her. Must have went straight into the eyes, ouch.

Second verse, same as the first. Except that really has to hurt, being part .

Oh really?

Oh damn, you actually survived more than one hit. Still in the bag, though.

There is no way you're losing this even if you just got your starter, so rip 'em apart.

"You defeated the three of us in a row. Here's your reward!"

Free money everywhere. But seriously though, let's go use our brand new Poke Balls.

At this point, anything is good, so...

[A small, shadowy figure stares at Monica from a distance. It jumps out in front of her]


[Replay Kindertotenlied]


: "Wh-what in the world?! It's a red Riolu!"

: ("Oh man, I finally decide to go up to a human and I might have scared them instead...")

: ("U-uh, hi! I-I don't have a trainer to take care of me. Do you mind if I go with you?")

: "Awww, you poor little guy. You must be... Wait. A red Riolu with white hair... That's the same thing the voice in my dream warned me about."

: ("A... A voice in a dream? What's that all about?")

: "I don't know either. They said I had to kill you, but I don't--"

: ("What?!")

: ("M-Monica, what should we do?")

Oh boy, here we go. What's all this about, you might ask? Let's spare him first and then I'll tell you.

: ("Oof, dodged a giant bullet there...")

(!!) [Their theme: On Broken Wings] (!!)

Yep. It's exactly what it seems.

I hacked this little guy into the game.

He is / type and has a stat spread of:

50 / 80 / 60 / 50 / 60 / 70

He's stronger, bulkier and faster than a normal Riolu. Not only that, he has a catch rate of 255 so there was absolutely no excuse for me to not get him. Despite this, he managed to resist being captured at least three times in practice. That doesn't even make sense storywise!

Also take note of the Live A Live leitmotif. I have not been using the tracks from that game just because I like them. (Though I do like them a lot...)

: "So what's your name?"

: ("Just call me Sigurd!")

Sigurd is the name of a hero from Norse mythology, by the way. A dragonslayer of sorts. So let that be a sign of what this little guy is going to be like.

... Oh wait, dragonslayer?

[Looks at Corin]

: [gulp]

Sigurd has Shadow Tag and starts off with a pretty poopy moveset.

Aura Sphere is good, but the other two are relatively worthless.

Aura Sphere has a functional animation, surprisingly enough. I feel it fits, despite this actually being Mist Ball.

Mist Ball is the signature move of Latias. Whereas Latios's Luster Purge is a -type version of Dazzling Gleam, Mist Ball is a -type rain ball that has a 50% chance to lower Special Attack. You got me.

I grinded for a bit and Sigurd has Shadow Claw now. I gave him better moves to balance out his crappy initial line-up, so that's good.

"You were hit pretty badly by that Pokemon. I searched the Pokemon in Google by the appearance, and I was able to identify it."


Not even a two-bit bootleg version? This is going to be a long game, isn't it?

: "What kind of Pokemon was it?"

: "It was a Tornadus - a strong Pokemon that controls the wind."

Who documented legendaries? Is this real life Google that he's using? Because if so, that's a major mind screw.

: "That makes it really strong, huh? I'm going to defeat that Pokemon someday..."

She is really determined to take down Tornadus after what happened, christ. Monica should be gunning for the guy who controlled him, not the actual Pokemon.

"Blitz must have driven the disaster Pokemon away because the rain stopped! You can go through here from now."

I don't think we get to meet Blitz soon. Oh well.

Some more gorgeous sprite art...

Oh wait, this was the area that Noah never stopped complaining about.

Awwwww, it's one of my favorite Gen 5 Pokemon. Cottonee & Whimsicott are so cute.

She's definitely a new member of the crew.

Sathala is a pretty name, wouldn't you agree?

: ("Hi! You seem nice.")

Actually, before we do anything else, let's check the school here.

"It's one of my fine graduates, Monica. Please come with me."

... Monica actually has some form of education? Okay, now I can understand why she had an ego the size of the sun back there.

"I just happened to pass by, I'm on my way to challenge the Core League."

[The children erupt in a synchronized "Ooooh!"]

Ms. Weatherbell: "Settle down, class. That is wonderful news, Monica. I am very proud of you. My students today have been hard at work, so I have an exciting idea. Let's give them a Pokemon battle. Teacher versus student. What do you say?"

: "I never thought this day would come. Alright then, Ms. Weatherbell!"

Okay, this is actually kind of intriguing. You could argue that we didn't have to do this as there's no real reward waiting at the end of this, but the fact Dark Rising Girl put this in adds some more charm regarding our main character.

Being a teacher, she has a relatively strong Pokemon and another one of my favorites. Then again, if you beat Pete and the Mystery Lady from before then this should be no challenge to you.

^ What she said.

Aww, that's cute.

One thing I've always questioned - why do these kids use bug-catching nets when they have Pokeballs? I guess that's not important.

Sigurd's backsprite along with Shadow Claw's animation. Poor Caterpie got wrecked.

I'll admit, it was very tempting to make him completely busted with a ridiculous moveset - but I feel this is a better sequence of events. He's only a small boy anyway, so...

Oh. Well, this is a bit awkward.

One thing that I've always found hilarious about Pokemon: Someone could be asking an innocent question like "where is the bathroom", but the instant that exclamation mark balloon pops up?

Heads will fly.

Venipede is cool and all, but he is an absolute prick for this part of the game. See, due to the lack of a Pokemart, we have no way to heal from status conditions. So if this thing poisons you (which is practically guaranteed), it might as well be a death sentence.

The only way to get rid of that is to run back to your house and have your mom heal you, but by the time you get there, you're probably already dead due to how long the walk is. I pity the Nuzlockers who get to this point without a Pokemon, really.

Future Dan: Holy hell that's like the most basic mistake you can make when creating RPGs. Shockingly, there are actual games out there that don't even have the courtesy of handing you an antidote before going into an area with poisonous enemies...

Oh, and Sigurd has been hit! Poor bastard.

But look on the bright side: Corin got to learn Dragonbreath!

Tangela is one of the Pokemon you can get here. They're not a good choice to keep, but I'd recommend you beat them like a pinata because the EXP they drop is absolutely delicious. (250+ a pop)

* laughs immaturely at the word boo boo *

I mean, ouch. Look at the scenery, by the way. This may as well be called the Wild Encounter Forest due to how many patches of grass there are. Could you tone it down just a bit?

Shroomish is a Pokemon I might never get. It's not because I don't want it...

Future Dan: Is Gen 3 pre Physical/Special split Breloom even good? Like at all? I don't think you'll exactly be getting a killer like Gen 9 Tera Fire Breloom in romhacks any time soon...

Funnily enough, beating up that Shroomish leveled up Sigurd enough to get another move: Knock Off.

See, when I was editing the hack, I discreetly buffed up Knock Off to have 60 base power (which is close to how strong it is as of Gen 6) instead of a pitiful 20. So uh... Yeah, that's gonna be fun to use.

You might want to get something to disinfect that.

: "Nothing a little spit can't fix!"

... Yeah, have fun with that.

Oh? What would it be?

Ah, these two. Shelmet can shrug off physical hits pretty well due to having Acid Armor (2x increase in Defense per use) as a move, and Karrablast is... well, a bug.

This fellow says... absolutely nothing. I went over to talk to him, but no text box came up.

There's either something really spooky going on or he's a mute.

Future Dan: Ooh, the first one of these! It only gets worse from here, folks.

All of the trainers around here have Pokemon that you can catch in the grass, which is kind of neat. The Core Region has a good assortment of Pokemon to catch, even if none of them are brand new Fakemon.

"Like, is it an orange peel? Or a ringing bell?"

I don't know, man. But that does raise an interesting question...

Excuse me, what?

Since Corin and Sigurd were stealing the show for a while there, how about we put Sathala to use?

She has Leech Seed, Growth and Absorb, along with Stun Spore. In her own way, she's pretty dangerous - especially if this were Gen 6 and she had access to Prankster. (+1 priority to support moves like Toxic, Substitute, etc.)

And you're blocking my way to solve the problem!

Sathala got to work on his Blitzle.

Oddly one of the most reasonable intros into a battle yet.

Oh my god, look at that dude's Mechachu. I want one.


Sathala cleans up house. I got a good feeling about this team, guys.

But now for some more plot!

Guys in black... Well, this doesn't look good.

Pay attention to where we are in the map, though. We're directly to the left of the entrance to the Twist Woodlands, which implies that patch of trees behind us is the forest we just came out of. That is really bizarre and hurts my head because of how poor the mapping is.

"Get lost or we'll make you pay!"

: "What? Who are you guys? I'm not going anywhere."

She's bringing the sass.

Grunt: "Ah! Making excuses, eh? Take this!"

Grunt 2: "Wait! You look familiar... Have I seen you before?"

Grunt: "I don't care if you know her! I'm gonna take her down!"

Wow, he got really salty from what Monica said.

[Theme I would use for the Dark Thugs: Chrono Trigger Battle Theme]

They're recolored Rockets, but they're a slightly cooler in my opinion. It's the green.

I think Croagunk and Toxicroak are cool. Not when they're used against me, mind you...

Corin shows him the door.

: "What?! You know my father?! Where is he?"

Grunt: "Why would I tell you? Hehehe..."

Our dad is important? I didn't know that.

* she

"Well, that changes everything! I'm gonna crush you!"

You know, when a kid with a level 4 Patrat says that before you, it's suddenly a lot less intimidating.

Skorupi here is a hassle because he has Pin Missile. That doesn't sound like much until you realize we have no healing items and every point of damage builds up after a while.

You see that damage? Corin got wrecked, and she's not even weak to it. Sigurd would probably get murdered and Sathala is dead on arrival.

I'm getting some serious deja vu flashbacks to Snakewood, because the same thing happened back then too.

: "Noah is in Tiki Village? Where is my father?"

Wait, how did Noah get here before we did? Oh right, he has Bagon.

: "What are you doing in this village?"

Grunt 3: "Master Darugis has sent us to conquer it. We obey whatever the Master says."

: ("That name... So it's time already!")

: "Sounds like a bunch of dogs to me."

Damn, you got roasted.

: ("Wow, I like her already!")

: ("Took her a while to crack out the corny one liners!")

: "Let's finish this!"

The final opponent is a lady grunt who has an interesting mon. Frillish here isn't very powerful, but they are really bulky.

Their primary strategy is to use Confuse Ray, Absorb and Recover of all things. I guess they're trying to stall you out, which is more novel than the whole "attack, attack, attack!" loop we've had for a while.

Funny thing - they expected me to attack them only to heal it off afterward... hilarious, but I'd rather not let this drag out.

: ("Okay, this shouldn't take long...")

[One fight later]

: "I think I hate jellyfish as a whole now."

To elaborate: Sigurd was confused for about three turns and I was losing my patience with this Frillish. If Sigurd actually knocked himself out from confusion, then I would have been like "WAY TO GO, HERO."

"Master Darugis is waiting for us."

Grunt 3: "You better stay out of our way, kid! Alright, move out!"

Ha ha ha. They're trying to sound tough, but they just got beaten up by two teens with type Pokemon. That has to be embarrassing.

The exclamation point balloon pops up but nothing happens until you move forward. So... I dunno?

He feels the need to say her name twice.

"You hated those woods, huh?"

: "Yeah, you were right."

100% agreed. I wish we had some repels to ease the crowd of wild Pokemon in there.

(Also, if I'm not mistaken, isn't the forest we just went through from the Sevii Islands? Oh no we're already recycling even the uncommon maps from FireRed...)

: "Did you also have to deal with those grunts?"

: "Yeah, they were all pretty weak."

Glad to know we share the same brain cell.

: "They said they had my father somewhere."

: "What?!

: "Yeah, I don't know what's going on with these guys. They have been babbling about a 'Master Darugis'."

: ("Apparently Sigurd knows something about him too...")

: ("I only know the name and some bad feelings, though. Sorry I'm not much of a help.")

: ("Aww, it's okay. Maybe we can beat some more info out of those guys if we meet 'em again.")

"Oh! Right, it was in a dream!"

: "What?! You too? I also heard it in a dream."

: "There was also something about a red Riolu with white hair..."

: [Gasp]

: "Instead of talking about dreams, let's focus on what's going on."

: "Okay then, up ahead is Lavaburn Path. You should be careful going there! I'm going to train my Pokemon in the Twist Woodlands before proceeding there."

Good idea, how about if I steal it?

: "Alright.."

: "Well, I'll be going now!"

Alright, cool. Next time on Pokemon Dark Rising, we're going to the very obvious hot place. See you then.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 19, , /) - "I'm up for some training. I really want to evolve into a Garchomp soon."
(Sigurd, level 15, , /) - ("This could be bad...")
(Sathala, level 12, , ) - "Sigurd, are you okay?"

Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)

- Sigurd (Darkrai Riolu - All sprites (portrait, battle-front, battle-back) were edited by me.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)


- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

(!! Read Chapter 2 first !!)

Chapter #2.5 - No Mercy


: "Awww, you poor little guy. You must be... Wait. A red Riolu with white hair... That's the same thing the voice in my dream warned me about."

[In My Way]

: ("A... A voice in a dream? What's that all about?")

: "I don't know either. They said I had to kill you, but I don't--"

: ("What?!")

: ("M-Monica, what should we do?")

: "Well... if you're really a threat like they said, then I guess we have no choice."

: ("N-no!")

That's not going to save you.


:("... ")

: ("I guess it was never meant to be... history repeats, even in the end...")

[His body fades into black dust that blows away in the wind]


: "... Let's just go, Corin."

: ("Of course, Monica...")

: ("I knew you would make the right choice.")

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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This is just the calm before the storm, fellas. Wait 'till you see how things start breaking!

Chapter #3 - Jaws of a Scorched Earth


Tiki Village, huh? This place doesn't look half bad.

"Most cities after our village have strong gym leaders that represent a specific type of Pokemon. My favorite is Serena of Mystic Falls. She's beautiful and has psychic powers."

Serena, huh? I know this was made a year before X/Y, but I can't help but imagine a combination of the playable character and the psychic gym leader from that game after hearing this.

"You're a new trainer, right? You get a couple wins, and think you're a hot shot. Well, if you can't win any gym badges, you're weak."

Wow, aren't you a charmer? At least wait for me to actually fight and lose to a gym leader before you say that, prick.

Bah, let's go into the Pokemon Center already. The team must be roughshod after all of the fighting we did to get here.

"Thanks for helping us out. I would like you to have this Pokemon."

Oh damn, we actually get some respect and a reward for getting rid of the thugs? This is a good way to start things out.

Oooh, nice. A Munna is bound to come in handy, seeing as it's probably the only Psychic Pokemon we're going to get in a while.

I have no idea where I pulled out this name, but it still fits.

: ("You will not regret this.")

"It's a rare Pokemon, raise it with love and care. Well, I'll be going - good luck on your journey."

[The girl walks past Monica]

I can't say that wasn't a good surprise.

"Those bullying thugs seem to have calmed down, but they refused to leave. If I were a few years younger... I would teach them a lesson about respect."

Watch yourself, we have a karate grandpa over here.

Oh hey, there's two people behind the counter. We'll see why that is in a second.

Okay, what this woman says is going to be hilarious.

If you say Yes: "They're really bad Pokemon, someone should stop them!"

If you say No: "One controls the Wind, the other controls the Lightning, and their big bad leader controls the Earth!"

Like come on, have some dignity at the very least. I can see why Tornadus and Thundurus would be the assholes of the Kami trio due to them summoning thunderstorms and hurricanes just by being there, but Landorus is the one that's supposed to mediate between the three of them. Basically, he's the one who tells them to knock it off and clean up after their mess.

Though you can't say the same thing for what he does to competitive Pokemon, hey-oh!

Anyway, let's go to the shop and rebuild our stock of Poke--

wait am i imagining the last item on that list

They've already got these little psyduckers for sale?! We haven't even upgraded past the regular potions yet!

Aaaaand there goes all of my money.

: "Nice to meet you. I'm also just starting out on my adventure."

: "Cool! Let's have a fun battle. This'll be a warm up before I travel to Flamen City for the first time."

I do like that we encounter other people that have plans to do the same thing we do - aka. become the champion. Kinda shocking that we barely see that even in the actual games.

Anyway, the first Pokemon Karla has is Chikorita here. They're not dangerous at all, but they do have two moves in particular that makes this fight just a tad more frustrating: Light Screen and Reflect. Suddenly everything is doing half damage and I'm just sitting here being like "damn I sure wish I had Brick Break."

If Karla was a more important NPC and had a developed team, I'd argue that she'd actually be hard to fight.

Sigurd shuts him down with an Aura Sphere, and with a crit to boot.

Karla's next Pokemon is Eevee... interesting choice.

Iron Tail is a move that can lower the opponent's defense, but has the chance to whiff due to not having 100% accuracy. It's great when your opponent misses, but you'd... probably not have this move to begin with seeing as there's much better ones you could be using.

: ("Maybe this is a bit unfair.")

The last one up is Gothita, who has Shadow Tag as an ability. She would be somewhat threatening if Sigurd wasn't the one she got stuck with.

: ("Guess I'm the winner of Shadow Tag.")

Nothing interesting happens if you beat Karla - she wishes you good luck on your journey and that's about it.

: "Yeah. I thought Nurse Joys handle the Pokemon Center. And who's the guy in white?"

Nurse Joy: "Oh! That's Doctor Roy. You see, in the Core Region, Doctor Roy is in charge of the Pokemon Centers and Nurse Joys are their assistants. After a year, we travel to other regions to be in charge of our very own Pokemon Center."

: "Cool!"

In all fairness, this is a nice idea.

Nurse Joy: "However, we can interest you in a Pokemon battle instead."

: "Pokemon battle?!"

I can understand this reaction. You go to Pokemon Centers to heal up your Pokemon - not risk turning them into bloody scraps on the ground.

"You must have two Pokemon to battle us."

: "Okay, then let's do this!"

I've noticed it before, but "Let's do this" is supposed to be the protagonist's opening line into battle. It's... alright, I guess. It gets the job done for this "anime-like" game, as other people have described it.

Ah, I see what you did there.

... I'm curious, how do you put custom trainer sprites into these games? That knowledge would be very useful for someone like me.

Future Dan: Give him some time folks, he eventually figures it out to pull off Snakewood Chapter 31.

As for the actual fight, the medical duo don't have much going for them. It's almost like... their day job is fixing people up instead.

Shelmet is the only one that's a genuine pain due to Acid Armor, but Dragonbreath ignores that.

Trust is only one part of the equation, good sir. There's also type match-ups, stats, good movesets...

Hell, there's even some weirdos out there that deliberately make their Pokemon hate them just so they can make Frustration work. I'm calling you out.

I went back into the forest to grind and I managed to find a Cacnea of all things. This makes no sense if you know how cacti work, but it still adds more variety to the Pokemon you can catch.

Sigurd tries to learn Rock Slide, but I go against it. This might be a decision I regret in the future, if only for one fight.

While I was here, I picked a Karrablast of our own and called him Arthur. The best part about this is that, unlike the real games, he doesn't need to be traded to evolve into the badass known as Escavalier. Escavalier not only has a great knight-jouster design but hits like a tank and is built like one too.

: ("Aye, lass! I hope I get to bust some heads with you!")

He has this accent because the real King Arthur is very likely to be of Celtic origin. Also, Ghosts and Goblins.

Who came up with the line-of-sight names for the areas we go to?

"Did you know the starter Pokemon trio of Fire, Water and Grass have all made their way to the Core Region?"

: "Whoa, cool!"

More rare Pokemon to catch and add to the crew? Sign me up.

... Wait, is this the same girl that we met back in our hometown? Is she stalking Monica?

Wow, we're really picking them up today aren't we? Gale will be our ace pilot for this adventure.

: ("... Hi.")

"Do you know that Cyndaquil have recently been appearing around here?"

: "Really?! I'm gonna catch one."

As tempting as it is to go and catch a Cyndaquil, I feel I'm going to hold off on getting one... Mostly because I don't have any good nicknames.

"I caught the last Larvesta in Lavaburn Forest! Well, I've been searching for an Abra around these parts for years. I'll do anything to have one! I'll even trade my Larvesta for it. So do you have one?"

Oh man, the game really wants me to go after all of the good Pokemon. I'll decline with this one too, seeing as... well, it's a traded Pokemon. I do things my way, boyo.

I don't know why this guy had such trouble trying to get Abra when they appear right outside of his doorstep. This is just to demonstrate how easy it is to get one.

... Uh, what? It's the male protagonist sprite and he's stuck in the bushes.

If you talk to him, the game indefinitely freezes... so that's hella creepy.


... Believe it or not, I actually have a reasonable explanation for this. See, the Munna event in this Pokecenter must have set off hack detection (the same kind that punishes you for using a million gameshark codes at once) and created this vile creature as retaliation.

To elaborate: A Bad Egg never hatches and turns the Pokemon next to it into another Bad Egg, which is why I'm glad it didn't appear in any of the boxes where I normally keep Pokemon.

If you move the egg and log off the PC, it inexplicably restarts the Munna event in the Tiki Village Pokemon Center. That's right, you get another Munna along with a new Bad Egg each time.

I don't know what Dark Rising Girl and her friend did to the code to make this happen, but that's some freaky muk.

Future Dan: YES, IT BEGINS! The game is already unraveling!

"Surprised I'm here, aren't you?"

: "Pete, what are you doing here?! Your dad will go bananas if he found out you're this far away from home."

I love how she brings attention to the fact that Pete's dad will lose his mind while our mom will just be like "meh, whatever" after we've traveled across the entire country.

: "I know, I know... I wanted to prove myself after seeing you leave on a journey."

: "So you're blaming me for this?"

Blame is a very strong word.

: "No, no! It's not your fault. I'm the one who wanted this..."

: "But you're too young to take care of yourself."

"Me on the other hand? I'm 18 and I already make monster cash."

: "I know, already. Okay, so here's the deal. If you defeat me in a battle, I'll go home. If I win, I'll get to travel farther. Deal?!"

It's me or you, man.


: "Alright! Let's do this!"

See why Monica needs to come up with a better pre-battle liner? It's so generic anybody can just steal it.

[Theme I would use for "boss" encounters: Heroic Struggle]

Pete's packing a few new Pokemon, but so are we. In all fairness, I could have thrown Gale at the Taillow just to see the massacre happen... but Corin got to him first.

The next one up is a Scraggy who thinks Intimidate will save him from Arthur's rampage.

: ("Ya cannae stop my wrath, laddie!")

[Arthur used X-Scissor!]

: ("You put up a good fight though... ouch...")

In hindsight, another perfect match for Gale. What can I say, I'm trying to spice things up.

And then there's you. This is a horrible idea, never do it yourself because I'm a completely reckless daredevil.

Instead of being punished for throwing caution to the wind, Sathala somehow survives the assault and sucks him dry. Expect this to happen a lot from now on.

: ("How'd you like that?!")

Things are going great.

I don't even have to show what Sigurd does to this poor Drilbur.

: ("Let me punch in your ticket to dreamland.") [Cracks knuckles]

Jesus, dude, all we did was spar a little. I didn't steal your resol-- wait, technically I did. Oops.

: "Sorry Pete, but I have to do this for your sake."

: "It's okay, I'll challenge you when I'm ready. Just wait 'til I get stronger!"

: "Can't wait to battle you again!"

I like to imagine Pete is super pissed while Monica is smiling like nothing happened. In-Game Monica would be that socially incompetent.

: "Well, I'll be off!"

That was a thing. Poor Pete got his ass whupped and by us of all people.

[A recording of Dan saying "Some more gorgeous sprite art" from Chapter 2 plays]

[Theme I would use for the Lavaburn Forest: Firetop Mountain]

Wait a second, something's not right here.

But seriously though, the Lavaburn Forest is literally a lava forest. I'll give them points for originality and for using a unique tileset.

... Where is this tileset from? It has to be from one of the Sevii Islands in the original game or something... Or it could be completly custom. If it's the latter, then major props to DRG.

"They're all itching for Pokemon battles."

Come to think of it, would it be right to call this the "Viridian Forest" of the Core Region? Only instead of grass and bugs, we have fire and brimstone... Damn.

There's so many good Pokemon around here! I can't just pick one!

(that, and I don't want to retread the Pokemon I already had in Snakewood)

Fun fact: The Vulpix around here have a chance of having DROUGHT as an ability. Something that would have made Jeanne a beast in Snakewood.


You're gonna be called Cinder.

"This place has no more cool Pokemon."

You're kidding, right?

I hope you like the taste of trash, cause that's where you're going.

Gale finally gets to fight... and you see that nice little Poison symbol? Get used to it. She may as well dye her feathers purple from how often she'll get poisoned.

"Come on, let's battle them!"

: "It's freaking hot here! But I guess I can humor you with a fight. Let's do this!"

Monica tells him straight up "it's freaking hot". That tickles my funny bone for some reason.

Oh, this could be a problem.

: ("... Minor setback.")

Cinder has to pick up the slack.

: ("Haha! That was fun. Let's do it again!") [He chases after his own tail]

Since I knew leaving Gale behind would probably actually kill us in the long run, I decided to grind with her for a bit.

: ("... Thank you, Monica. Let's go kick some ass.")

Staraptor is too good to pass up.

There's a ton of items scattered around this place: Poke Balls, Potions, etc. It saves me more money at the store, so that's great.

Doug here doesn't really have anything new, but I do like the Bird Keeper sprite in FireRed.

Aww, that's cute. DRG changed the item balls on the overworld to be little present boxes. That's really neat.

Stranger danger.



Oh god not this thing again. Torkoal is a pain not because it's strong (although it is pretty damaging) but because it's a tank of a Pokemon. No matter the game, it always manages to survive through 80% of what I throw at it.

I mean, look at that. It took practically the entire team just to take him down.

You see this 207 exp? That is split between Corin, Sigurd and Gale - aka. this guy was worth a lot.

"I'm preparing myself for the long road back home."

: "Good luck on your way home."

Old man: "Thank you, trainer..."

I dunno why I threw that in, it was just cute.

"Me and my boyfriend used to have really fun times in there..."

: "Like what?"

: "Hehe..."

Monica, you poor, sweet summer child.

Upon leaving that checkpoint, we're immediately confronted by this dickweed.

Future Dan: Oh, NO.

"You are Blake's child..."

: "Who are you? Where's my father?"

???: "Your father is preparing to be sacrificed. He will not exist in this world any longer."

: "What are you talking about? You're not doing anything to him!"

???: "I refuse to take chances like I did 27 years ago with your father."

Mess with Monica's family and you get the business end of a Dragonbreath.

"I will send you to the underworld right now before you grow too powerful. Prepare to lose..."

: "Better get ready. Let's do this!"

Who says "I will send you to the underworld" when they're trying to kill you? This isn't a 4Kids dub, dude.

... Wow, so threatening with the pink vest there, palette swap Cyrus. The name isn't much better. Despite this, you should probably watch out for him.

The first mon up is Murkrow, who is probably your first real wake-up call for this point in the game. What is it with Murkrow being insanely powerful for an unevolved mon?

It took Corin's Dragonbreath to paralyze him and Arthur's X-Scissor to take him down, which is impressive considering we don't have an electric Pokemon to take down this beast.

Next up is a Golett who shouldn't be much trouble as long as you have a decently powerful Pokemon.


[BGM Change to: Organization XIII]

: ("Wait. Your appearance... Your power...")

: ("Could it be possible that you, of all people, have returned...?")

: ("I don't know what you're talking about.")

: ("Strange of you to put on this facade, master Sigurd. Are you trying to run away from your past?")

: ("Don't talk as if you know me!")

: ("What a shame. Our lord is still more than happy to accept you into his ranks.")

: ("... Your 'lord' only wants me gone. Nothing's changed.")

With all of that drama out of the way, V's final Pokemon is this Misdreavus that likes to use Toxic and confuse you. It's pretty vile, all things considered.

Gale, on the other hand, brute-forces her way through everything and smacks him around like he owed her rent money.

: ("Thanks for the poison - only made me stronger.")

"Maybe you're not a threat after all."

: "What?! I just defeated you!"

: "Muahahahaha! I pity you... I didn't use my full power on you. You're not as strong as your father."

Translation: He's salty that he lost and doesn't want to admit it.

: "My name is V... Run along, child. You'll not get any answers from me."

[Fade to black transition]

"He's gone!"

How do villains keep doing that? Can you imagine how unbalanced it would be if we were just allowed to teleport like that?

This looks very familiar... Too familiar.

[Theme I would use for Flamen City: Smoky Field] (Warning: a bit loud)

Oh boy, Flamen City. This is going to be a riot, I can tell.

Some relief, thank god.

The man here tries to "scam" you by giving you Magikarp, which is actually a very good idea for this part of the game. I don't take it because I trust Corin.

"Gym leaders are much stronger than any basic trainer you'll bump into on the road. But I heard the Elite Four are even stronger."

*PTSD flashbacks to the Snakewood Elite Four*

Oh damn, this could actually be important.

... Aura? Well, aside from me having to pull out the "stranger danger" alarm, our mystery lady has a Riolu too.

You can't go through this cave because Monica will instantly get overwhelmed by the heat, so that just leaves the question of what the hell is even in there.

I tried to leave the city only to get stopped by this guy who tells me to fight the gym leader. I'll definitely go after her, but not right now.

(Fiery and Flamen town... I know the real Pokemon games do it too, but even they have a bit more subtlety than that. Or not. I dunno.)

Oh wow we can already evolve Cinder!

Anyway, that's the end of the chapter. Next time on Pokemon Dark Rising, we go to fight Fiery and hope she doesn't give us third degree burns. See you then.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 20, , /) - "There's so many strange things happening around here... I guess I'll take my mind off of it by thinking about our first real Gym Leader battle! I'm pumped, are you?"
(Sigurd, level 20, , /) - "Yeah! I haven't had fun like this in a while."
(Sathala, level 13, , ) - "Welp! You can count me out for the Fire Type gym. Have fun with that, guys."
(Gale, level 16, , /) - "Maybe being poisoned is actually a bad thing for me. Feeling pretty barfy..."
(Arthur, level 17, , ) - "Oi! Sathala! You're just trying to find an excuse not to fight!"
(Cinder, level 14, , ) - [Runs outside of the Pokecenter chasing a Butterfree]

Back up team:

(Lumis, level 7, , ) - "What was with the conversation that Sigurd and V's Golett had? Just what connection does Sigurd have to Darugis...? Not only that, why is nobody addressing this?"

Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)

- Sigurd (Darkrai Riolu - All sprites (portrait, battle-front, battle-back) were edited by me.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)
+ (Cottonee originally did not have sad or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Gale (Staraptor family – Non-standard sprites made by CamusZekeSirius & ShyQuietRain)

- Arthur (Karrablast & Escavalier – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush & Jfain)
+ (Karrablast originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Lumis (Munna & Musharna – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush, chime & ShyQuietRain and baronessfaron)

- Cinder (Growlithe & Arcanine – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron, Deltex12 & LT)


- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

- V's Golett/Golurk (Golurk family – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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Alright, who left the oven on?

Chapter #4 - Scalding Passion

You ever wonder why Pokemon cities are called cities when they barely constitute as - oh hey, a new chapter!

Let's look around a bit.

"Luckily, Fiery, our Gym Leader, saved us all."

Ooooh, so she's a hero around these parts? Interesting. I want to fight her a bit more now.

Wasn't Monica's dad called Blake? This could be important.

"You're Jean Blake's child!"

: "How did you know?!"

: "Please come with me..."

: "Hey mister, you seem to know about my father. Do you have any idea where he is?"

: "No, I'm afraid not. But..."

: "But what?! If you know anything, please let me know..."

Poor Monica.

: "I made a promise to your father years ago to never speak of this with any of the children."

: "The children? Is my father alright or not?! And what's going on in the Core Region?!"

"Very well. If you can prove to me that you're strong enough, I will tell you!"

Why do we have to fight? Why can't you just tell her if you know anything?

: "Now you're speaking my language! Let's do this!"

She's into it, though. Never change, you huge dork.

Even though he's trying to test your skills, Cole is super easy. If you lose to him, then you're obviously not prepared for the Gym Leader ahead.

His first Pokemon is this Slowpoke that Corin chomps on for a bit. I don't think he even realized what happened until the last second.

Sigurd pops a balloon.

[Sigurd used Shadow Claw!]

: ("Oops...")

Cole's final Pokemon is this Absol that would have been much more terrifying if it weren't for all of the bug Pokemon around here.

... Bad idea. Really bad idea.

: ("Oh, you've done it now...")

[Arthur used X-Scissor!]

Finally, Monica gets some respect. This needs to happen more often.

[Theme I would use for this scene: Time Circuits]

: "Alright..."

: "Years ago when your father was the same age as you, he joined a group. A group of remarkable people-"

: "What, the Avengers?!"


[Cole lets out a sigh of disappointment - I do too]

: "A group of remarkable people that defeated one of the most evil creations that the world has ever known."

: "Sooooo.... Avengers?!"

god damn it monica

"People never speak its name anymore."

: "What's the name?"

: "Darugis..."

No, my computer! Damn it, Cole!

: "Hm, I heard some thugs talking about it..."

: "Then it is true. I'm afraid Darugis has somehow broken the seal and returned. He must have captured your father because he was the only one strong enough to seal him away. If this is true, the Core region... No, the entire world is in grave danger."

: ("Bit of an understatement there.")

: ("Then I'll do it. This time I'll seal Darugis away.")

Monica, sweetie, I appreciate the bravado but maybe this is way out of your league.

Yeah, listen to him. He's not kidding.

: "I must contact Professor Oak on this matter. Only one trainer can stop him..."

"You know, aside from your father. Who is currently rotting away in some hellish prison."

: "Who?"

: "Ash Ketchum... The Pokemon League Champion."

How did that dink become Champion? Also, wow. We're really doing this? Bringing in characters from the anime?

This game is going to be longer than I thought.

Future Dan: Okay, but Ash actually DOES become champion later in the real anime. He can finally come home.

: "But that's my father out there! I'm not just going to sit around here waiting for him to be rescued! I'm also going to save him! I'll train as hard as I can just to save my dad."

Monica, you truly are a sweetheart. Bonus points for not being immediately "omg ash ketchup" when he was brought up.

: "Very well... I admire your bravery, young one. So what are you still doing here? Get out there and save your father."

You made the right choice.


: ("Hmm... Maybe I should tell them now before anything else happens.")

: ("But how will they react...?")

: ("Hey Monica? Do you mind if we talk outside? It's important.")

: "Huh? Okay, Sigurd."

: "So what's going on?"

: ("You see... There's been something heavy that I've wanted to tell you for a while now.")

: ("And if we're going to be friends, I have to be completely honest.")

: "Uh... sure. Shoot."

[Theme I would use here: Organization XIII]

: ("I've... technically been lying about not knowing about Darugis other than his name and some bad memories. It goes deeper than that. Much deeper.")

: ("How so?")

: ("See... The more relevant Darugis becomes, the more dangerous things get. You guys are smart. I know you've already figured out something based on every encounter we've had with the dark thugs.")

: ("Well, of course. We were going to leave it alone because you seemed like a nice enough person. That's why we didn't say anything about that encounter with V's Golett. Why lie, though?")

: ("There were... a lot of reasons holding me back from telling the truth. For one, the way me and Monica met was so terrifying that it may have shook me a bit. I... apologize for that.")

: ("Understandable. But is the truth really that incriminating?")

: ("Let me put it like this.")

: ("... Darugis is the opposite of me. If there's anybody in the world he wants to get rid of the most, it's me.")

: "... Huh? But why?"

: ("The opposite? Is that some kinda fancy way of saying you two were close?")

: ("Oh yeah - not just close, we used to be family. He used to be a man I loved and respected, but my mistake turned him into the tyrant he is today. I've been fighting him for as long as I remember - to give him the peace he deserves and to stop his reign of terror.")

: ("The reason I've been so nervous this entire time is because I don't want any of you to be caught up in our endless feud. I can't stand to lose more people to him.")

: ("But at the same time, I know we're close to something decisive. Ordinarily I'd wait a bit more to find a suitable trainer, but every moment I waste is more time he gets to regenerate. Hence why I approached you, Monica.")

: "Wow, that's crazy..."

: ("But why would the voice in Monica's dreams want you dead if we're all after the same guy?")

: ("Now that I don't know. They're likely another force that also has a grudge against me. Wouldn't surprise me either - I've made a lot of enemies in my time.")

: ("But yeah. This must all sound pretty insane. I don't blame you if you can't believe me.")

: "To be fair, kinda. But at the same time, the way you act and the way you talk... You're definitely not a bad Pokemon. Plus, you're so cute."

[Monica tugs on his white fur buns - theme changes over to Warm A Live]

: ("H-huh?! What's the deal?")

: ("Monica's right, you know. If you need any help to take down Darugis, we're there for you.")

: ("I'll admit that you had me going, but if Monica and the others trust you, I will too.")

: ("Aye. I know how it's like to be the odd man out, so I can sympathize with ya, laddie. Especially in regards to the family trouble part.")

: ("Same deal for me. My last trainer before Monica didn't treat me well at all, so that makes three of us.")

: ("Hmmm.... You do realize he's powerful beyond mortal comprehension? This Riolu form I've taken on isn't a disguise - I've lost almost all of my strength from the last time I fought him. I appreciate the pep talk, but I can handle this alone. You and the others don't need to get involved.")

: ("Oi! Don't start putting up barriers after you opened up, lad!")

: ("Whether you like it or not, we're a team now. Quickest way to get yourself killed is to think you can do everything alone!")

: ("If this Darugis is as tough as you say, then it makes more sense for us to team up! Plus I've had dreams of becoming a hero after slaying the demon king.")

: ("... Whoa. Not the response I expected.")

: ("I mean, we accepted you regardless of what your circumstances were. So it'd be weird for us to suddenly back out, especially after learning all of... this!")

: "I gotta give it up to the crew. Only way Darugis is winning is if he scares us into giving up, so I'm not intimidated by whatever cheap trick he throws at us."

: ("...")

: ("God, have I actually forgotten how to trust people? Most other groups would have shunned me by now - I was ready to repeat that process, but...")

[Sigurd wipes his tears]

: ("You guys are special. Something tells me we can really do it.")

: "Glad we could help make your day better. Besides, I want to save my dad and become famous for saving the world. Call me stubborn, but you're sticking with us until the very end, Sigurd."

: ("Ha, I guess you're right. It's not like I mind.")

: "Awesome. So let's stop standing around here and get stuff done!"

[The team erupts in a synchronized cheer]

Alright, with all of that out of the way, let's tackle the gym.

... Is that Lorelei?

: "What? Who are you? (I'm really getting sick of asking people that.)"

Not Lorelei: "Will you accept my service?"

Let's humor her and say yes.

... Tarea is the spanish word for homework, by the way. Clever.

Basically, she tells you that you lack Water Pokemon but your Dragon should be good enough. Honestly, even if we did have a Water Pokemon, it wouldn't help at all.

"My queen doesn't have to waste her time with you!"

I think this dude is trying too hard to win her affection.

His setup is not threatening in the slightest. Do I even like the Magmortar line? I guess I do, considering I tried to get them twice in the real games.

Darumaka and Darmanitan are honestly one of the coolest Gen 5 Pokemon. Not just because of them being a fire gorilla, but also because of their Zen Mode form that turns them into a / type. I dunno, I find that really neat.

Now, don't be fooled. This guy is incredibly easy, but Fiery is the gym leader for a reason. This calls for a grinding session.

Everybody's now just a bit more badass, but this is the most important change.

Corin swaps out Mud Slap for the much more blistering Dig. Hey, at least we can get out of caves without having to use an escape rope now.

"I see this is your first Gym Battle."

Don't tell me, she's a recolored Flannery.

