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Scripting Question Fixing HMs.

Started by #1TrubbishFan April 19th, 2019 9:58 AM
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HM's are a pain, but I don't think Pokeride or HM items are valid solutions. The best part of HMs is the life it gives to your pokemon by giving them the ability to affect the overworld. How can I change my scripts so that instead of requiring a pokemon know the HM, all it needs is a pokemon that is capable of learning the HM? This would allow your own pokemon to help you traverse the world instead of borrowing someone else's or using an ordinary flashlight.


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I've been searching google for a solution for about a week. If someone else already solved it I'm sorry, I'm new to pokecommunity.
I used advanced search for "hm learn" restricted to just Game Development and subforums (not necessary, but means you don't have to scroll through ROM hacking threads) and found this.
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