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Started by donavannj May 18th, 2017 11:47 AM
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You can discuss any sport at all here! And I used to roller skate as a kid. It’s really fun! You should definitely try it.
Thanks :)

I don't really know if its a good idea for me at this point. I may not have good co-ordenation for it (i am autistic and on many meds...). I do enjoy hearing that its a sport that can be easily picked up at any age, though. Thats interesting to me xD

Seeing stuff on how it worked on youtube was also pretty neat. How you have to bend your knees and form a v-shape. I still remember that :3
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Calio Critter toys are SO CUTE!!! :D

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How odd. This forum no longer allows blingee signatures.....? *shrug*

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Hello, let's try to see if this thread gets active once again. Though, I'm not a huge sports follower, huge events like World Cups get me. Does anyone find the following relevant? Would love to see it in Galar.


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