: "Yeah! Don't think I'm weak just because I'm new! I've seen your battles and tactics on TV."

Fiery: "Well, well, you seem like a bright beginner. However, you are too weak to win against me. My fire burns with desire and passion, but also with the power of ten infernos! You will not be able to defeat me."

This woman is a complete cheeseball, but at the same time she's not lying. I had to prepare for a reason.

: "Let's do this! Bring on all you got because the one that's going to be defeated is you!"

Fiery: "Strong words from a young trainer. But are you ready to eat them?"

I don't think the sprite was even changed. For shame, Dark Rising Girl.

Despite all of the issues I have with the presentation of this fight, she's by far the most powerful opponent yet.

This is one of the reasons why. A Fire team that has Drought on their side.

Be afraid.

The Vulpix themselves are not very threatening, but they don't need to be considering all they needed to do was set things up.

Sigurd doesn't even look at the Houndour to shoot them with an Aura Sphere.


Heatmor here is the most brutal Pokemon the team will have to face in a long time. Not only is the sun doubling their fire attacks, but they're fast and relentless. They also have perfect coverage, as they have Thunder Punch to shut down any water type you could conceivably have at this point.

Damn, I have to admit that's pretty clever.

(I should also mention that this is the shiny sprite of Heatmor, but it's not counted as shiny here. Oh well.)

Oh, and to punish physical attackers like Sigurd, they have Will-O-Wisp. No wonder why Fiery is the Gym Leader, god damn.

: ("It's... too hot...")

[Sigurd collapses]

Well muk, that's not good.

Gale fills in for Sigurd's spot, and yeah there's this too. It's not even like it matters - Fire and Thunder Punch are considered special in this generation, so lowering attack wouldn't do anything anyway.

[Gale used Quick Attack!]

Thank god we roasted that friggin' anteater, otherwise this would have been nasty.

"As proof of your victory, I confer this to you. The official Pokemon League Flame Badge!"

Well, what did you expect? People who boast "oh i'm so invincible" are bound to lose, no matter how strong they actually are.

Thank you kindly.

Now we can use Flash outside of battle. Man... I know it was her first game, but she could have been a bit creative. She changed the overworld tilesets and added in a new region, so you got me.

Future Dan: You're gonna regret that statement about a new region in just a bit.

Nice reward. I'll probably never use it, but it's the thought that counts.

Oh hey, more Dark Thugs and an evil redhead. This ought to be good.

[The grunts respond in an organized "YES SIR!" before marching away]

Waters Cavern? So we immediately hop from fire to water. Okay, you're the boss, game.

As we try to follow the dude with the red hair, we get jumped by a ton of trainers.

... No, there is no reason why they're all aligned like this and you're not rewarded if you beat them all.

This guy brings out a Growlithe while it's raining. Way to go, genius.

The Gliscor family is cool, but Corin is our primary Ground type.

Oh hey, it's the Cyndaquil I never caught...

I think I do regret it... just a little bit.

Monica doesn't roll that way, sister.

I do like how the game suddenly throws out Double Battles from time to time. It mixes things up.

Ah, yes. The infamous shorts kid. Good to know he lives in the Core Region too.

We still fry his team anyway.

Have we actually met this bug catcher before? I don't remember.

Fun fact: For the longest time I just assumed Pineco was just a pinecone as a Pokemon. Turns out they're based off of a bug that mimics pinecones called the bagworm, so that's neat.

Awkward. I bet your girlfriend is a way better trainer than you anyway.

Upon clearing that route of surprisingly unrelated trainers, we make our way to the DREAD SWAMP.

I don't see what's so dread-inducing about it - it looks like a parking lot.

There is a guy here that will give you a crappy Old Rod. I... appreciate it?

Good advice, I'll be sure to -

Damn, right on cue. At the very least she doesn't waste time.

"It's the kid I mistakenly thought to be nothing more than a vessel for an evil monster."

: "Who are you? Are you also trying to find out something about Darugis? If that's the case, we're on the same side, okay?"

: "Hmph! You know nothing about Darugis. You're only a kid. A curious kid. I seek revenge on Darugis."

() : ("She's not the first person to do so, by the way...")

: "Revenge? Look, I don't know who the heck you are, but Darugis has my father and I'm going to rescue him!"

: "At least you still have a family. Last time I was merely testing you. Now let's see what you really got."

: ("... Ouch. Still, that came out of nowhere.")

: "Bring it!"

After Fiery, nothing scares me.

Volcarona is a great Pokemon and I wish we had one. Alas, all we have is a fire puppy.

[Parts of Gale's body are engulfed in flames]

: ("This is fine. Nothing is going wrong.")

Gale takes him out, but gets burned in the process. Don't worry, she'll shrug it off later.

Oh, this ought to be interesting.

: ("Y-you! Your aura... It's so thick and clouded by darkness. Just what are you?!")

: ("A Riolu just like you. Well, not exactly... but you get my point. I'd rather not fight you.")

: ("You can't fool me!")

[Sigurd used Aerial Ace!]

: ("I guess it couldn't be helped.")

The final mon is the Axew again, who tries to copy Corin and dig for some reason.

Corin comes out on top not only in battle, but as a better digger.

"Maybe Riolu was right..."

I find it surreal that she even has a Riolu while we have Sigurd. I didn't know that before putting him in the game.

Huh? Already?

: ("Awesome.")

Now all we need is for her to evolve into Garchomp and everything will be set.

[Mystery lady walks away]

Of course we will, but I'm not worried. More free experience.

"Are you teamed up with that blue-haired woman?!"

: "Not really. Wait, you're one of Darugis's grunts!"

Grunt lady: "Yes, so what? Darugis has already infested all of the Tynamo in this area. You think you can stop us?"

Infested the Tynamo? Oh, that can't be good.

It's the same lady who tried to take over Tiki Village, and with the exact same Frillish.

They even expected me to hit them as I swapped out! History is repeating before my very eyes.

Thankfully, Sathala shows him up.

By the way, I checked. There is no female Frillish in this game for some odd reason. I guess they just didn't want to go through the effort of hacking them in.

Ha, you get it? We're in a cave where it's raining?

Future Dan:

"There's two fossils deep within these caverns that Darugis is after. Don't even bother getting them!"

Thanks for telling me. I'll be sure to get them now.

[Theme I would use for Waters Cavern: Waterfall]

I had to. So I hate to ask, but - how is it raining inside of the cave? Is that possible in real life?

Science questions aside, Tynamo is the Pokemon she sends out. It's an Electric Pokemon that has Levitate as an ability, which essentially means it has no weaknesses no matter which generation it appears in.

That is, unless they introduce something that allows Ground moves to hit Levitating/Flying Pokemon... Which I know isn't going to happen soon. (cough thousand arrows cough)

Say hello to Wave the Buizel. She'll be our primary Water type for the time being.

(Future Dan: Scratch that. She'll be our primary Water type period.)

: ("Yeehaw! Finally found a new trainer! Nice to meet y'all!")

Sorry, Cinder. You have to stay in the box for a bit.

: ("It's okay, Monica. I need a rest anyway.")

[Cinder curls up next to Lumis]

Back in Waters Cavern, we immediately put Wave to work. The rain here gives her a nice boost.

... Isn't this the same team that beat up Gale when she was just a Starly? Oh, I didn't even think of the revenge value.

Over here is Bullet Seed and a Paralyze Heal.

One is more valuable than the other, and I don't have to say which one it is.

Arthur gets the TM anyway just to add more variety to his moveset.

Do these guys make all of their Mechachus or do they buy them from a store or something?

Despite Bullet Seed being absolutely useless (due to being Special and only having 10 power), Arthur still manages to one shot a Geodude with it. Fancy that.

Aw, snap. That's actually really good.

I don't care about effort values in fan games, if you've probably noticed. Besides, we fight so much anyway that it doesn't matter. Again, grinding is cringe.

Whoa, that's a psyducked up looking Tynamo. Is this what the grunt meant when she said Darugis infected the Tynamo here?

... Believe it or not, I know the real reason why they have pepperoni spots on their skin: Tynamo replaces the spot for Spinda, complete with the neat little side effect of spots appearing over their body.

I like how Dark Rising Girl actually wrote around that. We give her crap, but she knows what she's doing.

(Future Dan: Good lord, I was in heavy denial back then.

... Can I take back my comment? You can talk to this guy, but he only speaks in exclamation bubbles. This is clearly a trainer that was never coded in properly.

Yes, I came in "too" show off.

Awwww snap. Gale is gonna kick ass with the best of 'em.

: "Well, you got to show off to one. Way to go, pal." [Monica pats him on the back]

This wasn't a wild encounter - there was a Hiker around here and he had Geodude. I do like how they're the punching bags of this episode.

Sweet. Now we can evolve Lumis if we really wanted to.

... Not just yet, though.

Three exits, huh? Let's take the right.

Thief is situational at best unless you're trying to steal rare items off of wild Pokemon.

... That said, I'm sure to get some money selling the Thief TM.

Speaking of shady individuals...

I don't even have to show what the team does to this guy.

Ooh, he did have a Sandile though.

People give Gen 5 crap for its monster designs, but there's a lot of them I thought were pretty cool. Krookodile was one of them.

Given what's up ahead, he's not joking. He's seen some muk.

Anyway, if this place is exactly what I think it is...

Yep. This place is pretty much just a flooded Mount Moon.

Woman, you ain't slick. Thanks for leaving the Ether in the same place, though.

With that said, that's the end of the chapter. Next time on Pokemon Dark Rising, we get a bit more wet. Maybe too wet. See you next time.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 25, , /) - "I like the rain in here. It's so calming."
(Sigurd, level 23, , /) - "That fight against Fiery was intense. Maybe I should take a swim around here."
(Sathala, level 18, , ) - "That sounds nice, Sigurd. Mind if I join you?"
(Gale, level 23, , /) - [Demonstrates how sharp her new Aerial Ace is by creating a gash in a nearby rock]
(Arthur, level 21, , ) - "How is it raining inside of the cave anyway? Nature is weird."
(Wave, level 20, , ) - "I wouldn't go into the water if I were you, 'lil partner."

Back up team:

(Lumis, level 7, , ) - "Aww, he's so cute. I wonder what he's dreaming."
(Cinder, level 18, , ) - [Dreams about chasing the mailman]

Portrait Credits:

PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)

- Sigurd (Darkrai Riolu - All sprites (portrait, battle-front, battle-back) were edited by me.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)
+ (Cottonee originally did not have sad or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Gale (Staraptor family – Non-standard sprites made by CamusZekeSirius & ShyQuietRain)

- Arthur (Karrablast & Escavalier – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush & Jfain)
+ (Karrablast originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Lumis (Munna & Musharna – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush, chime & ShyQuietRain and baronessfaron)

- Cinder (Growlithe & Arcanine – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron, Deltex12 & LT)

- Wave (Floatzel family – Non-standard sprites made by Deltex12, C_Pariah and Pxlaris)


- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

- V's Golett/Golurk (Golurk family – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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Impossible to gauge!

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I hate how fun it is to procrastinate. Especially when I have school and game dev to deal with!

Chapter #5 - Watered Down Expectations


Last time we left off, we were still in the Waters Cavern.

Seriously, if you're gonna name something, at least be creative about it. Doubly so if it's a person.

'Kay. I don't need to move to beat you up.


Oh wow, that's a lot of EXP... and she's poisoned again. Good thing this isn't like the earlier part of the game where I had nothing to alleviate that.

This man speaks the truth. Monica would be wise to listen to him even if she is on the opposite side.

... Huh. I don't know why I gave Sigurd Confuse Ray. Maybe it was to make fights less obnoxious, but it also means less space for moves that actually matter.

More money is never a bad thing. Although I have noticed our funds aren't building up as quickly as they were in Snakewood. That could be a bad thing if we need to go on a shopping spree.

(Future Dan: Spoiler alert, we never get into a situation where money becomes a problem. Especially as the game goes on - if you know, you know.)

Oh hey, our first electric type and it's one of the Tynamo. She doesn't have any spots, so I assume she's fine.

: ("Thank you. Things were getting a bit weird around here.")

[One quick battle later]

"You can't stop us or beat us!"

Okay, you know what? Whatever you say, faceless goon. It's not like Monica is the main character or anything, no.

: "Huh? What's the matter with you?"

If some random dude started screaming at me in a demon voice I'd probably have a heart attack.


: ("Wait, I know that voice! It's him!")

: "What?! This guy is Darugis?!"

: ("No. It's someone that's being possessed by him. Still, this can't be good.")

[Theme I would use here: Demon King Odio]

: ("Heh... You're as sharp as ever.")

: "Who was that?!"

[The visage of a Darkrai manifests over the scientist's shoulder]

: ("I assume this girl is your most recent puppet. You could have done better, Sigurd.")

: ("That's a laugh coming from you. Who's the one who has an army of thugs ready to take over entire towns?")

: ("It's not my fault I have this much charisma - all I do is speak to the darkest part of a person's heart. You, on the other hand, actually begged Monica to take you in like a stray dog! That's adorable.")

: "B-but I don't get it. You sounded like a monster a second ago, but now you just sound like... a guy."

: ("You'd be amazed at how far a little presentation can go. Granted, I would have kept up the act if you were a normal human being. However, seeing as you're Sigurd's "trainer", I couldn't help but intervene.")

: ("Try to live longer than the ones who came before you.")

: "Excuse me? What's that all abou--"

: ("Watch out, Monica!")

[He pushes her out of the way of a charging Bastiodon]


Miguel here has two Pokemon that are a bit overleveled when you consider that the rest of the team is barely level 20.

Bastiodon is tedious due to how much of a wall he is, but a good Water type (the rain boost helps out a lot here) or Gabite is invaluable here.

Surprisingly enough, my method of success involved neither of those, as Sigurd killed him in two non-critical hits with Aura Sphere. I wish I were kidding. His friend, on the other hand?


You do not psyduck with Rampardos.

He can rip you apart with the same consistency as a machete to wet toilet paper thanks to his absolutely disgusting 165 base Attack. That's as high than some of the enemies in late game.

Not only that, he has Intimidate (which is not their actual ability in any game) and appears to outspeed all of my Pokemon for some reason. It'd take a ridiculous amount of grinding to get past him... or you could just rush into it with zero concern like me.

: ("Good thing that's over with...")

: ("I'm impressed. You're better than I expected, even in this form... But can you keep it up?")

: ("I've had enough out of you. Get out of here!")

: ("As you wish. I have better things to do than bother you anyway - uprisings to quell and all that. Don't disappoint me, Sigurd.")

[The shadow of Darugis vanishes]

"Where am I?"

Thankfully, you can exorcise the devil out of someone by beating the piss out of them. It works every time - just ask my neighbor.

"Sorry if I did anything to you."

: "It's okay."

It's all cool, man.

Miguel: "See those fossils? You can have one of them. Just pick what you like and I'll take what's left!"

: "Hey, thanks."

Huh. The fossils here have nothing to do with Bastiodon and Rampardos, which is kind of weird.

The Plume Fossil gives you Archen and the one next to it, the Cover Fossil, gives you Tirtouga. I would recommend Archen over Tirtouga due to being far more powerful (140 attack - mind, that's 10 more than fully evolved Garchomp Corin) and not having the hilariously awful Defeatist ability. (Halves stats if health is below half)

Hey, it's the perfect thing to get rid of Gale's poison.

: "... Hey, Sigurd. What's this about 'the ones before me?'"

: ("He... wasn't lying, as much as I hate to admit it. Monica, you're not the first trainer I've come across.")

: "I figured, but did they really... die like he said?"

: ("... Not all of them. But at the same time... maybe it's better that some of them did after what he did to them.")

: ("Oh cool. Awesome. No, this is fine. Not regretting this journey, no sir.")

: ("Listen, Monica. You have incredible potential as a trainer if I'm already this strong again. You have nothing to fear.")

: "Really? I hope you're right."

: ("We can get through this.")

What do you want, red-haired stepchild?

: "What? Wait, I've seen you before... Aren't you a part of those thugs in the cave?"

Mystery Person: "What a typical thing to ask. I will dispose of you here and now."

Your Bad Guy Banter needs some work, dude.

: "Just as I thought. Let's go!"

Hello, Silver. Glad to see you're here too.

What is it with Dark Rising using unedited sprites and saying that they're completely new characters? It reeks of bottom of the barrel design, and I don't care if it was Dark Rising Girl's first game - you need to be more creative than palette swaps of existing characters.

That said, Not-Silver has a pretty unique team. Ferroseed is extremely vulnerable to Fire and Fighting, but we only have one of those on hand.

I love Aura Sphere, okay? It's so spammable.

... It also claims to never miss yet it only has 100 accuracy. Oops. This one is on me too, because I could have changed that to be always accurate any time I wanted.

Another victim. I'm not apologizing for how strong he is.

Since Sigurd was getting too much of the spotlight, Arthur gets to beat up this Solosis.

: ("You can't slow me down, lad!")

Oooh, a Zorua! If Sigurd didn't exist, I'd totally get one.

... Hell, I'd still get one anyway.

(Future Dan: Have I got news for you, son.)

He goes straight for the scumbag strategy and tries to buff himself up to unreasonable levels, but it doesn't work thanks to Gale being a beast.

[Gale used Take Down!]

: ("Thought you were clever, huh? No plan can survive a beak to the face.")

Not-Silver's final Pokemon is this Deino who has no chance of defeating Corin.

Where's your game at, son?

() : "What."

... Who says "noob" unironically? I would refrain from using internet lingo for your "serious story". It might be a smart thing to do.

: "Hey. If you see a girl with blue hair, tell her Kayo said hello, will you?"

: "Huh?"

Poor Monica, you just had to get sucked into this.

: "We'll see each other again, Monica."

"Are these guys ghosts?!"

I'll admit, that made me chuckle a bit - I sure would laugh my ass off if all of these are just hallucinations Monica is having. Thank god for the Pokemon Center being here.


But wait, what's this?


"Take this and use it on Sathala. I'm rooting for you. - anonymous"

Nice! Someone's looking out for Monica, it seems. We definitely need all the help we can get. (Also this is a cheat.)

: ("Oh, is that for me?! Slap it on me, sister!")

: ("Aw man, this feels great! Thanks, Monica! You're the best.")

: "Aww, stop."

Sathala no longer has to wait to be good, so hallelujah. That said, her abilities are still support more than anything else.

One interesting thing about Stone Evolutions that Dark Rising Girl changed for this game is that they are still able to learn new moves, as evidenced by the crazy spread that Whimsicott is bound to get.

: ("Finally...")

; ("I-I mean... Thank you, Monica. I appreciate it.")

: ("I'll keep you safe no matter what. I promise you.")

Musharna is an awesome default name for a Pokemon. Lumis will also get to see more use as this grinding session is specifically for her and Sathala.

Oh yes, I forgot this was a thing. Apparently, you have a 10% chance of finding every starter in certain locations.

That's really neat and gives more credibility to the Core Region being an excellent place to catch Pokemon.

[Theme I would use for the Dread Swamp: Peaceful Rest Valley]

These two karate studs will teach you Drain Punch or Mega Kick depending on which one you talk to. Drain Punch actually heals you and is a move, whereas Mega Kick is just a flashy attack.

If anybody was capable of learning Drain Punch, I'd definitely give it to them.

Lumis steadily grows in power...

I originally thought Moonlight would be super useful, but there's something coming up that will almost immediately replace it.

I'm not one to diss Roar due to how it removes buffs and pierces through Protect... but it's useless here.

"You must be tough to come out of the Caverns alive."

Excuse me, what?

I thought the Water Cavern was how people got from Flamen to the town coming up? This guy is implying that people have actually died in that cave, despite the fact there's no ghosts and no creepy old hooded man asking me to go on a boat to the underworld with him.

Lumis embarasses another Geodude by spitting stars at him.

Huh. Neat little side area... What's down here?

WHOA! HELLO! The bastard-o-meter is back with a vengeance!

I think we'll just... ignore this place and move on.

... Who's this finely dressed chap?

: "What the-? Is this Eon? He must be under Darugis's control..."

Excuse me, Monica. Who the hell is this? How do you know his name?

Eon: "Must eliminate...!"

: "It's time to wake up, Eon!"

Who is this guy and why is he a yellow Falkner?!

Like damn, at least have the courtesy to introduce us to him before you make him fight us.

Yellow Falkner here has a team of primarily Electric type Pokemon, so at least his color palette corresponds to his type proficiencies.

Joltik is as threatening as they look. Don't let the halved health fool you - this thing was a pushover.

Corin goes savage on his Jolteon. Poor bastard didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell.

This is so out of the ordinary for so many reasons that I'm just basking it in.

They were really desperate to get a hit on Corin, the killdozer that she is.

Unfortunately, he had the last laugh.

: ("Ugh! Typical.")

There's so many stupidly powerful Pokemon stuffed in just this one part, it's amazing.

Obviously, Sathala doesn't face him in straight combat.

That's what Sigurd is for. Knock him dead, baby.

: ("Whoof... Are you alright, Sigurd?")

: ("Never better.")




Eon snaps to his senses because that exorcism thing always works.

: "You were under a spell."

Eon: "A spell?"

: "Yeah, about that... See, there's this monster that can control people's minds. I'm still trying to figure out the whole thing myself."

: ("To be more precise, it's not just mind control. They're realistic illusions that Darugis creates and I'm able to break them whenever we fight someone that's possessed.")

Eon: "... Ah, I see."

: "Heh, I already knew that... I watch your battles on Poketime."

... Ignoring the fact that the actual series would use Poketime as a pun unironically, this explains a bit. But... I dunno, why was there no foreshadowing to Eon whatsoever? His presence here is practically irrelevant. I don't think he even comes back after this scene.

Eon: "Oh, I see. You're a fan, eh? It's my first time here in the Core Region. I don't think I'll be coming back here after all of this tragedy."

: "I don't blame you."

Eon: "Well... Young trainer, if you have time, you should travel to the Omni Region and challenge the Omni League."

Now watch the Omni Region become the main setting of Dark Rising 2.

I am 100% convinced that this is the case and I haven't even seen the stuff for Dark Rising 2 yet.

Long story short, we say goodbye to Eon (who's very confused, apparently, given how he abuses question marks) and that's about it for him.

[Theme I would use for Atlantic City: Remains]

I can imagine this place being nice and quiet.

Wow, that makes all of the water around here take a darker turn.

Although it's kind of... weird. Flamen City had an eruption and this place had a flood. They're right next to each other, so how did they... not cancel each other out...?

Fangame logic gets really weird sometimes. That or I'm reading it incorrectly.

"Our gym Leader Typhoon has a very playful, yet mature view on things."

Atlantic City and Typhoon are better than Flamen City and Fiery by a long shot.

Much like Flamen City, they sell elemental stones here too. That'd be pretty cool if we had any Water Stone Pokemon.

"My cousin Paul used to have great battles with him."

I think the worst part about not watching the anime except for the movies is that I wouldn't have context as to who Paul is. But even then, REALLY?

Why even shove in elements of the anime? This isn't Ashgray!

"Long time no see. I'm guessing you're becoming an awesome trainer."

: "Thanks..."

: ("I can't tell him that my Father's gone missing. He might go back to Fells and tell mom.")

Oooh, we wouldn't want that. It's bad enough Monica knows it. Our mom freaked out when we got slightly bruised from the Tornadus fight.

Pete's Dad: "Well, keep up the good work. You're making all of the people of Fells Town feel honored."

How did he beat us here? Did he learn the magic teleporting trick that all of the villains seem to know for some reason?

Pete says that he's here with his pops to do some research and challenged the Gym Leader. Predictably, he lost. He's not feeling beat up about it though. so that's good.

Another unchanged area from the original game? Chalk it up to the infinitely growing list.

Guys, I honest to god forgot Noah was a thing.

Did anybody remember that he existed before this screenshot? Pete was more relevant than him, and that's saying something.

I like to imagine this dude actually yelling out loud "SPLASH!" instead of it just being the noise he makes.

[Sathala scoffs before draining the Horsea dry]

She's kind of scary now that she evolved.

Blue Brawly is guarded by his favorite fangirl.

... To which Sathala immediately destroys.

Gyarados here had to force Sathala to work with Lumis, but damn. When Gyarados is one of the fodder Pokemon they throw at you, you need to start worrying.

: ("Oh ho, this is bound to be entertaining. Come to me, delicious dreams...")

Okay, I take it back. Lumis is now one of the most terrifying Pokemon I've ever had on the crew.

"You said I'm next, huh? Riiiight."

: "That's right, Typhoon. I'm gonna take you down."

Typhoon: "You sound like one of them anime dudes, pal. Alright, prepare to get washed away by my tidal wave!"

Can I just say I love how this dude talks? Like it's goofy as psyduck but it's better than boring.

: "Let's do this!"

[Great Battlers]

At the very least he was changed instead of just being an unedited sprite.

Typhoon, much like Fiery, is the Gym Leader for a reason. Despite this, he's actually less tough.

His strategy is basically the same as Fiery's but with Water types instead. It is just as effective and fiendish, as Typhoon has Swift Swim guys on his team. Poliwhirl is another fodder mon whose only purpose is to buff the rest of the team.

Lanturn is a good choice for a Water Gym Leader due to how it nullifies an electric weakness. I'll give Dark Rising Girl crap for some of the more obtuse bullmuk in the game, but some of the Gym Leader fights are genuinely well thought out.

Great Battlers is in full force here, because despite Sathala being underleveled... she's going to take on the challenge of sweeping through this guy's entire team by herself. This is her moment.

We have a Marshtomp here who thinks Facade without any status effects on him is a good idea. Despite this, it manages to take out half of Sathala's health in one hit, which is proof that the Swampert family is hyper-buff.

That said, he made a delicious meal thanks to a four times weakness to grass.

There he is.

Seismitoad is much like Heatmor in that he's tough, fast and has a buff that makes him even stronger. Even a four times weakness to Grass can't slow him down as he's surprisingly very resilient.

The worst thing about him is that unlike Heatmor, who was primarily brawn and not much else, Seismitoad tries to fake you out with Substitute.

The amount of cold sweats I had during this fight left me in a puddle by the end.

You can do it, babe!

[Sathala used Mega Drain!]

Holy muk. She actually did it.

... Albeit the same way as a vampire but she still did it!

: [Slaps her tiny hands against her chest] ("What?! What?! I'd like to see you mess with me now! Hahahaha!")

That's my girl.

"You're too much! Alright! You can have the Tsunami Badge to show that you've defeated me."

You got that right, son.

That's cool, but we don't trade with anybody in this game. It's a fan hack, after all...

We can use Cut outside of battle now, but I've always found that weird. Why can't Pokemon with claws or blades do that naturally? Ah, video game contrivances.

This, on the other hand, is a bit more useful because we won't have Wave forever.

Future Dan: Yes, you will.

"Arceus chose the right one."

: "... Uh. Excuse me?"

... How the hell does Not-Lorelei know that we're associated with Arceus? But with that said...

That's all the time we have for this chapter. Whoa, just kinda blew past that one. Next time on Pokemon Dark Rising, we go foraging into parts unknown and face someone very familiar. See you then.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 27, , /) - "Sathala, that was amazing. You didn't need our help at all!"
(Sigurd, level 28, , /) - "Whoa... Sure, it was awesome, but it was kinda freaky, man."
(Sathala, level 23, , ) - [Parades around the Pokemon Center wearing the Tsunami Badge]
(Gale, level 26, , /) - "Just when you think you figured someone out."
(Lumis, level 21, , ) - "She has a lot to be proud of. This team is really coming around, wouldn't you say?"
(Wave, level 23, , ) - "I'm with Sigurd. Is... is this a normal day for y'all?"

Back up team:

(Arthur, level 22, , ) - "She really showed 'em! She's a girl after my own heart!"
(Vera, level 20, , ) - "I think I'm going to like it here."
(Cinder, level 18, , ) - "Awww man! I didn't get to see all of the cool stuff happen!"

Portrait Credits:

PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)

- Sigurd (Darkrai Riolu - All sprites (portrait, battle-front, battle-back) were edited by me.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)
+ (Cottonee originally did not have sad or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Gale (Staraptor family – Non-standard sprites made by CamusZekeSirius & ShyQuietRain)

- Arthur (Karrablast & Escavalier – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush & Jfain)
+ (Karrablast originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Lumis (Munna & Musharna – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush, chime & ShyQuietRain and baronessfaron)
+ (Musharna originally did not have happy or upset portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Cinder (Growlithe & Arcanine – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron, Deltex12 & LT)

- Wave (Floatzel family – Non-standard sprites made by Deltex12, C_Pariah and Pxlaris)

- Vera (Eelektross Family – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush)


- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

- Demon King Darugis (Darkrai - Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

- V's Golett/Golurk (Golurk family – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

Rainbow Chara X

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Honestly, I don't like playing through Dark Rising and I can't force myself to even half enjoy it... so I guess we're doing things my way.

Chapter #6 - Fight or Die


Last time on Dark Rising, Sathala managed to sweep through an entire Drizzle-Swift Swim by herself despite being eight levels lower than everybody there. I am so proud of her for that.

Unfortunately, I think that's the most fun we'll have in a long time.

"But there have been reports of aggressive wild Pokemon and a well known breeder by the name of Brock attacking people of late, so you better be careful."

: "No way... Brock? I'll go check it out."

I would have let Brock slide because he's an actual character in the games, but the breeder stuff is all from the anime. I still don't understand these decisions and I probably won't even when the game is actually finished.

Wow, Brock sure took this place apart... and left a ton of animal footprints everywhere.

"The world's most known Pokemon breeder and doctor did this to our home. I used to respect that man, but now I want to use my Mankey's Close Combat on him!"

: "I'll figure things out."

If someone came into my house and did the exact same thing Brock did, I'd want to beat the piss out of them too.

Poor guy was going about his day and all of a sudden a plot dump destroys most of his house.

Excuse me miss, what is a "belive"? I know she means Brock but I can't not make fun of this.

Well, speak of the devil. What wacky circumstances are we going to get ourselves into now?

[Demon King Odio]


: "BEGONE YOU FOOLISH CH-- Oh, it's just you, Monica."

: "So you possessed Brock too. You really are a monster like everybody says."

: "You flatter me. Anyway, the power of Entei will be mine soon enough... So I may as well tarnish Brock's reputation while I'm at it. It's not like he can do anything about it."

: "But I can."

This is significantly different than what is in the actual game because I cannot take Darugis seriously when he acts like a screaming idiot.


I don't know what it is, but I like Brock's sprite here. Sure it's just his head lazily copy-pasted on to another sprite but I still think it looks nice.

The fight with him is a Double Battle for some reason, but I'm not complaining. More experience is a good thing.

Gale rips the Ludicolo apart with Aerial Ace while Lumis puts the Crobat to sleep and swallows his dreams. That's terrifying and badass all in one.

Arguably the toughest Pokemon Brock has is his level 32 Steelix. It's a vast upgrade from Onix, but at the same time... If you brought a Drought Ninetales (which, in retrospect, is hilariously overpowered and something I should have taken advantage of), he's brown bread.

Thankfully, the RNG is on my side and Steelix gets confused from Wave's Water Pulse.

: ("Wait, Headbutt? I don't think I really need--")

[Steelix used Dig!]

: ("I... I can't feel my legs...!")

Damn, Wave got turned into a punching bag.

Poor girl didn't deserve that. Honestly, I thought Steelix would aim for Corin... so oops.

[Sigurd used Aura Sphere!]

Sigurd revenge kills in response.

Anyway, the Blissey there is completely inconsequential. All our big hitters have to do is poke her and she dies, so I let Sigurd have that one too.

... Why did I give Sigurd Needle Arm??

This isn't completely insane considering how he gets a wicked special attack stat when he evolves, but still. I don't think I want to obsolete Sathala just yet.

Brock's team seems to follow what I remember from the anime.

... Also, again: Woman, you ain't slick. That Swampert is very legal. It's so legal it evolved 12 levels before it actually should be able to.

Christ, that was close. I kept forgetting that Sigurd is weak to Fighting types thanks to being part Dark, so Lumis laughs off the next Drain Punch thrown for him.

Brock is easy peasy if you've prepared. Then again, given how this game works, you'll probably never be prepared for what's ahead unless you grind your heart out.

... Is what he actually says. Personally, that's stupid.

[Darugis's shadow clings to Brock's body]

: ("Close call.")

: ("I'm not done with Brock quite yet, but I believe this is where we part ways again.")

: "What?! Don't you dare get --"

[Darugis vanishes along with Brock]

: "... He got away again!"

: ("It's frustrating, I know. But I wouldn't worry about it... He'll be back soon. In the meantime, I feel we should practice our skills a bit.")

: ("I have a terrible feeling for what's ahead, so we need to be ready.")

: "Alright. You're the boss, Sigurd."

Grinding sessions are now a necessity. It is not something I can just gloss over, unfortunately.

To apologize for the Steelix car crash incident, Wave finally gets her time in the evolution limelight.

: ("Don't worry about me, y'all - just had to get a bandage or two. I won't disappoint you this time!")

Gale gets Steel Wing... just because, I guess. I know the text prompt is blocking the screen, but we're about eight levels higher than before. It sounds like a lot of time was wasted on grinding but I have a trick to make it go by faster.

Basically, I have a specific set of codes that can summon clones of Sigurd due to him occupying the Bulbasaur slot. He has a base experience yield of 255, so each time someone kills him they get max experience. I hand-waved this as "training with Sigurd" just so it could make sense in the context of the story, but trust me - it's incredibly valuable for what I'm doing.

Anyway, remember how I brought up the Omega Boss theme for this area? Now that we're sufficiently leveled up, I feel confident enough to go down here.

There's... a kid down here accompanied by two signs. Let's see what he has to say.

"I thought I told everyone upstairs I'll be done in a minute."

: "Urm... I'm sorry, I guess. Who are you and why are you down here?"

Question Mark Kid: "My name's Max and I'm from the Hoenn region. My dad's a gym leader there. I'm here because I'm looking for clues to find the evil organization that hurt my mom."

... Oh. Max? As in that one bratty kid nobody liked from the Gen 3 anime?

: "What evil organizations?"

Now... alright. I'm not going to transcribe the rest of this dialogue because it goes on forever, so I may as well cut the fat:

Max: "There's an evil organization that wants to take over the world. I trained for months to be able to defeat them."

"Something like a movie."

Max challenges us because we look new, so Monica busts an artery and throws out the entire team.

Max has a very strange skin color, as if he's too pale to be human.

That said, Vampire Max here is rocking some high level Pokemon. How the kid with no experience in battling even accomplishes this I'll never know.

Max doesn't even get Pokemon in the show other than the brief time he meets Jirachi in that one movie, if my information is correct.

Gale tears his Leafeon apart because Max is ultimately a pushover despite the over-inflated levels.

At the very least they used the updated Nosepass sprite instead of the really wonky Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald one.

... Too bad Sigurd immediately makes his face concave.

You have to be joking. This poor Ralts is way overdue to be a Gardevoir or even a Gallade, so what the hell are you doing?

Sure, you give him something to boost his Psychic powers... but why not just evolve him then?

Whatever. Sigurd, kick his ass.

: ("Of course.")

[Sigurd used Knock Off!]

Ralts is one of those Pokemon that you can't make intimidating no matter how high their level gets.

The last one is this Dwebble that Wave dips into a pool of water. It only took one Water Pulse.

Boy, you haven't even started. Using the Rare Candy code isn't enough to get you through the game.

"You wouldn't stand a chance against my sis."

I severely doubt that. In-Game Monica mentions something about hidden items being down here, but I can't be assed to look for them.

You get nothing for defeating Max, by the way. He doesn't even talk to you unless you approach him... which is a disturbing trend I've noticed from all of the NPCs and plot sequences in this game up to now.

DRG doesn't know how to trigger region-wide events automatically. And judging by the later games, she never learns how to do it!

"Wait, it says something about a team reforming."

Long story short, this note explains how every villainous team from the real games is reforming to become the evil empire that Darugis is planning on using to take over the world or some muk. Honestly, this would be a much cooler and more promising concept if the story wasn't... average at best.

Future Dan: Team Rainbow Rocket would like to have a word with you.

Some more grinding offscreen and Corin learns Dragon Claw. A very nice substitute for Dragon Breath if I can say so.

Oh hey, he finally makes an appearance after being gone since Tiki Village.

: "Noah?"

: "Brock got away from me... Good job on defeating him! You've really gotten stronger from last time."

: "Yeah, no kidding..."

() : "I know, let's have a ba-- Wait a second. What's with the red Riolu you have there?"

:"Excuse me?"

: "Monica, get away from him! I was told to kill this monster on sight!"

: ("How did I know it would come to this?")

: "Back off, Noah! He's a good kid!"

: "I can't take that chance."

[Current OST: Heroic Struggle]

The real reason for the fight is nowhere near that intense, but still. Why are we fighting Noah again? This is immediately after the Brock-Darugis fight, so what the hell's with the timing?

Anyway, Noah's Rufflet is actually pretty tough as he has Aerial Ace and all of that good stuff. To make matters worse, he can use Bulk Up which lets him hit harder and boost his defense... so that's fun to deal with.

He... anticipated the Hypnosis. That's pretty smart, but at the same time I can just apply another one. It's not that hard.

: ("Heh heh heh... Such delicious dreams. The ones with positive emotions are the most delectable.)

What kind of team have I assembled?

Shelgon is a pain. They're essentially a hard counter to your Dragon starter, complete with Dragon Fang and a better attack than Dragon Breath.

: ("This one was very bitter. He was very disturbed about... Arceus? Interesting... We should look into this a bit more.")

You know, I seriously have to wonder what was going through Dark Rising Girl's head when she was setting the levels for this game. The difference between Noah and Darugis-Brock is staggering, and they're only like, what, three steps apart?

That said, Wave obliterates the Charmeleon in no time flat.

: ("How'd ya like that, varmint? ")

Oh, I don't even need to show off what happens here. Poor bastard.

: ("Okay, this one was just plain disgusting. I'd... rather not disclose what he was thinking about.")

Yes, but do you know how many fake Sigurds I had to kill how much time I had to spend training with Sigurd to reach this level?

: "... Hmm. I guess you're not so bad after all."

"But something got into him. Me and Ash tried to stop Brock, but he got away."

: "Ash is here?!"

: "Yeah, he's at the Atlantic Cape having a date with Pikachu."

In-Game Monica is like "heheh" like she finds that funny. Ours, though?


: "... Whoa, TMI. I know people have their preferences but good lord."

: "... I was just kidding. He's investigating some ruckus in Atlantic Cave."

: "Ah, cool. Thanks, Noah."

[Noah leaves but turns around to face us]

Neat. He gives us the VS Seeker to see if we can find our dad, but it's not really good for much unless you want to fight against previous trainers. None of the rematches are even edited so there's no reason to it.

: "Catch you later!"

[Noah leaves for real now]

Cool. Let's go up and -

Oh my god, it's the Nugget Bridge from the original game. How is the Core Region its own region if it's literally just Kanto with a paint job?

Let me guess, the Omni Region is a refurbished Johto with nominal differences. (if this is actually what it is, then I'll legally change my name to Cassandra because that's the truth)

: "Nope."

: "Tear him a new one, Gale."

: ("With pleasure.")


... Oh. What the hell did Noah do to this poor man?

: "You're funny."

: "I'm nineteen, you ass."

The same can be said for all of you.

I'm surprised these guys want to keep fighting Monica after they see how dangerous we are.

Oh hey, even In-Game Monica said nope too. That's hilarious.

'Kay, cool.

To be fair, these Golbats are a damn sight better to look at than Snakewood's. I still have nightmares.

You're the strongest of a group of cannon fodder. I bet you feel pretty proud of yourself.

I was not prepared for this.

