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The Tome of Characters ?

Started by Astronaut June 6th, 2017 11:21 AM
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space adventure

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Posted 2 Hours Ago

Welcome to the Tome! This dusty huge thing might be a heavy read, but it is intended for storing all your past and current characters, as well as character ideas you have yet to use or been able to use in a RP.

To be inscribed into the Tome, please make a post in this thread. Style it in whichever way you want to show off your personal style - css, colors, pictures... You can either present your characters directly in your dedicated personal Tome post, or make brief presentations with links to their SUs in the RPs, or you can even simply make plain list of chars with or without links. It's up to you, really.

Here, we present an example of what we think a roleplayer's Tome post should include:

Current characters
*list of names with links to SUs, maybe with brief presentations, definitely say what RP(s) they are in*

Retired characters
*list of names with links, maybe with brief presentations, definitely say what RP(s) they used to be in*

Not yet used characters
*list of names or full profiles, possibly with links to SUs that just didn't make it into a RP*

If you have any questions about how things work or anything about the Tome itself, please contact adventure or gimmepie or Foxrally directly rather than posting your question in this thread! While there will be a list in this very post from which you can instantly turn the pages to each roleplayer's personal Tome post, it's nice if this thread remains uncluttered so that you can just read through it if you want to. Like... a tome :)

Inscribed Roleplayers:



Crobat is ProBat

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Posted April 13th, 2019
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Here. Will update this post once I get a record of all characters I played. Lol.

Uehara Naoki
RP: Persona // The Devil's Game
Description: A shy boy with family problems. Possesses the Emperor Arcana with Sun Wukong, the Monkey King as his Persona.

Coul Remson
RP: Z: A Kalos Journey
Description: A smart teen with a penchant for research. His field of interest is biogeography.

RP: For Supremacy
Description: A huge man with a defensive tank set to fight in a tournament against gods.

Retired || Inactive
Black Gil
RP: As The Dust Settles
Description: A cowardly man with the power to be intangible.

Harawan Pommel
RP: Pokemon Trainer Academy
Description: A geography professor with a love of exploration.

Peter "Binge" Malcom
RP: The Drink of Enchantment
Description: A Muggle-born Hufflepuff with an excessive love for reading.

Coul Remson
RP: Redux: The Sinnoh Stories
Description: An up-and-coming Pokemon Professor with specializations in biogeography. He is afraid of flying and Fire-types.

RP: Mystery Dungeon: The Grand Expedition
Description: A runaway Shiny Tyrunt who isn't the best at socializing.

Pierre Marco Matera
RP: Venice: Masks and Monsters
Description: A silent and mysterious man who serves the Vignali family. His skills of knowing every thing that is happening at Venice earned him the nickname "Spider."

Sammie "Cumulus" Camron
RP: City of Heroes
Description: A bipolar man who can control clouds.

Jaromir Lachkov
RP: For All Have Sinned
Description: A street brawler with defensive powers.

Joseph Macho
RP: Once Upon a Time: An Adventure in Storybrooke
Description: A giant man who prizes his strength above all else. Loves children. Has a counter-personalty as the Big Bad Wolf.

Thomas Chance
RP: Noble Magic
Description: A sheltered individual who is a proficient musician. Can use Shadow Control through his Death Magic.

Alaine Deschamps
RP: Begin Again
Description: A linguist who wants to study the development of language in Kanto and Johto.

Jordan Kaleel Jr.
RP: Begin Again
Description: A boy with an interest in precious stones. He accidentally joined Team Rocket when they were excavating for fossils inside Mt. Moon.

Acamus the Silent
RP: Reapers: Attack on Atlantis
Description: A tall silent knight who doesn't believe in luck.

Willard Welm
RP: Tales of Altaria: A Pokemon Fantasy Adventure
Description: The Electric Knight with Germaine the Magnemite as his familiar.

Dennis Plum
RP: Outbreak: A Zombie Survival RP
Desciption: A sickly writer trapped in a zombiefied world.

Michael Corn
RP: The Summit
Description: A fashionable trainer who unlocked the secrets of Mega Evolution.

