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When is a trainer allowed to switch pokemon?

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Old February 2nd, 2018 (2:29 AM).
withheld withheld is offline
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    Is it at any time during a battle? I don't think so, otherwise,
    there is always the chance of an endless loop of switches.
    For instance: If Trainer A sends out a fire pokemon while
    Trainer B has a grass pokemon out, Trainer B immediatelly
    switches with a water pokemon. Trainer A immediatelly
    switches the fire pokemon he just sent out with an
    electric one, Trainer B immediatelly switches with his grass
    pokemon he had out in the first place, Trainer A sends
    out the fire pokemon again etc
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    Old February 2nd, 2018 (2:34 PM).
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    Usually, the referee says the rules of switching Pokemon. For example, in almost all Gym Battles, the referee says "only the challenger is allowed to substitute Pokemon" or something like that. However I think this doesn't apply in the Pokemon League battles.
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    Old February 3rd, 2018 (6:47 AM).
    withheld withheld is offline
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      So, when none of the two trainers is a gym leader, are they allowed
      to switch whenever they feel like it? Is there always a chance that
      they'll get into an endless loop of switches?
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      Old February 3rd, 2018 (9:19 AM).
      jjc927 jjc927 is offline
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        It looks like challengers and trainers battling can switch whenever they want. They've shown trainers switching Pokémon during a battle when they were about to be hit with an attack at least a few times.
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        Old February 3rd, 2018 (11:10 PM).
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          Gym battles and Pokemon league battles.
          On friendly battles will depend on what both trainers agree.
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          Old February 4th, 2018 (1:21 PM).
          withheld withheld is offline
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            Nobody has really answered my question though.
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            Old February 7th, 2018 (2:34 PM). Edited February 7th, 2018 by Twilight-kun.
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              During their Sinnoh League battle, Paul and Ash both switched pokémon numerous times in quick succession early on

              Could be whenever there's a lull in the battle, or between "turns"
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