She's beautiful

: ("Excellent timing. I'll make quick work of whatever's out there... just for you.")

Oh no, it's the Pretentious Pink Vest Man! (PPVM)

: "CONGRATULATIONS! You have defeated five of my Grunts! Therefore I want you to have this."

: "What the--? An Ultra Ball? Why are you giving this to me?"

That's a very good question.

: "Because your father gave me something as well. It's called a lifelong suffering in the pits of evil!"

You can't say hell? Come on, man.

: "My father wouldn't let another person suffer. You must be under Darugis's spell."


: ("Funnily enough, he's not. Despite that, he's still valuable entertainment. Have fun, Sigurd.")

: "What?!"

: ("Wait, what do you mean by--")

[Sigurd collapses to the ground, his entire body shaking. Monica runs over to him]


: ("How about you humor me and play with a handicap? It won't last long given your strength, but a few minutes is all this idiot needs to fight you.")

: "You think you're clever for fighting dirty, huh? Two can play that game!"

V is stronger than last time, but he's a far cry easier than what you had to deal with to get here. Misdreavus likes to debuff you with status effects and so on, which makes them the most problematic of the team to fight.

[Wave kneels, gasping for air]

: ("Sweet mother of lemon pie, that smarts...!")


This is after the big training session too, so the fact she's still standing is a testament to how she doesn't want to become the punching bag again.

... This would have been incredibly useful a few minutes ago. I love my luck.

Oh, this is going to be cathartic.

[Murkrow tried to attack Gale!]

: ("Oh, you're done? Then allow me.")

[Gale used Take Down!]

There was no contest.

(Look at Sigurd's health, the max is lower than normal)

: ("You've returned, Master Sigurd. You seem more confident.")

: ("That's because I've told them everything and they still accepted me, Gaspar. I think your chances of winning me over have slimmed into the negatives.")

: ("Is that so? What a pity. You could have been more useful to Lord Darugis alive had you cooperated.")

: ("Bring it on. I may be suffering a bit right now, but you've never been a match for me!")

[One fight later]

Damn, the reduced health nearly killed Sigurd.

Believe it or not, this was not intentional on my behalf. See, I was editing around stats for Sigurd so it would be easier for the team to kill the experience pinata clones of him... and I inadvertently reduced his health to half. Yep, a mistake on my part and I still make a story element out of it.

Basically, V goes "yeah your dad was a dick" and Monica's like "THAT DOESN'T HELP". We're not missing much if I don't transcribe this.

Yep. I want to know the secret flash step technique that the villains use just so I don't have to walk everywhere.

... Hah. It'd be cute if someone could even use this. Then again, Attract is situational at best.

"You're awesome!"

Well, I don't like to toot my own horn...

Oh wait, yes I do. Check this out:

Fun fact: When you beat this dude, he immediately takes back the "you're awesome" compliment... I guess we were too spicy for him.


Okay, seriously. I'd love to see someone make movesets out of the crap I give Sigurd for his level-ups. It'd certainly be interesting.

If you can be bested by a or type that anybody can just pick up on the side of the road, then you're not even 5% prepared to fight Ash. (as much as I hate to admit that)

"I got to talk to Ash!"

There's so many people around here that want to see/fight Ash for some reason. Sure, he's the champ, but at the same time the only thing he really has going for him is that he's the protagonist of the anime series. (Even then, a large amount of people don't even like him due to the objectively boneheaded decisions he makes...)

Anyway, Ash Fangirl #10 here has a Wartortle and a Quilava. Not that they're notable in any respect, but I like to bring up brand new Pokemon from time to time.

"That's why you were so rough!"

: "Dude, I don't even care about that. You were in the way and battled me for some reason."

Yep, pretty much.

: "Ah, cool. Good for you."

I can't stop thinking about the possibilities with Drought Ninetales now. That or stealing Fiery's style and creating a Drought team.

Honest to god, I like Emolga a bit more than Pikachu. Not to diss on my boy Ambes (Snakewood Let's Play team member for the uninformed) but I think Emolga is cuter and more creative looking.

I'm taking this line a bit out of context, but this is how Monica feels about the Ash Fanclub.

... Hell, the actual context is that this dude went "Go, my awesome Pokemon team!" and it was so unsubtle that even In-Game Monica was unimpressed.

[One fight later]

: "No..."

Wow, that's both hilarious and depressing. Dream killer over here!

Sure. What do you got for me, son?

Secret Power was here, so that's some more money if we desperately needed it.

[Initiates a battle]

Wow, all I did was walk up to where I need to go and you attack me. The paparazzi that follows Ash around is vicious.

Sigurd and Gale kick some more ass and ignore the camera trying to steal their souls.

I think this is Dark Rising Girl projecting her thoughts about Ash more than anything else.

Speaking of which, there's the man himself and his ridiculously overpowered Pikachu.

"Oh, you must be Monica, right?"

: "How did you know?"

Ash: "Oh, I'm sorry. My name's Ash. Noah told me a lot about you."

I would put a portrait of Ash here, but I'm not going to dig through the game files to see his trainer sprite.

: "Really?"

Ash: "Yeah, I'm off to save Brock. I saw him run through this cave a while ago..."

: "Brock? We just fought him."

Ash: "Hmm, I see..."

Oh, hey! He gives us a gift.

... An S.S Ticket. Given how Ash suddenly has a ton of connections due to being the champion, I can understand why he has this... but still.

Ash: "Well I'm off now. See you later, Monica."

If I had to make a translation of what he's saying, this would by my best bet:

("Let's go before we embarrass them.")

I remember Ash's Pikachu being an ass, so...

If I'm not mistaken, this is different art than before. Still very nice looking, though.

What did we even accomplish this episode aside from running around and beating up everyone we saw? Oh, and meeting Ash? Bah, whatever.

Next time on Pokemon Dark Rising, we do much of the same but with actual plot progression attached to it. See you then.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 31, , /) - "I'd like to see that little punk Pikachu say that again! Who does he think he is, anyway?!"
(Sigurd, level 35, , /) - "I don't know, but there was definitely something off about him."
(Sathala, level 25, , ) - "That's a bit of an understatement, haha. But man, Gale was friggin' amazing! She knocked the stuffing out of those guys!"
(Gale, level 34, , /) - "I'm glad to hear that. It takes guts to do that kind of thing, you know?"
(Lumis, level 32, , ) - "Indeed. I must say... I'm not quite looking forward to what's up ahead, but I'm glad we have Monica to guide us."
(Wave, level 33, , ) - "So that Ash feller was a hot shot? Shoot, I'd like to have a word with that Pikachu of his, type disadvantage or not."

Back up team:

(Arthur, level 22, , ) - "Huh. Everybody's training with Sigurd and they didn't bring me. Okay, I guess I'll just wait my turn."
(Vera, level 27, , ) - "I'm still reeling at how strong our opponents are becoming. It's insane how easily they do it!"
(Cinder, level 18, , ) - "Everybody looks so cool when they evolve... I wanna do that too!"

Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)

- Sigurd (Darkrai Riolu - All sprites (portrait, battle-front, battle-back) were edited by me.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)
+ (Cottonee originally did not have sad or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Gale (Staraptor family – Non-standard sprites made by CamusZekeSirius & ShyQuietRain)

- Arthur (Karrablast & Escavalier – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush & Jfain)
+ (Karrablast originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Lumis (Munna & Musharna – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush, chime & ShyQuietRain and baronessfaron)
+ (Musharna originally did not have happy or upset portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Cinder (Growlithe & Arcanine – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron, Deltex12 & LT)

- Wave (Floatzel family – Non-standard sprites made by Deltex12, C_Pariah and Pxlaris)

- Vera (Eelektross Family – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush)


- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

- Demon King Darugis (Darkrai - Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

- Gaspar aka. V's Golett/Golurk (Golurk family – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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A new and shiny chapter for the game with no polish.

Chapter #7 - Grinding My Gears


The first Repel we've gotten in a long time. Let this be a sign of how generous the game actually is.

Pfft - are you joking, faceless goon? I won't stop until this game winds up in the trash.

: ("I have nothing for this one. It was a little abstract but still very delectable.")

: "What, are you kidding? I love you guys. Well, I love tearing you apart, anyway."

Looks like muk's hitting the fan down there. I'd say I want to be part of what's happening, but this game has not convinced me that anything that happens here is fun.

You can find Sandiles here. I guess they'd be a good substitute if you never got the Garchomp line, but that's just a bad idea all around here.

This is easily the laziest reason to fight someone that I've seen yet.

I don't know what's up with this dude - he wants to look for Charmander yet he's wasting time fighting us. Did he hope we had one, or...

A Revive out of nowhere would be a nice surprise if it weren't for every shop in the game having them.

Take note of what she says, because I had ran into a Phanpy immediately before fighting her. Basically, if you mention it, I'll find it in a sheer stroke of luck.

: ("Heh heh heh... I'd like to have your beautiful dream.")

Oh god. Lumis, don't Maui his Mallard. It won't end well.

: ("Saved your dignity, hun. I think we'll be better off not hearing that kinda sweet talk ever again.")

: ("But he had such a boyish charm...")

What Monica says to this poor girl is easily the best thing she'll ever say in this story. Take it away:

: "Zombies."

: "Eeek!"

That's not something that Let's Play Monica said, either - that is actually in the game and it is glorious.


: "We're right next to each other, come on."

: "Love you too~"

A goon? Does this mean SomethingAwful works for Darugis?!

Oh, they're just recolored Magma grunts. Still, who would call themselves a goon and consider that an upgrade?

Okay, she wasn't kidding when she said she was stronger than the normal grunts. The best part about this is that the Goons don't immediately replace the Dark Thugs, so you'll have fights like this level 37 Houndoom at one point and then have to fight baby Croagunk and Houndours again.

Houndoom here tries to be scary, but Sigurd shuts her down immediately.

: ("It's funny how they think they're stronger when I can still do that to them.")

There was another Goon on the top path, so you'd have to fight them no matter what.

I still can't get over the name Goon being used as the Admin codifier for this group.

That said, he's not threatening in the slightest, especially with Wave and Sigurd being a thing.

Monica's already done it to your two buddies beforehand. What makes you so special?

Ah, you poisoned Sigurd. That's about the only thing that's different here.

Oh cool. If Corin didn't know Dig, this would have been slightly useful.

Would you look at that, it's a -

it's a


Welcome to the team, buddy!

The timing couldn't be any more perfect. Sure, we have to grind to get him to be good, but this is still incredible.

Sorry, Cinder. You've been replaced.

Nice. Now she can eat dreams while having doll protection.

The legendary Baton Pass?! How the hell does Lumis have this in her learnable moveset?

I pass it up because she doesn't know Calm Mind, but still!

We've done it like a million times before we came here. Get with the times, buddy.

I like to imagine that Monica is going down the stairs all nice and calm, but all of a sudden this Dark Thug lady runs up to her from behind screaming "INTRUDER ALERT" at the top of her lungs.

Scared mukless, Monica just decks her in the face and runs away.

What, are you kidding? Monica still has a heart attack after the "INTRUDER ALERT" incident.

Stone Edge would be cool if anybody could learn it, though.

Oh what? Icy Wind? That's... the only thing we have on our entire team.

I'm definitely keeping this, especially since it's guaranteed to lower speed each time.

Believe it or not, despite how much I diss these guys for both their name and how easy they are to get rid of, the fighting actually wore us down a bit.

: [Happily sticks out tongue as she walks away]

A new member of the Too-Good-To-Use Club? Welcome aboard.

[One fight later]

: ("You already have. Be glad I'm not the kind of tyrant that executes people for failing, if only because it's more funny to see you fumble around.")

I'm just gonna take a break in the "action" for a little bit to buy some stuff and heal up.

Turns out we were rich after all, so we'd better get to using it.

If you were two Goons, then I might be worried.

[One inconsequential fight later]

I don't understand how this game's difficulty works.

Spoiler warning: He allows me to reach Entei, though not of his own free will.

This Houndoom is about to regret all of his life decisions.

Who are you, Homer Simpson? Come on.

Believe it or not, with logic that defies reason, he's actually right. Just watch what's going to happen.

Little side-note: If you approach the lady Dark Thug at a certain spot, the Goon there can leave an easy-to-walk-into space where you can skip this entire plot sequence. That is how lazily programmed this entire thing is.

It would have been more beneficial to just punch me like... I dunno, actually competent villains? Or at the very least hold me back like the Dim Sun grunts in Pokemon Ranger 2.

: "Haha! Your Charizard is no match for the power of Dark Entei!"

Ash: "Monica, you have to defeat Entei so that Brock can come back to his senses! He is not going easy in our battle here."

How does defeating Entei turn Brock back to... oh whatever, I don't care.

[Entei jumps in front of Monica]

: "Whoa! How'd he get here so fast?!"

: "HAHA! This poor excuse of a trainer has no chance to defeat Dark Entei!"

Ash: "Brock, snap out of it!"

Now, the story has been pretty blase this entire time but at least it tried a bit. What comes up here is just bad.

Ash: "This isn't you. You're the best Pokemon Breeder in the world. You'd never control a Pokemon for evil purposes! I know you're somewhere inside there! FIGHT IT!"

Christ on a pogo stick, how non-existent is your creativity if you bring out the "I know you're in there somewhere fight" verbatim? It's so cliche that I can't help but choke on it.

This is ignoring all of the other problems I have with this game (palette swap characters, glorified Kanto paint job, etc.) and as much as I hate to say this, Snakewood was infinitely more creative and even then it was still a mediocre game.

: "Haha! Foolish people... shall die!"

[A Crisis]

HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO THIS WITHOUT GRINDING?! High levels do not constitute good difficulty!

There's so much going wrong here. The opponents immediately before this were at late 30s but then you throw this monster at me? Did you even playtest your game?

I'd give this a break if you at least threw him in at late-game, but why now?

Future Dan: Oh my god, I know someone who would HATE this nonsense even more than me - in fact he'd go on a tirade that stat abuse like this is not compelling gameplay.

Best part is that he would min-max the levels to prove his point.

Wait a minute. Did... Did Wave just beat up Entei - a legendary - despite being 14 levels lower than him?

Sure, she got her ass kicked left and right earlier, but this was definitely her brightest moment.

: ("Legendary, huh? Sheesh, I've met tougher Lillipups!")

: [Claps] ("I'm impressed. The fact you managed to beat up that beast WITHOUT Sigurd gives me hope that you'll be a worthy opponent. Again, don't disappoint me or I'll make sure you'll catch hell for it.")

[Darugis disappears from Brock's body]

: "Wh-what happened? Who are you?"

Ash: "It's alright, Brock."

: "What? You can talk?! Did you guys hear that?!"

I know this is meant to be Monica's main "power" thing, but telepathy between Pokemon and their trainers is one of the main staples of my Pokemon let's plays so this is just weird to me.

("I am communicating with you through telepathy.")

() : "Woah, no way! ... It's not like I do it all of the time with my Pokemon, but still whoa!"

() : ("You are indeed strong, if a bit of a wiseass. The evil controlling me was very powerful. However, if you can reawaken the god of all Pokemon, Arceus, then you can defeat it.")

: "Tell me how... I just got dragged into all of this after I got my first Pokemon. All I wanted to do was become the best trainer in the world, challenge the league and meet rivals from all across the world. That's my passion, you know?"

Despite everything that happens, Monica is still just a normal girl. She just had to get caught up with all of this nonsense.

: ("That's exactly why you were chosen. Your determination and ambition is stronger than any trainer Arceus has ever known.")

() : "Oh, stop."

: ("The Jewel of Life... It's hidden somewhere in the Core Region. You must find it and use its power to save Arceus from the evil chains that sealed him away.")

: "Okay, got it. Thanks for the information."

Charizard has the best color commentary out of everyone here.

[Ash and Brock run over to Charizard - he returns him to his Pokeball]

"I know you'll find your dad and I'll do my best to help you."

Hey thanks, man. You're not so bad after all.

: "Thanks, Ash."

Ash: "Hey, it's no problem. I know we'll have to battle each other some day."

: "I'm looking forward to that."

Ash: "Brock will stay here to treat Entei's wounds. I have more important things to do so I guess I'll be going now. Let's go, Pikachu!"

: ("Of course.")

[Ash and Pikachu walk off screen]

Well, no wonder. It's not like Wave beat the daylights out of him or anything, no.

[Monica shoots a death glare at the Dark Thug]

: "Call me that again and it'll be more than your Pokemon that you lose."

Dark Thug: "Y-yes, ma'am..."

: "No problem. By the way, how did you get under control?"

: "You know, I don't remember a thing. One minute I was checking out this hottie - she had a sick Pokemon with her. They had this really bad energy out of them, so I tried to help them the best I could. After that, I woke up and wound up here."

So even in the canon of the game itself, Darugis possessed Brock because he was a pervert. Sure, he may have had good intentions helping out the Pokemon but he was ultimately after dat trainer ass. Just sayin'.

I didn't post this screenshot out of order - this grunt doesn't stop you or say anything in response. I guess the spectacle with Entei was so impressive that every remaining grunt decided it was a bad idea to attack Monica.

Which is how it should be, to be honest.

... Did I really screencap it when the lightning came up? Wow, that's bad timing.

Thank god there's Pokecenters scattered around this place, otherwise this would be a serious pain in the ass. This, along with the items you get in shops, are some of the few saving graces regarding the gameplay.

"I'm supposed to be doing a school newspaper article on Waters Cavern. But I'm too lazy to do it..."

This is a pretty accurate summary of me with everything, unfortunately. But wait, I thought that place was so dangerous that people died in it.

Why would they send a kid to do a newspaper article on the place? Edginess is a hell of a drug.

Anyway, time to train Ignell. You're gonna have to stay behind for a bit, Sathala.

: ("Sure. Have fun, new guy.")

These are some of the new Pokemon you can find around here, although you probably won't have the time or patience to train them up.

Why is there a burn heal he-

Oh my god, don't tell me this is supposed to be your reward for defeating Entei. It makes too much sense for it not to be.

Ignell gets some very impressive moves.

At this rate, he could act as an effective replacement for Cinder, Vera and even Corin. (As he can learn Dragon Pulse later on)

: ("I'm impressed you've gotten me this strong in such a short amount of time! Thank you, Monica! My thanks to you too, red Riolu.")

While I was at it, I got Cinder to evolve too.

: ("AWESOME! I'm not just a puppy anymore!")

When you have to announce out loud that they're awesome, they're guaranteed to be the opposite.

"It's the creation to all things good."

What the hell is this guy talking about? Is he part of a cult?

Confirmed. He saw we were a non-believer and gave up immediately.

Oooh, a present! Get out of the way!

If Ignell didn't get Thunder Punch, this would be a much different story. Like god damn, he slaughtered it.

Aerial Ace is a good reward for beating up two random trainers, I suppose.

Excuse me, is that Thundurus?

"Is this the Pokemon that attacked me before? Time for some payback!"

As I've said before, Monica needs to aim for the trainer that manipulated Tornadus... not the actual Pokemon themselves. Besides, this isn't even Tornadus, despite the Kami Trio all looking very similar in their Incarnate forms.

(wow, thank you lightning effect - i love you too)

Thankfully, Thundurus makes the logical choice and runs away from Monica and her team of killdozers.

: "Aaargh! It got away. That Pokemon looked a little different than the one I battled before. Well, I'm going to have my payback some day!"

In-Game Monica has some weird motivations when you really analyze them long enough. Anyway, let's go into the cave it was blocking.

Future Dan: I genuinely don't understand this plot thread with Monica hating the Kami Trio when it's literally the trainer themselves who laughed in her face for losing. You'd think she'd get angry at him, but that would require at minimum competent writing.

[Warning beeps, followed by intense heat]

What the -

... The Bastard Meter exploded. Whatever's down here is way out of our league, so I'm not even going to bother.

So watch Ignell steamroll through a poor Bug Catcher and his Scolipede instead!

... I actually really like Scolipede, by the way. It's vicious enough to be threatening but not ugly enough to be unappealing.

He's not laughing at us, by the way. He has something stuck in his throat.

The emptiness of this post makes me very nervous for some reason. Very liminal.

Oh hey, a new town! Aroma is a good name for a Grass type town, actually. It's certainly a big step up from Flamen.

Also, say hello to Pete again.

"Guess what, guess what?!"

: "Hey Pete, what's up?"

: "I've defeated both Fiery and Typhoon!"

Wow, seriously? Then again, we spent a ton of time grinding so the time gap might be reasonable there.

: "My dad allows me to challenge gym leaders now as long as he's around."

[Disinterested tone]: "That's awesome."

: "You look down. What's wrong?"

Pete is a good kid.

Atlantic City Monica: "I can't tell them about what happened or they'll freak out."

Now: "I'm going to spill every piece of relevant information to them regarding my dad and how he was captured."

It's a complete 180 from the last time they were around. If you're going to put in NPC text that doesn't need to be read, at least keep it consistent to what you're going to put in later on.

: "I know what'll cheer you up."

No Pete, I'm afraid that won't help at all.

Why do we get interrupted by rival fights so often in this game? Is it to pad out the length of the game because Dark Rising Girl can't think of anything?

Pete says that his dad showed him some moves and that he's hundreds of times stronger than before. But is Pete's math right or wrong?

[Heroic Struggle]

Oh well, it doesn't matter. Despite using the same theme as the fight with Noah, this one isn't hard at all. Especially with Ignell the Beast over here.

I'm noticing a pattern: Every time I evolve someone, they usually get this giant crowning moment / exhibition of their skills that wipe the floor with whatever this game has to offer. I like it and I hope it doesn't stop soon.

Meanwhile, Lumis dominates his Feraligatr without even taking a scratch.

: ("I'm satisfied at the very least.")

Oh hell yeah. That's actually really good for her, even if she still can't do much to Dark types.

Future Dan: Did you forget that Shadow Ball is physical in Gen 3?

Vibrava is the least threatening of all the Dragon starters. Sure, he was painful when he was a Trapinch, but Corin's stepped up her game since then.

[Corin used Dragon Claw!]

When Shelgon is the opponent that comes directly before you, you're nowhere near as scary by comparison.

Arguably the most difficult mon that Pete has is this Scrafty. Gale and Lumis had to work together to take him down, as Scrafty are known for their bulk and I'd rather not take any chances.

Like so. Now I can finally take a break from battles before the game throws a million of them at me again.

Poor Pete must be losing his mind over this. He spent so much time grinding levels only to get swatted aside by the main character.

... An accurate statement for how I feel with the game, by the way.

: "Hehe... Thanks."

: "Oh, I just remembered something. There's this mysterious house here. It seems like no one is able to notice it but me. Can you check it out?"

: "... Sure! I'll do just that."

Is he talking about the house right next to us? I'll keep that in mind for later.

That's all the time we have for this one, though. Next time on Dark Rising, we get a few new friends, some new evolutions and tear this game apart at the molecules.

See you then.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 40, has Dragon Fang, , /) - "I like this new guy! He kinda reminds me of my dad."
(Sigurd, level 38, , /) - [Is off smelling some flowers with Sathala]
(Ignell, level 38, , /) - "Hah! A giant walks among you! It's certainly a good time to be a Charizard and I have Monica to thank for that."
(Gale, level 38, , /) - "... You're my kind of guy."
(Lumis, level 37, , ) - "Psst. Wave. Have you noticed anything... strange going on around here? Doesn't it seem like reality is warping apart at the seams?"
(Wave, level 38, , ) - "Now that you mention it... I get dizzy sometimes when I stand near certain places. Do you think we could be getting ourselves into something we'll regret?"

Back up team:

(Arthur, level 22, , ) - "Huh. Everybody's training with Sigurd and they... still didn't bring me. The new Charizard guy looks fun too. Man..."
(Sathala, level 25, , ) - "Ah! Aren't they pretty, Sigurd? Here's one that looks like your hair buns!"
(Vera, level 27, , ) - "The team looks like they're having fun. I wish I could join them for a bit."
(Cinder, level 18, , ) - [Pounces on Sigurd and Sathala - he affectionately licks both of their faces]

Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)

- Sigurd (Darkrai Riolu - All sprites (portrait, battle-front, battle-back) were edited by me.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)
+ (Cottonee originally did not have sad or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Gale (Staraptor family – Non-standard sprites made by CamusZekeSirius & ShyQuietRain)

- Arthur (Karrablast & Escavalier – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush & Jfain)
+ (Karrablast originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Lumis (Munna & Musharna – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush, chime & ShyQuietRain and baronessfaron)
+ (Musharna originally did not have happy or upset portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Cinder (Growlithe & Arcanine – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron, Deltex12 & LT)

- Wave (Floatzel family – Non-standard sprites made by Deltex12, C_Pariah and Pxlaris)

- Vera (Eelektross Family – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush)

- Ignell (Charizard Family – Non-standard sprites made by Opalite & a long string of numbers I can't pronounce)


- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

- Demon King Darugis (Darkrai - Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

- Gaspar aka. V's Golett/Golurk (Golurk family – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

Rainbow Chara X

Impossible to gauge!

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Hauled in a marlin, folks! We've got quite the show for you today in...

Chapter #8 - Made In Heaven


I'm genuinely pretty excited for today's chapter, so let's not waste time.

If you have over 20 Pokemon recorded in your Dex, this guy will give you an Everstone. Pretty much the opposite of what we want, seeing as I'd like to make sure we evolve and not get horribly slaughtered.

Okay, you've got to be yanking me. Was I seriously supposed to wait until the third town to evolve Sathala into a Whimsicott? Everybody else is already way stronger than the poor little puffball, so it doesn't even matter.

The only moves she had before evolving were Mega Drain, Leech Seed and etc. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Grinding naturally would have taken forever due to each battle turning into a stallfest. To get any real viability out of her, I would have had to wait several hours for her to reach half of the required strength to be good in this game.

Mind, Ninetales is easily way more powerful due to having Drought and gets an evolutionary stone as early as Flamen. So uh... what is balance, again?

: "Uh, hey Ms. Weatherbell. What are you doing here? If this is a field trip, where are the students?"

Weatherbell: "No-no, this is my hometown. I'm on vacation. I'm letting an assistant of mine take care of the little buggers."

: "I think I met that guy back in the Twist Woodlands."

I don't think we have but I don't really care.

Weatherbell: "Remember our fun battle at the school?"

You know, I'm getting really tired of the whole "I was holding back" thing. Why not just use all of your Pokemon to begin with if you're actually that strong?

I can understand because she's the teacher, but when the ~serious~ villains do it...

How much you want to bet that the "vacation" was actually her grinding for hours until she finally got a half-decent team? Not only that, imagine if you never went to check on Ms. Weatherbell back on the first route. You'll be talking to this lady that you don't know and then she fights you in the middle of town for some stupid reason.

Not that it matters, since Ignell burns up everything she has.

Roserade is honestly one of my favorite Pokemon and the fact I don't have the patience to capture one at this point makes me sad.

Take note of Ignell's level here, by the way. The level curve has been pretty obnoxious as it is, but would you believe me that it actually gets worse?

Oooh, that's good.

I think she's a bit too tangled, cause that's some nice sprite crunch.

Yes, we "trully" have. (I'm at a loss for words, sorry - the game's dialogue is kind of wearing on my soul/commentating abilities)

Stick to your day job, lady.

Also, take a look at the right of the screen. We don't need good tiling - all that matters is the story, am I right? (seriously, as a user of advancemap, i don't understand how DRG even does this)

One cool thing about Aroma Town is that you can find wild Pokemon in it. You can find Chikorita in here, but all of the starters are at level 10 regardless of where you go... for some reason.

Anyway, remember the house next to Pete and his dad? Let's go inside and meet someone... special.

[Theme I would use here: Dark Elf]

This is bound to go bad.

"Beside me is Paul, Arceus's main follower. The house you were talking about was nothing but a mere illusion."

... Then what the hell is Arceus, then? He's literally Pokemon's god of creation!

Actually, believe it or not, Tarea is Dark Rising Girl's in-game avatar. That's what she means by "the Creator."

I think I might need some migraine medicine for this?

"You, Monica, are the chosen one. You can see more than anybody else. You and Noah have both been chosen by Arceus himself to save the world."

: "And you expect me to believe all of this."

Definitely Not-Lorelei: "However, at your current state, there will be a force ahead strong enough to stop you."

: "What would that be, if I may ask?"

: "Spirits?"

Definitely Not-Lorelei: "Monica, I will give you the power to see the spirits of people and Pokemon that wander around this world in endless suffering. Yearning for something... Seeking to accomplish an act of emotion that cannot happen anymore...:

That's edgy teenager fanfiction for you - I have no idea what the hell she's saying.

() : [Confused glare]

Definitely Not-Lorelei: "Touch the mystic triangle of Arceus. It will give you the power that will help you on your journey."


More like the moldy Dorito that Deoxys left under the couch.

I would transcribe the rest of this dialogue, but it's pretty much just Monica asking "where is dad and what am I going up against" - to which Not-Lorelei goes "lol nope figure it out yourself kid" in the nicest way possible.

The actual text is "All will be revealed when the time is right", so chalk it up to the "DRG is creatively bankrupt" board.

Anyway, "Tarea" disappears while leaving info about Darugis - that he's born from negative energy and equal in power to Arceus, if not more so. Normally I'm an absolute slut for power levels, but the story here has not proven to me why it should deserve even 1% of my excitement.

[Monica touches the triangle - to which it gets absorbed into her body]

... Well, that's certainly one way of doing things. But wait, what's this?


[An overwhelming amount of light washes over Monica and her Pokemon]

[Live A Live Main Theme]

: ("Whoa!")

Holy muk, now we're talking!

: ("Hey, uh. Take a look at yourself.")

[Arthur gasps as he looks himself over]

: ("Sweet holy mother! My hands are candy canes!")

: ("Lances.")

: ("What's to say they can't be both, lass?")

Everybody's getting a piece of this and it's glorious.

: ("Let's rock.")

: "Holy crap!"

It's official - The game is brown bread

See, Lucario Sigurd has the following stats:

80 / 130 / 100 / 130 / 80 / 115

He is obscenely powerful for a very good reason and even comes with his own signature moves. Sure, he doesn't have them now, but when he does... the game will finally be balanced in my favor.

Just take a look at those monster stats. He is ready, man.

I'll reveal what I did in just a bit. For now, we have this -

Spontaneous narration as it actually appears in the game, I wish I were kidding: "What this? There some lights coming from Monica! It became an Item!"

Just showing off Dark Rising Girl's mastery of the English language.

Oh, this is what Not-Lorelei meant by letting us see the spirits of the dead. She could have just said "I'm gonna give you the Silph Scope so you can see ghosts", but that wouldn't have been edgy and mysterious enough.

: "Throughout the history of the Pokemon universe, there have been many Pokemon who have become legends. Victini the Victory Pokemon... It created the balance between Black and White. It represents the hero. Keldeo the Colt Pokemon... It fought hard to save the world against the frozen might of a powerful dragon and eventually won. It represents the fighter... Noah has chosen the fighter. You, Monica, will now have the Hero by your side."

*Snickers immaturely*

But yeah seriously. The Hero and the Fighter? What... the heck is he talking about?

Plus it doesn't really mean anything seeing as there's no real backstory to those titles aside from pasting Legendaries to the lore.

[Theme I would play right now: The Apprentice 2]


: ("Hi~! Nice to meet you, Monica!")

: ("W-what?!")

: "Oh my god, he's super cute. Why didn't anybody warn me about this?"

: ("I guess we're stuck with each other. I'll be glad to help you any way I c-")

[The Victini gasps upon seeing Sigurd - theme changes over to Schala's Theme]

: ("S-Sigurd?! Is that really you?")

: ("Yeah, it's me! I'm so happy to see you're not dead or worse!")

: "Wait, you know each other?"

: ("Yes! We're brothers - not blood-related, but still. Our history goes as far back as 3000 years ago.")

: "What?! How are you both still alive?!"

: ("Neither of us can age anymore... for reasons that will take too long to explain.")

: ("But I'm still a little boy at heart!")

: "... Huh. You guys are... immortal?"

: ("It's... complicated, but yes. We had a little help from a certain deer-shaped legendary.")

: ("Did you tell her about Alberich yet, Sigurd?")

: "Alberich...?"

: ("Oh, I'm sorry - I guess he didn't.")

: ("See, Alberich used to be our original trainer all those years ago. He's one of the sweetest people you could ever meet.")

: ("Was.")

: ("Oop.")

: "Did he betray you or something?"

: ("In a sense. We don't really like to talk about him anymore.")

: "Ah. Must be a V situation or something."

: ("I'm so sorry for bringing him up.")

; ("It's fine. At least you can still think fondly of him...")

: ("Either way, you should stick with us. Monica's talent as a trainer is second to none if I'm already back in this shape, so...")

: ("Of course!!")

[The Victini hops on Sigurd's shoulders]

: ("Granted, I was going to help no matter what, but now I'll actually enjoy it with you around.")

: ("Missed you, you little goofball.")

: "What's your name, little guy?"

: ("Call me Siegfried. Glad to make your--")

[Monica pinches both of his cheeks]

: "I'm sorry, you're just too cute."

: ("Thanks...?")

Awwwww snap, here we go. Touching the Pyramid of Power has brought us up to superhuman levels...

Or so I would lead you to believe. See, the game is so unbalanced that grinding to reach the appropriate levels would take a millennium. So I did the next best thing.

We can play double-dumbass.

I am not apologizing for this and it won't be the last time.

By the way, if you decide to go back into the house where Not-Lorelei and the Dorito of Danger were...

... You can induce a goddamn time loop and repeat the event as many times as you want, complete with a new Victini each time.

Each Victini carries Sacred Ash, so that's a free full party revival item every time.

Dark Rising has as many game-breaking glitches as Action 52 and is about on the same level of quality.

Oh wait, Action 52 at least had the ultra-catchy Cheetahmen song... so Dark Rising is even worse.

Anyway, let's go face palette-swap Gary Oak - seeing as he's blocking the way.

"Nice work back in the Atlantic Cave."

: "Huh? Who are you? And how do you know my name?"

Not-Gary: "The name's Dray. I'm the number one Pokemon trainer in the world."

I psyduckin' doubt anyone here could pass off as genuinely good trainers outside the game. Like you have to keep in mind, Dark Rising Girl just makes everything overpowered/unfair for the player and passes it off as "challenging" but if you know how to turn the tables, it all crumbles.

By the way, this might be a rumor, but I've heard that Dray is short for Drayano - another rom hacker as far as I'm aware. I don't know much about him, but I do have a record of Dark Rising Girl saying that "expert hackers" have okayed this game.

: "Uhh... Sorry, I just met the champ not too long ago."

Dray: "You mean that Ash guy? Please. My father told me stories about this."

He's bringing the sass.

"He wasn't all that, you know?"

: "What, did you say Jean Blake?! That's my father you're talking about."

Dray: "I know, I know. Your father was a pretty impressive trainer back in the day."

It's almost as if Monica takes after him or something.

: "Please, tell me if you know where my father is."

Dray: "You're not too bright, are you? Your father's been captured by Darugis. This evil creature totally wrecked the world way before we were born."

You know, this is sort of the reason why plot-relevant information should be out in the open instead of hidden in places where people won't guess to look... like inside a non-descript house or a place that's not required to be entered at all.

The fact that we have rivals appearing with every step doesn't help matters either, seeing as they've worn out their welcome a long time ago.

Anyway, we're not missing much here. Monica wants to know more info about her dad but Dray is just like "fite me", so we humor him.

Dray would be a slight challenge if it weren't for our supercharged team. At the very least he has one of the least eye-searing palettes out of everybody we've seen.


Zoom in and you'll see his hair is actually not there - this is why it's "blue" in the overworld and not white.

It seems like such a small thing but trust me when it gets worse later on.

Gale football tackles his Galvantula and laughs in the face of elemental weaknesses.

You know how I said Siegfried (just roll with it - there's a name rater coming up soon) has a ridiculously overpowered move? Zen Headbutt is where it's at.

Normally Zen Headbutt wouldn't be anything special - it's a good physical Psychic move with the capability to flinch. However, Dark Rising Girl managed to screw up the stats for the move to the point where it has a guaranteed chance to make the enemy flinch every time it hits.

The fact its animation in this game is clearly Uproar doesn't help the cheese factor.

These guys are easy peasy even without the boost in levels. (Also there's a shot of Sigurd's backsprite in case you were curious)

Dray's signature Pokemon is a Druddigon with Leftovers. He tries to be bulky but Corin stomps him out in no time.

I'd get angry about the level curve but this isn't even the best time for it. Just wait for it.

Narration: "Monica begins to talk to himself."

What's the point of a gender choice if you're too lazy to change the dialogue in the game to fit? Like alright I know people do this for a hobby but making a game involves effort even if it's just a fan game.

In-Game Monica notices that the Druddigon is like her father's and Dray says "okay I was just testing you" for the millionth time in this game.

"I gotta admit it's really cool for us to have met like this. Both the children of the coolest members of Team DR."

() : ("I swear if this is going where I think it is...")

: "What's Team DR?"

Dray: "How could you not know?"

Roll credits.

"It consists of six members, but it was originally four until your dad joined the clique. Oh, and that Gym Leader Blitz guy too."

Essentially, Dray goes on to say that Team Dark Rising was a secret organization dedicated to stopping havoc around the world. One of their female members, Amaris, has some diaries on Darugis and as such that's where we're going. There, I saved you about at least 30 lines of dialogue.

Anyway, Dray tells us about a party going on in Mystic Falls and how he wants to go. Personally, I'd be more concerned about the embodiment of hatred with a veritable army storming the region but these kids have better priorities. Oh well, at least we get to cash in the S.S. Ticket.

Battle Cave? Sounds promising...

Until you realize it's literally just Diglett's Cave with Fighting type Pokemon.

Hey, it's Black Haired Oak. My save file for this moment was literally titled "omg what do you want prof", which is understandable considering how often we get stopped.

: "Professor Ivan? What are you doing here?"

It's obvious what he's here for - to ruin our day and our progress like everybody else.

: "I'm here conducting research on this area on what attracts rare Pokemon to come here and battle each other."

Monica asks for Dad and the Jewel of Life. Ivan tells us there's a guy in Mystic Falls that might know where it is, so that's all well and good. This information, however, comes with a price.

You son of a rattata. Yet another rival battle?

I guess it can't be helped.

The good Professor should stick to research. Nothing he has is really a threat.

... Barring this level 50 Slaking that somehow managed to tank one of Sigurd's uber Aura Spheres.

Good luck fighting this guy with a normal Pokemon. 150 base health and 160 attack are so godlike that they have to give Slaking Truant just so he doesn't classify as an uber.

To compare, Attack Form Deoxys (the strongest non-mega) has 20 more attack and Snorlax has 10 more health.


Shut up and get out of the way, Prof.

... Nursery Road? Huh. What's all this about?

Oh. It's a playground for baby Pokemon. Every conceivable baby Pokemon is lurking around this place, so that's cool if I ever want to raise one.

Poor Sigurd must have scared this poor little Pichu to death, though. Just sayin'.


[The Pichu cries out and trembles]

: ("Oh jeez, I'm sorry sweetie. Here, how about this shiny thing?")

[Sigurd hands a Star Piece over to her and she calms down]

[Monica notices a Star Piece missing from her inventory]

: "Hey!"

Appropriately, this is where the Day Care Center is located. Due to the lack of Pokemon Centers around here, the PC in the corner will have to suffice if we want any healing.

Oh my god, I am going to bust an artery.

: "Look. I have more than enough problems to handle right now. I don't need this from you, so I'd appreciate it if you back off."

Arguably the most reasonable thing In-Game!Monica has said in a long time. My hat's off to you.

: "Problems? You have problems? Tell me, is your family dead? Did you have to suffer while they were punished?!"

: "... What the hell?"

