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The abandoned ship on ORAS was something else. At least in my opinion! You see, before, I don't think many people paid much mind to it back in R/S/E, or rather, it was forgotten about in many cases but this time, the abandoned ship served more purposes: to find more treasure, and to learn about certain characters in detail.

According to what's been said, it was a facility led by Wattson to extract the natural resources of the ocean. Unfortunately, in a nutshell, there were many incidents, and thus, the facility was closed. On the plus side, the ruins had created a unique habitat for Pokémon and plants, and so, the ruin was revived as a natural preserve. There were many letters, and other documents that explained the situation, as well as other tidbits about the characters.

Oh and! A great part about this place is, there are treasures to be found! You could find 8 Big Nuggets, 4 regular nuggets, a Beedrillite, a TM for Ice Beam, and so on. Another great thing about this place is, this is where you could find Ho-oh and Lugia, depending on which game you have (OR for Ho-oh, AS for Lugia). You can even find a Spiritomb though some measures!

Now for discussion questions:
• What did you think of Sea Mauville when you explored or heard about it?
• What did you think of the events that took place in this place, as well as the people involved?
• Any other thoughts? Feel free to share! (you don't have to put this all into lists)

I mean, personally, I have to say that they did a great job fleshing out the characters in this, as well as the place in general. It felt totally new to explore, and all the while, I was quite intrigued by everything!
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Old August 4th, 2018 (2:34 PM).
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    I love that it echoes what happens with shipwrecks in our own universe, which has gotten to the point where we deliberately sink ships that go out of service in order to become natural preserves. That goes against everything we were taught, not to ‘litter’ in the ocean because it’ll hurt the sealife. But it works! And I love that Pokémon attempts to teach that to players by incorporating it into the game in a relatively subtle way.
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      I like exploring in ships and when I was inside the abandoned ship, all I was doing was just exploring and picking up items I would see on the ground. I heard you can get a Deep Sea Scale or Deep Sea Tooth from completing a puzzle and I never knew about this before.
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