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It's interesting in a way. I have a tendency to play the more serious kinds of characters but I really love characters that can make me laugh, are really quirky or that are just plain nuts.

Some of my favourite characters are

Anselme Gwenaël Ducreux (played by Geras32) - A layabout deadbeat from Lumios City who get's knocked out by his brother and wakes up in Kanto thrown into a pokemon journey to force him to make something of his life. His complete lack of knowledge and his constant ranting and complaining make him really fun to read.

Jebediah (played by Sonata) - He's a very violent, very rude and surprisingly very deep character from Gunpowder. I love all of Jebs dialogue.

Emmett (played by MI) - Emmett is just totally nuts. He gets his kicks from being chased by bounty hunter, angry priests and anybody else he inadvertently makes an enemy out of and almost routinely has his face beaten in. He's just a really fun character.

Sigur (played by GoldenHouou) - Another rookie trainer from Begin Again that was more or less thrust into his journey. He is constantly arguing with his pokemon, especially his extremely rude and aggressive Gabite which makes for a really amusing read.

Quantum (played by Sir Bastian) - I love Quantum because she is simultaneously a super powerful energy being that would blow up half the city if her clothes broke as well as a totally normal, somewhat geeky person.

Nerites (played by Foxrally) - Similar reasons as for Quantum. She's an ancient greek goddess who just also happens to be a total scatterbrain who can't accept any form of communication as superior to a telegram and that almost accidentally drowned one of her teammates.

Lotte (played by Loki) - Lotte is... amazing. She's a ditzy blonde pirate who keeps forgetting that in the world of pirates nobody is interested in her noble status. Overall her ability to pretty much pay zero attention to the dangerous world around her is one of my favourite character traits.

Honestly I could go on about characters I love forever haha.
That's just a small fraction.


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There are a lot of roleplays going on at any given time, and the main focus of those are of course the player controlled characters. What Roleplay characters are your favorites, what characters do you like, and what makes them so great?
You made this in the hopes we'd fangirl over smilayy lmao and carl smh

In terms of my characters, I love everyone one of them which isn't named Ryan <3

In terms of other characters, some of my favorites are McGregor from Outbreak, Jeb from Gunpowder and too many to count from Titans :3
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Hmmm... Well, I have a few I'm attached to, really.

I absolutely adore Morgan in One Piece: The Golden Age.

Christina, Aberdeen, Vincent, and Morgan in Crossroads have all be amazing characters to interact with and see in action so far.

I kinda find myself partial to our mysterious conductor in Railways, despite the RP being at the early phase of its life so far. I also really love that little rascal, Elliot from his intro post.

Hands down for Digimon Revolution, my favorite character is Elliot. The way that Adventure writes her makes her so adorable to me for some reason. *fangirls*


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From PO4, it's gotta be Razathiel the Dreadmage. He's hilarious in the most unexpected way possible, and many don't (well, maybe they do) appreciate the degree to which his presence makes everything that much more comical.

I'd have to say in terms of One Piece, I love friggen every one of the RPers characters, and even many of our NPCs. There's just so many to choose from, But Lotte stands out as one of the most interesting characters to interact with!

But my all-time favorite comes from Aerion: Cassandra Alexandera, played by Raikiri. There were so many great moments from her in an RP which I miss much more than I care to admit.

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