Okay, stop. You are not going to make me feel sorry for this woman if she's going to act like this to random people she doesn't know. She doesn't even have a real reason to antagonize us, which makes it even worse.


Okay, that's it. Ever since we made it to the Dread Swamp, it's been nothing but rival battles with some plot thrown in. Let me just list off the amount of people we've fought in sequential order:

Sydney (second encounter) -> Kayo (Not Silver) -> some prick from the Omni Region -> Darugis Brock -> Noah -> V (Pink Cyrus) -> Darugis Brock with Entei -> Pete -> Dray -> Professor Ivan and now Sydney for a third time.

Can you psyducking CHILL IT?

Like jesus christ, it's bad enough that there's practically no real plot aside from "Darugis is a bad guy we need to go take him down" but why do we have to fight every single person we know?

(By the way, I mean that. I've checked what's coming up and it's literally every single person we know.)

Can you blame anybody for being intimidated by Sigurd? His stats and his appearance sort of make him out to be like the Antichrist.

Sydney, honey, every important person in this game has a dragon. If you reached this point and you had to keep up level-wise with the game, then there is no way this lowly Fraxure could keep up with your ultra-badass Dragon starter.

: ("Oi, that tickles! Quit it!")

[Arthur used Megahorn!]

: ("Eh. I gave them fair warning. Can't blame me.")

Poor Larvesta had no idea what she was getting herself into.

: ("You again?!")

: ("Sorry, I don't have the time.")

: ("D-damn you..")

: ("Hey, here's a thought. Maybe we wouldn't be fighting if your trainer wasn't harassing Monica.")

No she's not, In-Game Monica. She's one of the easiest people in this entire section.

Now, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from ignoring Sydney and just leaving her in the dust. Still, I should summarize what happens if you talk to her.

: "Darugis took my family! Kayo is involved somehow!"

: "I thought Darugis was just recently causing trouble??"

: "What do you think this is, Pokemon Stadium? You need to pay for the damages you did to this post!"

This shuts up the officer for some reason. I am not missing anything here.

I am very curious as to what a map of this place looks like. I'm also curious if Fly ever gets used at all during the game.

It immediately stops being private when you actively attack someone who just wants to pass through.

The trainers would have perfectly reasonable levels... if this were vanilla Pokemon. I don't understand this game, okay.

: "Better than you can imagine, baby."

[One fight later]

It's a combination of the two. Random trainers are not stopping us any time soon.

Anyway, let's just go and get this over w--


What the hell?

: "Hey, what's the deal?"

: ("... I've found you.")

[A Gardevoir materializes in front of Monica]

: "Whoa! A Gardevoir?!"


: ("You reek with the same energy as Darugis...")

: "Wait, what?"

: ("Prepare yourself.")

: ("No, it... it can't be!")

: ("I'll destroy you, demon.")

[The Gardevoir fires off a Shock Wave at Sigurd, who tanks it]

: ("... On second thought... it's not her. Just another Gardevoir.")

: ("Throw whatever you want at me, but I'm not fighting back. I'd rather not hurt someone who doesn't deserve it.")

: ("You won't trick me this time!")

[The Gardevoir concentrates her powers with a Calm Mind but Siegfried jumps between the two]

: ("Please don't hurt Sigurd!")

: ("Wh-what?")

: ("You've got the wrong guy. Please, let's just talk this through.")

: ("... I'm confused. Are you really not the same person? Oh well, it can't hurt to talk.")

[Theme I would use here: Illusionary World]

: "What's the deal, miss? Why'd you attack me and my crew for no reason?"

: ("Ah... See, I was taken away from my own trainer and forced into this new region by someone that calls himself the Demon King. He possessed every trainer in sight in order to wear me down. Your Lucario friend's powers had the same intensity as his, so please forgive me for mixing them up.")

: ("I'm used to that sort of thing. Please, don't feel bad about it.")


: "Wow, that sounds pretty brutal, miss... Uh... What's your name?"

: ("Bellamine. It's a pleasure to meet you... now that we're not trying to tear each others' throats out.")

: "Ha, same. My name is Monica. This is Sigurd and Siegfried. We're traveling to get rid of this Darugis guy too."

: ("Ah, I see! Would you mind if I come with you? It seems we all have a score to settle with him.")

: "You're telling me. Anyway, I'm always down to having more help around the place."

: ("We'd love to have you, miss Bellamine!")

: ("You're not the first person to try and kill me, actually... But hey. For me, that's just the start of a new relationship.")

Yep. For those of you who have never read the Snakewood Let's Play (go read through it please), Bellamine was the Gardevoir I had in that playthrough. Her level is the same as it was at the end of that game, and even comes with a neat little item called the Sand Cloak which is pretty much Bright Powder (lowers enemy accuracy) but cooler.

I have a feeling we're going to need her along for this adventure, if only to help me riff the game. (Because it all goes downhill from here...)

I hate forced encounters.

Casual reminder: Ninetales are Death Gods in this game thanks to Drought, so I was foolish to not grab one earlier.

Also, check this out: Drought was still in effect, Fire Punch gets a STAB boost and Siegfried is about 20 or so levels higher than the Exeggutor.

There's not even ash left of the poor thing.

You were so easy you bored Sigurd to sleep, apparently.

Will this ever be relevant? I doubt it.

Apparently we won the Fight Club Lottery or something because these guys don't stop coming.

Blah blah, son of Jean Blake, great potential, yadda yadda.

Ivan's friend there is Zachary and he's related to our dad in some way. However, this conversation is a bit... different from most others we've had up to now.

: "Nice to meet you, Zachary."

: "I can't really say the same..."

: "Now, Zachary, be polite."

"This child's father refused to destroy Darugis all those years ago. Now the current generation has to deal with the beast."

Wow. We're really doing the Sins of the Father thing, huh? Very dangerous trope to play around with.

Monica, on the other hand, tells him off in the best way possible.

: "Look, that's not my fault. I don't know what fully happened back then, but I'm pretty sure my father and his Pokemon put their lives on the line to save the world from Darugis. I'm willing to do the same. Another thing, "Zachary", I'm not a child anymore. Both me and my Pokemon have grown strong."

Excellent. Don't let that bitter old coot bring you down.

: "Oh, is that so? Battle me, smart mouth."

Oh goody, here we go again.

Zachery here has a weird team. Don't be fooled - that's not the Generation 5 Pokemon Accelgor - that's the brand new fakemon called Accellgor. Do you want to know how they're different?

Real Accelgor can't learn Calm Mind. So as far as I'm concerned, the one letter difference makes them a completely new Pokemon.

Between Sigurd's Aura Spheres and Siegfried's Fire Punches, there's nothing he has that can stop the crew.

Suck it, old man.

I'm just gonna summarize what both Ivan and Zachary say here:

: "You are the chosen one, Monica."

: "I can sense the Jewel of Life in Voltair Forest. Also, to catch Arceus you need a Master Ball. You can find them in Iceland City."

One battle and he immediately drops the one interesting character trait of his. Plus, it wouldn't be a JRPG if we didn't save the world.

Oh yes, before I forget:

If you go back to the place where you fought Ivan, you will be forced to fight him again... but this time he won't actually be there. The same thing applies to the Zachary event here, but it's even worse as it blocks you from leaving until you beat him.

I've already made my Action 52 quote of the day so we'll just leave it at that.

Anyway, thank god we're finally done with this one. Next time on Pokemon Dark Rising, I don't even pretend to have patience with this game anymore!

See you then.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 66, has Dragon Fang, , /) - "A cutie Gardevoir, a lil fuzzy mascot dude... and I'm finally a Garchomp! Couldn't have asked for more, honestly."

(Sigurd, level 64, , /) - "So let me get this straight... I meet my best friend after god knows how long and a Gardevoir from another region nearly tries to kill me. Definitely a normal day for us."

(Siegfried, level 63, , / - "Aw, cheer up, Sigurd. Everything turned out alright!"

(Gale, level 65, , /) - "... To think, if I never met Monica, I wouldn't be on this big adventure with you guys."

(Arthur, level 59, , /) - "Funny how fate works. I'd love to see what kinda dope lands on my lance next."

(Wave, level 64, , ) - "Siegfried is so cute. Reminds me of my own lil' baby brothers."

Back up team:

(Bellamine, level 72, has Sand Cloak, , ) - "Hello! It's very nice to meet all of you... In fact, you remind me of my friends back home."

(Lumis, level 62, , ) - "Charmed, to be sure. You seem like a very... upstanding woman. You wouldn't mind if I took a dream or two?"

(Ignell, level 62, , /) - "Indeed! Welcome to our merry band of misfits, madam."

(Sathala, level 56, , ) - "The new guy is super cuuuute!~ Wonder if I have a shot at him, Vera?"

(Vera, level 44, , ) - "Maybe? I dunno. Not a good judge for that."

(Cinder, level 40, , ) - "Yo! I like meeting new people! So where do you come from, miss Bellamine?"

Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)

- Sigurd (Darkrai Lucario family - All Riolu sprites (portrait, battle-front, battle-back) were edited by me.)
+ (Sigurd Darkrai Lucario portaits use Emuffin and FlarosOverfield’s Lucario portraits as a base for his faces, but I made all of the edits + his battle-front and battle-back sprites.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)
+ (Cottonee originally did not have sad or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Gale (Staraptor family – Non-standard sprites made by CamusZekeSirius & ShyQuietRain)

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+ (Karrablast originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)
+ (Escavalier originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Lumis (Munna & Musharna – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush, chime & ShyQuietRain and baronessfaron)
+ (Musharna originally did not have happy or upset portraits, so I had to change that.)

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- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

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- Sydney's Lucario (Lucario family - Non-standard sprites made by Emuffin and FlarosOverfield)

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Today, we go to the party... from HELL!

Chapter #9 - Bad Company


Back to this again, huh? Let's see what we got from the hoi polloi.

"But all Pokemon have weak points against specific types. So, there appears to be no universally strong Pokemon."

If this were regular Pokemon, then maybe.

But you haven't played this game, have you, son?


Oh no, the game has become self-aware.

: "Just kidding. And because you continuously kept pressing A, here's a reward!"

... Don't scare me like that, game.

Yeah, she's pretty cute - wait, are we talking about the same person?

I don't think we're talking about the same person.

This kid tries to trade you a Pidgeotto for a Staravia, but if you've reached this point and you haven't evolved someone like Gale...

Well, you should stop playing and go to a better game, you poor soul.

Despite being called Mystic Falls, this is where you can find Thunderstones. I don't see the correlation? Electric pulse = mind = psychic power? Or am I just putting meaning in something that isn't there?

: [Incessant blabbing about her life story]


I can't help but imagine that being followed up with "You're annoying." It would only fit.

As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing in this house because Dark Rising Girl didn't want to go through the trouble of editing another house.

Then again I've always found it weird how we can just barge into peoples' houses in most other RPGs and steal their stuff.

You sure? Because I don't see anybody th--

Damn it, I want to learn how to flash step like that.

Despite the fact that Monica can pound these idiots 5 ways to Sunday, they tell her to get lost and kick her back a step. The power of plot overrides my levels, I suppose...

But hey, Vera gets to evolve thanks to the Thunderstone we just bought. So that's cool.

: ("Give me grapefruit.")

I'm curious. How did Dark Rising Girl mangle this of all things?

Scott, please, you're not the Fan Club President.

: [Blatant copy-pasted text from the Fan Club President in Kanto]

() : "Uh... good for you?"

But hey we get a Bike Voucher for it... just because? The fact Scott is here at all is weird.

: "Is that a Pokedex you have there?"

: "How did you know?"

: "I work for Prof. Elm so I have to know these things!"

What's the point of NPC conversations if they're not interesting or provide worldbuilding? You could snip this out and nobody would lose any sleep over it. By the way, the building there isn't the gym.

In fact, the gym is outside. No, you can't walk behind the sign because of video game limitations.

"I'd advise you go to the S.S. Titanic. It seems Darugis has struck again..."

You're the boss, Dark Rising Girl.

... We're suddenly in the lab from Cinnabar Island now. Nothing here has been changed, so... I guess this place only serves one real purpose.

The Mt. Moon that is bound to be several miles away? You didn't expect me to go reading through these NPCs, did you?

At least Dark Rising Girl didn't change one of the best characters from the original games.

Fun fact: When you choose to give the fossil to him, it's called the Plum Fossil instead. Given how strong Archeops is and how he lacks the crappy Defeatist ability, I've seen someone call their Archeops the Plum God.

Future Dan: Too bad he never chooses to use Archeops for anything. Hindsight is 20/20, folks.

I'm sorry but just... are we going into the docks or a magical meadow dimension?

[The screen shakes back and forth violently]


I swear if this were actually voice-acted, it would be the goofiest muk ever.

: "It appears you're too late for the cruise."

: "How could you do this? All of those people in there!"

Right, let's chalk that up to the list of reasons why I will not spare V when his time comes.

: "You seem to be less possessed than the others. So tell me, why are you doing this? You said my father left you for dead years ago. What do you mean by that?"


: "Your dad left me to die and Darugis gave me power from Pandora's Box to claim revenge."

She's currently processing whether that's stupid or despicable. Or both.

: "You monster! The entire world is in danger because of you!"

: "Mwahahaha! That does not matter, Monica. All that matters is my revenge against your father. Soon I'll have just that, but I'd rather eliminate his child before then!"

God I really do like, hate characters like this. Clearly he was never a good person to begin with if wanting revenge against Monica's father was enough for him to justify harming people en masse.

That said, you're dreaming if you think you can win.

Especially seeing as the entire team is about 10 or so levels higher than his.

Zen Headbutt in action, and it is absolutely disgusting. The only people not affected by it are Dark types, but barring Darugis and the occasional Absol, everybody is able to be hit by it. It is busted.

Magical Leaf? Are you friggin' kidding me, dude? That's the best you could pull against this mini death god?

: ("Hello, Master Sigurd. I see you're doing we--")

: ("Move.")

: ("Not even a hello for your old friend...?")

: ("See that? We call that 'salt' where I come from, boys.")

... Save???

() : "First off, I don't even like you. You're the absolute last person I would think of saving based on everything you've done."

: "The ship you have come to see has already begun to sink underwater."

I'd give Dray a portrait, but I feel nobody here deserves more of them.

Dray: "Don't listen to him Monica! The ship is bound by some sort of spell!"

"You'll be teleported into the ship!"

Excuse me? Who the hell are you, recolor May? Why do you exist all of a sudden?

: "You can't defeat Kayo. I'll leave everything to him... farewell, Monica!"

() : "I'm really getting tired of everybody vanishing like that."

Dray and Not-May beat up the goons in a sequence we don't need to see and Monica is just like -

Which is proof enough that even she doesn't know what to make of all of this.

Apparently, being bound by a magic spell destroys with your color palette. You can't explain away why it looks so bad here.

Also, yes, the black box right in front of us is a teleporter.

Oh boy, we're on the S.S Anne Titanic. No, but seriously, it's literally the exact same place.

Wh-what? After the level 50 Entei, I'm starting to seriously question what's wrong with the levels.

Then again, if you were doing a drinking game based on how many times I complained about the levels, you would be dead by now.

At the very least there's a Nurse Joy to help take care of us.

Wow, you're serious?

Yes, she really is that lazy. Just slap the Dark Thug sprite onto an existing trainer, don't even bother to change the dialogue and you're set!

Context: The original trainer here was a gentleman that got pissed that you entered his room. By the way, you get that effect with your health numbers by pressing Start while during a double battle. It... exists, I guess?

Oh hey, actual new content.

[Two fights later]

We have Sigurd and Siegfried. There is nothing in this game that could stand up to them, so it goes with extra emphasis that whoever this Light guy is, he can't do muk to me.

Even the random mooks know the Fade-To-Black technique now? Are you kidding me?

At the very least we got to save the little girl that they held hostage here... for some reason. Isn't the ship sinking? Why are you all still here?

Hey, more money.

... Team Rocket is the absolute least of your worries right now, unedited NPC. Trust me.

Oh goody, she actually scripted a "follow me" sequence. This makes me curious as to whether Dark Rising Girl actually read the rules on how to hack from Pokecommunity or not.

We get dragged here to help save this lady's kid. Noble cause, but again - isn't the ship sinking?!

She heals us before we go on our blood rage, so that's good.

Stardust only gives you 1000 dollars in return while the X-Attack is part of the Lame Items Club, seeing as it boosts attack for one battle and disappears.

To compare, one of the first items you can get in this game (before Pokeballs, even!) is a Nugget that sells for 9000 dollars.

: "What, are you kidding? Of course I am. Bring it on!"

In hindsight, having two of the same Pokemon is a bad idea, especially when someone like Sigurd is around.

Also, did someone proofread through this story at all? "You can have him back his annoying anyway" should be "You can have him back - he's annoying anyway." or something!

But hey, we get to help a random NPC mom reunite with her kid!

[Monica runs back outside and leans against the railing]


: ("Is now really the time for this?")

: ("Nope. It's also not the the first time, either - I once saw her doing it on the roof of her house while it was raining.")

: ("Oh... How charming.")

: ("It was strange for me too, so don't feel alone on that.")

: "I don't think she can help anymore than I can. Trust me, I'm way overqualified for this job."

Whoa, that's a lot of guys. Though, to be fair, this is a "quality over quantity" situation because Ash and Noah are there.

Noah's glad he gets to fight with the champ... for some reason. If it were any other champion I'd understand, but Ash?

(summarized for your convenience)

: "I'll get you, Kayo."

: "Yeah, no. You've already lost, seeing as you can't even avenge your family."

: "Don't you dare! I'll kill you--"

[Gets her ass beat]

Maybe you should step aside and let the big boys handle this, Sydney. Also, they had beef? I never noticed.

"You're not a good trainer. What are you doing here?"

: "Watch it, Kayo. I'll kick you and your minions off of this ship."

In-Game Monica proceeds to ask what he did to Sydney, but Let's Play Monica just gets straight to beating him up.

Oh yes, I should mention this now before I forget - his Ferrothorn has both Stealth Rock and Spikes. Stealth Rock in this game is pretty much just a rock version of Spikes, so wow what a good moveset!

I love that he uses Weavile and Zoroark seeing as they're two of my favorite Pokemon, but damn if he's not easy to beat.

Then again... If this were a properly balanced game, I wouldn't have to be level 60+, now would I?

[Corin used Dragon Claw!]

I had to have someone other than Sigurd and Siegfried get screentime. Besides, Corin is destined to beat up other Dragons with the way things are going.

: "What's wrong with you?!"

Well said.

[Kayo notes that the ship-sinking spell has been undone and leaves]

... How does beating Kayo undo the spell?

My brain hurts.

: ("... Goodness, this might just be worse than my last adventure. Monica needs all the emotional support she can get.")

(Damn this game has a lot of text)

: "Thanks for saving me, Monica. While I was out cold there, I got a premonition about two dragons - one Black and the other White. This could be really important to you."

() : ("Oh boy this is gonna be good.")

Then there's this line all of a sudden -

: "It's not always black and white if your heart knows what's right. Those are words I'll never, ever forget."

Uh... Sure? There's pretty much no higher message of morality here. Darugis is an evil prick and we're the unambiguous good guy, so what's all this about?

Even in the scope of Sydney herself, she literally opened with assaulting us for a weak-at-best reason and Batman-brooded all over us.

Thanks for this, though.

Given how this was the site of a Kayo-Sydney beatdown, I don't think there's barf in there...

At level 66, Sigurd can learn both Mirror Coat and Counter... for some odd reason. Your guess is as good as mine as to why I gave him that.

Mirror Coat is really bad for him seeing as he only has 80 HP and Special Defense, so what the hell Hacker Dan?

Future Dan: If this were Gen 5+... focus sash?

Anyway, beating Kayo has satisfied Dark Rising Girl enough to move out of the way of the gym.

Major problem here, though. You are not required to beat Serena, but if you don't beat her here, there's apparently a huge glitch later on that will dead-game you if you don't get the badge from here.

I do find it both darkly amusing and disturbing that the game is rife with all of these bugs yet it's the most linear Pokemon experience I've ever seen.

This lady can spot you even if you're off the screen - I didn't know the line of sight for trainers can extend that far.

Alakazam has always been a cool Pokemon to me, but I could never find a time to use them properly. Oh well.

I can't think of anything to say about this, positive or negative, so have a lighthearted reaction image instead:

Blah, blah "I can see the future!" psychic stuff.

It's literally Frontier Brain Lucy from Pokemon Emerald. Listen. I know it's tempting start out making characters that are pretty much a carbon copy of the thing they came from, but that's why you don't stop at step one...


That said, Sigurd beats up more of my favorite Pokemon with zero effort ()

Oh hey, a challenge to someone that isn't a red Lucario named after a Norse dragonslayer.

Arthur had to think outside of the box for this one, because a Sigilyph with Cosmic Power might put a major dent in his killdozer strategy.

Anyway, Arthur beats up the Sigilyph and earns his victory.

: ("Try to mind-game me all you want, lass - ain't gonna help ya against my superior tactical skills.")

: ("Yeah, the art of brute force!")

: ("I'd love to see how you'd deal with them, then.")

Victini can learn Signal Beam along with Thunder Punch, which gives him perfect coverage for anything he might face. I'd feel bad about having him on the team if it weren't for the game cheating too.

Unexpectable is a real word, but it is clumsily used here. Inexplicable or "Now that's something I didn't expect" would have worked much better.

"It also lets your Pokemon use Fly outside of battle."

The glitch involves Fly as you need to go back to a certain place, by the way. At the very least we get to use Fly... if we ever find the HM for it.

Along with a Psychic TM for our troubles. That's nice, but nobody needs to use it.

"But don't let it consume you."

If anything Monica is the most sensible person in this game, so that logic isn't gonna work here, baby.

This is clearly Vermillion City and the route next to it with minimal changes. You are not fooling anybody, DRG.

You can find wild Treecko here if you're interested. I like the Sceptile family, but not to the point of raising one from level 10 to where we are now.

A bit too late for that, my guy.

(Also, this is unedited dialogue from the original game.)

What is with this item selection??

At least give us stuff that we can't easily buy in stores. The trainers around here aren't interesting enough to talk about, so let's just skip ahead.

Mystic Cave, huh? Let's see how noteworthy it actually is.

When I saw this transition for the first time, I was like "whoa did Dark Rising Girl actually change the graphics around?"

Turns out this is the Cerulean Cave transition from the original game. It's more relevant than you think, unfortunately.

For you see, we are literally in a re-skinned Cerulean Cave! Lovely.

Anyway, as much as I'd love to continue, this is where I have to stop for now. Next time on Pokemon Dark Rising, this game's plot turns into a doozy and I almost lose my friggin' mind!

See you then.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 66, has Dragon Fang, , /) - "Is there something I'm missing here? Cause nobody here is right in the head."

(Sigurd, level 67, , /) - "You're telling me. I wouldn't be surprised if Darugis poisoned the waterhole."

(Siegfried, level 64, , /) - "I'll pick up the slack for you guys if you get tired - I have more than enough energy to spare."

(Gale, level 65, , /) - [Perks her head up as she notices an evil presence in the cave]

(Arthur, level 59, , /) - "Oh now that's a nasty feeling. Anybody else catch that?"

(Wave, level 65, , ) - [Carries Siegfried over her shoulders]

(Bellamine, level 72, has Sand Cloak, , ) - "That horrible chill... I've felt it before! No, don't tell me..."

Back up team:

(Lumis, level 62, , ) - "I can feel Miss Bellamine's emotions. She's conflicted about... something in the area. This can't be good."

(Ignell, level 62, , /) - "Hmm? Lumis, what's the problem?"

(Sathala, level 56, , ) - "Oh come on... they're super strong! There's nothing that can slow them down the way they are. You guys are worrying too much."

(Vera, level 44, , ) - [Is munching on some grapefruit]

(Cinder, level 40, , ) - "Yeah! Sathala has a point. You just gotta have faith in 'em."

Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)

- Sigurd (Darkrai Lucario family - All Riolu sprites (portrait, battle-front, battle-back) were edited by me.)
+ (Sigurd's Darkrai Lucario portaits use Emuffin and FlarosOverfield’s Lucario portraits as a base for his faces, but I made all of the edits + his battle-front and battle-back sprites.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)
+ (Cottonee originally did not have sad or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

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- Sydney's Lucario (Lucario family - Non-standard sprites made by Emuffin and FlarosOverfield)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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So, uh... It has come to my attention that Dark Rising Girl was TWELVE YEARS OLD when she made the first Dark Rising.

This was honestly a huge shock to my system when I learned about it, and explains too much about why these hacks are the way they are. It's genuinely impressive she accomplished anything at that age, and I can sympathize a lot with her because I used to do this exact kind of thing back then.

Chapter #10 - Rage Awakened (Second Act)


Welcome to Not-Cerulean Cave, may I take your order?

I do think it's odd that she doesn't just get rid of the water altogether.

Gastrodon's appearance here is kind of amazing considering how they were slated to appear in the actual Gen 3 games at one point but were scrapped and moved over to the next generation. I guess things came full circle.

= The beta backsprite in case you were wondering.

See, this is what I'm talking about. Then again, given how this is a bonus dungeon re-purposed to be a mid-game one, I'm not surprised all the rare and expensive items are here.

PP Up and Max Elixir are high-ranking members of the Too-Cool-To-Use club, so they'll be sitting in my bag for quite a while.

I like the Gothitelle family quite a bit, but running into ones with Shadow Tag wore out its welcome immediately.

... You can get Slowking here???

That's a very interesting choice for a wild Pokemon, given how hard they are to get in the real games.

What are the chances of this happening? That's eye-catching, but again I don't want to raise a level 10 starter up to our current levels.


We can't avoid this guy, can we? Oh well, it's his funeral.

: "Revenge!"

That's pretty much all he needs to say.

() : "Okay, this is stupid."

: "Do not widdle your way into changing my choices. For I have already made a pact with Darugis. If I cannot defeat you now, he will take my soul into the-"

Widdle? The word you are looking for is "wriggle", my friend.

Future Dan: In hindsight, the 4Kids level censorship makes an alarming amount of sense because... well, you know.

: "Why in the world would you sell your soul?!

: "Why, you say? If I do so, I will have the ability to torture you and your father... forever!

: "Sorry, but I won't allow that to happen. Well... saying I'm sorry would be lying."

Let's Play Monica hates him, but In-Game Monica feels bad about it for some reason I can't hope to comprehend.

The game tries to hype this up to be the big final battle with V, but he's no more threatening than the last time we fought him.





: ("I'd feel sorry about this if you weren't trying to kill us.")

: ("I understand. Please, do with us as you must.")

[Both of them clash fists]

Sigurd being burned is the only way they're fighting on equal ground, so at least he goes down with some dignity.

Corin ends it by dropping his Spiritomb into the shallow grave it deserves.

He's surprised that he's dying after he explicitly said "Darugis will kill me if I lose."

Oh boy, the game is going to introduce more characters. This is totally where I'd take a swig of alcohol if I were into that stuff.

[V screams out bloody murder while Monica yells out his name]

It gets better:

"V's body turned into stone his body slowly drifts towards the underworld."

Show, don't tell.

: "No! V, I'm sorry!"

[What: Fat Chocobo Theme]

[All of Monica's Pokemon stare at her with extreme confusion]

I'm being played, right? Where are the hidden cameras?

V has been an unrepentant, evil person obsessed with revenge and has wanted to kill and torture us since we started, so why in the name of all that is holy would the main character shed a tear for him when he dies?

Boo-hoo, our dad "betrayed" him. You can't expect me to feel bad for a person who signed a contract with Literally Satan to harm some poor girl and her father... and many, many more people that didn't do anything to him while he's at it.

: "I've got to be tough... This is just a challenge..."

[Citadel of the Bount]

[A faint glimmer emerges from behind Monica]

: ("Sigurd, do you see that?")

: ("... Huh? I can sort of make something out.")

[Upon closer inspection, the glimmer belongs to a series of marionette wires attached to Monica's back]

: ("Are those... wires?")

: ("What in the world?! Sigurd, cut them immediately!")

: ("On it.")

[Sigurd manifests an aura knife into his hand and slices the wires. They vanish without a trace.]

: "... Huh? What happened? Did I beat V?"

: ("It's just as I feared. Monica was possessed by some higher entity to act that way. Just like my own trainer...")

: ("Sounds like you've had a pretty tough life if this kind of crap happened to you too.")

: "Guys, what happened? Why is it so dusty in here all of a sudden?"

: ("That's what's left of V. When we beat him, he crumbled into dust and his soul went into the underworld or something.")

: ("Monica, you were crying because of his death. We were worried that you snapped.")

: "Are you serious? If there's anybody I wanted gone the most, it was him. He was a mad dog we had to put down - nothing more, nothing less."

[Monica spits on the ground where V was]

: ("Well said. I like you, Monica.")

: ("She's the best, right?")

: "Quit making me blush, guys. Come on, let's go already."

You get a Max Revive for beating V. I find that extra funny considering what just happened.

We interrupt this program for another Sudden Rival Battle.

I can understand this logic because this was the same trick I pulled back when I was 11. See, in a certain story me and the guys did, I threw literally everything at the readers just so there would be a fight scene.

The reason being because I didn't want to be boring, which is made EXTRA funny considering the recent context.

Also ouch that mapping.

I'd transcribe this dialogue if you were actually characters, so have the super-abridged version instead:

Not-May: "Hi, I'm Florina. Darugis interrupted our date on the ship so that was a thing. Dray says I'm his girlfriend but I don't know what he's talking about. Oh yeah, have you come across the third Chosen One?"

: "I don't really believe in this chosen one stuff. But from what I've heard, only me and Noah are being called that. So who's the third one?"

Florina: "We don't know yet."

: "Hey, man, listen. I don't care about being called the chosen one as long as I get to beat up Darugis."

You're not the Joker, dude. Florina agrees with me and shuts him up.

Florina: "We're gonna build a base in the Omni Region and you're gonna be part of it whether you like it or not. Fight me."

Dray: "Oh boy this is gonna be good."

These are the only characters barring Monica that have shown some sort of character. Whether or not I like them is debatable.

Blue May isn't scary at all.

: ("Gotta... hold on...!")


I'm amazed his determination allowed him to tank all of that.

Normally this would be a bad idea, but Ice Punch begs to differ.

Infernape is cool, but Gale is even cooler. She could have learned Brave Bird at one point, but I've figured that Double Edge is enough.

: ("Hah... I think I'm getting a bit rusty. That or these new enemies are getting stronger.")

Samurott has always been a weird Pokemon to me. I think it's cool, but it's never really felt... complete, for lack of a better word. I'm ambivalent to it.

Corin is still slaughtering other dragons. I approve of this.

You called Monica the chosen one, so did you honestly expect her to lose?

Florina: [Mutters something about destiny]

Dray: "I'm out of popcorn!"

Florina: "Shut up, Dray."

Astonishing commentary from the both of you. Monica is interested as to why Dray has a Druddigon, which she notes is one of her father's favorite Pokemon.

They say they're from Sinnoh and traveled through Unova to get a Druddigon, so that plot thread went nowhere. A major thing they mention is the town of Salem and how Amaris, a member of Team Dark Rising, lives there. For extra tastelessness, there's this line they say about it:

"There's a lot of dangerous witchcraft going on there. I advise you proceed with caution."

The real life Salem had religious zealots that branded any poor woman a witch out of mortal fear, so yikes.

I know that's not the case for what's happening here because Darugis, but that's not cool.

* ears perk up *

Did you say graveyard? This game may redeem itself just yet.

[Dray and Florina leave]

Well, thank god they're gone at the very least.

[Monica flinches]


[One beatdown later]

Salty players in a nutshell.

[Current song in-game: Lavender Town]

Hello, not-Lavender Town. We've entered the spooky section of the game, guys.

A good thing about this place is that the Name Rater lives here. Excellent.

Now Siegfried actually has his name... but uh, misspelled slightly. I guess I wanted to make him and Sigurd feel closer.

Due to being Lavender Town, the white hand girl is here. Everybody talks about spirits, but the people inside the houses seem to be convinced that Monica has already helped them out... despite the fact we just got here.

Programming is hard.

Have some flagrant abuse of the English language as a bonus.

I'm gonna get some repels so wild encounters don't drive me insane.

Yikes. It's very obvious that mist was not meant to be used here.

Oh, and to top off the insult sundae? There's not even spooky music playing despite there being a perfectly good selection in the vanilla game. How do you mess that up?!

This is the song that plays here, I wish I were kidding: Route 11 Theme

: "No, you."

[Channeler is immediately destroyed]

The FireRed and LeafGreen versions of the Channelers look crazy. No need to worry, though, because Chelli here couldn't get our soul even if we held it in front of her face.

What is this game's fascination with Ferrothorn? At the very least, Absol is a really cool Pokemon. (That Sigurd outclasses in every regard, so boo.)

Also, due to this being the "spooky" area of the game, there's ghosts around here too.

For example, we get a new ghost friend! Her name is based off of the Norse goddess of the dead.

Time to face not-Lance and his legion of zombie children.

(By the way, if you've forgotten who this guy is, we fought him at the beginning of the game. He's the person who threw a level 50 Tornadus at us while the best Pokemon we had was a level 10 Gible Corin. That seems like such a long time ago...)

: "Ugh, it's you again. What are you doing here?"

Monica notices that he has the Jewel of Life with him and comes to the conclusion that he's the third chosen one. I... guess that's cool?

: "I'll make you pay for what you did to me the last time."

Not-Lance calls us weak. I just have to laugh at that because this is the fight I abused rare candies for in advance.

I'm just gonna cut to the chase: His name is Light - he's a "descendant" of Arceus and it's his life's mission to protect the Jewel of Life. Honestly, all this dude does is replace V on the "people who need to die" list.

: "I get a bad aura from you. You're not on my side, are you?"

: "Then just give me the je-- What's wrong with those kids?"

Not-Lance: "I drained their souls. Life is a prison and they need to learn that the hard way."

Christ almighty, what is wrong with these people?

Not-Lance: [Big edgelord speech about how he's been a slave to Arceus all his life and plans to make Monica learn the true meaning of pain or something like that]

As far as I'm concerned, this guy is V 2.0. He's just as despicable and his backstory doesn't even attempt to salvage his disgusting behavior.

What's funny is that I could see the themes of destiny working... if the story were better written.

What's that about a Dark Pokeball, though?

Yeah, you're really threatening there, Mr. Chosen One.

Double Element Punch! Wave managed to freeze a Gliscor while Corin glitches the screen with Earthquake. That's pretty great.

... What the hell is a Conarp?

Holy muk, it's a fakemon!

... With a really weird name, but still.

See, Conarp is a / type with Wonder Guard... which is a horrible idea seeing as it has weaknesses to at least four common types (, , and ). Sure, it's a giant step up from the rest of the sprite art in the game, but it still looks really janky.

Conarp is nothing special - it has 118 Defense and Special Defense, but that's about it.


: "What the heck is that thing!?"

: ("I... I don't know! I've never seen it before!")

[The shadow of Darugis forms over Light's shoulder]

: ("Oh, you like it? It's my first experiment at making a Darkmon from scratch.")

: "A what-mon?"

: ("Alchemy-made copies of existing Pokemon that he corrupts with his dark magic. But he at least needed to kidnap a vessel or possess a corpse before... This is bad!")

: ("I find them to be better behaved than the real things. But I'll always have a place for you, provided you give up all of these notions of fighting me.")

: ("Selene would be so proud of you.")

: ("... I thought I told you to never say her name ever again.")

: ("Tsch. Of course you had to kill my mood by bringing her up. We'll see each other again after I've let off some stress.")

[The shadow of Darugis vanishes]

: "Well, that's comforting."

: ("May as well deal with the trash he's left in front of us.")

[Sigurd used Aura Sphere!]

If this was supposed to be intimidating, then unfortunately you failed. Even Wave could beat up this thing with no hassle.

Says the person who mindlessly follows Darugis because he didn't like Arceus. Give me a break, man...

"The Jewel of Life is nothing more than a small instrument of proof showing how you'll do whatever it wants. Here, take it."

What is he talking about? I honestly have no idea. What's better is that he just gives us the Jewel of Life despite the fact that would be a good thing for us.

At the very least, him being an idiot works in our favor.

Yeah, seriously.

Light: "I never got to live my life like a normal kid, so I hate everything. Darugis lets me do cooler stuff anyway, like create brand new monsters."

In-Game Monica tells him to cheer up despite the fact he just sucked the souls out of a group of children. She... has some pretty bad character judgement.

("I felt energy being absorbed from my Pokemon every time they were damaged.")

It didn't attack us once! I get the feeling the game isn't coded to check if you suffered any damage or not, which is a shame because that's what I would do.

Light: "You still have a lot to learn, Monica. Farewell..."

[The typical fade to black transition]

You're the only person that I like in this story despite everything that's happened, Monica.

The kids get their souls back somehow, thank Monica for saving them and return to Salem. Well, that's nice at the very least.


: "The name 'Selene' really messed with him. In fact, that's the first time I've seen Darugis actually upset at anything. What's up with that?"

: ("She used to be his wife. The only other person he was really close to besides me... and he at least finds peace in killing me. Not the same with her.")

: "... Whoa. I feel bad for her if this is the kind of person she spend the rest of her life with. What happened to Selene?"

: ("I don't know. We lost contact a long time ago.")

: "Damn, that sucks."

(By the way, if you step towards the kids here, Light's sprite will suddenly reappear but can't be interacted with. I can't even begin to comprehend what kind of nonsense is going on there.)


[Angels Descend C]

[The Jewel of Life resonates with Monica's presence - the earth shakes as a blinding flash of light washes over the forest]

: "Whoa!"


By the way, this is incredibly important to mention - the Gengar family has Destiny Bond in this. I've seen someone sweep through the entirety of Dark Rising just by abusing Destiny Bond and Revives, which is insane considering what they throw at you.

Frankly, I deleted it off of Hel's moveset the instant I saw it. See, as much as I'd like to cheap through the game... someone's already done the Destiny Bond thing and, personally speaking, it's boring as psyduck. I want to make this a... fair fight.

Prime example right here.

Aura Saber and Void Bomb are Sigurd's signature moves. Aura Saber has the chance to burn 70% of the time while Void Bomb has a 50% chance to flinch. Their animations are recycled from Aerial Ace and Night Shade respectively.

Now that Sigurd has them, there is absolutely nothing the game can do to stop me.

We are level 90+ on top of all of that. Believe it or not, we have to be this strong to finish the game. There is no text or emoticon in the world that can summarize my emotions better than this:

[The entire team falls over with strained looks on their faces - theme I would use here: Continue]

: "Huh?!"

: ("Wh-what the... I can't move!")

: ("C... Can't breathe!")

: ("What's going on?!")

: "I have no idea, but we need to go to the Pokecenter fast!"

[Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga - Save File Theme]

Doctor Roy: "All of the Pokemon you've brought in seem to be suffering the symptoms of acute overexertion. I recommend you leave them behind for a while, as they are physically unfit to fight in their current state."

: "Jeez... Will they be alright, doc?"

Doctor Roy: "Of course. All they need is some time for their bodies to adjust to the sudden increase in strength. In the meantime, I would recommend using some replacements."

: "Replacements... Ah! I know just the people for the job."

[One quick PC romp later]

[Theme I would use for the B-Team: Something Strange is Going On]

[The team strikes a pose with Bellamine in the center]

Now we're talkin'! The B-Team finally gets their time to shine in the limelight.

See, while I had the A-Team geared up to rip a black hole into Dark Rising, I felt there were Pokemon in the PC that never got the appropriate amount of screentime. They may not be as broken, but they're more than enough to get through the rest of this game.

If you tried to pass here before, a disembodied voice would have screamed at you to leave. I don't know who it is, but given the production values of this game so far, I just imagine it's some dude with a megaphone using a cheap voice modifier.

