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About the Game Development forum
Welcome to the Game Development forum!
Here, we discuss game development practises, help each other out with questions about game development, recruit team members for projects, and share scripts, graphics and audio for others to use.


  • Question: For general questions about game development, this prefix is what you need. Any and all questions about Pokémon Essentials should go in that subforum, though.
  • Game Dev Discussion: If you want to ask something that doesn't have one objective answer, or if you just want to have a discussion, use this prefix.
  • Game Idea: If you have an idea for a game, rather than posting it in the Games Showcase (to which it may be moved later if you decide you want to make the idea reality), you should post it here with this prefix. Other people may provide feedback on the idea.
  • Engine: If you've created an engine or kit that does not directly have to do with Pokémon Essentials, post it here with the Engine prefix. If it becomes very popular as Pokémon Essentials did, it may evolve into its own subforum.


Game Dev has 4 subforums each with a different purpose. When creating a thread or looking for answers to a question, make sure you go into the right subforum. That helps with organisation, and you'll get your answers sooner!

  • Recruitment: This subforum is intended for people that are looking for others to help them with their project, and for people who are looking for something to do, called Freelancers.
  • Graphics & Music: This is the place where you can share your graphics and audio pieces, but you can also share maps, ask for feedback on something graphical/music related, or ask a question in that area.
  • Scripts, Tutorials & Tools: If you created a script, either for Pokémon Essentials or something else that you'd like to share, this is where to do it. Tutorials and just tools in general are also welcome here. Most scripts are for Pokémon Essentials as that is what most of Game Dev visitors come for, but anything useful to game development is welcome! This subforum is not for asking questions.
  • Pokémon Essentials: If you want to ask something about Pokémon Essentials, if you're having difficulties with a script, event, PBS or something else, look no further than this subforum. Aside from questions, discussions about Pokémon Essentials or its features are also welcome!


Necroposting is allowed.
You may post in threads that have been inactive for a long time to avoid clutter, but please you reason and do not revive threads for the sake of it. Stay on topic of what that thread was made for, and if it's not related to your question, don't post in it.

Theft is not tolerated.
You may not claim another person's work as your own, nor should you use it without the creator's permission. If permission is granted, you should clearly credit that person.

This section is not for ROM Hacking or emulation.
This forum is specifically for games that do not use an official Pokémon game as their base, but for games that utilize RPG Maker XP or else. ROM Hacking discussions should go in the ROM Hacking Discussion section.

Do not ask for or provide with illegal versions of any software.
It is agains the rules of PokéCommunity to provide warez.

Avoid duplicate threads by using the search function.
Before you make a post or thread, be sure to do a search in order to avoid repeating an existing thread/post. If you find a thread that asks the same question as you do or is very similar, post in that thread rather than creating a new one. Necroposting is allowed.

Be clear.
When posting, make sure that your post is legible, relevant and coherent. This also applies to making new threads - give it a descriptive title, not something like "Help me!". Use the appropriate thread prefix. Make sure you're posting in the right place. If you are posting in a thread that has a format or rules, follow them or your message will be removed.

Be constructive.
When commenting on a game, idea, sprite, or else, be sure to do so in a constructive manner. Simply saying "This game looks great! Keep up the good work!" is not a good post. Why do you think it looks good (or bad)? On that note, be sure to accept any criticism directed toward you - you don't need to act on it, but at least appreciate people for providing it. Criticism is never personal, so don't take it personally.

Game project threads.
Game project threads are not to be posted in the Game Development section. They should go in the Games Showcase forum instead. It may take a while for your thread to show up there, as a moderator must manually approve it.

Double posting.
You may double (or triple, etc.) post in a project's thread if you are the thread's creator, but only if your second post is about an update to your project. Try to keep it to a minimum, though.

Locking and unlocking threads.
You may request that a moderator locks your thread by sending them a Private Message. You should do the same if you want them to unlock a thread.

Sharing Pokémon Essentials.
With the official Pokémon Essentials wikia taken down, we can no longer permit people to request or provide download links to Pokémon Essentials itself. Linking to documentation is not an issue, though.

All global PokéCommunity rules apply in Game Development and all its subforums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fangames legal?
In short, no. Fangames use copyrighted assets to which you don't hold the rights. They are an infringement to their IP, and they may request you to take such a project down (this has not happened on PokéCommunity before). If you refuse such a request, also called a takedown notice or Cease & Desist (C&D), they could take legal action against you. The odds of this happening are very small, and if your game isn't massively popular, you're safe to assume Nintendo will not notice you or whatever you're doing.

Written by Marin. Feel free to contact for clarification.