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2nd Gen Has Anyone beaten the Battle Tower?

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    I think I did it with this team:

    TYRANITAR L100 @ Quick Claw
    Rock Slide

    DRAGONITE L100 @ Focus Band
    Wing Attack
    Thunder Wave

    KINGDRA L100 @ Leftovers
    Double Team
    Ice Beam

    I think if I really wanted a safe go I'd go for something like the Curselax instead of Tyranitar or Dragonite. Curselax is really powerful in generation II:

    SNORLAX L100 @ Leftovers:

    The Double Team Rest Kingdra with Leftovers is really powerful. The typing makes Kingdra only weak to other dragons and it has good, balanced stats as well.
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      The above person has an awesome team. Gave them a like for it :P

      I wonder if most teams will require some EV training to be usable to win the whole thing, But I bet EV training in gen 2 is a royal pain in the a** :/
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