... Oh. The event starts up before the map name card even leaves, causing this effect. Oops.

Now, despite this place being labeled as the "Rosary Graveyard", there are no graves, no ghosts and no rosaries. I'm just a lil bit upset.

You will live a very short life in this world then, my friend.

Anyway, the mansion of the person we were sent to find is here. Cue retread of an area from the vanilla games in 3, 2--

Are you kidding me?! Even MORE rivals?!

Oh, and what's worse? These are V's children. They're so powerful that Noah and Syndey tell Monica to just run, so you know this is going to end up horribly.

I'll admit, not-Hilbert has a relatively good color scheme. It's not offensive.

What does he have that's such a threat?

[Burn in Despair!]



Ignoring the fact that this random person somehow managed to get a specialized form of Kyurem like it was nothing, what frustrates me the most are the game balance issues here.

We have a level 70 legendary with an absolutely monstrous attack stat (170 attack!) armed with max effort values (I've checked with Trainer Editor). Even if you grinded to its level or higher, you wouldn't stand a chance due to it tearing you apart with its bare hands.

Also, it is not a forced loss battle - I've tested it. You are supposed to go toe-to-toe with this monstrosity and win.

Still, I like a challenge.

Since Uber Dragon here is too much of a threat for even Bellamine (mind, she defeated a literal monster with 180 Attack with the help of my Ninetales in Snakewood), Lumis tanks a hit and picks up the slack.

[Lumis used Dream Eater!]

: ("Ah, so succulent... The ambition of a legendary is too rich to pass up!!")

Kinda hard to feel bad for you and V when you're all trying to kill me.

What do you expect to happen, princess? Do you honestly expect your Uber Dragon to save you?

I hate that they're literally just Hilbert and Hilda with different colors.

Not only that, they come with Kyurem versions of both Reshiram and Zekrom like it was nothing.

Like come on.

It's bad enough that the brother had a one-of-a-kind uber dragon that shouldn't even be in the game if it were properly balanced, but how in the world does his sister have the other form as a separate Pokemon?!

The Black and White forms for Kyurem are made when you fuse either Reshiram or Zekrom with him, with all of them being uber rare legendary dragons... that are practically considered doomsday weapons when put into the hands of an actual villain (Ghetsis from Black/White 2), yet these two random goobers that somehow resemble the protagonists of Black/White just casually have them.

Kyurem-White is the opposite stat wise with a crazy 170 Special Attack, but watch me dismantle it regardless.

[Soul Ablaze]

As such, the entire team will have to work together to take this beast down.

: [Is slowly enveloped by flames] ("Is... is that all you got...?!")

Sathala, you deserve a purple heart for tanking that. You are a true badass, my little puffball.

Now that Kyurem-White's confused and has Leech Seeds on him, things are finally in our favor. It's time for a battle between kaiju.

: ("You don't scare me.")

: ("Tenacious, huh? Two can play at that game.")

[Ignell used Dragon Pulse!]

(ssh ignore that it shows haxorus)

: ("Haha! You're no match for us when we work together, monster.")

Monica and the crew are the heroes for a reason. How shameful is it that your insanely busted legendaries couldn't even slow down a group of normal Pokemon.

Kaiden (Not-Hilbert): "My dad is dead because of you! You'll pay dearly for this!"

Now, In-Game Monica is desperately trying to apologize for this and is sad about it. Our Monica, though?


: "Your dad is dead? Well, it's funny how that works - he was literally going to kill an entire ship full of innocent people just to taunt me."

[Kaiden and Sakura are visibly shocked at what she says]

: "If either of you dare hurt anybody I love just to avenge your sceptic tank of a father, we'll make sure the cycle ends with you. That's not a threat, that's a promise... so watch yourself."

[The siblings run out of the room with visible fear on their faces]

() : "Man, you're really scary when you want to be..."

: "What's going on here, Noah?"

Sydney was fighting V's kids and Noah's Keldeo lead him here. I guess those are good enough reasons for us to suddenly all be here.

Sydney goes on to explain how she kept hearing a dragon's roar and figures it must be the original Kyurem.

This only raises further questions about how Kaiden and Sakura got their Kyurems to begin with. They're not a random Pokemon you can find down the street, guys, you can't just get them whenever you want.

Anyway, wow. That's all I can handle for this chapter. Let's hope I don't get an aneurysm from playing the rest of the game.

See you then.

Team setup:

(Bellamine, level 80, has Sand Cloak, , ) - "It seems I'm destined for insanity no matter where I go." [Deep sigh]

(Hel, level 74, , /) - "I wouldn't worry about it too much, hun. Life is short, after all."

(Lumis, level 71, , ) - "Agreed. Too short to be spent worrying about every little thing."

(Ignell, level 74, , /) - [Goes into a bout of hearty laughter for beating up Kyurem-White]

(Sathala, level 73, , ) - "Man, I just hope Siegfried and the guys will be alright. I almost had a heart attack when they were brought in like that."

(Vera, level 75, , ) - "Yes! I'm finally on the front lines with the team. I can't wait!"

Back up team:

(Corin, level 95, has Dragon Fang, , /) - "Go... get 'em, guys."

(Sigurd, level 96, , /) - [Is huddled next to Siegfried, shivering in his sleep]

(Siegfried, level 93, , /) - [Is thrashing about in his sleep] "No, mama! Don't go!"

(Gale, level 90, , /) - "I didn't expect such an explosive reaction from the Jewel of Life... How are you guys feeling?"

(Arthur, level 91, , /) - "Like a bag o' piss, thanks for askin'. We get all of these fancy new powers yet we can't do anything with 'em, so that blows."

(Wave, level 91, , ) - "At the very least we seem to fine. Sigurd and Siegfried look like they caught the worst of it."

(Cinder, level 40, , ) -[Is attending to the sick team]

Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)

- Sigurd (Darkrai Lucario family - All Riolu sprites (portrait, battle-front, battle-back) were edited by me.)
+ (Sigurd's Darkrai Lucario portaits use Emuffin and FlarosOverfield’s Lucario portraits as a base for his faces, but I made all of the edits + his battle-front and battle-back sprites.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)
+ (Cottonee originally did not have sad or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Gale (Staraptor family – Non-standard sprites made by CamusZekeSirius & ShyQuietRain)

- Arthur (Karrablast & Escavalier – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush & Jfain)
+ (Karrablast originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)
+ (Escavalier originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Lumis (Munna & Musharna – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush, chime & ShyQuietRain and baronessfaron)
+ (Musharna originally did not have happy or upset portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Cinder (Growlithe & Arcanine – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron, Deltex12 & LT)

- Wave (Floatzel family – Non-standard sprites made by Deltex12, C_Pariah and Pxlaris)

- Vera (Eelektross Family – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush)

- Ignell (Charizard Family – Non-standard sprites made by Opalite & a long string of numbers I can't pronounce)

- Bellamine (Gardevoir Family – Non-standard sprites are made by JFain and Ichor)

- Siegfried (Victini – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush, MonochromeKirby and baronessfaron)

- Hel (Gengar - Is the default sprites used in regular Mystery Dungeon)


- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

- Demon King Darugis (Darkrai - Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

- Gaspar aka. V's Golett/Golurk (Golurk family – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

- Sydney's Lucario (Lucario family - Non-standard sprites made by Emuffin and FlarosOverfield)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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It's a bit chilly in here...

Chapter #11 - Sleeping Beast


Something interesting I should mention now before I forget:

Dark Rising has a day/night system. I've never seen it myself, but apparently it exists.

Anyway... Last time we beat the Kyurem Double Trouble duo and overcame the level sine wave.


Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Why are we fighting level 99 Unown out of nowhere? They're not tough due to being Unown, but the fact they're even this high-leveled make my repels useless.

[Battles Monica]

: "I've always been described as scary, but this is the first time someone's actually fought me for it."

Proof that the unedited text is vastly superior than what's in this hack.

There's a ton of items scattered around this place. The fact Pokemon get stat boosts from vitamins is hilarious in its own right, as if to demonstrate that being healthy can make you superhuman.

Oh yes. By virtue of being Pokemon Mansion, the diary entries here are edited to have stuff regarding Team Dark Rising and Darugis to be in them. They're not too interesting - all they talk about is how Monica's dad royally screwed up 27+ years ago and released Darugis into the world for like a second time.

There's also some Pandora's Box stuff in there too, but it's not important.

: "Way too late for that, buddy."

[One smack-around later]

: "So has practically every person I've fought so far. What makes you so special?" [Monica scoffs as she walks past him]

To stop you from going somewhere where you shouldn't, Dark Rising Girl patched up the exits with these ugly window blinds.

Future Dan: Those are... not window blinds. Those are apparently the default tile for inaccessible areas.

^ Me after realizing how deep I've dug myself into this game.

You're serious. This is immediately after fighting two level 70 Kyurems!

Like alright, you're trying to be realistic by not having everybody be the same level... but that logic is immediately thrown out the window by giving two random kids both forms of Kyurem as seperate Pokemon.

I appreciate this, though. Especially since we can't buy them until the very end.

Forget what I said regarding the mapping before - this hurts me down to my soul. Worst part is that it's not even the cool kind of non-euclidean mapping, it's the eyesore kind.

There was a Blizzard TM in the spot in front of Monica, but nobody can use it.

In hindsight, this was surprisingly subtle foreshadowing regarding where we were going.

Future Dan: Even if it was unintentional and that TM was in there in the vanilla game?

Thank you, novice-level eventing. That thin gap warned me that there's a boss here and thus gave me time to prepare.

Oh yeah, due to this lady literally being Glacia (a character that doesn't move), she just slides around as if the floor was lubed with soap.

2012 must have been a magical era for romhacking, huh.

(summarized for a better cause)

: "You remind me of your dad."

: "You're Amaris, right?"

: "Yep. So you're ready to rescue Arceus with the Jewel of Life in hand, right? I know where his chamber is--"

[A tail grows on her body]

() : "Oh lord, not again."


[The shadow of Darugis speaks in tandem with Amaris]

: ("It's me again. I have something very interesting to show you now that I've cooled my head. I hope you're ready.")

: "Bring it on, I'm not scared of you."

While this LP dialogue is all well and good, the actual in-game text goes:

"Greetings, Monica. I AM DARUGIS!!!"

Followed by:

Yes, folks - we are officially in a circus. The level of cheese has reached that far.

Not-Glacia has a strange team.

She starts off with Froslass, which is really stupid considering how Amaris is just Glacia with a different name.

The dangerous thing about her Froslass is that she knows Destiny Bond, so this beginning bit is a hell of a lot more risky due to how I limit myself by not losing a single Pokemon. (Sigurd's loss against Fiery's Heatmor is an exception)

Chandelure has godlike Special Attack but not much else. There's a lot of Pokemon I like in this game, come to think of it.

All it took was one Flamethrower, and I'm grateful for that. Bisharp are high on my list of "Pokemon to not psyduck around with".

Future Dan: And then Gen 9 introduced Kingambit. You were right to be afraid.

Funny thing - Milotic here knows Mirror Coat, a move that reflects any special damage you do but returns it with twice the strength.

A reflected Thunderbolt would kill Vera in one hit seeing as Milotic are bulky enough to properly utilize Mirror Coat, so I had to go use Sludge Bomb and poison her for a bit before using the big guns.

This is a real strategy you can use with Milotic, but it takes forever to give them Mirror Coat seeing as you have to go on a chain of breeding before they can get it.


That's definitely not in the normal Dark Rising.

[Fafnir's battle theme: Battle Against Cool Ice]

: "What is that?!"

: ("She's the special surprise! Her name is Fafnir and... well, I'd rather let her introduce herself.")

: ("Thank you, Master. I'm here to stop you, Monica.")

: ("But more importantly, I have to tear you and Sigurd apart at all costs. Trust me, I'll be doing you a favor.")

: ("Well, you're very pleasant.")

: ("And you are...?")

: ("Oh, you're that one Gardevoir that Master tried to torment. So you've joined with the rest of the weaklings! Good for you.")

: ("Why thank you. If joining Monica is a sign of weakness, then imagine if I tried to go over to your side.")

: ("Hah! Cheap talk coming from someone who hasn't seen even a fraction of my master's power. You won't be so confident then.")

: ("This is what I meant by weakness. He can have all the power in the world, but I'll never surrender myself to a tyrant! Crush us all you want, but fear can only go so far.")

: ("Get dunked on, idiot!")

: [Thinking] ("... They're so happy to march off to their deaths. Don't they have anything to lose? I don't get it.")

: ("This is the kind of banter I was waiting for!")

: ("Now destroy them for their insolence.")

Fafnir is a brand new Pokemon I created for the Let's Play and replaces Amaris's sixth slot. (Don't worry, the original Pokemon was just a Togekiss. Not much was lost.)

She is a / fusion between Lugia and Lucario "created" by Darugis and is named after the dragon that the Sigurd in Norse Mythology slays.

Her stats are as follows:

100 / 110 / 110 / 125 / 100 / 115

While slighty less powerful, she's bulkier and just as fast. Her moveset consists of Aeroblast, Psychic, Aura Sphere and Roost and has Synchronize as an ability.

The best way to deal with Fafnir is to put her to sleep, as she can nuke the team without much effort - she IS based on the same mold as Sigurd, after all.

Due to being physical, Aeroblast hurts a lot even though she doesn't get STAB from it.

In hindsight, having to fight the B-Team was a grave mistake for you.

: [Takes a deep breath] ("Haven't had to do this in a long time, but you deserve it.")

[Bellamine used Psychic!]

[Fafnir falls to her knees as her body bursts into cracks]

: ("Wh... what are you?!")

: ("Ahahaha! You don't even need Sigurd to be strong - even your father needed his help!")

: ("But at the same time, I still need Fafnir... so this is where I make our exit.")

[Darugis's shadow leaves Amaris's body - he envelops Fafnir and they both disappear]

: "Better than my dad, huh? I'll believe it when I see it. Anyway... That was freaking amazing, miss Bellamine!"

: ("Thank you, Monica. To be fair, you have the rest of the team to thank - they made it possible.")

: "We weren't worried, though. We've done this before."

: "You can find the next item to progress on your journey on that table there. It's the only way HE can challenge you - a forgotten Gym leader that protects Arceus."

: "Kay. See you later."

You get the Puzzle Key and Solarbeam for defeating the Darugis-possessed Amaris, which is fine by me.

(I still can't get over how ugly this looks, help)

What's it to you, pal?

He tries to fight me with a team that's literally half my level. How cute.

Why did this guy exist? He's not a threat, he stops us from proceeding and generally has no reason to bother us... so what the hell?

Uh... I think this dude took the term treehugger a little too literally.

Is... is that unedited trainer dialogue but with a different sprite?

That's the only explanation why this guy that's about Monica's age is asking her about her chemistry grade.

The Frozen Dungeon is literally Icefall Cave from the original game. My biggest problem here is that it's kind of the Mario syndrome where we keep visiting the most random areas (ice world, fire world, grass world, etc.) with no real thread tying them together.

At the very least, DRG was kind enough to heal our team before we get to doing anything down here. (Also, what is with the really weird A? How did it get changed to begin with?)

The map edits back in Cerulean Cave were bad, but this defies logic.

It would have made more sense to have stairs instead of a straight path through a waterfall going up.

Oh joy, an ice slide puzzle. Because people like those in games, right?

I'm sorry if I can't comment much regarding the places in this game, but I'm kind of out of my element when they're 99% carbon copies of the areas from the original FireRed.

At the very least we get some neat items. One I'll never use, but it's still appreciated.

At first, I was like "why is Waterfall here?" But then I remembered that this was unchanged from the original game, items and all. Waterfall's not here because it's plot relevant - it's a leftover from the actual game this was pasted over.

My god.

Speaking of blatantly recycled...

This is the same event from the original game, but replace Lorelei and Rocket grunts with Noah and Dark Goons.

Noah's here to help Sydney of all people, but the goons are in the way. Noah said he jumped the fence blocking Amaris's house but got hurt in the process, so... that was a thing.

: ("Oooooh! Bad call, man!")

: ("That was not wise of you.")

: ("... What are you--")

[Monica's blood boils]


[Monica screams bloody murder as she pounces at the goon who called her a twerp]

: "SHUT UP."

: ("... Oh, I see.")

More hilariously underpowered trainers... I'm just trying to imagine how the workdays for this hack went.

The Goons run away, Noah and Monica realize that Sydney has a connection to Kyurem, the works.

Yeah, you're telling me. Anyway, let's go on ahead to...

[Theme I would use for this place: Sleeping Beast]

I may not like Dark Rising or how it's designed, but I have to at least a few custom songs here and there so I don't lose my mind.

If anybody can tell me what Kyurem's Den is supposed to be, I'd appreciate it.

Future Dan: It's Seafoam Island.

Oh ha-ha. It's not like we can actually get frozen down here.

We are rockblocked from going this way, much to my chagrin.

But hey, you can find some money down here. I'm not complaining.

... Uh. I didn't post the screenshots out of order, guys.

She... she forgot to code it so that the item disappears when you get it.

Out of everything you did NOT want to break, it was this.

We're now sitting on a font of infinite money just because Dark Rising Girl forgot to fix this one event.

... Oh well!

[Monica lets out a deep gasp as she notices a treasure trove of Big Pearls behind the one she just took]

: "No way! Guys, do you see this? We hit the jackpot!!"

[The team erupts into a frenzy of cheers]

Coding incompetence aside, there's these items here. Their item boxes don't reappear once you get them, which makes me curious as to why the big money item is the only one that does.

What are you going to do to me if I don't leave, sign? Give me splinters?

: ("Oof. Close call.")

See, there was a hole on the floor above. Falling down is quite dangerous, because if you get off onto dry ground you can't go back on the water... and potentially softlock yourself.

At the very least the game knows what to do if you fall into water without a Pokemon that knows Surf... You know, instead of just breaking into a million pieces like an older game in this series.

I love how even the game doesn't know how to process this.

Brace yourselves, guys. I am going to have a headache strong enough to break computer screens in half.

[Sydney screams in agony]

"Me and Keldeo put up a good fight... but she was too strong..."

How did you lose? Then again, you couldn't even touch the Kyurem duo from earlier while I had to do all the heavy lifting.



:"Hmmm... I'll consider it."


The actual in-game dialogue isn't much better, as Monica tells Sydney to control Kyurem despite the fact Darugis put it under a spell. You know what that means...

Noah, you goober. How could you not deal with this?

Vera and the Volcarona got locked in a tug of war for critical hits and it still did that much to her. It's amazing how powerful Volcarona is and I kind of regret not getting one.

... Nah, we have like, three fire types already - one more would probably be overkill.

Speaking of which, this happened. Even before his Mega Evolution in generation 6, Ignell is still the best dragon out there.

: ("Where is he?! Where's that red Lucario?! I've gotten strong enough to beat him now!")

: ("I'm afraid he's out sick. I'll be more than glad to take his place for you, if you like.")

: ("What?!")

[Ignell incinerates the Lucario. He yells out expletives as his body is engulfed in flames]

The original Kyurem is even weaker than the ones that Kaiden and Sakura had.

First you have these uber overpowered legendaries that are level 70 and shouldn't even exist given the circumstances, but just... man, what even is video games?

: ("What a tortured soul... it's that tinge of melodrama that makes it so delicious...")

If Lumis could tank through the one that was way stronger, then it's no surprise that she could get the one that's ten levels lower.

Understandably so - it realized what game it was in!

Excellent. That removes Sydney from the ever-growing hitlist.

Noah says that Keldeo is calmer now that Kyurem is under Sydney's control, which is nice. I think this entire sequence was supposed to be a reference to the Kyurem movie, but who knows.

Noah congratulates us on a job well done and says that we're becoming stronger than him.

I think he would legitimately go insane if he knew the sheer gap between our powers.

I can't recognize the Blizzard Route as anything that actually existed in the original game, so good on DRG. I like the little snow effect they have going on here, too.

Okay, I revoke my previous compliments now that the ground is trying to eat Monica's head.

"If it weren't for the restaurant and the hotel, this place would be a ghost town."

Interesting town. Too bad we visit this place for about 10 minutes.

This fellow gives you the Coin Case despite the fact you can't use it anywhere, much like Waterfall from the Not-Icefall Cave.

Edit: You can use it somewhere else. I just didn't know at the time of writing.

: "Hah..."

[Monica gets slapped on the back of the head by Bellamine]

: "Oi! What's the deal!"

: ("Behave.")

: "Yes, ma'am..."

Scott is being a creep as usual. Also, his Emerald sprite sticks out like a sore thumb when compared to the more refined FireRed sprites.

Nice. Lucky Eggs give you more experience if you equip them on a Pokemon, so that's nice.

... But remember the Big Pearl thing from before? Same deal, only this kid is the reason why the present box keeps respawning. I... appreciate it?

Taunt is pretty useless even in vanilla Pokemon, seeing as it'd be more pragmatic to make sure you murder everything in your path.

Also, don't think I don't see the map border tiles. Like good lord, cover your shame.

We meet this kid who is transparently sharing Dark Rising Girl's preferred anime choices to the world.

(To be fair, I like Inuyasha and Bleach. I'm a weeb - sue me.)

Alright, not-Steven. I'll come back later. Although, to be fair, he is driving away a Dark Thug.

To be fair, if you lived in a super cold Alaska-esque town and there was a warm underground city right next to it... I can't blame you if you decide to live here.

: "I'm surprised you guys haven't just figured out to leave me alone and take me straight to your boss. We'd certainly waste less time that way."

[One pimp-slapping later]

: "That's why everybody loves me, babe."

As much as I'd love to continue, I have to cut it off here. Next time on Dark Rising, we deal with some nasty kids that were clearly spoiled to death.

See you then.


Team setup:

(Bellamine, level 81, has Sand Cloak, , ) - "Monica is a good trainer, but the inexplicable nature of our opponents has me incredibly worried."

(Hel, level 74, , /) - "To be fair, she has a point. With people like Fafnir and the fact Darugis can possess whoever he wants, you'd have to be a maniac to not be worried."

(Lumis, level 71, , ) - "Understandable... but I have faith in us as a team."

(Ignell, level 74, , /) - "Don't fret, madam. You don't seem like the kind of woman that should be clouded by doubt."

(Sathala, level 73, , ) - "Fafnir was the real deal. One wrong move and I coulda been toast. I'm still amazed Bellamine beat her up like that..." [Shiver]

(Vera, level 75, , ) - "Would it be alright to go to the restaurant? I'm game for some pizza, actually."

Back up team:

(Corin, level 95, has Dragon Fang, , /) - "Did you guys see that...?"

(Sigurd, level 96, , /) - [Is huddled next to Siegfried. He has a dream involving his family]

(Siegfried, level 93, , /) - [Giggling in his sleep] "Loki, what would I do without you...?"

(Gale, level 90, , /) - "Yeah... Fafnir, huh? Looked like a real tough customer. Should we tell Sigurd when he wakes up?"

(Arthur, level 91, , /) - "Of course we should. I mean, it's obvious that they're brother and sister. But... hmm. Oi, Cinder! Get me some water! And don't heat it up this time!"

(Wave, level 91, , ) - "At the very least the B-Team is doing really well without us. Miss Bellamine looked... kind of pretty when she beat up that weird Sigurd clone."

(Cinder, level 40, , ) -[Brings a cup of scalding hot water to Arthur but accidentally drops it on his helmet. He yells out in agony]
Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

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+ (Sigurd's Darkrai Lucario portaits use Emuffin and FlarosOverfield’s Lucario portraits as a base for his faces, but I made all of the edits + his battle-front and battle-back sprites.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)
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- Sydney's Lucario (Lucario family - Non-standard sprites made by Emuffin and FlarosOverfield)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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There is no force in the world that drains me more than having to deal with children.

Chapter #12 - Kid Trouble


We continue our savage romp through the Underground City as we beat up some more comically underpowered Dark Thugs.

Max Ether is nice. Imagine if Ethers were a buyable item in these games - it would take away the charm of finding these out in the open, but it'd be way more practical that way. I'd gladly welcome that change.

What the muk?

This one goon took the form of a present in order to fool Monica (and by extension me, the player). That's outright Snakewood shenanigans, and I don't think it was even intentional.

What are you going to do about it, tough guy?

Ah. You'll lightly tickle me with your team of pre-evolutions. How terrifying.

: "Love you too~"

Oh hey, those things I don't need anymore. To think, in the vanilla games, these are incredibly valuable due to them actually being rare. In here, they're the most common tool I use just to catch up with the game.

Funny how life works, huh?

If only that were the case, huh? I wish.

Completely accurate to my feelings. If I could use Frustration, I'd be hitting for max damage right now.

You get some... okay stuff here. Monica puts the sunglasses on to look cool, but it's like... night right now. So whoops.

He talks about a plot macguffin Ruby and how a certain kid took it and ran.

Personally, I just want an excuse to punch Kayo and his Pokemon in the face, so let's bring it on!

Weavile is a joke. See, they're good post-Generation 4 because of the Physical/Special split allowing their Attack-based moveset to shine, as both Dark and Ice were considered Special beforehand.

In Generation 3, though? Next to worthless, despite their cool designs.

: ("Ah! I don't envy Ambes having to deal with this. Goodness...")

And yet we still get frozen because my luck is abominable, apparently.

Reuniclus has a dopey sprite in this game. It has a perpetually open mouth and looks like it wants to hug you more than anything.

Zoroark wasn't much of a threat either, but he hit like a champ... so he had at least that going for him.

Meanwhile, Ignell cleans up the rest of the trash.

You're honestly surprised given our track record?

Kayo taunts you a bit regarding Pete and how he's in a "far worse situation than you can imagine."

Oh and have some extra cheese to go along with this, because this is what I imagine instead.

I don't really care if this idiot tries to redeem himself - Monica is just going to kick him in the nads if he shows up being like "Hey, Kayo here".

At the very least he knows what's up and leaves Monica alone before she goes on a rampage.

(By the way if you tried to talk to this guy before fighting Kayo, he would have no lines... which is kind of creepy given how he just stands there.)

But hey, we get Fly! That's pretty kickass, especially given how we have the completely required badge to use it. (wink, wink)

Monica and the B-Team take a small break from all of the madness.


: ("Ah! I needed that.")

: "Man... It's a pretty crazy journey we're on. Little breaks like these are invaluable."

: ("You said it, sister.")

: ("It's certainly... an adventure, to say the least. This is just as relaxing as eating a good dream once in a while.")

[At The Bottom of the Night]

: "Hey guys. Do you ever wonder what it would be like if we lived normal lives? As in, we didn't have to do all of this "chosen one destined to save the world" bullcrap?"

: ("We'd probably never have met. Honestly, with all we've gone through, peace and quiet is the only thing I want out of this.")

: ("You took the words right out of my mouth.")

[Sathala notices Monica tearing up]

: ("Are... you okay?")

: "Oh. It's fine. I haven't met my dad in literal years and I'm being hunted down by some omnicidal god monster that treats me as entertainment at best. I'm... okay."

: ("Do you want to talk about it?")

: "No. Maybe. It's just... my dad has never really been in my life. He's always been distant, and I've never had anybody to look up to other than my mom. Why didn't he tell us where he was after he defeated Darugis the first time?"

: ("What if he wanted to protect you from their followers?")

: "I guess. I know he had a good reason, but it still hurts knowing that he could have contacted us any time just to stay he's okay. I know I shouldn't resent my dad, but I get a pit in my stomach every time I think about him."

: ("And Darugis?")

: "I think we all have something to say about HIM. I'll admit, all of this fighting is bringing back some nasty memories back when I got in trouble at school. I hate feeling like my heart is going to pop out of my chest, and it doesn't help that there's all of this chosen one bullmuk. Just... why me? What am I good for?"

[Monica leans against the wall and lets out a heavy sigh]

: ("Hey! You helped bring us together! You're a strong leader, you don't take anybody's crap and...!")

: ("Monica, dear, I understand how you feel. My own trainer had the same issue back where we lived, and I don't blame him either. I used to not think much of humans before either of you, but you two are special. I won't allow anybody to take advantage of you - you deserve much better.")

[Bellamine grabs Monica in for a tender hug]

: "... Ah. Don't worry about me, miss Bellamine. The fact you care about me is... a bit much."

[Monica breaks into small tears. She notices them and wipes them away]

[voice breaks]: "... What a time to get sappy. Sheesh."

: ("So you do have a soft side after all. I'm glad to see you're not dead inside!")

[Still wiping away tears]: "Man, you guys are a bunch of dorks... But then again, that's why I love you."

: ("Now that we're refreshed, let's go. I have faith in all of you.")

: "Yeah... Let's rock."


Well, with that out of the way, let's go into this very original route. Back in Chapter 3 or so, I joked about areas looking a bit similar to the original game.

I mean, the new maps didn't look terrible at first... until the rest of the game happened. I didn't expect this to turn into a glorified Kanto reskin.

Also, poorly tiled grass that you can't avoid. Better have repels handy!

This guy has no flying type Pokemon, so I assume his original trainer class was a Bird Keeper.

Numassity sounds a gibberish word. Can someone tell me what it means if it's a real word? I'd appreciate it.

Future Dan: I would, except googling Numassity only brings us back to Dark Rising.

Oh boy, we're going to Not-Celadon today, are we?

Hey, it's Pete. What's the news, my man?

(Oh hey, text I'm not just summarizing for once!)

: "Pete! Are you okay?! I came to rescue you and -"

: "Rescue me?! I'm sick and tired of everyone coming to my rescue. Look at you. You're the big hero, huh? The savior of the world! You're not that special."

Ouch. Monica doesn't even want to be a hero anyway, but it still stings a bit.

(Okay, back to summarizing.)

: "Where is this coming from?"

: "I'm sick of everybody from Fells looking down at me, despite the fact I befriended a Pokemon way before all of you. You and Noah get all the glory."

In-Game Monica assumes it's Darugis controlling him, which is this game's universal cop-out for genuine character turmoil. To be fair, though, Pete says that these are his true feelings, so...

"My true potential is greater than yours!"

We'll just see about that. But oh man, I thought me and Pete were cool.

Okay, stop. No, you can't do this.

If it wasn't obvious that this game is trying too hard, we now have Dark EVIL Pete. It wasn't enough that he was called Dark Pete - we have to completely solidify him as an edgelord this way even when it's not necessary.

Subtlety, what's that?

Claydol tries to bulk itself up as a form of intimidation. It worked for a little bit until I realized a 1.5x boost to Defense and Special Defense isn't going to do much against Ignell's (actually pretty crazy) Special Attack.

: ("Not a fan of those strange... statue things, to be completely honest.")

Scrafty is still a pain with their crazy bulk. Even a tag-team effort between Hel and Ignell (hey they rhyme) could barely take him down.

The Excadrill, on the other hand, should have no excuse for surviving as long as it did.

I guess Feraligatr is my second favorite out of the Johto starters. Meganium isn't as cute as its pre-evolutions and Typhlosion just kicks ass.

Hyper Beam actually scared the muk out of me there, but I also figured it wouldn't be enough to kill Vera in one hit.

She gets too many close calls, I swear.

To think, as of Gen 6, any Dragon or Dark type that Bellamine fights is screwed without question unless they're either part or Uber-levels of strong.

Sorry I had to do this to you, man, but you deserved it.

Believe it or not, the game tries to take the blame away from Pete by saying that he was possessed by some man clad in black clothes... so that character development went nowhere. In-Game Monica almost decides to leave Pete behind, but instead:

Yep, he's sure going to contribute a lot in the final battle.

At the very least he's going to be part of Team Somehow Badass from now on.

This better be good if the game has to stop me.

(Random thought: Oh muk we forgot about the Plume Fossil back in Mystic Falls. Ooops. Should we go get it?... Nah.)

Future Dan: Ah, there it is.

Hey it's that guy from before. The dad of the white-haired Not-Steven guy from Iceland City.

He's here because he wants to give us the Master Ball, but he got awfully winded just from running a few paces to where we are now.

Would you look at that? We collectively forgot about the Master Ball thing because, honestly, we don't need to capture more Pokemon with how things are going. At the very least Monica has a reason for forgetting about it given all the crap that happens on an hourly basis.

Oh my god, can you not?

Why is every single conflict in this stupid game resolved with a fight?

We're not missing much aside from the fact he has a primarily type team. That's nice.

Why do people question Monica's worthiness after all of the stuff she's done? Like no, seriously, she's literally called the Chosen One and has helped out a ton of people (V notwithstanding because he deserves to be in the garbage), complete with Arceus's blessing.

I mean, seriously.

...You know what it is? A crutch. The reason there's so many fights in such a short span of time is because DRG (due to being a literal child or teenager, whatever the actual reason is) doesn't know how pacing works.

This is why it feels so exhausting despite being half the length of Snakewood - it's time spent on grinding and fighting all of these random people that drags out the story, what little there actually is.

Oh yeah, by the way? This guy blocks the way from now on. I feel sorry for any person who didn't beat Not-Lucy (Serena) and got the badge that lets them learn Fly, because this is exactly what I was talking about.

See, you will be required to use Fly at one point to proceed with the story... but you can't without the badge and this guy will stop you from backtracking to Serena. The hopelessly incompetent coding deadgames you just because this one old man.

In some regards, I consider Kai's Father to be more heinous than Darugis despite him being on our side.

I like to imagine there's a tiny note at the bottom of the sign that says "*Joy not included" just to complete the experience.

Can someone please explain to me what's with the pink and blue balls on the ground? You can walk over them and nobody references their existence... so I'm incredibly confused.

... You weren't even trying with this one. You can somehow change a route to be called Numassity, but you didn't even edit the department store.

That's the entire message, by the way. I'll let you fill in what he was going to say.

Since this place is a fusion between Celadon and Saffron, there's two gyms here. The Fighting gym isn't too terribly interesting. They give you either a Throh or a Sawk if you win.

Psychic is neat, but the only person of worth that can use it is Bellamine... who already knows it. At the very least it's here in case you want to deal with what's up ahead.

: "Who sent you?! ... Oh wait, you're just fans. Never mind."

Oh snap, people who know about Monica that don't want to beat her to a bloody pulp!

I don't know what causes them to fawn over you, but this is still very appreciated.

: "Oh snap! I've always wanted a bike ever since I was 12."

: "Rad. Childhood dreams do come true!"

(I heard there's a mistake where, even if you have the Bike Voucher, the game doesn't recognize it and denies you from getting the bike. I'm glad that didn't happen to me here.)

Sadly, as cool as the bike is, running is actually faster. Sigh.

Whoa, hey now - we're finally getting into fanfiction levels of plot.

Then again, this entire game is one bad fanfiction, so...

... This has to be the tackiest gym I've seen yet. Even the NPCs in the game think it looks horrible, which is... interesting?

Despite clearly being Sabrina's unedited gym, this place is a type gym for some reason.

Hmmm... Where have I seen this before? A young pink-haired girl with a childish attitude that also runs a -type gym, armed with insanely overpowered Pokemon.

Oh, and to help prepare for her inevitable onslaught, the game throws a bunch of -type Pokemon at you.

This is straight up beat-for-beat plagarism from the actual games.

Replace Whitney with that one partner girl you get in Generation 4 that you'd have to go out of your way to meet and you're set. (Her name is Mira - I had to look her up because I actually forgot who she was)

Ambipom isn't much of a threat. They're fast and know Attract, but nothing Ignell can't handle.

... Ignell falling in love with a lady monkey is a hilarious mental image, though.


I never thought I would use this again, but damn is it necessary. Meloetta here (who is shiny, by the way - don't think you're slick) is brutal. She has crazy attack and speed (128 for both) to the point where she could sweep the entire team.

To make matters worse, she has a Lum Berry to recover from any status effect you throw at her, which makes things a joy to deal with.

Lumis, by virtue of being the B-Team's tank, is the only one that can stand up to her without getting horribly slaughtered. Surprisingly enough, the thing that tripped me up the most was their typing.

This is the Pirouette form for Meloetta, so they're /. I forgot that was a thing and assumed they were / like the singing form. As such, I didn't use any Psychic moves on them despite that being super-effective.

Way to go, player Dan, you somehow managed to screw up a simple fact regarding one of your favorite Gen 5 Pokemon.

: ("Ah! Her dreams taste like cotton candy. I'm glad you keep bringing me to these, because the legendaries have excellent dreams.")

Meloetta may be one of my favorites, but they still deserve to get the muk whapped out of them if they're going to play like that.

Porygon-Z tried to boost their strength with Nasty Plot, but Ignell shot them down in an instant.

Do I even like Lickilicky? I mean, they're a step up from Lickitung... who is just plain gross-looking.

She even has a Miltank like Whitney! Come on!

I don't think the levels were ever meant to be scaled up this high for the badges, given how Bellamine is like level 80.

We beat up a young girl and got a badge for it, so that's a job well do--

That's a very good question, actually. Thank you for addressing that, In-Game Monica.

Not-Mira: "I don't claim Meloetta as mine, silly. Me and my dad Alder befriended it years ago."

: "Wow."

I can't tell if that's an amazed wow or a "this is super contrived" wow. I'm heavily leaning on the latter.

[She hands a Calm Mind TM over to Monica]

"Meloetta prefers to be in her dancing form."

Riiiiiiiight. She also just happens to be shiny, am I right? (Freakin' kids and their gamesharks...)

Anyway, we're done here. That's another gym down and I might tackle all of them soon enough.

... Uh.

Hello, tall, dark and scary.

We can walk past the imposing giant of a man like he doesn't exist, but that'd be boring.

Not-Sephiroth here is called Adrian, and he's the Omni League Champion. He was apparently signing autographs while he was in Numassity, but Monica senses that he might be a tad off. You know, with him being a ten foot tall man clad in dark clothes.

The only things he needs are dark angel wings and a katana the size of his body so the shameless rip-off cycle can be complete.

... The ones that are good.

Okay, Ryu from Street Fighter.

She's not that hard aside from the Meloetta. Plus, she's a kid. It's a bit embarrassing to have a man your size and age obsess over something like that.

Anyway, we're at the latest town. I swear to god if there's any Spanish soap operas here, I'm going to chuck someone through a window.

There's just this house occupied by stuffed dolls. A girl outside of it says that it belongs to Not-Mira, which is uh... nice, I guess?

Scott, stop being an omnipresent creep.

This guy has to have the most expository dialogue out of any random trainer we've met.

He specifically mentions at least two new plot important areas (the No Man's Land desert and the Montage Fortress) and how they're so hardcore that they require all eight Core Region Badges to get through. Really, he's just in the way.

So have Ignell burning up another Excadrill just because.

Danny Iyelo? Why does that name sound so famili--

I might be stretching here, but: Danny Aiello was an actor in several American movies, including but not limited to The Godfather: Part II. What a badly veiled version of him is doing in a Pokemon game, let alone a rom hack like Dark Rising, is so beyond me that it may as well be in a different dimension altogether.

This sounds vaguely meme-ish... and outright horrifying, since I don't know what "1280" is - I've never used this game's day care before in my life.

Also, would you believe me that the Core Region has two Day Care centers because of this?

... No thanks, big man. (You get Body Slam from his brothers, but Monica doesn't want to get wrapped up in the labors of sweaty, shirtless men. She's more into pretty-boys.)

There's also this large, imposing building that's totally not Silph Co. As much as I'd love to tackle it...

I have to cut it off for this chapter. Next time on Dark Rising... I have to step up my game a bit.

See you then.

Team setup:

(Bellamine, level 83, has Sand Cloak, , ) - "I definitely feel better after that hot spring visit. Monica looks happier too."
(Hel, level 75, , /) - "See what I mean? All it takes is some pep talk."
(Lumis, level 72, , ) - "Good thing too, because I had no idea what to say to cheer her up. Oh, and would you look at that - the A-Team seems to be recovering!"
(Ignell, level 78, , /) - "Excellent! Things are definitely looking up for us."
(Sathala, level 73, , ) - "Pete was such an edgelord, oh my god."
(Vera, level 76, , ) - "Pretty much. Personally, I'm convinced that anybody who's not a member of our team is crazy, stupid or both."

