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Your characters personality

Started by Ice May 31st, 2015 11:53 AM
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I did one for Bridges L Skellen, my OP character. It seems the crazier your character the harder this is to answer haha.

Apaprently he is the entrepreneur, ESTP-A. I honestly feel he's more a feeler than a thinker despite his calculating nature and intelligence but other than that, no real arguments.


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Posted October 10th, 2019
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Here's the one I did for Sophia from Gunpowder, and I got ESTP (The Entrepreneur). I was pretty sure I would get this, because I based her on this personality type :D Very similar to Emmett too as I expected, only Sophia is more on the Turbulent side (i.e. while Emmett is carefree asshole Sophia is a success-driven overly-worrying asshole)
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Interestingly, I did this for my psychopath. I answered José's test with the idea that he has a fairly major mood swings but mostly monotonous, he's calculating and introverted extremely. He got INTJ - Architect.
He got Introverted: 45%, Intuitive: 20%, Thinking: 97%, Judging: 21%, Assertive: 34%.

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Posted July 18th, 2019
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I did one for Jebediah from Gunpowder. Which I mean, most of the questions he would respond to by just shooting the person in the face and trying to figure it out later. But I got ESTP-A for him. 63% Extraverted, 47% Observant, 53% Thinking, 72% Prospecting and 40% Assertive.
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