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Pokemon Super Double Emerald game idea

Started by RedPandersBear June 15th, 2019 11:29 PM
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Posted June 15th, 2019
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Hello everyone! I have been working on an idea for my first rom hack and have actually started some work on it, but not tons and it's only the roughest outline. (I have a single feature added on top of emerald basically) I wanted something that was both simple to make cause I'm new to making roms, but offer a fun and exciting playthrough for anyone that decided to try it. The main selling points for this rom would be:

. (This is the one piece I have done, so I will be giving examples of what I mean while I write it, and I hope people are as excited for it as I am)
"Fix" the pokedex and pokemon. I have already made an altered pokedex roster that lets you use all of your favorite pokemon and have them feel viable. Better stats, movesets, and abilities across the board make even dud's like dunsparce feel like they are viable in some capacity. Ignoring huge power pokemon, the BST totals for all final stage and single stage pokemon are between 580( starter bugs like butterfree) and 660( pseudo legendaries) base stat totals. Legendaries will range from 690-720 BST. These tighter stat spreads across all the pokemon mean that even low tier pokemon have more unique stat distributions combined with their typing, moves, and abilities that I feel like this dex has no objectively "bad" final pokemon. The lower stage pokemon also have movesets to match, and are updated stat wise so that they transition smoother into the higher stat final forms. (for example mareep is 340 BST, Flaafy is 450 BST, and ampharos is 610 BST.) In addition the evolution curve was changed. This DOES NOT mean that every pokemon with 3 stages will evolve at 16 and then again at 36. What it does mean, however, is that many psuedo's evolve quite few levels lower, fossils evolve in the 30's of levels, and basic bugs like caterpie/metapod have great movesets and usable stats meaning their final forms are reached around level 20. In addition trade evolutions should now be friendship evolutions with the exception of clamperl evolving with either a sun stone or a moon stone. Espeon and umbreon also fall into the sunstone/moonstone evolution method.

. I want a fresh starter triangle. My current thoughts are a spheal, tranpinch, pichu starter split. They all have similar BST's in the updated dex above and were made to evolve at 16 and then at 36 like normal starters just for this purpose. these 3 are a triangle each feels unique and your choice says a lot about you as a player. Walrein is a great tank that can cover scary pokemon like dragonite and many's legendaries easily as well as dish out good damage. Flygon is an above average speed and powerful mixed attacker that lets you try and muscle your way through a lot of content through sheer strength and coverage, and raichu can either be run as a glass canon with moves like volt tackle and superpower, or can have great utility moves like thunderwave, super fang, and slack off to use its decent bulk and attack combined with great speed to really control a field. I feel like it would be a fun and unique triangle!

. All (or nearly all) pokemon battles are double battles. There isn't many roms that focus on just a double battle system, so making a primarily double battle version of pokemon Emerald will be fun. Not much to say here. There may be an odd trainer or two that would want to hold a single battle, but in this version that is the exception, not the norm. I may even make those fights as a double battle against 1 really strong pokemon and you have to take it down, but that is just an idea and I'm not sold on it yet.

. All of the gen 3rd or lower pokemon will be available ( I need to decide how to implement other legendaries that aren't the mascots into the game. Just putting them on late routes doesn't feel like it does them justice. That may be the direction it goes however). Speaking of which, I want some opinions on if I should increase the catch rates for some of the pokemon. (Beldum being a definite candidate if I decide to do that.)

. The names of the routes will be a giveaway as to what is available, and the routes (and maybe towns) will have the maps edited to match themes as well as potentially have a different route structure in order to give them a fresh feel. For example if an early route is called the Petlands, it might have growlithe, vulpix, meowth, eevee, and other pet like pokemon appear there, the ground will be marshy and full of puddles, and the weather occasionally rains. If you are looking for a specific pokemon this should make it easier to find what you are looking for.

. And finally, a slightly higher level main game against stronger pokemon. I'm not going to make the first gym leader have 6 mons with dragon's rage. What I do want however is that they will have powerful pokemon for you to fight so it isn't such a cake walk like it is in the main game. Higher level wild pokemon as you progress through the game as well as more complex fights against trainers who have different pokemon with updated movesets should provide a fresh experience, and the variety of teams you can build will make different parts of the game much easier or much harder. The point is to have a journey, not just steamroll your way through the world. If you are good at pokemon, you may never wipe out once. I want you to earn that though through good planning, team setup, and or skill and not by just being randomly overleveled.

These are my plans for a rom hack so far! I've started the project and I wanted something attainable through standard tools for hacking like yape since I'm not the best programmer and I wanted an exciting yet easily doable rom. Thank you for your time and I am open to suggestions, critiques, etc.


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Hey! I moved your thread here from Game Dev, since you are planning a ROM Hack. Since you're only in the planning stage, it goes in the Launchpad.

Good Luck with your project!

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