Back up team:

(Corin, level 95, has Dragon Fang, , /) - "Hey! My fever's gone! Sweet."
(Sigurd, level 96, , /) - [Steadily wakes up] "Oh man... That was some crazy dream. Thought I saw Sara again..."
(Siegfried, level 93, , /) - [Hops up from the hospital bed] "Hey! I don't have a splitting headache anymore. Oh, and you guys look better too! That's awesome!"
(Gale, level 90, , /) - "Yeah, I missed not writhing in pain."
(Arthur, level 91, , /) - "Aye, speak for yourself. I still have second degree burns from those spilled drinks."
(Wave, level 91, , ) - "Can't wait to hogtie some suckers now that the soreness is wearing off. Who knows, maybe I could get a sweetheart with these new muscles?"
(Cinder, level 40, , ) - [Nudges Arthur] "Uh, guys? The... things that happened? How about telling Sigurd and Siegfried about 'em?"

Portrait Credits:


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- Sydney's Lucario (Lucario family - Non-standard sprites made by Emuffin and FlarosOverfield)

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Chapter #13 - Despair and then Hope


Today on Pokemon Dark Rising, we're going into to the Not-Silph Co of the Core Region!

What awaits us inside?

God damn it, not you two again.

In-Game Monica wants to save V for some reason while Let's Play!Monica spits on his grave for a second time. His kids are consumed with thoughts of revenge, while I'm just like "bring it on."

I can at least understand why In-Game Monica wants to save V - she's based off of the archetypical all loving hero that doesn't want to hurt a fly. The whole "heroes don't kill" rule that you often see. (Even though beating up nameless mooks is fine?)

I think it's interesting to see an otherwise typical straightforward hero character deal with the consequences of that kind of thing, but the writing is not even half baked enough to properly deal with it.

That and the man made a contract with Literally Satan to torture Monica and her father, so forgive me if I don't feel bad for offing him.

The uber dragon is back, but Hel and Ignell took him out in a flash.

I don't have a problem with multiple members of a species, but keep in mind that the Tao Trio are still... well, legendaries. It's not implausible that they have multiple members of a species, but when some random kids spontaneously have them with no explanation or fanfare, that's where things get pissy for me.

Even Sydney deserves Kyurem more than these two idiots.

Funnily enough, her Magmortar was more a problem than the uber was. Mostly because I reset to get a "no Pokemon knocked out record" for the fights (again, barring the Sigurd and Heatmor thing from back in like Flamen Town)

Kaiden doesn't say anything different than his sister - they're both angry at Monica but that's about it.

For the love of everything decent, don't encourage them.

You don't owe them jack muk, Monica.

At the very least I like their dynamic. The brother is while the sister is . In a better story with better written characters, this could actually be pretty neat.

When you beat both of them, they inexplicably leave you alone even though they have more to say. I'll transcribe both of their dialogues just for the hell of it:

Kaiden: "Darugis replaced our father with a new general called Vladimir. He's upstairs and planning to usurp Groudon into their control. Wait, why am I even talking to you?"

Sakura: "I... I can't trust you, Monica. But if you mean what you say, stop Vladimir."

In-Game Monica promises to bring back V even though that's a bad idea on so many levels. LP!Monica instead says -


: "Listen. I know it's not easy to deal with the person who killed your father, but really think about it for a second - given how straight up evil the man was, do you really think he wouldn't have gone after you next? Plus, going after me isn't going to solve anything: even in the situation where you off me, can you stand up against Darugis himself?"

[Darugis's voice echoes through the room]

: ("She's right, you know. V sold his soul to me without a second thought for the sake of revenge. He confided in me that his children were disposable if it meant getting the edge on Monica, so keep that in mind...")

[He lets out a low chuckle as his presence fades away. Kaiden and Sakura stare at Monica with a worried expression]

: "See what I mean?"

Regarding the actual dungeon itself, the Novella Lab isn't even a reskin of the Silph Co. Building. Reskinning would imply she's actually changed anything that aren't the trainers.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because nobody wants to see me walk aimlessly through a building with eleven floors.

Yikes. What did they do to you, Magnezone? They really had to squish them so they could fit in the editor.

We steal all of these neat items along with the Card Key. Due to this being the Silph Co. office building, there's a ton of doors that make the place even more annoying to go through. The fact the place runs on teleporters complicates this.

What is this, Half Life 1?

You've practically completed the building when you get to the resting area, so that's worth a "huzzah".

You know, except for the boss fight that's going to happen right now.

If we still had the Bastard Meter, this is where it'd explode again.

Trust me.

: "You know it. Say, their boss is upstairs... Are you ready for him? Let's find out."

: "What?! You're serious, Noah?!"

I'm afraid he is. We're really doing this.

It doesn't seem like much after the Uber Duo, but Noah is the hardest opponent that isn't the final bosses. He is so flagrantly powerful here that, despite having the same levels, we have no hope of defeating him with the B-Team.

His Braviary alone can pick apart the team without buffs. If he uses Bulk Up twice, I literally cannot do anything to stop it.

His sudden Cobalion is easily the worst offender. He outspeeds everything I have and hits like a dump truck despite only having 90 base attack.

He knows Swords Dance, can destroy Ignell with Stone Edge and use Iron Head on everybody else. Vera is the only person that can stand up to him, but given how he outspeeds her and how the Braviary tore a giant hole into her with Brave Bird beforehand...

I'm afraid to say that this is where my winning streak stops.

Future Dan:

Did it not occur to you to use Hypnosis at any point in the fight? Damn, looks like even I was stuck in the DBZ power levels nonsense Dark Rising promoted.

[The Hidden Truth]

Poor Sathala got the worst of it.

I can't say we didn't try at least. He only had 1% health left after the entire team ganged up on him.

Still, this isn't very flattering.

That's why it'll be the last time you'll ever see me lose on-screen.

No mercy.

Rest easy, guys. You tried your best.

Oh, god damn it. We just had to have you somewhere around here, didn't we?

To let you know how significantly overpowered Sigurd is right now, he did roughly double this Hydreigon's health with just one Aura Saber. If the Hydreigon had zero Health/Defense EVs, it would have done triple the amount. I did the math.

Yeah, I think it's safe to say that we're not losing anymore.

Tell him like it is.

: "Shut up, Noah."

[Ass-whupping theme: Riders of the Light]

This is cathartic after losing to him with the B-Team for like an hour.

Siegfried didn't need the critical hit, but I'm always down for humiliating my opponents.

Suck it.

Funnily enough, when I was fighting him with the B-Team, his Keldeo was the easiest to fight despite that being his signature Pokemon. Fancy that.

The Dragon Slayers are doing their job with pride.

Imagine if Noah had to save the world instead of us. That'd certainly take a lot of stress off of our shoulders, even if he's horribly unprepared for Darugis.

"I cleared the way for you upstairs, but there's still a lot of guys. Be careful cause I'm going to heal."

There's literally only two people upstairs, so what are you talking about? At the very least he took his loss gracefully and just left... even though I'm sure he's sweating salt after his team was destroyed the second time around.

Wait, why were we even fighting to begin with if we're after the same guy?

"Heh, I should be thanking you for getting rid of that guy. Now I'm in charge!"

Oh hey, it's Not-Archie with a purple bandanna. Their names both start with V so that gives me the impression that Darugis just picked out the next person in line.

Monica is a fireball today, I love it.

(Pokemon included in his team but I didn't show them off via screenshots: Drifblim, Carracosta, Conkeldurr, Zen Mode Darmanitan)

Vladimir, especially after dealing with the monstrosity that was Noah's team, is easy peasy. Even the B-Team would have an easy time stomping him out.

The only Pokemon that would prove a potential problem would be Zen Mode Darmantian due to their surprising bulk and special attack, but that's about it. Noah could have done this himself if he didn't feel like stroking his ego.

"I don't need this stinking Master Ball to catch Groudon."

Vlad is also super dumb. He thinks he's a step up from V, but he's so ineffective and stupid that I can't help but feel sorry for the people who enlisted him.

Vladimir: "Eh? No thanks. Peace!"

[He vanishes in a fade to black transition]

And to top it off, he's a dork too. The President of the company(?) decides to reward us the only way he knows how:

Excellent. Two Master Balls isn't a bad reward for sitting through the game's plot, to be honest.

Anyway, you see that incredibly silly-looking hole behind them? That will somehow take us down eleven floors into a checkpoint station. Okay, whatever.

What is it with the Core Region having places where "very few people survive"? Why would anybody live here if there's places that are so dangerous that just walking through them would cause high mortality rates?

It's like she confused edgy and serious as being the same thing, because it's completely unnecessary to have it like this. (besides, the place isn't even deadly - just super long)

By the way, if you leave through the entrance on the right, this happens. Since the guard is stubborn enough to not move out of the way, we have to backtrack all the way through the Not-Silph Co. Building just to go back to the checkpoint again.

Doesn't sound like much, but it could have easily been avoided by having him move out of the way.

[Theme for the No Man's Land: Spiny Desert]

Anyway, the desert. This place is very notable for a few reasons.

#1: It has a custom tileset that I can confirm is not from the original game or Gen 4. Who made it is what I don't know.

#2: You see Monica in the above screenshot? The game was lagging something fierce. There was so much going on in this one spot that she walked like a snail without the speed up button.

#3: The map for this place is giant. Get a load of this muk:

Like jesus christ, now I know why people died on this route - it was from boredom. Even the grandest and most expansive RPG Maker maps aren't this thick.

Something interesting I've learned about Void Bomb - it hits both opponents in a Double Battle. So, we have a 125 power move with a 50% chance to flinch that hits two enemies at once... on top of Aura Saber just being disgustingly overpowered.

Damn, it's a really good thing Sigurd is on our side. Otherwise, I don't think I could handle it.

Anyway, we skip about 98% of the desert because there's nothing of interest barring some battles here and there. We also meet a familiar face.


Light is here because he wants to stop Monica like every other idiot on our journey. Monica asks him what that weird Conarp monster he had was and where it came from. Obviously Darugis is involved:

"Watch your tone. As I've said before, that was an example of Darugis's power known as Creature Creation. He has given me the ability to form any monster I desire, as long as it's made of pure darkness."

: "Kinda ironic for your name..."

I know, right?

Light: "You have a sense of humor. How nice. But I do not obey Darugis like these other mindless slaves you see around here. I'm simply doing him small favors in exchange for this power. As I said before, I am not picking sides in this war. I will simply salvage off of whoever has the upper hand."

: "You're a monster yourself, then."

Light: "I'm what? I'm finally free from protecting Arceus. I now have the freedom to do whatever I desire. Why should I have to choose a side?"

: "I guess there's no reasoning with you then. Bring it on."

How would Light even protect Arceus anyway? Canonically speaking, he can't even beat the protagonist who, while still being a "chosen one", is still just a normal human being. I'm not so impressed by Light or his story arc given how he just exists to get in our way.

It's also just shaky writing at best, since I get the idea: Light is a guy who defected after he saw that the side he was fighting for wasn't all it was cracked up to be. He's a weak-willed man who values his freedom more than morality, which, again, could be interesting if he wasn't effectively a one-dimensional bad guy that exists to get stomped on.

In-Game Monica recognizes that Landorus looks different than both Tornadus and Thundurus, surprisingly enough. It's neat that she doesn't mistake them for the other two, but still.

This makes me question why she wanted revenge against the actual Pokemon itself instead of Light. In fact, a lot of things in this game aren't up to snuff when you analyze them in depth...

Yeah, I feel sorry for you too, buddy. You're a part of this game.

... Wait one goddamn second. It doesn't say Monica or the equivalent for someone else's file. It says Landorus looks at the player, as in the person playing the game. So not only is that a writing fail (seeing as he should be staring at Monica but is facing the screen due to sprite limitations), the fourth wall is in a million pieces now too.

The actual battle wasn't anything special. I doubt it would have been more exciting if I used a normal team for the sake of a challenge.

Therian form Landorus looks really off in Dark Rising, as if this is a bootleg version of him.

... Believe it or not, this isn't from Generation 5. This is a custom sprite that somehow made its way into this rom hack. Here's the original, made roughly the same time as Dark Rising:

In fact, let's just read the credit list for Dark Rising, shall we?
  • DarkRisingGirl (Story/Creator)
  • Tajaros (Scripter/Support Banner)
  • Wesley FG (OW Sprites)
  • Kyledove (Tiles)
  • Alienhunterx (Official Walkthrough)
  • Mewmasterifly (2 Evil Fakemon Sprites for Beta)
  • NO_obslayer (Titlescreen)
  • Nightkymz (Tile Inserter)
  • Atif (Mapper for the 1st Half of the Hack)
  • DanielEvans/Pokemon Giratina X/Elite Four Lucian( Banners. If I forgot anyone, please inform me and I'll gladly add you to the list)
  • Evil Arms (Fan-made Titlescreen)
  • PokemonShinySilver (Wii U)
  • Darthatron (Fixed Trainer Card Glitch)
  • Hinkage (Scripting & Mapping)

Out of all of the people listed on Dark Rising's credit list, the person who made the Landorus sprite is not among them. Not only that, the creator of the sprites specifically mentions "I DO HOPE MY WORK IS NOT BEING USED WHERE PERMISSION IS NOT GIVEN" on one of his journals.

Casual reminder that, even if you survive Aura Saber, you still have a 70% chance of getting burned. I am not apologizing and, believe it or not, it ties into what the game is going to do with the final boss.

"You only won because my creation was not available to me at this time."

: "Why's that?"

Light: "Because it is at my lair, becoming even stronger!"

Oh, don't even try to act like that stupid thing is your trump card. Sigurd doesn't even need to be around - Corin and Wave would still wipe it off of the face of the planet!

Now, believe it or not, there was supposed to be text here. But since Dark Rising Girl (or Hinkage?) was too lazy to make post battle dialogue work, you have to talk to Light to get more out of the scene.

Long story short, Light taunts Monica about how his Conarp monster is growing stronger and how Landorus was too weak. Landorus talks to Monica and challenges her to a fight so he can see if she's worthy to save his brothers and blah blah blah.

There is this insanely corny conversation that I want to share, though:

: "You're making that creature stronger? Is it... evolving somehow?"

Light: "No... It is mutating!! The darkness evolution of Creature Creation."

[Landorus Transform Back To It's Original Form - I am leaving it written this way on purpose because that's how it appears in the actual game]

And then Light says that Landorus deserves to be in pain because he lost to Monica, further cementing him as a stupid edgelord.

Anyway... You can catch the Kami Trio. In any other game that would be neat, but given how obsessively you need to grind in Dark Rising to deal with the plot... Yeah, no thank you. It doesn't help that Corin outmatches him in every regard.

Thank you, Wave. It's not like the game expected us to catch Landorus instead of leaving him trapped inside of a tsunami... right?

Oh, who cares. Who wants some blatantly recycled dungeons from the original game?

Naturally. Also, Gale got poisoned again for the first time since she was a Staravia. If someone can keep a counter of the amount of times we've been poisoned onscreen, that'd be nice.

Okay, this was excellent. This Goon was spouting some nonsense about how they're going to get Groudon and Monica, clearly tired of all of these fights (making what I did back in Chapter 12 not just an off-base interpretation of Monica's feelings) just goes "yeah, whatever."

There's certain times where the game isn't half bad. Too bad it's drowned out by the other 90 percent.

We get an item we could have bought in the first real town. Whoopee.

By the way, you see those boulders? They're blocking the way to Groudon and we don't have Strength. So for all of their talking about Groudon, we never get to meet it as part of the main story and ultimately that plot thread goes absolutely nowhere.

A million floors later, there was this room with the braille counterpart of the alphabet from the original games.

I still can't believe they actually put in braille for the Regi Trio. Like alright that's cool, but how would anybody know what to do without a guide? I guess the cryptic nature of it is what made it a genuine mystery at the time.

Anyway, there's Vlad, some Zen Mode Darmanitans and a shiny rock. Only two of them are actual Pokemon, so they're there if you want them... I guess.

I don't even know how to describe what's going on here.

"You found the Sapphire for me. I just followed you! With the Sapphire I will be able to reawaken Kyogre!"

Monica facepalms at his stupidity and pulls out one of the Master Balls to show him he can't even catch the legendaries without one.

Vlad just laughs and says he will use the Sapphire to control Kyogre anyway, even though it's supposed to be the Red and Blue Orbs that do that. Monica, believe it or not, says this to him:

"You're a mess. I'll tell you what, Vladimir. If you can defeat me, you can have both the Master Balls and the Sapphire. If I beat you, you give me the Ruby that you have."

He goes "I'm a grown man, why am I making a deal with a kid", but Monica's like "guess you don't want it after all." Disappointingly enough, this works on him.

Vlad isn't much stronger than how he was a few screenshots back. I don't know why the rematch is so early, but I guess giving us more free experience is always a good thing.

One major thing I should mention: His Archeops knows Brave Bird, which is an illegal move for its species because it can't do that in the real games. A dark omen for the future? We'll see...

"You annoying pest! I'll have my Pokemon take those items off of you!"

Why are you even trying, Vlad? Just go home or something.

"And knocks all of Vladimir's Pokemon back."

OOOPS. Guess we shouldn't have beat up Landorus, huh?

What, did he sneak into our team after we wasted him? Like come on. Is it really that hard to create alternate versions of the same scene based on whether or not you have certain Pokemon in your party? It's definitely possible, but they just wanted only this plot point I guess.

Vlad throws a manchild fit while Monica steals the "Ruby" that he clearly has. (Please, someone tell me what DRG's team was doing when they coded this part of the game)

More desert. Joy. But hey, at least there's a cactus!

By the way, don't drink cactus juice or you'll wind up like this guy:

Oh god, more inconsequential characters.

This guy is a user while his gym leader dad is a user. Oh, and he wants to fight Monica despite the fact the team hasn't been able to heal because he's a douchebag who has no sense of fair play.

Despite this, he is actually the easiest opponent we've faced so far seeing as a normal fire type could roast his entire team without even trying. That's kind of pathetic even by this game's standards.

At the very least he gives us Strength for... his troubles...

Wow, really? You give us Strength immediately after the Groudon stuff loses its importance? There's so many mismanaged decisions in this one chapter alone that I'm starting to run out of things to say.

The Chansey doesn't heal you, by the way. I don't know what Monica is talking about.

Say hello to the Fossil Museum from the original game... Oh, and Kayo who's hiding in the corner.

Okay, this is actually kind of funny. Monica thinks this guy is going to jump when he's just going to throw his Pokedex off the roof because he couldn't stand trying to complete it. A relatable feeling, to be totally honest.

Woman, you ain't slick.

This is honestly a little embarrassing given how she actively participated in the plot as "The Creator" beforehand.

The strange thing about this town is that each of the signs have a Pokemon appear on them... which isn't surprising given how this was Fuchsia City in the original game. The Training Grounds is a glorifed reskin of the Safari Zone, with one of the attendants saying that each zone has a gradual increase in levels from 50 to 80.

They also say:

"You're also allowed to catch any Pokemon you encounter! Cool, huh? Better than Kanto's Safari Zone for sure."

Kind of biting the hand that feeds you, huh?

Kayo challenges us to a duel on Thunder Mountain after we beat Bruce, the Gym Leader of this "fortress".

Let's just cut to the chase.

There's a sandstorm inside of a building somehow. That'd get annoying after a while, wouldn't it?

Nobody cares who you are. I'd be more concerned as to why you're a palette swap of the Battle Pyramid Frontier Brain from Pokemon Emerald.

At the very least he has some connection with Monica's father, seeing as he is able to recognize her immediately.

He didn't have a threatening team, though - a stark contrast compared to Not-Mira of the Normal gym. Bronzong and Klinklang were the only new ones he had, with Bronzong being interesting due to having Levitate and Calm Mind. That would certainly stop Corin and Siegfried (as Fire is counted as Special in this Gen), but Sigurd swept through the team without even blinking an eye.

This could be handy in case I want to get rid of HM moves... despite the fact the game (generously) lets you play without using them. That's one compliment I'll give to Dark Rising, I guess...

... We are immediately confronted by Misty upon going south. It's actually her, too - it's not a palette swap character that claims to be a brand new person. In hindsight, this means the actual characters which 90% of these palette swaps are based off of exist in the same universe as Dark Rising and --

Immediately upon talking to her, she gives the HM for Surf to us. That's a good way to start off a conversation. (It's convenient too, seeing as beating Bruce allowed us to use Surf outside of battle)

"The best Water Pokemon trainer in the world!"

Uh? She is?

Misty is here because she was looking for Monica and gave her Surf to help her on her journey. She also talks about how Ash still owes her a bike from the incident in the anime, despite that incident having taken place several years ago. Of course.

Misty also warns Monica about Thunder Mountain and the Trilogy Islands. Basically, if someone talks about it beforehand, expect us to visit it in about 5 minutes.

Thank you, Random Swimmer Man. Sigurd is now maxed out on levels.

This is the first time in a long time that I've ever done this, so damn. It's surreal to consider that, to beat Dark Rising, you have to be at this level of strength. If anything, aside from the tedium of having to fight so many people in succession, this is the real downfall of the game.

I'll elaborate later on when we get to the end.

Yes, these border tiles are totally normal. The beach is supposed to look like this, right?

Huh. She changed the surfing message. Neat, I guess.

... What are those sprites on the bottom left corner?

This is a mountain? It's barely a hill. I'd demand a refund on expectations if I were in Monica's shoes right now.

Oh my god, these sprites are amazingly terrible.

My favorite is the Spartan soldier guy with a golden apple helmet.

Monica feels a surge of powerful negative energy emanating from the four people above. (Granted, can you blame her? They're angry because they want better sprites.)

: "So you've came... I was worried you wouldn't show. Then again, you are the big savior of the world, aren't you?"

Monica calls him out and asks him what the hell his problem is, as she rightfully should. She also questions him where his family and friends are, which makes me suspect he's literally Silver with a different name at this point.

"I don't want those things! They're for the weak and they hold you back."

I'd be more sympathetic to your cause if you weren't a raging lunatic.

: "You all call me the big savior of the planet, but I never signed up for this. All I've wanted was to have fun with my friends and my Pokemon... Kayo, you're human too. You try to act like you're this psycho drone for Darugis, but you're not. You're hiding something."

Good attempt, In-Game Monica, but you don't even know this dude. Why are you suddenly trying to be his friend after all of the stupid things he's done to you out of spite? Is this going to be another V situation?

: "Shut up!"

The people on the ledge are getting the greatest high off of the negative emotions here, by the way. If this game was better written, this would be pretty effective - not gonna lie.

Alas, it suffers from poor presentation and awkward, janky dialogue. The guys say "Let's do it" for the final fight with Kayo and that's cool, I guess.

The man has higher levels than before, but we have the superior match-ups. I fail to see how he deserves the title of Master Kayo for this fight.

Oh hey, that's what the weird sprite next to Kayo was. Arthur sure showed him who's in charge.

Sigurd, no! All he wants to do is give you a hug!

Game, set and match. You should have known better.

In-Game Monica gives a genuine thumbs up because she's a naive idiot.

Let's Play Monica gives Kayo a thumbs up with a snide grin to rub salt in the wound.

Text spacing? What's that?

The actual content of this dialogue consisted of Monica getting the four dark lords or whoever they are off of Kayo's back, but not much really happens.

In fact, to proceed, you have to walk past all of them. They don't say anything up close (which is especially odd since they seem like important characters) and talking to Kayo in the overworld just repeats the line from the battle, complete with horrible text overlapping.

I don't get it.

In fact, that was the last thing for this chapter. Too exciting, you know. Next time on Dark Rising, we deal with a pharaoh and a certain douchebag with a new leash on life.

See you then.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 95, has Dragon Fang, , /) - "I love rainy days. Especially when they consist of beating up idiots like Kayo and Light."
(Sigurd, level 100, , /) - [Carries Siegfried over his shoulders] ("Hmm... Signe is back. This could be my chance.")
(Siegfried, level 93, , /) - "Who were the dopes in the costumes? They were kinda funny."
(Gale, level 91, , /) - "Circus rejects, of course."
(Arthur, level 91, , /) - "Aye. Hey, did any of you have an idea what Light was blabbing about when he mentioned his monster thing was getting stronger? I couldn't take him seriously." [Rain slides off of Arthur's armor]
(Wave, level 91, , ) - "Not a clue, pardner. Personally, I wouldn't be worried now that Sigurd is all big and strong... Hell, even if he weren't around, I'd kick that thing's behind faster than you can count to three."

Back up team:

(Bellamine, level 83, has Sand Cloak, , ) - "Things are so different here. It's such a shock compared to where I'm from... But at least we gave it our best try."
(Hel, level 76, , /) - "Our best try? Feh! Now we're the ones in hospital beds..."
(Lumis, level 72, , ) - "I can't blame miss Bellamine for thinking that way, though. All we had to do was wait until Sigurd and the rest were better anyway. Besides, I got to eat some pretty amazing dreams, so I can't really complain..."
(Ignell, level 80, , /) - "Defeat is bitter... But I can't let this drag me down! Darugis is lucky Sigurd and the others are in my place!"
(Sathala, level 73, , ) - "Ignell? Buddy? I think you need to chill. Besides, I'm rooting for Siegfried all the way."
(Vera, level 76, , ) - "Well... It was fun while it lasted."
(Cinder, level 40, , ) - "Things are getting pretty crazy out there. I just hope you guys can stay safe, cause jeez..."

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+ (Sigurd's Darkrai Lucario portaits use Emuffin and FlarosOverfield’s Lucario portraits as a base for his faces, but I made all of the edits + his battle-front and battle-back sprites.)

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- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

- Demon King Darugis (Darkrai - Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

- Fafnir (Lugia Lucario permafusion - The original Lucario base sprites were made by Emuffin and FlarosOverfield, but I edited ALL of the portraits, as well as the battle-back and battle-front sprites.)

- Gaspar aka. V's Golett/Golurk (Golurk family – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

- Sydney's Lucario (Lucario family - Non-standard sprites made by Emuffin and FlarosOverfield)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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Crazy train only gets more intense from here.

In fact, this is the first time in my let's playing adventures that I had to split a chapter in two because of how much happens in it. Both parts of Chapter 14 add up to a total of 247 screenshots, which is absolutely bonkers. But hey, you get more bang for your buck I suppose.

(For contrast, previous two/three parters were literally full blown chapters that I arbitrarily stuck together in the same posts. The Portrait Credits will be stored at the end of Chapter 14-2.)

Chapter #14 (Part 1) - Debauchery

We start off this chapter of Dark Rising by running into this peculiar woman. You can't ignore her - she stops you if you try to go past. Let's transcribe this conversation because, believe it or not, it actually deserves it for once:

Kaede: "But I hope you are not encouraging our youth with tales of the outside world. The outside world is harsh, filled with evil people. The cruelty I've seen and experienced in my life... I am happy these children do not have to go through with it. We were all peaceful... until you outsiders came to our island! Please, leave at once."

How many people regularly travel around the Core Region? This is an honest question because everybody's like "oh that place is too dangerous" or "we were peaceful until you people came along", which makes me question what the history of this place is, and not in a good way.

: "I'm sorry if you've been getting a lot of visitors lately, but some of us aren't bad. Your life was tough and some people mistreated you, I feel, but that's no excuse to tell the people on this island that the world we live in is all bad. You're blinding these children. You're supposed to teach them about life, good or bad.

Monica, I love it when you're not an idiot. I just wish you got the proper fleshing out you deserved... that, and removing the V sympathy thing would kick you way up there.

Kaede: "Life... is nothing special. We live and we die. In between that, we must endure the cruel world. You know nothing, child. You're brainwashed. Now, begone!"

Damn, you are one nihilistic old hag.

: "Don't even start. You let your personal feelings pass judgement on everyone and now you want these kids to think like you."

Arguably the worst thing you can do to a new generation is to teach them the wrong things at a young age. The more they grow up, the more they learn things, the harder it becomes to let go when you're an adult, good or bad.

That said, we're giving this woman a master class ass-kicking.

(By the way, not to detract from the scene, but DRG seriously needed to space out the events. Why are Ash and Misty there waiting for us when we've already got this to deal with? This is what I meant earlier about breathing room.)

Kaede: "I'll make you leave. Go, my pure Pokemon!"

Kaede is a chump. She doesn't really have anything dangerous or interesting up her sleeve, so just go full ham on her.


Oops. Funny thing about this - Fafnir replaces Venusaur in the Pokedex, much like how Sigurd and his Riolu form replace Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. Apparently Kaede had a Venusaur on her team, but now she has Sigurd's sister aboard.

To be fair, it still fits. She did say "pure" Pokemon, after all.

: ("What the - where the hell did you come from? This was supposed to be my time off!")

: "You got me. But since we're here, we might as well duke it out."

: ("It's not like I had kids to take care of or anything, no... But I guess I can't pass up an opportunity like this. Bring him out.")

: [Snicker] "Good luck, buddy."


[Garden of Memories]

: ("How long has it been, Sigurd?")

: ("Too long, Signe. I know we've gone through this before, but why do you still listen to that man?")

: ("Shut up! Don't call me by that name! I won't have a trainer to go back to if Master doesn't feel satisfied with me.")

: ("He's always watching me. I-I can't rest until I get rid of you.")

: ("Then why not just join our side? Monica is the strongest trainer I've ever met. We can rescue you from him!")

: ("Sigurd, you don't understand. You just don't understand what kind of a monster he's become... so please, make this quick for at least one of us.")

: ("I don't want to do this, but if you insist...")

: ("... What sort of family trouble have I walked onto?")

: ("This is stupid! Signe, just trust --")

: ("There's no point in arguing! You and Monica are going to die if you go against Master! If he won't get you, then Loki will...")

[She runs away]

: ("... Well, this keeps taking a turn for the worse. Who does she mean by 'Loki?' Why does Sigurd call her by a different name than everybody else?")

: ("I'll explain later, miss Bellamine.")

"How could your foul, city-infested Pokemon defeat my pure-hearted ones?"

() : "It's hard to imagine how someone like you lost, isn't it? Someone that shuts away the truth just to keep themselves satisfied... Heh."

The in-game dialogue is nowhere near the same as what I wrote here, as it's just some "our experiences made us stronger than you" thing. I didn't quite care for it.

You can't walk into this building, by the way. Why does the door exist? To tease the player? That's silly.

... [Inputs walk-through-walls code]

It takes you all the way back to Kyurem's Lair? What the hell is that all about?

Bah, nobody cares. She's possessed by Darugis and we have to beat her up. Nothing we haven't seen before.

But there is something stupid that the game tries to do here: They try to justify Kaede's behavior by saying "oh hey possessed misty ruined this place".

Dark Rising Girl has tried to dodge responsibility with a lot of these characters, but this is just ridiculous. Like damn, what's the point of tough character choices if nobody's actually at fault for their actions?

Oh yeah, and Misty is totally jealous about Ash hanging out with Dawn, Iris and the other girls. Of course.

Yes, we have to stuff Suicune in there somewhere because we beat Raikou and Entei. Poor thing.

Misty, solid black with no shading looks horrible on you. Hey, if we're already here, I might as well criticize her fashion sense.

Holy muk, Wave actually froze one of her Pokemon. I think this is the first time one of the team have actually frozen another Pokemon... in Dark Rising, at least. I know I've done it a couple of times in Snakewood.

Still, that's no small feat. I'd talk about the movesets of Misty's Pokemon, but she's so non-threatening it doesn't even matter. I reserve that for the really wacky muk.

: ("Hey, Siegfried. Do you think we could ever get sis back on our side?")

: ("Well, she seems really determined about what she's doing...")

: ("But at least we have each other! Maybe we can prove her wrong together.")

: ("Yeah. That's right... You, Monica and all the others backing me up. But still, I think that's easier said than done. Signe looked like she was losing her mind even more than the last time we met...")

Sometimes I get so bored during fights that I write dialogue. Honestly, that's much better than some boring recap of the enemies and how hilariously inept they are compared to the team.

Suicune was here... but now they're not. I'd nerf Aura Saber and Sigurd himself by extension, but maybe I wouldn't have to do that if everything wasn't level 80+ with maximum EVs.

Of course we did, you bunghole. She's in the way, anyway.

You know, given where this game has gone before (and what it's going to pull later on), I'm shocked to say that there's no sparkling vampires or ripped, shirtless werewolves in that cave. Would have been perfect, in my opinion.

I like that these rom hacks take out trade evolutions and just lets them evolve by leveling up. That's one point I'll give to the game, at the very least.

"You've endured all trials and tribulations to come this far. You're worthy of using Arceus's power. Come, Monica. You have one final test before you're worthy of using Ability Bonding."

: "Oh boy, here we go."

Ability Bonding? Oh lord, what is the game going to throw at me now? But hey, let's humor her and go ahead.

Oh, my mistake - we're suddenly in the Twilight Zone!

Now we just need the intelligent writing that usually accompanies it.

This is Navel Rock from the original games, by the way. (The place where you get Lugia and Ho-oh via an event-only item)

I can tell because there's a million stairs to go up through and they're all the same maps from the original game.

At the very least this is different. I don't know what she did to the background to make it look all space-like, but it doesn't look half bad.

What, did you not expect Monica to come after you taunted her with the "one final test before being worthy of god's power" thing? Don't try to act all "mystical" on me because the illusion is paper thin right now.

: "Where are we?"

Dark Rising Girl, who is she fooling: "This is the Twilight Zone. This is where Arceus first began its eternal life. You have been chosen to bring peace and stability back to this world."

The world you so obviously copy-pasted over? Will the Core Region go back to being Kanto if I finish?

: "Why me? I wasn't even a Pokemon Trainer before I was chosen. So what made me more qualified than say... Ash Ketchum? Is it because I'm the child of someone who defeated Darugis the first time?"

Dark Rising Girl: "No. You were chosen along with Noah and Light because you three all have special skills that nobody else has."

() "Also, your connection with Sigurd is beyond valuable."

I had to throw that last part in 'cause I actually forget Sigurd exists as part of this plot sometimes.

: "Light? Have you met that guy? He isn't a good guy at all. And don't pull that 'in due time' bullcrap on me, because--"

Dark Rising Girl: "In due time. He will understand soon enough. Now, are you ready for your final test?"

: "Oy vey. Sure."

Of course we have to fight Dark Rising Girl herself. It wouldn't be a bad fanfiction if you didn't have the self-insert character to deal with.

To top it off, she uses my favorite Unova Elite Four member as her sprite. Good taste, but at the same time I'm insulted because now I can't see Shauntal the same way again.

[Theme song for my beatdown: Megalovania (Halloween Hack)]

In any other game, this team would reek of "holy muk overpowered creator favorites", but given how high the level bar has been set for this game... it's just another workday for us.

Ordinarily I would give theme songs to fights that deserve them, but I consider this a giant exception. We're fighting Dark Rising Girl herself - I consider that a good opportunity for a "get wrecked" song. (It's meta as muk too - this version of Megalovania was originally from a rom hack and I'm hacking just to keep up with this game. Fancy that.)

I should make a list of the legendaries that don't get used in this game, because this is getting ridiculous.

I'm not going to question why Mew is here because I value my sanity. What I am going to question is how well they can stand up to a Void Bomb.

(Answer: haha are you joking )

Future Dan: We have a special surprise cooked up with Mew, by the way. Not actually catching Mew, though.

She had the whole set barring Manaphy for some reason. That's neat, but at the same time horribly ineffective against our own cute legendary.

Deoxys was here too, but he wasn't worth muk. That's unfortunate, seeing as Deoxys is one of my favorite Gen 3 legendaries.

Basically, Tarea/Dark Rising Girl explains that Monica has the power to mentally connect with legendary Pokemon.

Whoop-de-doo, every protagonist of mine can do that naturally and legendaries are generally touted as having "psychic talking powers" for the sake of plot anyway. I think the more important reason why Monica was chosen is because she managed to train up her Pokemon to god-like levels despite the fact she just started on her journey.

Just sayin'.

Dark Rising Girl tells us to go look for the legendaries she just released so we can add them to our team. That's very considerate, but I don't have the time to raise these little munchkins.

To get the three cute legendaries, you go down this fork in the path. They're all on the way down, so you can't miss them.

: ("Wait... I recognize her. Chloris?")

: ("Miss Bellamine, is that really you!?! Where did you go?")

: ("It's a long story, to be honest... but I'm helping Monica.")

: ("You gave us quite a scare... but Jack will be so glad that we found you! Do you mind if I tag along for this new adventure?")

: ("Of course not. I'd rather be surrounded by new and old friends alike.")

: "'Kay, cool."

Chloris was a Celebi I got back in Snakewood... through unorthodox means. It wasn't through cheating, it was actually a feature in that game. So there's that.

By the way... If you go and capture any of the overworld legendaries, their scripting doesn't work properly and you can get an infinite amount of them as a result.

I really want to know who was responsible for this, since there's at least 2+ scripters on this team and none of you did your job properly.

If you beat them up or run away, this happens instead. As stupidly out of context and nonsensical as this sounds, Audino actually can learn Dig as part of their moveset.

To make things better (or worse, depending on your perspective), the Dark Rising team copy-pasted this faulty script for something plot-important later on in chapter 14-2, so it only gets more amazing from there.

There's no glue strong enough to put the game back together after what they've done to it, I swear.

The other fork in the path brings you here. It takes you through the Regi maze from the original game, so I have to assume Deoxys is down there somewhere. Is it worth it? Hell no.

Anyway, let's leave before I get an aneurysm.

The what -

Oh, are we suddenly kidnapping people now?!

I didn't cut anything out, either - they randomly decide to take Monica with them without explaining anything.

I'm surprised/impressed you dipsticks were even able to find this place to begin with.

Monica questions what happened to Sydney (oh by the way I finally got why her name is spelled with a y - there's already an existing Sidney and he's one of the Hoenn Elite Four) and she just tells Monica to come along.

Oh hey, a room full of the people I've already beat up. We're working together now, so that takes you all off of the hitlist at least.

: "What's going on?"

Florina: "Darugis is getting stronger, that's what."

: "Right now, we're the Core Region bad guys."

"We're wanted all over the region now."

Jesus christ, just how powerful is this man?! If he can just do this without even trying, how is anybody supposed to beat him? I'm glad we're getting actual plot development after all of the mind-numbing fighting, but Sigurd's already at level 100. A regular Pokemon game would have ended by half of that by now.

The guys say that the large machine in front of them can "negate Darugis's power by temporarily removing all negative thoughts in a person's mind" somehow. Yeah, whatever you say, game.

It requires the Ruby and "Sapphire" () along with an Emerald - if this doesn't sound familiar to you, then you've never gotten to One Island in the original game as this is almost literally the same event but written around Dark Rising's plot.

The Meteorite is supposed to "help" us find the Emerald, even though it's completely worthless. The police badge is supposed to fool regular people that Monica is a cop, even though cops won't fall for it.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that in real life, but we need more crutches to explain why the following townspeople don't attack us.

They also give us a town map for our troubles. That's nice.

Yeah, this is totally the Core Region and not that other place I keep talking about. Scout's honor.

One major thing that happens after the big plot scene is that they disable your PC usage. The reason being that the police will trace your location if you use one - mind, this applies to every PC in the game and not just the one in headquarters.

To be fair, this is a very interesting concept that manages to tie plot and gameplay together in a way I didn't imagine out of this game. Like it's genuinely shocking they pulled this off.

But then again, have you seen how hard this game is? Imagine if I didn't switch back to the A-Team just in time, or if I had an ill-prepared set of Pokemon to use for this part of the game? It would not have been pretty.