I think that's it. I will not be including characters I wrote as miltankRancher because that would be too many.


space adventure

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Posted 2 Hours Ago
Active characters

Rai Cross
roleplay: "Z: A Kalos Journey"
accepted on: June 18, 2017

Marlin Tordera
roleplay: "Journey Optional"
accepted on: May 27, 2017

Paige Perrary
roleplay: "Beyond"
accepted on: January 29, 2017

Waiting to start

Cube Dustwalker
roleplay: "Pokmon X Star Wars"
accepted on: June 21, 2017

Memorable retired characters...

Aberdeen Montany
roleplay: "Crossroads: A Johto Story"
first accepted on: January 29, 2014

Hilda Gard
roleplay: "Titans: A Superhero RP"
first accepted on: April 4, 2015
previous iteration: as seen in "Gilded Halls"

Ashton Elden
roleplay: "A Fresh Start"
first accepted on: probably before December 10, 2011


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I guess I'll run down this nostalgia train. Could be kinda fun to look back at all the old characters.
And prove I dont just play shy girls with bows

Drew Tucker
Roleplay - "Z: A Kalos Journey
Accepted on - June 19, 2017

Achilles Nimbus
Rolepay - Gunpowder
Accepted on - April 4, 2015

I guess this is the fun part...

Riley Middleton
Rolplay - Stars of Destiny
Accepted on - April 14, 2016

Zane Tybalt
Roleplay - Legends of Abyllia
Accepted on - August 8, 2015

Maxwell Tybalt
Roleplay - Riders
Accepted on - April 29, 2016

Lars Berrardi
Roleplay - As the Dust Settles
Accepted on - December 13, 2015

Lorenzo Immobile
Roleplay - Venice: City of Masks
Accepted on - May 16, 2015

Max Ramsey (The Drew Tucker before there was Drew Tucker)
Roleplay - Stars on Sinnoh
Accepted on - April 7th 2015

Harper Burton
Roleplay - Titans Reborn
Accepted on - March 26, 2016

Lucina Vitolo
Roleplay - Venice: Masks and Monsters
Accepted - January 5, 2016

Jack Ambrose
Roleplay - Railways: A Journey to the end of the world
Accepted on - October 25, 2015

Sydan Rhomes
Roleplay - Hoenn: Make a Wish
Accepted on - April 1, 2015

Friends for Infinity
RPT | Pairs

"It's so calm."

art by the amazing Infinite


Not Suitable For All Ages

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Posted July 18th, 2019
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6.7 Years
The Living

Jebediah Kleutsch-Sanders
RP - Gunpowder
Accepted - March 10, 2015

So long, old friends

Jeremy Collins
RP - Outbreak
Accepted - March 12, 2017

Caroline Bjrk
RP - As The Dust Settles - A RWBY RP
Accepted - December 14, 2015

Samuel "Deuseas" and Marlena "Erosia" Lehry
RP - Titans: Reborn
Accepted - May 27, 2016

Xander the Dwarf and Xaraho the Darkness Dragon
RP - Riders
Accepted - May 1, 2016

Chloe the Spheal
RP - Silver Ambition
Accepted - August 15, 2016

Drake Winston
RP - Redux: The Sinnoh Stories
Accepted - November 19, 2015

The War Ender
RP - I Am
Accepted - March 6, 2016

Major Tom
RP - Doorways
Accepted - May 5, 2016

Timothy Settle
RP - Astra Story
Accepted - September 8, 2015

Aevux Seppo
RP - Star Wars, Jedi Outcast Act 1
January 5, 2015

Barnabas and Facio Benedevice
RP - Venice: City of Masks
May 26, 2015

Major Tom
RP - Time Police
Accepted - August 9, 2015

Samuel "Deuseas" Lehry
RP - Titans: A Superhero RP
Accepted - April 7, 2015

Marcella Laquatus
RP - Reapers: Attack on Atlantis
May 13, 2015

General Serena Rozaline
RP - Camelot Trigger: A Legend Retold
May 11, 2015

Godfried Rogers
RP - Outbreak: A Zombie Survival RP
March 29, 2015


~Calamity Trigger~

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Bronx, NY
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Just gonna go ahead and make my little book of characters, I guess...
~Those filled with light, who are currently enduring the consuming blight~
None yet, for now.

