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Serious what are you addicted to? Page 2

Started by an illegible mess. August 26th, 2019 10:28 PM
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Can't be bothered!

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Right now it's sugary drinks. I was so good at limiting them to two a week after I got out of high school, but lately once I started getting episodic tension headaches, I convinced myself that the caffeine in them help prevent such headaches, which is clearly bogus.


of the Final Day

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Away with the fairies
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I am probably addicted to painkillers. Probably. I tend to take one every day because I get a lot of headaches (which are now probably due to the painkillers) although I can go without for a day or two sometimes.

Also, video games and buying video games...probably buying them more than playing them now. I have stuff I bought over a year ago I've not started yet...the backlog just keeps growing, too.
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