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Why does Red lose his voice?
What happens after the Sevii Islands?
What is the truth behind the creation of Team Rocket?
Why Blue is arrogant?
Why does Professor Oak favor Red so much?
Who is the 4th trainer?
Why is Lavender Town so neglected?
How many assassination attempts were made to kill Red, Oak, Giovanni and by who?
Are Rare candies substance abuse? XD

Behind the subtle and quite innocent events of Kanto lies a deeper, much more mature, violent, corrupt story.
The aim is to fill the potholes in the main storyline and uncover a much more diverse event, new characters, and newer plot.
And this ROM Hack needs help. Participants have the honor to pull away the curtain covering Red's life and what he indirectly has created.
Positions (no, you will not be paid)
5 or more Mappers
2 Story Writers
3 Composers/Remixers
5 or more Scripters
5 Artists
Some Spriters
I know like this much. New but ambitious. THIS IS A FIRERED ROM HACK!
Those wishing to take part will have to PM or reply to the thread. Submit a sample of your work.
Thank you for reading till here...
Please, I can't do this myself...
A Discord server will be made...
I used to think I'm indecisive but now I'm not too sure....