~Those who had reached the light and those who had been consumed by the ever-blooming darkness~

~Principem Jueru~
-...I actually can't remember what the name of the RP was.-
+A girl who looks cool and collected, but was actually quite shy. The only things I could remember about her RP was that it was based in Sinnoh and she had a Piplup during it. It really didn't start and it died quite as early as soon as we were about to get our Pokémon. And this was the first RP I ever joined, too. Her SU and original RP was consumed by the darkness, with the only remnant of her existing being the drawing I made of her. Can't remember when she was accepted.+

~Senera 'Kosukao' Cecilia~
-Pokémon: The Shadow Shards-
+A shy young girl who was secretly quite insane. At least, that's what I can remember about her. Both her SU and original RP has been eaten away by the ever-blooming darkness. The only real remnants of her existence is the drawing I made of her and her very brief appearance in Dreamland. Shadow Shards only had a OOC thread before it's sorta unexpected death. Can't remember when she was accepted, if she was accepted at all.+

~Sivera Ohdavero~
-Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Haven-
+Oh man, did I really screw up with poor Sivera here...A very childish Audino who wanted to be just as strong as her brother and possibly the strongest Audino in the world. Accepted on April 16th 2015...and never really did much. Many factors delayed her introduction, with the major reasons I couldn't work on her was both school and me being more focused on making my RPG Maker VX Ace game than writing the post. Over time, I lost interest in the RP itself, while it was seemingly walking towards it's unfortunate demise by the ever-blooming darkness. I wish I was more active on this RP, but I just couldn't. Her picture is still with me, it's just that Photobucket doesn't wanna show it to you nowadays.+

+The fact that he is the only character here who was a part of a completed RP should tell you something, here. Was happily accepted on August 9th, 2016. Get this: He's not really a truly original character! He's actually Rupert from the game 'Shall we Date? Blood in Roses+'. One of my favorite characters in that game, tbh. ;3 His game is quite obscure and the RP was basically a joke, so he was able to fit in quite nicely. A very kind and calm young man, unlike his more hot-tempered brother Alfred, he somehow got jumbled up in the ridiculous mess that was this RP, no thanks to a letter sent to his mansion. He became a shiny Zorua, possibly due to his blue hair and mostly blue clothing. Some liberties were made into his personality, due to me not truly finishing his route in BiR, but I was still able to stay true to his character the whole time. The letter he got from the mysterious people/person led to the end of the RP. Good job, Rupert! I should probably get back into playing your game again...+

~Whimsy Flutterbud aka Daichi~
-Abnormal Cake Simulator 2-
+A very intelligent and manipulative young girl. She seems to be a very ditsy person, but looks can always be deceiving. Accepted on November 11th, 2016...I feel like she was a character WITH A LOT OF POTENTIAL. Didn't knew it by then, but now that I read the stuff I made for her...she was basically ACS2's version of Zexion. But just like Zexion, she died off fairly quickly during the RP's short lifespan. I blame Regents.+

~Yuuki Matsusheta~
-Persona: The Devil's Game-
+OH MAN AM I REALLY SALTY ABOUT THIS ONE. A gloomy girl who is known for being a bad luck charm. Accepted on June 7th, 2017 and had the most potential out of all the characters here on this list to be a very interesting character. I knew this was a RP I was gonna enjoy very much. This was when I learned how to do some basic CSS and my first joint post. Unfortunately, it had a slow and painful death, no thanks to a ton of people from TDG joining Z, which was basically becoming a pretty big thing. It's a damn shame, too: One of our fellow members of this RP even drew some art of Yuuki for me and it is amazing! The fact that a character like her got the boot makes me very, very sad. In fact, you can basically call The Devil's Game 'Wasted Potential: The RP'.+

~The poor rose buds that just couldn't bloom in time~

~Dahlia D. Adoración~
-Z: A Pokémon Journey-
+A very feminine and very mysterious trainer who is on a Pokémon journey around Kalos, alongside his little sister. Loosely based on Kingdom Hearts' Marluxia. Still can't really remember when he was accepted. Would have been considered dead, until the GM of Z has stated that it will resume in Escape Rope(aka New Pokecommunity). So he is considered inactive for now.+

~Calamity Trigger~
"O' silver blade forged in the depths of the beyond, heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way! Lay waste."
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