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Why Will You Play These Games?

Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee Hype for the new Pokémon games coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 16, 2018!

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This is sort of like a thread bringing together those who do plan the game! For those of you who are getting Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee, like I am, why are you planning to play these games, and what sorts of things attract you to the game if any? You're free to provide any thoughts!
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    Right now I’m leaning against getting them(largely because I don’t own a Switch) but if I did and was to buckle down and buy a version(and not both... ffs I’d rather do online trades or reluctantly do Pokémon GO to get version exclusives at the cost of saving $60), it’s largely because it’s Kanto. I started on Kanto and it evolves Generation 1 with new typings(Dark, Steel and Fairy don’t exist in Yellow), fixes the Typing chart(Psychic no longer dominates), and adds a new follow mechanic that is not exclusive to Pikachu(not to mention riding Pokémon on land and sea to where you can visually see it in 3D).

    As for what version, again this is all hypothetical but I’m leaning Pikachu Version. While my favorite Pokémon in Vulpix is on Eevee version, Pikachu itself is just a better overall Pokemon with a better Typing. Electric is better than Normal as they say when Alolan variants are apart of the equation. On Pikachu Version my team would be the following:

    Blastoise(Mega Evolved)
    Alolan Sandslash
    Alolan Raticate
    Clefable/Alolan Ninetales

    Squirtle and all the Kanto starters are available prior to Brock it appears so getting a Kanto Starter early gives it a Red/Blue feel as well. I opted for Squirtle due to the fact he does extremely well against Blaine and Giovanni later on in the journey. Part of me thinks the reason we have a friendly rival is because Mr.Asshat in Gary/Blue is the Viridian Gym Leader and not Giovanni(which would be a huge twist). Anyways, getting back to my team, Sandslash is my favorite Ground Type that counters Lt. Surge, Koga and Blaine(plus Rock and Steel Types). I add in its Alolan variant because it’s typing is what makes him a Swiss Army Knife. Ice/Steel is a godly combination that counters so many types that it’s hard to pass on. Ice, Rock, Fairy, Ground, Grass, Flying and Dragon. What more can you ask for? Even does well against Poison due to immunity and as long as I avoid Fire, Fighting and Ground retaliation, Alolan Sandslash might be my strongest Pokémon after my run since he counters Erika(if available by then), Koga(immune), Lorelei and Lance. I added in Alolan Raticate because it’s Typing makes it a pure specialist. Namely it’s Dark/Normal combo makes it perfect against Ghost and Psychic Type Pokémon as it’s immune to both. Due to being immune, it counters Sabrina and Agatha exceptionally well. Finally there is Clefable. A little on the slow side but makes up for it with a powerful Fairy Typing that counters Dark, Fighting and Dragon. Hence she’s around to counter Bruno and Lance. If I had the means, I’d swap to Alolan Ninetales in a heartbeat and she’d be my pick for Bruno and Lance in the Elite Four.
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    The graphics are beautiful and immersive! I also feel nostalgic running through Kanto again, and adore the gym leaders. And while I'm not a huge fan of how watered down the games have been revealed to be lately, I'm still happy to run through the region in a relaxed atmosphere and build my team as I wish. =)

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    The games seem absolutely gorgeous! By the way, they seem to be really unique with the way how you catch Pokémon and how you can play together, which is one of the things I asked for for so long! Besides, I don't really mind hand-holdy stuff. I expect it! (Though difficulty options like pretty much every other RPG would be nice.)
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    Yeah, once I get a Switch, I will. I don't like how watered down they're making these games, but I'll live? I like the idea of being able to dress up my partner Pokemon & HD Kanto.
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      I'm no Kanto fan but maybe. I'll flip a coin. Heads for no, tails for no, and yes if it lands on its edge.
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        Main reason, im a 90's kid, i played pokemon red, blue and yellow as a kid, nostalgia really hits me hard, the graphic's are what i wanted to see when i was a kid, pokemon following you, can see them in the wild, its really a good atmosphere, only thing i dislike (like 99% of the people) are wild battles, but i can look past that and not get traped on the hate train. (i might even like it a bit who knows)

        I wish we got a better post game too, sevii islands or something like that.... but its okay..

        I got my pokemon lets go pikachu physical version pre ordered, along side with the poke ball plus, and already got the digitial of pokemon lets go eevee preloaded on my switch so im all set :D
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          It's really just because it's a new pokemon game.

          I enjoyed gen 1, but honestly not my favorite gen. I would have preferred a remake of a game that hasn't yet had a remake.
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          I will probably play it just because it's a pokémon game. Like, yeah. Set in a region I know and like. But I might not buy it myself, just lend my boyfriend's or friend's game :B

          I'm not a big fan of Pokémon GO and probably will find the GO-like mechanics of these games annoying. But what do I know before I've tried it? :)
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            Besides the fact that it's a Pokemon game, I am excited to revisit Kanto in this new style and to play it with a different catching mechanic. I'm also excited to use the Pokeball plus. Overall, I think this game will be fun and relaxing to play.
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              I want to revisit Kanto with the Eevee that my rival stole from me in Yellow. I can't wait!
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                Now I am excited.

                Why? Because not only are Green and Red in it, but so is freaking Blue!! (Japanese Names by the way)

                I am more excited for Blue/Leaf being in it more than the other two because the female character is usually left out. What would make this even better, is if Yellow was in it.
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