There's also this fellow right outside of headquarters that... uh... will provide a generous amount of entertainment for us.

"Changed this palette for some reason."

Just... get out your popcorn, guys.

Being associated with this rom hack is not something to be proud about. It only gets worse from here!

hinkage: "Why am I here? When I saw the name Dark Rising HQ, I assumed it meant 'people that worked on Dark Rising.' This place isn't actually for that, but oh well. Yeah, so like, one day I was minding my own business when I got a PM from DRG. "Oh, hinkage!" it read. "You're so smart, cute and funny!" I had never talked to a girl before and didn't know how to reply. So I didn't. Women are so confusing..."

If this is actually how it happened, then oh my god.

my best friend hinkage: "She tried again a few weeks later, asking me to finish scripting this game here. Now THAT I understood. I replied THAT MINUTE so she would know I was always lurking. 'Got it, I'll have it done." I said, all sauve-like just like in the James Bond movies. I was so happy I couldn't concentrate on kill-stealing in Call of Duty."

Goddamn, you are a dork. How old were all of you when you started on Dark Rising? How long did it take you to finish?

Future Dan: We at least know DRG was a literal child, but jury's out on everyone else.

my main man hinkage: "I told my mom about it, but she didn't respond. Ever since the funeral, she's been real quiet. Wait, that last part wasn't true. Forget I said that. Uh... Oh, right!"

Black comedy at its... finest(?)

the one and only hinkage: "Anyway, I hope you're enjoying Dark Rising! At least, the parts I scripted. I don't care if you enjoy the other parts or not. You probably do, though! :D"

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I just hope you guys are happy with what you've released into the world, because this could bite y'all in the ass in the future.

Like listen. I can understand wanting a friendly cameo in your game... when it's a non-serious backyard project between you and your friends. That or it's hidden somewhere where you have to go out of your way to find the cameo.

Given the notoriety of Dark Rising and the various actions the creators have done, having Hinkage and DRG appear in the main plot (as in it actually being them - hinkage is blatantly here and DRG doesn't even try to hide her identity as Tarea) is the same as throwing a giant red bullseye sign on both of them.

I don't want to be the "stop having fun" guy, but sometimes this muk gets way out of hand.

Despite looking like an open cave, you can't walk into it. That's peculiar.

There's cops all around the next area, but this dude's just a pig. Fun fact, there was a cop named Vinny and I swear to god I couldn't help but make parallels to the Vinesauce guy.

Millennium City... Oh no, is the game really going in that direction?

Also, how far apart are these places? Despite this place looking like Kanto with the names changed around, I have no frame of reference as to how far apart some of these areas are. So for all I know, this "shortcut" could wind up teleporting Monica from the other side of the world.

Paul's here with the three legendary catdogs to fortify our army of legendaries.

They say their respective spiel about how Monica saved them and junk. I appreciate the thought, but given what's up ahead... Yeah, you wouldn't be able to help any more than the Pokemon I already have.

Anyway, this is where the chapter changed drastically upon going through this part of the game for a second time.

The thing that caught my attention when I glanced through the map was the area called "Light's Factory". See, I had gotten to the ending of the game only to realize "oh muk - I skipped an entire chapter's worth of stuff" because this entire section was, in all fairness, completely optional.

The worst part is that there's plot-relevant stuff here that's supposed to explain what goes on in chapter 15+ and you can't fix the PC if you don't do this, so...

Despite this and my feelings about Dark Rising, skipping an entire chapter's worth of stuff is still bad form on my part. So I went to the appropriate cutoff point and formed an entire new chapter from there.

This place is just the Rocket Warehouse from the original game, so there's not much to go over here. Unless you like to see me dance around spin tiles set to vaguely irish dancing music.

I loot your things without remorse so I can give it to someone who deserves it more - ME!

How sadistic do you have to be to get a Croagunk to level 71 and not let them evolve? Like god damn, are you doing a pre-evolution only run?

Basic human decency? I thought that died from the world the instant Monica started on her journey! I am pleasantly surprised.

This man has to be the biggest creeper of all. He goes "hehehe" and wants to do experiments on Monica... which is all kinds of gross. In her own words:

: "Weirdo. Whatever, let's do this."

His set reminds me of that one possessed scientist we met back in the Waterfall Cavern, which gives me the impression he was really a creepy douchebag the entire time.

Oh well, who cares - he's fodder anyway.

"You're too strong for words!"

Obviously, given how easily Monica and the team trounces through most of your army without even so much as blinking.

: ("It would be smart of you to comply. You really don't want to see her mad.")

"How can someone as young as you be this strong?"

: "From training and by defeating losers like you. I'm getting tired of this, so I'll only ask this once - where is my father?"

: "Dead!!"

[He vanishes in the following fade to black transition]

: "... At least he was honest. Ugh, god... This isn't good."

"You're always making me look like a fool!"

: "No, you make yourself look like a fool. Vladimir, do you really think helping Darugis is going to get you anywhere in life? He's only using you."

Tell him like it is.

Vladimir: "Quiet, kid. Heh, heh... I'd watch your mouth if I were you. All I have to do is make a call to the police station and you'll be behind bars now."

Yeah, he taunts Monica by saying that Team Dark Rising will get arrested because they "stole Pokemon and experimented on them". Effective strategy considering all of the police are brainwashed, but then Monica ruins it by throwing out a non-existent Landorus at him.

Third verse, same as the first. You're not sneaky, Vlad, so get in the hearse.

(You have to talk to him to get this dialogue by the way)

He mentions something about Pax Town, so guess where the "Dark Hideout" barfs us out at?

Well, there's this first, I suppose. Let's talk to that jolly fellow.

Aaaaaand he's an unedited NPC. Typical. I will forgive your blatant copy-pasting on the grounds that you gave me a Nugget, but after the Big Pearl incident back in Kyurem's Lair... Yeah, not even worth it.

By the way, sir, are you aware that there is a megalomaniacal group of people poised to take over the world in the entrance right in front of you? Maybe you shouldn't get this close to them.

Say hello to Pax Town and its border tiles.

"With a bunch of bad people inside? I've been seeing a lot of strange men and women come out."

: "Something like that. Take my advice and don't go inside."

Aren't these people supposed to be possessed? Why aren't they attacking Monica? Whatever, I'm glad DRG couldn't even keep that consistent. But yeah, don't go inside you poor summer child.

"He's been selling some really good items since his arrival."

Noted, random gentleman.

Oh wow, this man actually DOES sell something interesting!

My buyable Ether comment from the previous chapter was prophetic, because I didn't know about this when I talked about it then.

But oh man, this is great. I can't wait to unload my vast fortune on these alone, seeing as this is a source of infinite PP that doesn't involve backtracking to the Pokemon Center from time to time.

He also sells Heart Scales and Macho Braces (in case you needed to boost your EV intake, but who really cares) so that's neat.

: "Uh..."

: "Nobody's watching, right?"

Oh, nobody... but the audience.

An item that nobody ever uses! Lucky Punch boosts Chansey's critical hit ratio, which is completely useless because you don't attack normally with Chansey to begin with.

Seismic Toss is a fixed damage move, so the Lucky Punch goes straight into the dumpster.

I should mention that I don't have walk-through-walls on. The outside of the Chansey girl's house mystifies me in many ways, because it's like the place doesn't even exist. Maybe it doesn't.

I'll uh... just leave you two alone. You definitely seem to be having a good time.

Well, there's the Game Corner. I see Dark Rising Girl taking a day off of making her game.

If you try to participate, you can get some unedited Pokemon... which is laughable seeing as they're around level 20 or so.

Oh dear god, can someone please get grandpa off of the shelves before he breaks something?

: "Hang on, I'll just leave the guys to do their thing while I go get some snacks."

[Monica leaves]

[Monica comes back with a soda in hand. The opponent's Pokemon are left a bloodied mess on the carpet floor]

: "Damn, guys. I know they're in the way, but don't make a mess."

: ("They came at me with a knife.")

The grunt mentions something about...

V being back from the dead? Okay, this is getting interesting for all of the wrong reasons.

Oh, come on. Really?

Amateur writing mistake: You brought attention to something stupid and lampshaded it so it wouldn't look as bad. It never works, so why even bother? It's not some magic cure-all for bad writing because you're still guilty of putting it in to begin with.

I'm surprised it took this long for the Dark Thugs to actually function like the Rocket members they're based off of.

The weird thing about the Dark Lab is that barring one random thug and three recognizable characters, it's completely empty. I'm tempted to throw this song in here to complete the mood: Opening to Hell

[Darugis's shadow follows Monica as she descends through the empty, dimly-lit labs]

Snatch is an interesting move in that it steals the effect of a stat-boosting move. Like let's say your opponent tries to use Swords Dance, only for you to steal the 2x attack boost for yourself. Neat idea, but extremely situational to actually use.



Remember the incidents with the Big Pearl and the Lucky Egg?

Same deal, but this time with a plot-important item. I'm still amazed that this game got an award despite the scripters not even trying with the... anything, really.

Oh no, they've been possessed by Darugis! What a shocker!

... Yeah, right. Like anybody really cared about these two. I'm sorry to be so cold, but I really don't like anybody in this game. The person with the most development is the protagonist themselves and she's still what I would call mildly amusing at best.

Business as usual, with Zen Headbutt at its finest.

Too bad Siegfried kept missing and almost paid dearly for his mistakes.

: ("Try a little harder next time, huh?")

: [Pokes Siegfried] ("Maybe don't taunt them if you're about to fall over?")

: ("Oof! Hey, you're not helping...")

: "Huh. You think she'd make a good garden gnome?"

: ("Uh... Don't? Monica, concentrate.")

: "Oh crap, sorry. I get too distracted sometimes."

: "Alright, come on. I need a matching pair anyway."

Not even once.

: ("Okay, that's sneaky. But amateur hour's over.")

: [Gasp]

: ("Hmm... You'd think I feel bad after beating up so many people without a second thought. Nah.")

: ("I believe me and my trainer shared the same sentiment after a while.")

: ("Glad to know it's not just me, then.")

What's happen to him? He's stoned.

That is my new favorite out of context line. That's great. If anything, Dark Rising is good for the unintentional hilarity.


Juan? Buddy? Are you aware that there is a Missingno ready to eat your head? Because I don't think that looks safe at all. Oh, wait that's supposed to be V. Why does he look so different, though?

V-Rebirth: "Do you like the new look, Monica? I must say, I truly miss my youth."

: "You're... younger?"

V-Rebirth: "That's right - younger and reborn by the power of Darugis."

: ("Yeah, banishing him to the afterlife was kind of boring of me to do. He'll provide a better show like this. Have fun!")

[Darugis's shadow fades into the wall]

() : "Wow, you're twisted. Okay... V, why did you turn Kaiden and Sakura to stone? They're your children! I honestly didn't care about them seeing as they've done nothing but hound me, but even this is a bit much."

: ("That's it? No snappy one-liner or dramatic speech about how you'll kill Monica?")

: ("I was looking forward to that, actually.")

: ("Being brought back from the dead doesn't do much for your intelligence, I suppose.")

He ditched the pink vest and slicked his hair back. Ooh, how threatening. It'd certainly be more effective if he wasn't just a palette swap of Maxie.


: ("I see you aren't thrilled about our reunion.")

: ("Shut your mouth. I met Signe again. I'll take her back from you and Darugis even if it means losing an arm and a leg in the process.")

: ("Your loyalty for your sister knows no bounds, but it may be misplaced. For you see, her name is Fafnir now and it will remain that way. I'm afraid to say that even you cannot stop this, master Sigurd.")

: ("Don't test me, Gaspar. I will make you regret it.")

: ("Is that so? Haha, you truly are ignorant of his strength!")

: ("... Hah. I won't stop until I save my sister. Not even your precious Master can stop me.")

: ("You truly are a remarkable Lucario... Again, it's a shame you rebuff the people you truly belong with.")

Plot aside, V-Rebirth isn't a threat in the slightest. He has basically the same team as last time, barring one new addition that makes no sense no matter which way I look at it.

You'd think this would be a horrible idea given how strong Honchkrows are... but Arthur shows him a thing or two. I haven't forgotten about you, buddy.

The new Pokemon is Genesect and he sticks out like a sore thumb. We have to fill out the legendary quota or Dark Rising won't get game of the year - that's how things have to be around here.

But no seriously, you couldn't give him... I dunno, Giratina Origin forme? It would fit more with his team of "omg dark and ghost types" than some purple mecha-bug. One baffling thing about Genesect is that it has Color Change as an ability, so that can only end in misery for it.

Game, set and match. At this point, you'd have to cheat to make things more interesting. You'd have to boost the stats of legendaries (that don't need them, by the way) and make them more grueling to fight just to make some lame villains look competent.

But Dark Rising wouldn't do that to us, would -

Yes. It would.

How are you guys surprised by this? If anything, you should be playing a drinking game counting how many people have doubted Monica's skills despite clearly bulldozing through a fair amount of your numbers. Noah notwithstanding because he's technically Hero #2.

"You're somehow still better than me."

: "Duh. Anyway... Turn Kaiden and Sakura back to normal. As misguided as they were, they still did so much for you."

V-Rebirth: "I don't care for them."

: "Oh wow, you really are--"

V-Rebirth: "Farewell, Monica!"

[Fade to black transition]

: "I think I hate him more now. I didn't even think that was possible."

As much as I'd love to continue, I have to cut the first part of chapter 14 off here. Catch you in a sec.

Team setup:

(Bellamine, level 83, has Sand Cloak, , ) - "So... Signe is Fafnir's real name? Strange. What could have caused her to be like this?"
(Corin, level 95, has Dragon Fang, , /) - "I'm curious too. She was helping kids before we encountered her... but who knows what she was actually doing. But V deserves a dragon claw up his ass."
(Sigurd, level 100, , /) - "Agreed. But yes... For as much as we fought and argued, Signe has always been there to look out for us. She always knew a way to cheer us up even in our darkest moments, so I can't forgive Darugis for what he's done to her."
(Siegfried, level 93, , /) - "Not only that, there's Loki. See... Loki was another brother of ours. He was a Hoopa that loved to play pranks and stuff, but he was a really nice guy. I don't remember what must have happened to him, but if what Big Sis said is any indication..."
(Gale, level 91, , /) - "This is a lot to take in. I agree about the V thing though."
(Arthur, level 91, , /) - "A Hoopa, a Victini and two Riolus... You must have had quite the loving family back in the day, based on how fondly you still talk about each other. Too bad it's come to this, I suppose."
(Wave, level 91, , ) - "Don't be like that, Arthur. The last thing they need is to be more depressed."

Back up team:

(Hel, level 76, , /) - "Oooh, that V character! He deserves nothing but the fiery pits of the netherworld for what he's done!"
(Lumis, level 72, , ) - "Oh. By any chance, were you... a parent back before you were a Gengar, Hel?"
(Ignell, level 80, , /) - [Sprains his back] "Aagh! I guess I still can't move..."
(Sathala, level 73, , ) - "Yo, Siegfried has another brother? He's a trickster too? ... Is he cute?"
(Vera, level 76, , ) - "If you like them like that, I suppose."
(Chloris, level 70, , /) - "I'll just... sit here, then. Do you have any idea what's going on?"
(Cinder, level 40, , ) -"Nnnnnope. I just take care of the team, new girl."

Chapter #14 (Part 2) - Phantom King


So, in order:
  • The Dark Thugs have finally shown their Team Rocket roots
  • You can break the game by catching an infinite amount of legendaries assuming you don't beat them or run away from them
  • V came back to life with the most dangerous power-up of all - a slicked hairdo
  • Dark Rising Girl didn't even try to hide her hand in making the game as Tarea is her avatar
  • Darugis possessed all of the police in the Core Region, leaving us on the run
  • I have an itch to throw this game into the Recycle Bin and never look back

Yeah, I think that's everything. Onward to adventure!

Huh. Drosera are commonly known as sundews, aka. one of the largest families of carnivorous plants as they have over 194 species under their name.

I'm shocked she even put that level of thought regarding an area name, given the other things we've seen so far. But I'll give credit where credit is due. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Roserade, if I'm not mistaken, is the absolute rarest Pokemon in the Drosera Fields. I had to use Advance Map to check if it wasn't just me going insane, given how I didn't encounter a second one after this.


: ("You're a very unusual Lucario...")

: ("Wait! You're one of those "Darkmons" that we fought back in Hoenn! Take this!")

[She throws a Sludge Bomb at Sigurd, but he barely dodges out of the way]

: ("Hey! What are you talking about!?")

: ("No use pleading! My only regret is that you can't tell your 'Demon King' where he can shove--")

[The Roserade notices Bellamine beside Monica's shoulder. She gasps and drops her battle stance.]

: ("Miss Bellamine!? Is that actually you or is it just another illusion?")

: ("What? First Chloris, now you? How did all of you get here?")

: ("You see, we were looking for you for quite some time, but some awful creature wound up taking us here. Ace is the only other Pokemon I found - in fact, he should be coming right about now.")

: ("Oi, what's all this about? Who's the punk with the white hair?")

: ("All of your friends are so offensive.")

: ("Ah, don't mind them, Sigurd. They're just agitated.")

: ("Wait... Bellamine?! You're here too?! Do you have any idea what's going on?")

: ("We're wrapped up in another adventure. You know the Darkrai that kidnapped me? He's corrupting the land and possessing everybody in sight. That's the short version, at least.")

: ("This upstanding young woman is called Monica and the red Lucario is known as Sigurd. They've been an incredible help ever since I joined them, and are arguably the most powerful allies I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.")

:"Yeah! That's right! I'm the best trainer you'll ever meet! ... Hah, I'm joking - I didn't want to go on this stupid adventure to begin with. I'm just doing my part. Nice to meet you."

: ("Explaining why I'm here would take us all day, so I'm just going to say hello. My name is Sigurd.")

: ("Ah... Charmed, I'm sure. My name is Beatrice and... well, I've already introduced Ace. Sorry about the hostility.") [She bows]

: ("Bellamine tried to kill me when we first met, too. At this point I just find it one of the more interesting ways to greet new people.")

: ("So it really is back to crazy for us, huh? Hah, I was getting bored anyway! I'd be glad to lend a wing, Monica.")

: "Sweet. So you're all from the team of another trainer... It's going to be interesting when you meet my guys. But yeah, let's not waste any more time - me and Sigurd have a personal grudge against the monster that's behind all of this."

: ("And we'll be there to support you.")

I love it when the old generation and the new generation mesh together. It's a favorite trope of mine.

But onto the actual plot of the game. There's uh... another event from the vanilla games recycled for Dark Rising. Dray is upset that Darugis's forces have kidnapped Florina (not-May), with Monica asking why he's just standing here and complaining instead of going after her.

See, in the original event, it was about a father and how his daughter was taken to the Berry Forest (aka. the one with Hypno in it). The father clearly is not an accomplished trainer like you are supposed to be, so it makes sense why he asked your help.

Dray is just being an idiot about not saving his girlfriend. That, and to explain the situation to Monica despite wasting precious time doing so.

Plus this happened. Muk, that's not good. Although to be honest, how permanent do you expect this to be in a world where the creator hasn't completely grasped the concept of event hacking or had the decency to check over past areas to see if scripts don't repeat?

... Odd name for a city. It'd be strange if we don't play pinochle there, really.

If you're wondering why I'm skipping massive bits of text with barely any elaboration beyond the general gist of what's happening, I didn't make saves during these parts. I didn't know how much was going to be here, so I figured "nah it must not be that important".

How wrong I was. Then again, I would only really apologize if this were a good game - Dark Rising isn't really worth the effort sometimes, which is strange because I covered all the dialogue and extra parts in Snakewood without even blinking.

If we don't see this little guy in town, I'm going to be mad.

Whoa, that's a lot of guys. Dray calls the goons "nothing but a fake Team Magma" and how his Emboar will "smoke" them, which is goddamn hilarious.

: "What, is everybody here stupid or something? Of course!"

I feel so sorry for this Weavile. The instant Aura Saber so much as tapped their body, they shattered into a million pieces.

Just one soft poke on the forehead and they blow up, complete with a cartoon sound effect.

It feels good being unstoppable.

You fight about four of them in a row complete with the boss. It's smart that they try to use their superior numbers to gang up on you, but they're so ineffective that they may as well run away screaming in terror at Sigurd and Monica's presence.

Uh. Nice outfit there, buddy. Not Tabitha here has what I assume to be a Master Ball on his belt, based on the coloring. That sort of shoots the "only two master balls in the world" explanation right in its foot, and it's kind of pathetic because he doesn't even have a legendary on his team.

Not that I'd want another one to fight, mind you...

In a normal Pokemon game, this would be slightly terrifying. But as it is, the real reason this screenshot exists is to show off that Gale got poisoned again. Hooray.

When you beat them up, they're like "WE STOLE FLORINA NA-NA-NA-NAH" and all leave at once. At least they're out of my sight.

Dray gives you this in preparation for the Chaos Path, which is said to be the most dangerous area in the entire Core Region.

... Question? Who called it the Chaos Path and why is it the most dangerous path in the Core Region? There's not even anything that's explicitly hair-raising that happens on this route to begin with, so as far as I know it's another edgelord thing.

Pinnocle City has the absolute lamest mart I've ever seen in a Pokemon game - it's even worse than the first one you get to to go, which sells revives.

Is this supposed to be a way to say that Pinnocle is a "humble" town by having it sell so little things? I've already lost track on what to make of this game.

That's all she says, by the way. It's sort of an incorrect response, seeing as this strange 19-year old you don't know just walked into your house like she owned the damn place.

Say hello to the Nightmare Slowbro. Like you walk up to it expecting it to be nice and calm but all of a sudden it goes "NOVELLA TOWN" with a demonic reverb to its voice.

You see this cave? It leads you all the way back to Dark Rising Headquarters in a way that defies logic. It's a one-way exit too, so make sure you save-state beforehand.

"The Haunted Forest? There's a bunch of scary ghost Pokemon!"

Sounds like fun, actually. I'm a sucker for spooky places. (My disappointment regarding Salem is still active, by the way.)

"You're one of the top upcoming trainers our region has. Maybe, someday, we can have a battle together?"

: "Sure."

Yeah, the "everybody is possessed by Darugis" thing? DRG completely forgot about it. But at least Monica has a fan.

The bag itself doesn't give you anything because despite all of the stuff we've done so far, actually stealing from someone else isn't cool...

But apparently the bag is sentient given how it turns around to face you. (It was facing right before I interacted with it.)



The only way this place is dangerous is if you don't exercise. The real reason any of the places in the Core Region are labeled dangerous is for shock value tourism, seeing as no place we've been to so far has been exceptionally hazardous to anybody we've met.

There's this one Hiker that's like "YOU CAN'T BE ON CHAOS PATH - YOU'RE JUST A KID" despite the fact that there's a couple of twins behind him. Ooops.

Are you trying to be reverse-Jesus? That's a hell of an undertaking, miss.

... A bit risque for this otherwise 4Kids rom hack, eh?

Hi, Tornadus and Thundurus. Yeah, they're just chilling there. They don't say anything if you go over to them, but I assume they have the same bugged code as the other overworld legendaries.

Besides, they look like they're having a good time. I don't think it would be right to bother them.

This is way too serene for what's supposed to be a haunted forest...

Okay, new canon - the haunted forest isn't scary at all. In fact:, have this as the theme of the place:

[Secret of the Forest]

For some reason, the Cut trees are blue here. It's a strange color and it stands out compared to everything else, but I like it for some reason.

Hello, Cofa'grigus. Your sprite looks squished, but at the same time you don't look half bad. Too bad you're not what I'm going to catch here.


: ("Wow, that's super cheesy.")

: "Oh come on. Who made this sign? What, do they think we're five?"

: ("To be fair, Monica, the spirits here don't seem to be bad. They're more scared of us than anything else... Barring that one Cofa'grigus, they just kinda hide when we get close.")

: "... Huh. Okay, I sort of feel bad if that's the case."

(By the way, you're not required to speak to Florina. You can skip her without a second thought and go straight into the "cave" ahead.)

We go to rescue her, but Florina warns us about something.


That being this level 90 Chandelure.

I think this is the highest leveled wild Pokemon I've ever seen in my life (outside of the wild level 90 Magikarp in Platinum), which is insane given how Chandelure are up there as some of the most blistering Special Attackers in the entire Pokemon franchise. Even Sigurd isn't as strong as her. (130 versus 145!)


: ("Hey! You're the group that's been terrorizing our forest!")

: ("Excuse me?")

: ("Yeah, you heard me! I'm sick of just standing around and seeing everyone like this - we're supposed to scare YOU, not the other way around!")

: ("That's why I'm going to burn you and your dumb ass trainer to ashes!")

: ("Of course.") [Sigurd braces himself]

: "Stop!! We're not the bad guys. Sure, Sigurd's intimidating but... we're not here to hurt you. We just came here to rescue my accomplice."

[The Chandelure stops mid-Flamethrower, just barely missing Monica's head - Subuta.2 stops playing]

: ("How am I supposed to know that you're not just making that up?")

: ("We haven't touched any of your friends, for one. We even ran away from Cofa'grigus when I could have fought back and seriously wounded him. Who are these people terrorizing your forest?")

: ("They're some dark-clothed humans that keep snatching friends of mine. You're really not part of them?")

: "Sounds like Darugis's crew. We're actually trying to stop them... plus, do I look like some goon in black clothes?"

: ("Oh. Well... when you put it like that, I'm really sorry about how I acted, then.")

: ("It's fine, really. Everybody I meet is like that and I can't really blame them.")

: "Hey... we're traveling the region to stop this one monster known as Darugis. He plans on destroying the world, based on what I've heard people say about him. Plus, he seems like the kind of dictator that plays with his food - he could very easily destroy this forest if he felt like tormenting you guys."

: ("You're serious? Oh man, this could be really bad...")

[The Chandelure goes quiet]

: ("Listen. Everyone in this forest is like family to me - they took me in when nobody else would, and I don't want anything to happen to them.")

[Hunting Mansion Forecourt]

: ("And that's why you guys are taking me in as a partner, no matter what you say!")

: "Oh snap. You do realize this is going to be a dangerous journey, right? I can't guarantee if... any of us come back, really."

: ("Hey, I'm a daredevil! This is the kind of stuff I live for... Besides, I'd rather go out with a bang instead of sulking and waiting for Armageddon to come.")

: "Nice. So what's your name?"

: ("Just call me Candelabra. Or Candy. Whichever sounds nicer.")

: "Well, at least you're straightforward with your names. Welcome aboard, buddy."

She gives you an Iapapa Berry (restores HP at critical but may confuse) because her coding is literally Lostelle from the original game. Honestly, out of everything that you could have replaced Hypno with, it had to be Chandelure.

That is a-okay with me, given how Chandelure is one of my absolute favorite ghost Pokemon.

Oh, and to top it off? The game teleports you all the way back to the place where Dray is, meaning you have to walk all the way back to the Haunted Forest just to continue with what you were doing. God damn it.

If you talk to Dray, he says that you don't need the useless Meteorite anymore due to the Emerald being close by. He also gives you a Moon Stone, which I assume was the reward for doing this quest in the original game. It wouldn't surprise me.

Light's Factory is the Power Plant from the original game. What does he even do in here that's supposed to be significant?

At the very least, we steal all of this phat lewt () from under his nose and give them to the team as a reward for sitting through this game's plot.

Aside from that, this place isn't worth mentioning.

: "Yeah. One final battle."

Light: "Then I will use all of my power against you. DARK EVOLUTION!!"

That's appropriately cheesy. This is the last we'll ever see of him in this game, and thank god for it.

Swept like a goddamn chimney. If you expected anything less, then I don't know what to say other than: let's get to the good stuff.

... It evolved into something even worse-looking. Like damn, that sprite is not good at all.

Blazard may look ugly, but its stats have taken a giant increase in the time that's passed:

120 / 110 / 125 / 110 / 125 / 105

On top of having Wonder Guard like before. You'd think this would be a really hard fight without Sigurd, but I tested it - Corin and Wave can both beat this thing without even trying, which has to be hilarious seeing as one isn't even a pseudo-legendary or insanely broken. Just a regular water weasel.

With Sigurd, it's just a slaughterhouse. I mean, come on. Using him is practically a war crime at this point, despite having 60 less BST than Blazard. (and a whole 300+ less than the final boss! But we'll get to that trainwreck in a moment.)

Oh, to make things better? The sprite for Blazard isn't the first one they used. This is the better one they chose, as this was the original:

Sweet banana-eating Jesus. You can't get any worse than that.

You can't take my sick moves, boy.

Whoopee. The Dark Rising team was too lazy to even change it to what it's supposed to be (the Emerald) because apparently they never playtested anything.

It's honestly kind of shocking in a way, like hacks back in 2012 were better than this, no? I mean, Snakewood for all of its faults had deceptively competent changes to the code of base Ruby, so... I genuinely dunno what to make of this.

Either way, Light's silence satisfies me. We can leave now.

This is where the original Chapter 14 would have started up again, had I not done all of that stuff with Light's Factory and V-Rebirth.

... I know water routes have crazy levels in the normal games, but this is just sad.

Poseidon's Cave is where I assume Kyogre is located. I am not going to bother to check because I want to get this game over with.

Anyway, we swim back to Millennium City. What surprises are in store for us here?

... You know, aside from those two idiots just standing there without any scripts.

An ungulate is a hoofed mammal, so he's trying to sell us a Ponyta. Why this incredibly shady man is standing in front of the gym is beyond me.

"What if all of the dead Pokemon in the spirit tower rise up from their graves and attack us? I don't know how to swim, so I'm like, totally trapped!"

Yeah that's sort of my nightmare t-- wait. This sounds oddly familiar.

It IS a conspiracy!

For those of you who aren't in the know, Snakewood is the first let's play I've ever done. To see Dark Rising mention it in any capacity (let alone directly reference it) is proof that this was fated to be.

Not only that, this makes the inclusion of the Snakewood LP Pokemon (Bellamine, Beatrice, Ace, etc.) make perfect sense, which is really sad because I didn't expect that when I started.

I guess Bellamine told Monica about the stuff that's happened since she's come along...? Man, this is getting surreal.

Anyway, not-Pokemon Tower. This makes it about three places that have spooky themes attached to them. Too bad they're all executed poorly.

I... yes. It's Edward Nygma. He's the clerk of this graveyard tower.

Goddamn it, Noah. He's literally only fighting us because he replaces Gary here. He doesn't even have a good reason to be a prick, since obviously none of his Pokemon have been implied to have died.

Basically the same fight as last time but with level 90s instead. I'd be terrified if I cared, but I am disappointed that these levels aren't some bonus thing.

Just go home, Noah. You're not even a good rival.


At this point, Monica doesn't even care. She just likes that they're honest.

[Monica slaps it against her forehead]

: "Is it working? Am I safe now?"

: ("Unfortunately not. We still have to keep going...")

*war flashbacks to snakewood since we're already here*

... Why hello, Rayquaza. What brings you here?

Oh wait.

No, don't tell me this is also a Snakewood reference.

(Context: In Snakewood, there was a part where Rayquaza was shot and killed offscreen unceremoniously by some random idiots somehow. Is this his ghost? If it is, then wow these characters really do live in the worst timeline possible for the Pokemon universe.)

We don't capture him, though. The legendary army can just follow behind Monica.

This is bound to be interesting. I think this is the first (and only) character that isn't a glorified palette swap, actually.

Monica asks him if he's the gym leader of this place, to which he says:

Atem. As in... Pharaoh Atem from Yu-Gi-Oh.


He says that Giratina took him from his own world and put him into the Pokemon world, which is hilarious because that makes no sense whatsoever and only exists to justify a stupid crossover thing that should have never been to begin with.

Rawr back at you, big guy. Atem explains that he wants Monica to weaken Giratina so he can catch it, but really? Why do we have to do this for him? Oh whatever.

So... the Shadow Ball TM? *shot*

But no seriously, let's get down to business.

To top things off, Giratina is in their Origin Form despite not having the Griseous Orb.

Hey, this game hasn't actually given a crap about Pokemon conventions for a long time so why should I even work up the energy to get mad?

That said, Giratina's mine now. Too bad so sad, Atem.

Catching a Pokemon that you're not meant to throws up this screen. See, Firered and Leafgreen have a thing where it throws up a nonsense entry so the game doesn't crash when you catch a limbo mon like Giratina here.

Yes, that's right - you aren't supposed to catch Giratina at all. You're supposed to beat him up so the game can progress, but since I didn't do that...

: ("Bizarre outcome.")

Yeah. We're calling our brand new dracolich Sheol, based after the Hebrew equivalent of Hell. I can be edgy too, okay?

The fun thing about Sheol is that he has no starting moves aside from Shadow Claw and some other thing, as if to say "yeah we weren't prepared for this".

To make matters worse, actually catching Giratina makes the event repeat. By that, I mean you can keep catching an infinite amount of them as long as you have Pokeballs in your bag.

What was with Dark Rising's fascination with repeating events in this game? First the Siegfried duplicating event in chapter 8, the repeating legendaries, then the Big Pearl incident... Like:

To make the event pass by, you have to beat up Giratina. An easy task for Sigurd, but I'm still in awe that we got a Giratina when we shouldn't have.

This is like a big plot event too, which makes it go from "stupid" to "what is wrong with you people" territory.

Anyway, let's go meet Atem at the gym.

The shady horse trader isn't there anymore, thank god.

It's basically Blaine's gym from the original game with different questions. Oh, and ghost-themed.

The answer is no, by the way, despite this being a matter of opinion more than anything else. I think we'd be singing a different tune altogether if Junji Ito was the one behind Ghost Pokemon...

Don't you mean Tombstoner? If you're going to meme, at least do it right.

He even says "Duel on" because he's from Yu-gi-oh, you see--

Enough chit-chat. Restrain the specimen.

Holy Hombones. He doesn't even look like a human being, let alone Pharaoh Atem.

This has got to be some of the worst spritework I've ever seen, without a doubt. (The Blazard thing from earlier is technically worse, though)

That said, he had a team of ghost types because he wanted to send us to the Shadow Realm. Oh, and a Cofa'grigus because he's a Pharaoh. Yawn.

What the psyduck? Sheol, you're supposed to be on my team! They're even a level lower than when you encounter them, so what the hell did Atem do to the poor guy?

I guess multiple Giratinas exist in the world because of the timeline break I just did.

That's nice and all, but I really don't care. Just give me the goods and I'll dash.

Oh, and he's also Blaine because the original gym leader gave out Fire Blast too. Of course.

The guys are here because the police are after us. Oh no, whatever shall we do?

The funny thing is that answering no to this doesn't cause a "But Thou Must" situation. If you choose No, you can find Sydney sitting in the Pokecenter waiting for you... and even when you say yes there, the event doesn't work properly because Team Dark Rising didn't expect this to happen.

My exact reaction to all of this.

It repeats the event from the first time we were here, complete with an invisible Sydney. That, and the Headquarters are completely fine.

What is this game, man?

If you give the "Emerald" to the guys, they can reactivate PC usage for you. That's legitimately good and all, but keep in mind that I finished this game without doing that, so... yeah, I'm a little peeved.

Right now I'm going to go tie up some loose ends before we can challenge the final stretch of the game.

I beat the Ice gym leader from a while back, seeing as he was one of the badges I didn't have. Also: Ha ha, level 50. You poor sap.

His gym isn't even ice based due to being Erika's. (A using gym leader, of all things)

Bringing up the map here will reveal the real location of the Twist Woodlands, aka. in the middle of nowhere like I expected.

Florina explains how Adrian (the tall, dark, and scary man from chapter 12), the Omni League Champion, is currently Darugis's vessel (not a surprise, given how the man stands out like a sore thumb) and that Monica suspected that from the beginning.

I'm just glad to know she's not a complete idiot to ignore the frighteningly dressed giant man.

The gym is connected to Darugis's lair, but Blitz (the trainer they mentioned in the beginning of the game) is blocking the path. Let's deal with that, shall we?

DRG tells us that Blitz uses Dragon pokemon and that we should as well. This would be really neat if the story was... oh, I don't know, had proper build up?

Every fight in this gym in a nutshell.

He calls himself "the greatest Pokemon trainer" even though he's going to lose to a 19 year old. Pride before a fall, I suppose.

I'm just imagining what a Mega Dragonite would be like. Maybe they'll make it resemble its pre-evolutions more.

: ("Hey, tiny. Maybe swing a little harder next time?")

Corin is The Best Garchomp around. Don't you forget it.

: ("What in tarnation just happened...?!")

... I'll allow this double KO. Wave was the one who lasted longer anyway, so she wins by default.

Also wow, I just realized - all of Blitz's Pokemon were based off of the starters and their final evolutions. That's neat, I guess.

Is this unedited dialogue? 99% chance that it is. Anyway, Blitz here says that we can challenge the Omni League with this final badge despite that not even being the league for this place.

Yeah, he's definitely taking Giovanni's spot... as it literally says "takes the TM from Giovanni". Things just get really weird after a while, okay?

You have to talk to him to conclude his text, as Darugis possesses him here:

: ("Okay, that's enough. Monica, I'm going to possess every Gym Leader out there and make them fight you. If you're ready, just step through this hastily dug-out hole that leads into my lair. Don't die on me until then, I want you in perfect shape.")

Blitz shakes off his possession for a little bit and warns Monica about a "Draco Village" and "Draco Stones". Yes, this is really a thing we need to be doing when we're right at the foot of the bad guy's lair.

[Blitz disappears in the following fade to black transition]

Well alright. What lies ahead?

[Theme I would use for the Malice Path: Fridays]

... Silly name aside, this is where muk gets real. Or it would be if this weren't all we had for this massive double chapter.

Next time on Pokemon Dark Rising, we enter the final stretch and complete everything before entering the Core League. See you then.

Team setup:

(Bellamine, level 83, has Sand Cloak, , ) - "Ugh! What tremendous evil energy. This practically eclipses what we've dealt with in the past..."
(Corin, level 96, has Dragon Fang, , /) - "You said it, miss Bellamine. Although it makes me really worried that this is even worse than what you've described."
(Sigurd, level 100, , /) - "To think, we might be able to finally end this nonense... are you guys ready?"
(Siegfried, level 95, , /) - "Of course. As long as we're together, nothing can break us apart. We'll even save big sis, too!"
(Gale, level 92, , /) - "Well, my heart's pounding. Is this normal?"
(Arthur, level 91, , /) - "Well, we're only going to face the lord of darkness. Any normal person or Pokemon would get jello knees at this point, but I'm ready to show him why he should be scared of US!"
(Wave, level 93, , ) - "Hoo-wee, ain't that the truth! Can't wait to boast about this to my family back home."

Back up team:

(Candelabra, level 90, , /) - "Nice to meet you guys. So you're all helping Monica too?"
(Hel, level 76, , /) - "Why yes, dearie. She's quite the leader for a girl her age... Admirable, to say the least."
(Lumis, level 72, , ) - "A ghost that found solace in company? Oho, your dreams are going to be delicious~. I mean... hello, welcome aboard."
(Ignell, level 80, , /) - "I think it's a wonderful thing that you're doing this to help the others where you come from. They must look up to you back at home."
(Sathala, level 73, , ) - "This is cool and all... But is anybody going to address the ten foot tall demon dragon sitting in the corner over there?"
(Vera, level 76, , ) - "He, uh... looks like he's having fun."
(Chloris, level 70, , /) - "Oh my gosh, you guys are here too? I thought I'd never see you again!"
(Ace, level 65, , /) - "Hey, Chloris. As much as I miss the guys, Monica's team is really neat. I think I could get used to staying here with them, actually."
(Beatrice, level 75, , /) - "Why yes, Ace. Candelabra looks like a ton of fun... And everybody is so nice. Maybe we could get Jack to meet Monica after all of this is done."
(Cinder, level 40, , ) -[Bouncing around the new team with an excited grin]
(Sheol, level 98, , /) -"Lali-ho."

Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

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Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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I hope y'all got some popcorn and drinks ready because this is where stuff gets real - this is quite possibly one of the beefiest chapters I've ever dealt with in terms of story, both in-LP and in-game.

Chapter 15 is more of the final exploration than anything else, as chapter 16 will be the Core League and the final boss. Trust me, it deserves its own individual chapter. With that said, let's watch things burn.

Chapter #15 - The Hero and the Demon


Yeah, no point hyping up this as the end if I've already told you that we're not going to the Core League yet.

That and Blitz was all like "GET THE DRACO STONES" even though there's not really any significance to them. It's not like they're instrumental in defeating Darugis, so it's just useless end-game padding.

This guy has no script for some reason. He must be so focused on his job that he won't even stop to chat, so props to him.

(Why does this room exist, actually? Just to be a fancier intermission screen?)

Just in case you were curious, Draco Village is right here. Yes, right next to the main villain's lair.

How has Darugis not gotten to whatever's here yet? (By the way, the song playing here is the theme for Sevii Islands 6-7. Amazing song, by the way. That sort of gives me an indication of what this place was originally, compounded with the Trainer Tower being here)

... I know you guys can't hear or see it, but that's me pressing the A button. This man literally has no script.

You know, in most other games, you at least have to go out of your way using cheats to find something like this. In Dark Rising? Right there for the whole world to see.

Again: how did y'all mess this up.

This lady (who is practically guaranteed to be unedited) talks about Heracross despite this being the dragon town. She doesn't give you one or anything, so I fail to see the point.

Monica is being eaten by the ground. Oh, and you can walk through the sign because physics don't apply here.

No, this is not the cool Battle Dome from Pokemon Emerald. Instead, we have a ton of Sevii Island trainers who are only nominally different due to having more overpowered Pokemon.

Expect everything 4x weak to getting hit by Aura Saber to just get dusted Thanos style.

I'm not apologizing.

God, how many King's Rocks and Nuggets do we need? Are we destined to make our own kingdom with all of this?

... If so, I approve. Queen Monica and her subjects have to make things right around here.

Swords Dance would be cool, but Aura Saber and Void Bomb are 150 and 125 Base Power respectively. That's all we need.

Also, the return of the talking present box. At this point, I have to wonder if Monica's journey is real or not - like this is actually Kanto and Monica is in the middle of a really bad trip.

That said, the Trainer Tower is the same as the one from the real game. I don't think anybody's really covered the Trainer Tower for a let's play, but the short version is that you fight as quickly as possible in a given format. You have to keep climbing and your Pokemon don't get healed through battles, so it's sort of an endurance round sort of thing.

I wouldn't take time out to do this even in the real games, so there's a negative chance I'm going to do it in Dark Rising.

Oh, and by the way? The Nurse Joy here sells the same stuff as the guy from Pax Town.

... So I guess if you want to restock on Ethers and Heart Scales, you could always get them here?

Oh hey, it's snowing... Wait, why is it snowing in an area dedicated to dragons? Isn't part of their weakness due to them being cold-blooded?

This man terrifies me. He just jumps out at you and says "FEED ME MORE" without any context. It's really weird.

Oh sweet christ, it's this part.

[See video version here - it really deserved it]

Alright, so... You see that karate man right there? This one part is home to one of the most destructive glitches I've ever seen in a game, Pokemon or not. Like... let's say you're playing Dark Rising for some odd reason I can't hope to comprehend (likely masochism or sheer morbid curiosity) and you get to here.

You expect to have a barely edited trainer battle with this man, you beat him up and we all go home happy. However, when you approach him...

[Doomsday Zone Sonic 3]

This happens - the game CRASHES.

He detects you despite not being in your line of sight and the game absolutely flips its muk, complete with distorted music straight from the bowels of hell. What's surprising is that me and Zor actually have an answer as to why this happened. See, it's invisible here, but there's a warp in the general area where Monica stood that leads you to nowhere.

I don't know how it correlates to the karate man, but that's some serious bad juju.

To get past it, you have to walk through the topmost grass tile and sneak past him. So I'm at least thankful that you can get around it without having to resort to Walk Through Walls.

By the way, guess what happens when you talk to the karate man directly?

It turns blood red instead. He has no script, but the game must scream.

Muk is spooky, my brother. I think the worst part about this is that the Dark Rising team didn't have to leave it like this. This is a serious problem and it's insulting that they left it like this out of sheer laziness, because it's not hard to get rid of despite how wonky Advance Map is.

Huh. Would you look at that - we actually have to use Strength now. If there's anything I'll compliment Dark Rising on (and trust me, that's hard to do), the game doesn't force you to use HMs for the most part. Like I think this is the only time Strength is necessary to complete the plot, and Surf is a nice move to have in general.

I can't wait to actually buy these. It's gonna be great.

Level 5 wilds.

You've got to be pulling my leg over my goddamn head at this point. Like okay, they're baby dragons... But this exists in the same place where level 80+ wild Flygons and other such overpowered dragons roam about without consequence.

You can try to be realistic all you want, but -

Oh wow, something we could have bought by the fourth town. How worthwhile.

Yeah, it's nowhere near as dramatic as she's trying to make it. The left one teleports you to the start while the right one takes you to plot.

I'm not going to like this, am I?

(ノ◕◡◕)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

It's a giant N, everybody. This is what he says, too:

"You truly have an unremarkable amount endurance, hero. You sure live up to that title."

Also, he's the one who made it snow in Dragon Valley.

How? Is he Mr. Freeze? Like what, does he have a giant snow machine with his face painted on the side of it?

That said, N blabs on what for seems like an eternity about how Reshiram and Zekrom have come to him so they can test Monica and-

So... yeah, we're fighting N. Why is he testing us when he can just help us fight Darugis? Hell if I know.

He has both dragons and they're both at level 99 in case you had to be reminded about the obscene level curve this game has. I think the weirdest part about this is that both Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem exist in the same world as Kaiden and Sakura's Kyurem fusions... The trainers themselves blatantly being Hilbert and Hilda from the actual games.

Oh, and to put the cherry on top of this travesty sundae?

Both dragons have levitate. You know, as if they really needed that. This is a Double Battle too, so you have to bring out your best against two level 99 uber dragons that ignore a potent weakness just because DRG wanted things to have strategy. To compound this insult, they both know Earthquake despite that being illegal for both of them.

So you know what, Dark Rising?

We can level the playing field too.

This is what I changed Levitate to for the sake of not only making things more fair, but also because it makes more sense this way. (This is the closest I could get to Turboblaze and Teravolt)

Killdozer Corin struts her stuff. This was a prime opportunity and I swear the game was not going to stop me from having it.

Yeah cool, whatever. The short version is that he's gonna let us get the dragons. With that, N has served his obligatory cameo purpose and returns to a much better game.

(No, seriously, why was he here? Why did he have both dragons, actually... the ending of Black/White showed he only had one or the other.)

Well, since we're surrounded by un-surfable water, I guess the only place to go is forward.

[The stones drop down from the cliff]

Let's get some more dragons. By the way, it is not necessary to actually catch the dragons to proceed with plot - you can ignore them and the game will still act like you completed something important.

Yeah, even though the entire purpose of coming here was to get the dragons... you can go straight to Darugis's lair and skip this whole thing altogether. Like damn, this is silly.

Reshiram seems like a good choice, even though we have a lot of types as it is (Siegfried, Cinder, Ignell, Candelabra...) Then again, is one of my favorite types so I don't really care.

Future Dan: Wow, we really made Monica into the Fire type trainer, huh. She has so many of them, and the funny part is that I didn't even do this on purpose!

: ("Glad to make your acquaintance.")

: "Same. You're like the only legendary I've actually caught aside from this one Giratina a few hours back. Ready to beat up Darugis together?"

: ("In due time, but before we go... I have to tell you something, Monica.")

: "Uh? What is it?"

: ("Darugis is not alone - he is accompanied by a Hoopa that can mimic the appearance of other people. His name is Loki, and it's likely he is hiding among you in plain sight.")

: "No way! So that's who Siegfried was talking about... how do you know about him?"

: ("I've tried to scorch him from this earth multiple times yet he always escapes! That filthy trickster constantly makes a mockery of the truth, so pay close attention to the people you interact with.")

: "Sheesh, that's kinda terrifying... Any way to tell if it's him?"

: ("His warped sense of humor. Sometimes he'll forget to cloak one of his rings. Just be wary.")

: "What, like he laughs a lot? Hmm... I'll keep that in mind. Anyway, let's get this party started!"

Excuse me? Who the hell are you and why do you have a unique sprite despite not contributing to the plot at all?

In-Game Monica detects that she's not some normal person due to having a dragon Pokemon, but at this point every single person you know has one.

(Future Dan: Oh wow, past Dan, you are in for a treat when you get to 2.)


You know, the badge checks in the original game were cool. Instead, we fight a bunch of goons that have no hope of defeating the team... Which is really sad when you think about it.

You know, I'm at least glad the Dork Squad is here to distract all of these goons.

Oh, it's you. One sec.

There we go. G-Boss has a unique sprite, but he loses just like everyone else.

Jesus christ, those are a lot of goons

The sheer amount of them on screen lag the screen something fierce, so damn. Imagine if we had to deal with all of these idiots by ourselves? Sure, we'd definitely be able to do it, but I'd lose steam before I make it through half of them.

Also, Kayo is... helping us? Let's see what he has to say:

"I knew you'd get here. It was only a matter of when and how."

: "Kayo... You're fighting against Darugis now? What happened to you back on Thunder Mountain?"

(You know, in hindsight, when there's a Disney ride that has the same name as your big climax area, maaaaybe you should come up with a new name.)

: "No time for small talk now. You're about to go against the most powerful trainer in the world. It's beyond anything you've faced so thus far. Items, levels, experience - it doesn't matter when facing Adrian and the Four Knights of Ebony's Round Table."


Ebony's Round Table? That's the name you went with for the final bad guy group? I'm tempted to make the obvious My Immortal reference here. (In fact, is it safe to say that Dark Rising is a G-rated, less hilarious Pokemon version of My Immortal? It would make too much sense not to be at this point.)

: "Their Pokemon ignore basic battle rules and know attacks that they shouldn't know."

Excuse me? Are you trying to justify the kaizo nonsense the game is going to do in the next chapter? Are you psyducking kidding me? (ノ◕◡◕)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

Whatever. At least I don't have to kill Kayo thanks to his sudden change of heart.

Ash and his Pikachu? Why are they here of all times?

: "Ash... what are you doing here?"

Ash: "I know you're going to face off against a really strong trainer. To get you prepared, why don't you have a... practice battle with me?"


[In My Way]

[Ash and Pikachu give Monica a sharp glare]

: "Uh... what's with the look?"

Ash: "Don't act surprised. We knew we would face each other sooner or later... Why not now? Heh..."

: "... No, don't tell me! He got to you too?!"

Ash: "Shut up and fight - your life depends on it. Go, Pikachu."

: ("With pleasure.")

I wrote that bit of dialogue myself, but imagine if that's actually how it was. That would be a perfect explanation for why he fights you here.

In fact, I'm kinda disappointed that wasn't the plan to begin with! They already possessed Brock and Misty, so it just seems odd to me they didn't explicitly say Ash himself was possessed too.

[Theme I would use for this fight: Death License]

This is gonna be fun. Also, I'm surprised to see that she has brand new spritework here.

Yes, it is PIKACHU!!!

This is supposed to be the same one as in the anime, and man do I not care for him. You see, while he looks like a normal Pikachu, he's actually a vastly overpowered uber as demonstrated by this screencap:

490 more Base Stat Total.

The cheating game truly begins.

To add insult to injury, Ash's Pikachu has Light Ball and Volt Tackle to make him look like a real Pikachu even though he's not one at all.

I get it, alright - Ash's Pikachu is somehow able to do all of this crazy muk in the anime and beat up legendaries despite not being fully evolved, but that's because of contrived writing more than anything else. So you know what? Since he's cheating, we're gonna do this:

50 / 60 / 40 / 70 / 50 / 90

You've been debuffed, dumbass.

Now he's slightly stronger than a normal Pikachu, but no more than that.

: ("What the-- What happened to Master Darugis's power? I can't feel it anymore!")

: ("I pierced through the spell he cast on you. Now you're no stronger than a normal Pikachu.")

: ("That's not fair!")

: ("Corin, take him out.")

: ("With pleasure.")

That's my girl. Corin is the best~


How did Ash (of all people!) get his hands on a legendary?

Is this supposed to be a reference to the Ho-oh that he sees at the beginning of the anime? That's cute, I guess, but you know what isn't?

(+200 BST)

It has the sudden boost for no reason too. I should remind everyone that Arceus, the god of Pokemon, has a base stat total of 720. Even if he were to Mega Evolve, he still wouldn't have as much as this ultra buffed Ho-oh. (Which I debuffed too, by the way. I did this for everything coming up)

What is this garbage?

Corin drops some rocks on them and we all get on with our lives.


... Oh right. See, in the original version of Dark Rising, the battle was supposed to end here because Ash said he was only going to use two of his Pokemon (which is infuriating, by the way). But since I have my hands on a trainer editor and I have a story going on here, Fafnir comes to fight instead.

Let's do this.

[Stop playing Death License and replace it with this]

: ("So it's finally come down to this.")

: ("Signe... I don't want to fight you. Trust me - I will destroy Darugis no matter the cost. You don't have to worry!")

: ("I've told you before - you don't understand what he's capable of. If you did, you would stop fighting. He'll kill you. He'll kill Monica. He'll grind everything that's dear to you into dust.")

: ("Then why do you stay with him? Do you really think he can be redeemed in the state he's in?")

: ("I want to say no, but... I still want to believe that he can. Please, Sigurd... just give up and come with us.")

: ("No. I want to end this. The pain and terror he's caused outweighs any benefit of our family reuniting. If I can't win you back... then I'm prepared to live with my mistakes.")

[Sigurd manifests an Aura Saber onto his arm]

: ("Sigurd, no...")

: ("... So that's how it's going to be. I was hoping you would say that.")

(Battle-wise, she's not that much different than before - but damn, does Aeroblast hurt.)

[Sigurd strikes her with Aura Saber. She falls to the ground and grasps her wound]

: ("Sigurd, you... Ha ha ha ha!")

[He shoots a wary glance at her while keeping up his battle stance]

: ("... Why are you laughing?")

: ("You can't do it, can you? You can't strike down your own sister no matter what you say! Master was right after all!")

: ("... Signe, you...")

[He flinches from the Aeroblast wound and falls to one knee]

: ("Sigurd!")

: ("I'm sorry it has to end like this, but nothing will get in the way of Master's plans. Not even you...")

[Fafnir looms over the both of them - Monica looks away]

: ("I can still fight. I will cut you down if that's what it takes! I'm not afraid of what I'll lose!")

[Sigurd's entire body shakes]

: ("If you really mean that, then come on. I'm not the same Fafnir you've faced before... Master has given me a stronger form. Ironically enough, he took some inspiration from you.")

: ("What?")

[A black aura envelops Fafnir's body and floods the entire battlefield. The darkness disperses to reveal her new form]


: ("It's time to end this.")

[Fafnir manifests a red Aura Saber and glares at Sigurd. The team charges out in front as Siegfried drags Sigurd to safety]

Holy muk, here we go. Fafnir-S is arguably the scariest thing the team will deal with, probably even more so than the final boss. I had to swap Sigurd out here and heal him up because it was getting too intense even for him.

Her stats are:

110 / 110 / 100 / 145 / 110 / 120

She's effectively a faster, more powerful and more durable version of him with all of the same powers and even some of his appearance.

Arthur gets to be an absolute boss and tanks the Void Bomb while Monica performs medic duties.

: "You okay, Sigurd?"

: ("Yeah, I should be now. She's nightmarishly powerful... I don't think I can do this alone.")

: "But you're not alone, dummy. You have the team to back you up."

: ("Of course! We'll be there to help you no matter what, Sigurd!")

: ("... You really are the best, guys. What would I do without you?")

: "I'd rather not find out. Now come on, let's show her why Darugis deserves to be dethroned!"

: ("Right!")

[Sigurd jumps back into the fight. He and Fafnir trade blows strong enough to shape the landscape around them]

[Fafnir gasps]

: ("You... But how...")

[Fafnir falls to the ground on her back]

: ("Big sis...")

: "... Let's just leave, Sigurd. We don't have time to waste."

: ("The thought never crossed my mind. We have to keep going, no matter what...")

[As the team moves forward, Fafnir opens her eyes and stretches her arm toward them.]

: ("Wait... Stop.")

: "She's still alive?!"

: ("You still want to fight?")

: ("No... Please. I... just want to say something.")

[Cry-A-Live Remake]

: ("I've... been terrified of Master's strength for so long that I've forgotten my own morality, it seems. Sigurd, I... it wasn't right to do this to you.")

: "Yeah, what the hell was that all about?"

: ("Monica, please. What made you snap out of it, big sis?")

: ("Even when I was boosted with Master's power, it still wasn't enough to stop you or your friends. I guess he... isn't as invincible as I thought after all. Plus, you were willing to save me despite how much I tried to hurt you... You really are a good brother, you know that? I just wish I could have realized that sooner.")

: ("Wait, what do you mean by s--")

[Parts of Fafnir's body break into cracks]

: ("I'm sorry...")

: ("N-no! Damn it! Just when I thought things were...!")

: ("Signe, don't go!")

[Monica pulls out a Full Restore and the Jewel of Life. The Jewel glows and envelops the Full Restore in a green aura]

: "Screw that!"

[She applies it to Fafnir's wounds and they close up immediately]

: ("M-Monica?!")

: ("Wh-what are you doing? Are you... really trying to help me despite everything I've done to you?")

: "Of course, idiot! Yes, you were scared for your life. Yes, you were vicious towards all of us - most importantly your own brother. But... I can tell you're not a bad person. You wouldn't do this if you had a real choice, right?"

: ("I... I suppose you're right. Monica... Now I see why Sigurd - no, the entire team values you so much.")

: "I just do what I think is right."

: ("I should take after you. Some big sister I am...")

: ("You're really not hurt anymore... this is amazing!")

[Siegfried embraces her in a tight hug. She sits there for a few moments to contemplate her words]

: ("... You know, I should make it up to you. We should work together.")

[Schala's Theme]

: ("Are you sure? What about Darugis? Isn't that a big reason why you attacked us to begin with?")

: ("You've finally given me the reason why I should fight. I've felt like this for a while, but I never had a chance to do anything about it. I'd rather die fighting alongside the people who love me instead of living in fear every day. Alone, we're powerless. But together we might just make a change... and that's why I'm going with you.")

: ("Ain't that the truth!")

[Sigurd joins in on the hug and struggles to hold back tears]

: ("I knew you would come around, big sis! I've always had faith in you.")

: ("Monica, I don't know where to begin to thank you. Even your father wasn't capable of doing this much.")

: "Oh stop." [Blushes]

: "Hmm... if you're really coming along, you should ditch the name Fafnir. What better way to flip him off than to call yourself by your real name again? Best way to start the healing process is to show him he doesn't have any power over you."

: ("Excellent idea, Monica! Call me Signe from now on.")

: ("Guess it's official then - we'd be happy to smash some skulls with you!")

: "Kick-ass."

Yep. Not only is she joining the team, she's joining with her own Pokedex entry and comes in the super-powered form that Darugis gave her. Way to go, bad guy.

(Oh, and we kicked Ash and Pikachu out of the possession. Hooray.)


What's all this about?

Another Triangle of Power? (Also, these are the Tanoby Chambers - obscure reference, but it's still blatantly un-edited terrain.)

Now, at this point, the game throws a giant story dump on you about Darugis and where he came from. That would be really cool if it it wasn't completely underwhelming. I'll transcribe it here:

"Welcome to Pandora's Box. You are now in the mind of Darugis. I am... the voice. I have no physical form."

How... did we get into Darugis's mind to begin with - okay whatever. Here's a plot dump for you:

"Long ago... There was only darkness. Until Arceus, decided to make a new world... A world filled with Pokemon. It took Arceus seven days to complete the world. On the seventh day, he rested.

He began creating Pokemon of different types, natures, and species on the ground, air and sea. Arceus's followers, the legendary Pokemon, helped Arceus create the world. Each one had a designated job... One in particular was called Darugis."

I know this is trying to be epic and all, but there's a laundry list of things that don't sit right with me.

A lot of them are small/pedantic (like how do you know it took seven days if there was no concept of space or time back then), but the biggest one is that this implies that there was a world before this.

I thought the Pokemon world we all know about was the only one that existed? Whatever.

More plot dump text: "Darugis's job was to create harmony through the Pokemon world. He was the highest in command and the other legendaries loved him. He soon began to feel superior... The recognition and sheer cockiness in him began to emit darkness, negativity, jealousy.

He soon challenged Arceus but evidently lost. Arceus sent him to the bowels of darkness, locking him inside Pandora's Box. The few legendaries did not like how Arceus banished Darugis and began to seperate, creating their own worlds."

You lost me at the end.

Also, really? That's the reason Darugis is evil and trying to conquer the world and everything? That's the weakest excuse I've ever heard for someone to become a villain and it only cements the in-game version of Darugis as a stupid one-dimensional overlord.

Next plot dump: "Darugis plotted, seeking revenge on Arceus. Darugis was still connected to Arceus in some way because Arceus cared for its followers. Arceus wanted to create friendship and love and thought Pokemon would be lonely.

He felt they needed... Thus, he created humans. However, Darugis saw the creation of humans as a plan. He tempted the first humans as they released it from its imprisonment. Negativity was now spread through Earth. Anger, jealousy, hatred, envy and so forth."

... Really. You're trying to go Adam and Eve on me now? How more pretentious can you get with this? Like seriously, nobody is ever really a bad guy because "oooh Darugis possessed me" or "lol i was betrayed in the past so suffer forever in the pits of evil".

Like come on.

See, what Darugis is doing is effectively replacing Giratina as the Lucifer figure of Pokemon. That's insulting in of itself, but things get worse when you remember just how overpowered this bastard is.

We haven't gotten into actual battle stats and he's already ridiculously overpowered just from the story stuff alone. (Sadly, I couldn't fix this no matter how hard I tried unless I went in and reworked the entire plot - something I really don't want to do)

Final plot dump: "Darugis's plan was almost complete. Until a young trainer known as Jean Blake sealed it away inside Pandora's Box once again. But it was not sealed away completely...

Extracting its revenge, Darugis trapped Jean Blake in an infinite void so he could not stop its plans ever again. Until now... You are in control of the story of Darugis. How it will unfold is all up to you. Go forth... into the gates of darkness."

You know what? I am in control of this story now, and I can safely say that

I substitute your canon with my own.


[Darugis's actual body manifests before Monica in a shadow]

: ("They'll write the most insane theories just to figure out where I came from... what garbage.")

: ("Darugis!")

: "It's really him this time?!"

: ("Hello, Monica. We finally meet in person... Oh, and you've somehow managed to get little Fafnir over to your side! I'm impressed.")

: ("I... I'm Signe! You don't scare me anymore! I've had enough of you treating me like this!")

: ("Ahahaha! Excellent. His love for you overrode your fear of me. That's precious...")

: "Okay, seriously, what the actual hell is your problem? Why are you such an evil bastard?"

: ("You really want to know? I guess you deserve it for making it this far... I'm not going to attack you, so you may as well sit down for a bit.")

: "Uh... Okay."

[Garden of Memories]

: ("First off, all of the stuff that the voice said? That's not the real story at all. See... It all happened three thousand years ago, back in the Kalos Region. I was once a normal person just like you, Monica.")

: "... Wait, what?"

: ("That's right. The almighty Darugis was once a man... A man known as Alberich. Back in the brighter days of my youth, I was content just being with my Pokemon and my wife Selene. I'm sure Sigurd and Siegfried have already told you half of the story.")

: "H... holy crap."

: ("Yes, Monica. It's all true.")

: ("I refuse to call you Alberich after all you've done, monster.")

: ("I know. I understand why. You see, Monica... Back then, there was a war that consumed Kalos. Blood and turmoil seeped into every corner. The only reason we were even safe is because we isolated ourselves from all of the mayhem, living on an island miles away from the mainland. But even then, it wasn't enough. ")

: ("The soldiers were running out of troops... and Sigurd of all people decided to volunteer for the war effort despite all of our attempts to stop him.")

: ("He snuck out and fought... only to be brought back days later in a crude, Riolu-sized casket.")

: "That's... Oh my god."

: ("... I only did what I thought was right.")

: ("Even so, our family was devastated. Signe, Siegfried, Loki, Selene... and me. None of us could deal with the pain of having you gone. I had to make things right!")

[He chokes up a bit]

: ("I... had to bring you back.")

: ("You see... While I lacked the doomsday machine that our king had used to end the war, I had another answer to bring Sigurd back: A forbidden alchemy technique that spits on the very laws of nature itself. We spent years looking for the mythical Mew to use their blood as the catalyst... collecting stones imbued with the powers of Yveltal and Xerneas, along with something precious that I had to give up. I didn't care. I just wanted results.")

: "You had to give something up to bring Sigurd back to life... What was it?"

[Fugue for the Lord of Dark]

: ("I had to give up many things. Loki's sanity, my humanity... my soul. They were all stolen from us in exchange for Sigurd's rebirth. By the time I realized what happened, I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't feel happy that our efforts were successful.")

: ("I felt hollow... I still do to this day. But I could still feel anger. The sheer chaos of the ritual wound up giving me the power to absorb the powers of other Pokemon - I could not control it no matter how hard I tried. It's also part of the reason why Sigurd and Signe look the way they do.")

: "That's insane. But why is Siegfried the only one that wasn't affected by any of this?"

: ("Signe told him to stay away because I ordered her to. I didn't want them to get caught up in this... Loki was the only other one that wanted to go through this with me.")

: ("Time passed and my mind decayed. No one man should have this much power - even legendaries weren't safe from my grasp. People began to fear me as a demon king despite how much I tried to help. The master of evil... It didn't take long for that to become a reality. Even my own wife couldn't bear to look at me anymore.")

: ("Alberich...")

: ("Don't call him by that name, Big Sis. He's not the man we knew!")

: ("That's right. It's good that even you understand.")

: ("So now you get it, Monica? I'm not asking for your pity. Even my own family has lost meaning to me now. I won't stop until this world is nothing but the wasteland it deserves to be. Be the hero and save them all... because if you don't, I'll tear apart everything that you love. I'll be waiting for you ahead.")

[Darugis vanishes - replace BGM with this: Cry-A-Live Harp Version]

: "... I... wow. I can't stop shaking. That's quite a lot to take in."

: ("Yeah, no kidding.")

: ("So now we know everything. What do we have to say about this?")

: ("Aye, it's pretty intense.")

: ("It's quite the tragedy. I'm amazed you're as determined as you are to be a good person, Sigurd. You and your family have gone through so much...")

[She hugs Sigurd]

: ("Yeah...")

: ("I-I mean!")

: ("I don't like to dwell on the past, but I'm at least glad you guys are here.")

: "So he used to be a nice guy. Not anymore. He's going to hurt more people if we don't stop him... so we're going back to the original plan: We're going to kill the demon king."

: ("I'm with you all the way.")

: ("Same.")

: ("Time to test how brave I really am, then...")

: ("Well said, Monica.")

Jeeeeesus christ, that was a lot of plot. The Fafnir and Darugis stuff is big enough to be a chapter on its own. Oh well, at least it's better than me being like "oh this game sucks".

I'm just glad to provide content that's not being aggressive towards the game 24/7.

Anyway, the Malice Dungeon is just the Victory Road with a different name. Nothing we haven't already seen.

Oh yes, every gym leader in the game is here and they want Monica's blood because they're all possessed by Darugis. Whoopde-doo.

V-Rebirth is also here - not that he's much harder than how he was before.

: ("So... you managed to get Miss Signe on your side.")

: ("Okay, can we end this? I'm really not in the mood to deal with small fry.")

: ("As you wish!")

That should be the last of Gaspar, everybody. He was fun when he lasted.

That moment when the burn left behind by Aura Saber is what kills you instead of the actual move itself.


[One pimp-slap later]

Damn straight.

Oh hey, Pete's here. He tries to teach you Double-Edge to make up for not being that important to the plot anymore.

I guess if he wants to make himself feel important, then go ahead?

Fun fact - walking through the stairs instantly teleports you inside of the Pokemon League. I would assume this is because the Dark Rising team messed up with the actual entrance, but guess what? Nothing is even wrong with the entrance.

In fact, it even has its own area name - the Malice Castle, yet it's completely inaccessible without cheats. Oh, by the way? In a certain corner of the Victory Road (cause you know, it's literally just the Victory Road without boulders), you can find a ton of sprites squished into one spot. It's really bizarre and I don't understand why it exists.

As tempting as it is to continue and fight the final opponents...

[The Winner is Me]


Alright, so - remember this place from like Chapter 7 or so? This was the place where the Bastard Meter exploded the first time due to the team being nowhere strong enough to deal with this guy.

Let's say hello, shall we?

The surprise is that he's Giovanni. You see, while the regular plot of the game was happening with Monica and pals fighting Darugis, Giovanni here had Team Rocket fall apart on him as Darugis convinced Mewtwo to... rule by their side?! That's pretty crazy.

So... Giovanni thought of a new plan - he's going to contact the other evil team leaders to form a new empire, one that should be strong enough to rival even Darugis's. Hah, he has no idea what kind of deathtrap he just jumped in.

He also boasts that Darugis gave him mind control powers for some reason. Yeah, sure, I'll take your word on that.

Now, here's the thing about Giovanni and his plot. He's... ultimately nothing in the grand scheme of things. We don't need another villain figure in this story when we already have Darugis and his vastly overpowered moveset and army.

If anything, it would be hilarious to see him and the evil team desperately try to fight Darugis only to get completely destroyed.

Now I have this wonderful image in my head where the evil team leaders are trying to charge at Darugis with sharpened sticks... and he doesn't do anything to stop them. In fact, he feels bad that they're even trying so hard.

Battle-wise, Giovanni is a joke. He has a pitiful set-up of types that even a level 60 Wave and Sigurd would be able to beat no problem. He's weak even by the standards of late-game, which is pathetic.

Blah blah, Monica is the hero, I'm going to make an evil empire muwahahaha, etc.


[He wriggles his fingers at Monica]

: "... What the hell are you doing?"

Giovanni: "I'm using my mind control powers!"

: "Yeah, it's not working."

Yeah, nobody's forgetting about this anytime soon. Sorry, pal.

Cheats on screen. I am not apologizing.

What the - oh my god, how.

You see, Gaea Cave is connected to Inferno Mountain, which is in the No Man's Land. The Inferno Mountain goes downward out towards the Montage Fortress, so logically we should not end up in Flamen Town.

This is a small thing after everything we've encountered throughout this adventure, but everything builds up after a while.

Monica visits home and fuels up for the final battle.

[Monica's Theme: Cave Story - White]

: "So. This is it, guys. The final battle... Can we really pull it off?"

: ("They don't call me the Victory Pokemon for nothing - anything less than a 100% success rate isn't possible for us!")

: ("I had my doubts at first, but with how strong we've all become throughout this journey...")

: ("If anything, us all working together might just be what kills Master. And I mean that as legitimately dead, not just being sealed away again.")

: ("I know I haven't been here for long, but I'm very proud of you, Monica. You've shown incredible promise and strength... in fact, you remind me of Jack. Perhaps we should get you two acquainted if... no, when we finish our journey.")

: "That'd be awesome. Anyway... If you're all ready, we should probably get going."

Oh yes, while we're at it, I should show off Signe. She gets her own menu sprite and uh... Varik is Sheol before I changed his name. He was going to be named after the protagonist of an obscure game called Brandish (that somehow made it into Toby's Earthbound Halloween Hack), but I figured Sheol would be more appropriate.

I can understand why Varik/Sheol doesn't get a menu sprite due to being a limbo mon, but why doesn't Ammy? You are plot-required to capture her to (technically) proceed with the game, even if the game doesn't say you have to.

Also, Signe is 10 levels lower than when we fought her because... okay, I don't have a good reason beyond "I tried to cheat code her into the game". But still, that's pretty powerful for someone who's just joined the team.

DRG wishes us good luck, even though I'm doubtful she actually wanted someone to complete this with what's ahead.

Next time on Dark Rising, we round off the final fights and finish the game. About god damn time.

See you then.

Team setup:

(Corin, level 97, has Dragon Fang, , /) - "Let's kick some butt!"
(Sigurd, level 100, , /) - "You know, there's two Aura Saber users in our team now. Perhaps we should start coming up with combination attacks."
(Siegfried, level 96, , /) - "Whoa, Sigurd! That'd be really neat!"
(Signe, level 85, , /) - "I agree. I'll make Master regret ever giving me this much strength!"
(Gale, level 93, , /) - "... I'm ready."
(Arthur, level 91, , /) - "Let's make history, people!"
(Wave, level 94, , ) - "Glad Sigurd could work things out with his sis. Gave me a lil' morale boost!"
(Bellamine, level 83, has Sand Cloak, , ) - "Stay alert, everyone. Once we step through the door... We'll be in for the fight of our lives."


Back up team:

(Candelabra, level 90, , /) - "The whole Alberich story got me... a bit choked up. What are you all staring at?!"
(Hel, level 76, , /) - "It was quite the tale. That poor family..."
(Lumis, level 72, , ) - "To think I doubted him when we first met. How wrong I was..."
(Ignell, level 80, , /) - "Miss Candy, it's nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, just know that you're not alone on this."
(Sathala, level 73, , ) - "Aw, come on guys! It's no time to get all sappy! We're here to win!"
(Vera, level 76, , ) - "Yes, what she said."
(Chloris, level 70, , /) - "So that was the mastermind..."
(Ace, level 65, , /) - "Cripes, this is getting me all emotional. This is reminding me of how things were like back from the end of our first journey."
(Beatrice, level 75, , /) - "Teehee. You're a big softy after all, Ace... I have faith in Monica and the rest of the team."
(Cinder, level 40, , ) - "Yo, this is way too much excitement even for me!"
(Amaterasu, level 95, , /) - "Mani, I hope you have a back-up plan in case we fail..."
(Sheol, level 98, , /) -"... Interesting. Yes, very interesting."

Portrait Credits:


PMD Sprite Repository site: https://sprites.pmdcollab.org/

- Corin (Garchomp family – Non-standard sprites are by Jfain, Fable, dmDash, FunnyKecleonMeme)

- Sigurd (Darkrai Lucario family - All Riolu sprites (portrait, battle-front, battle-back) were edited by me.)
+ (Sigurd's Darkrai Lucario portaits use Emuffin and FlarosOverfield’s Lucario portraits as a base for his faces, but I made all of the edits + his battle-front and battle-back sprites.)

- Sathala (Whimsicott family - Non-standard sprites are by mucrush, baronessfaron & Emmuffin)
+ (Cottonee originally did not have sad or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Gale (Staraptor family – Non-standard sprites made by CamusZekeSirius & ShyQuietRain)

- Arthur (Karrablast & Escavalier – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush & Jfain)
+ (Karrablast originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)
+ (Escavalier originally did not have sad, angry or happy portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Lumis (Munna & Musharna – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush, chime & ShyQuietRain and baronessfaron)
+ (Musharna originally did not have happy or upset portraits, so I had to change that.)

- Cinder (Growlithe & Arcanine – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron, Deltex12 & LT)

- Wave (Floatzel family – Non-standard sprites made by Deltex12, C_Pariah and Pxlaris)

- Vera (Eelektross Family – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush)

- Ignell (Charizard Family – Non-standard sprites made by Opalite & a long string of numbers I can't pronounce)

- Bellamine (Gardevoir Family – Non-standard sprites are made by JFain and Ichor)

- Siegfried (Victini – Non-standard sprites made by mucrush, MonochromeKirby and baronessfaron)

- Hel (Gengar - Is the default sprites used in regular Mystery Dungeon)

- Sheol (Giratina – Non-standard sprites made by CamusZekeSirius)

- Candelabra/Candy (Chandelure Family – Non-standard sprites made by Emmuffin, mucrush and Precascer)


- Chloris (Celebi – Non-standard sprites made by Leafia_Barrett and Murpi)

- Beatrice (Roserade Family – Non-standard sprites made by Jfain, baronessfaron & Garbage)

- Ace (Swellow Family – Non-standard sprites made by FunnyKecleonMeme and Caitemis)

- Fafnir --> Signe (Lugia Lucario permafusion - The original Lucario base sprites were made by Emuffin and FlarosOverfield, but I edited ALL of the portraits, as well as both battle-back and battle-front sprites.)

- Amaterasu (Reshiram – Non-standard sprites made by Emmuffin & mucrush)


- Arceus (Arceus – Non-standard sprites made by Davilos & Emboarger)

- Demon King Darugis (Darkrai - Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

- Gaspar aka. V's Golett/Golurk (Golurk family – Non-standard sprites made by baronessfaron)

- Sydney's Lucario (Lucario family - Non-standard sprites made by Emuffin and FlarosOverfield)

Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)

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No big speeches, no distractions...

Chapter #16 - Hatred Made Flesh
(Dark Rising 1 Finale)


[Final Area theme: CORE]

Core will be playing through all of the Elite Four non-stop. It's only appropriate, given the name of the region.

"It's a shame I have to send such a bright young star STRAIGHT TO THE DEPTHS OF H-"

: "Don't finish that sentence. Let's do this."

Why yes, the Knights of Ebony's Round Table (snrk) are named after four of the seven deadly sins. Wouldn't this have been a better idea for the gym leaders given how there's actually enough of them to fill out the roles (barring the eighth)?

Still, it's not like a proper execution of this concept would have saved the game anyway.

Lust has the least offensive sprite out of the Knights. I say this because I'm a sucker for goth girls.

Now... I know I haven't talked about movesets for the entire game, but the final fights really goddamn deserve it. You see, things have gotten to the point that just being high-leveled wasn't enough anymore. The game itself had to start cheating. Check this out:

Umbreon - Leftovers Lv98: Ice Beam, Mean Look, Calm Mind, Psychic
Wobbuffet - Leftovers Lv98: Rest, Mirror Coat, Cosmic Power, Counter
Claydol - Leftovers Lv98: Psychic, Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt
Bronzong - Leftovers Lv98: Calm Mind, Earthquake, Psychic, Ice Beam
Cresselia - Leftovers Lv99: Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Psychic, Rest

The ones bolded in red are the real offenders of that particular team. Let's see... aside from Cresselia, there's Cosmic Power Wobbuffet.

I think you're the missing the point of Wobbuffet there, seeing as Cosmic Power will reduce the amount of damage that Counter and Mirror Coat do due to being HP based.

Also, why the hell do they all have leftovers and Rest?! This isn't challenging, it's just annoying.

That said, Sigurd rips through their team like wet tissue paper. You'll be seeing that for the whole chapter, really.

: ("You remind me of someone I know. Too bad she has some dignity unlike you.")

Hoo boy, here we go.

(+240 BST)

Remember how Kayo said that the Knights have Pokemon that defy regular Pokemon rules? This is what he meant and my god, it is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

I'm legitimately impressed at how bottom of the barrel this is, because the game really wasn't hard enough already.

Cresselia was already bulky - this is completely unnecessary and only makes things take longer. The insulting part is that the enemies get all of these fancy stat boosts and broken legendaries while you, the player, get mediocre legends by comparison and a bugged Zen Headbutt.

This was part of the reason why Sigurd was created - to counteract the broken nature of the game's final moments. Even