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Started by Ice May 14th, 2015 4:20 AM
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I treat my NPC's like normal civilians, they do their jobs, interact with my character and basically human.

I don't really mind if some other people play as one of the NPC's that I made (unless it's a superpowered god-moded time-controlling demon beast of heaven, in short, a powerful NPC that my character can't beat).
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NPC's are a very important part of RP'ing. They shape a big part of the world. How do you treat your NPC's? Do you mind it if other people play as NPC's you've created? What are some good NPC's you have seen?
Probably the most influential NPCs I have ever created are the Culebra Clan from Gunpowder (AKA the 'I need a plot device' clan). I've created countless NPCs who are part of that clan, and almost every character from gunpowder (bar the newer ones like Anima, Achilles and Wolf/Elise) has interacted with them somehow. They're super fun to play as and I love adding new notable characters to the cast. I don't usually mind if someone plays one of the already present characters as long as they stay true to their original personality (I told MI he could play Antonio Culebra - the leader of the clan - in one of his posts and I was surprised at how well he handled it)

Some other NPCs I've really enjoyed writing are Alice, the traumatized demonic child from Gunpowder and also one of Sophia's sidekicks, Nico, Sophia's chameleon, as well as Hannah, Elliot's smartass older sister from Railways.
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NPCs are a very important part of RPing. They shape a big part of the world. How do you treat your NPCs? Do you mind it if other people play as NPCs you've created? What are some good NPCs you have seen?
My important NPCs usually exist for the sake of plot development when I'm not using Fox's for that. They quite literally exist to shape the world and the plot in order to keep things interesting and keep things moving. Due to this importance I prefer that other people consult me about the use of these NPCs and do not use them if they can't keep them in character. I also prefer not to play other peoples' important NPCs for the same reasons.

Throw away characters though I don't really mind. Do what you will because they don't have any real importance or effect in regards to the story.

My favourite NPC to write as is probably Clarity James from Begin Again. She's a very different character for me to play as and I find writing from her perspective quite challenging for some reason - although on both counts I can't say why - but I love the parallels and contrasts between her and my actual character and I'm going to enjoy shaping her into a great rival for Tasman.

I really enjoyed Klippy's use of an NPC named Effa in Begin Again also. She herself wasn't a hugely fleshed out character but the way he used her in regard to his main character is an enormous part of what made reading Klippy's posts so much fun in that RP.

I'm also loving the various NPCs that are coming up in Gunpowder. In particularly I'm extremely fond of Janet (I know I created her but I credit her great characterisation to the others, in particularly Sonata) who is an old retired bounty hunter who runs the agency beginning hunters work from. She's a cranky, naggy and mean woman for the most part but that's what makes her endearing. Ezekiel, created by MI, is another favourite of mine. He's an extremely powerful and extremely religious sorcerer who serves as a priest. The veritable mountain of NPCs created by Fox and Sonata throughout the RP so far are too many to mention, but they are honestly all great characters and in the case of many fantastic plot devices for me to play with.

Even though I haven't gotten my post up yet, honourable mention goes to Disco from Titans just because he is possibly the most hilariously awesome concept of a villain ever.
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