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6th Gen Pokemon X&Y FAQ

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Pokémon X and Pokémon Y FAQ
Written by Nah

This here is a bunch of information on Pokémon X&Y that you may find useful. If this FAQ doesn't answer your question, feel free to post a [Game Help] thread. If there happens to be an inaccuracy in here or something you feel should be added, please VM or PM me.

What does this blue pentagon mean?

A blue pentagon means that the Pokémon was caught or bred on a 6th Gen game (X/Y, ORAS). Pokémon without the blue pentagon were caught or bred on a 3rd, 4th, or 5th generation game and transferred to the 6th Gen. It (usually) has nothing to do with whether the Pokémon is hacked or not.

When do I get access to Mega Evolution?

You gain the ability to Mega Evolve your Pokémon just after obtaining the 3rd badge, in the Tower of Mastery.

I'm looking for all the Mega Stones, but they're not appearing where they're supposed to be. Why?

While a few of the mega stones are available to you during the main storyline, most of them are not available until after defeating the Elite 4. There's a few steps you need to take before you can start mega stone hunting:

1) Clear the main story.
2) Take the train in the Lumiose City station to Kiloude City.
3) Win one battle at the Battle Maison.
4) Defeat Calem/Serena in the northern end of town.
5) Talk to Professor Sycamore at the Anistar City sundial.

The mega stones also only appear from 8PM to 9PM (20:00 to 21:00) according to your 3DS's clock. Changing the time on your 3DS may make the stones not appear. This page lists all the Mega Stones available in X/Y and the general location where they are found.

Move Deleter, Move Relearner, and the Hidden Power Type Checker

The Move Deleter and the Move Relearner live together in a house in Dendemille Town, just to the northeast of the Pokemon Center. The woman is the Relearner, the man is the Deleter. The Hidden Power Type Checker is a Psychic who lives next door to the Anistar City clothing boutique.

Move Tutor Locations
  • Pledge Moves: Laverre City, in a house to the east of the Gym
  • Draco Meteor: Route 21, requires Strength
  • Secret Sword and Relic Song: Snowbelle City, in a house north of the Pokémon Center
  • Blast Burn/Frenzy Plant/Hydro Cannon: Snowbelle City, in a house in the southwestern part of town

Why won't this rattata let me into the Lumiose City clothing store?

For whatever reason you can't enter the boutique until you've accumulated enough "style points". You gain style by doing various things around the city, such as:

-Working at Hotel Richissime
-Battling at the Battle Institute
-Speaking to Alexa at the Lumiose City Press
-Shopping in some of the other shops and battling at the restaurants
-making a PR Video
-Riding in a taxi
-Changing your hairstyle at the salon
-Entering the lottery

As well as some other things. There's no way to gauge how "stylish" you are, so just keep checking back every now and then to see when you'll get let in. Increasing your style also lowers the prices of most things around the city.

How do I open those other doors on Route 13?

There's no known way to open those at this time. It's thought to have something to do with Volcanion.

Catching Zygarde

Zygarde can be found in the deepest reaches of Terminus Cave, which is off of Route 18. It will not appear until you have beaten the Elite 4 however. Rock Smash is required to explore the cave.

Catching Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno

In X&Y, one of the Kanto legendary birds will begin to roam Kalos after you defeat the Elite 4. Which one depends on the starter you chose at the beginning of the game. If you chose Froakie, Moltres will appear. If you chose Fennekin, Zapdos will appear. And if you picked Chespin, you get Articuno. The first dozen or so times you encounter it in the wild, it will flee before you can do anything. It'll eventually stop running away and settle down in the Sea Spirit's Den, a small cave located in the northern part of Azure Bay.

Catching Mewtwo

The final legendary Pokémon you can catch in Kalos is Mewtwo. Mewtwo can be found in a cave in the Pokémon Village after defeating the Elite 4.

Why won't these people let me into this part of the Lost Hotel?

in order to gain access to all areas of the Lost Hotel, you need to learn 4 roller skate tricks. The tricks (parallel swizzle, dash, flip, and 360o spin) can be taught to you from the skaters of Lumiose City.

I've been looking in these trash cans forever, where's Rotom?

Rotom only appears in the trash cans in the Lost Hotel on Tuesdays.

Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Transporter

The Pokémon Bank and the Pokémon Transporter are two services offered to players this generation by Nintendo.The Bank is a cloud storage system that can hold up to 3000 Pokémon. It costs $5 per year (or whatever the equivalent is in your country's currency) and is linked to your 3DS's Nintendo Network ID. Pokémon stored in your Bank account can be sent to any copy of Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and/or Alpha Sapphire that you own, provided that you do not use a different 3DS. You can even store Pokémon in the Bank, start a new save file, and send the Pokémon in the Bank to your new file. If your subscription runs out, there is a short grace period for you to renew it before any Pokémon still in the Bank are deleted, though it's best to renew just before your subscription expires. The Bank app will notify you that you subscription is about to expire 2 weeks before it does.

The Transporter allows you bring Pokémon on your 5th generation games (Black, White, Black 2, White 2) to your 6th generation game. The Transporter is a separate app that you have to download, but it is free of charge. You also need to have the Bank in order to use the Transporter. The Transporter will move all the Pokémon in Box 1 on your 5th generation game into a special box in the Bank, which you can then send to X/Y/ORAS.

Be aware that Pokémon cannot hold any items when being sent through the Transporter and/or deposited in the Bank (which is really psyducking annoying). Some (but not all) hacked Pokémon will also be barred from going through the Transporter and Bank.

Friend Safari

The Friend Safari is a new feature exclusive to X&Y that replaces the Safari Zones of past games. It becomes available to you once you reach Kiloude City in the post-game. How it works is that you have a Safari for each person registered in your 3DS Friends List, which vary in type and the Pokémon that appear within. What type and species the Friend Safari has is related to the 3DS, not the X/Y game, so if the other person uses another copy of X/Y or starts over, their Safari stays the same.

At first only 2 Pokémon will appear in any given Safari, and none of the Pokemon will have their Hidden Abilities. If the person has defeated the Elite 4, then the 3rd Pokémon will appear, and if both you and the other person have been online at the same time at least once, then the Pokémon within have a chance of having their Hidden Ability. All Pokémon caught in the Friend Safari have a minimum of 2 perfect IVs.

If you wish to find out what your Friend Safari contains for other people and/or wish to add other people to your list to expand what's available to you, check out this thread.

How does Super Training make my Pokémon stronger?

Super Training is basically Game Freak's way of trying to make EVs (Effort Values) more transparent to players. A brief explanation of EVs:

Whenever a Pokémon defeats another Pokémon in battle and gains Exp. or undergoes Super Training, it also gains Effort Values. EVs affect your Pokémon's stats. A Pokémon can have a maximum of 252 EVs in a single stat, and a maximum of 508 overall. The math is that every 4 EVs=+1 to that stat (at level 100). Before Generation V, a Pokémon would get the benefit of its EVs upon leveling up (so you could get +64 to a stat in a single level up), but from Gen V onward it was changed to alter the growth rate instead, so more EVs in a stat means the stat grows more with each level up than if there were no or less EVs. Leveling up to gain the benefit of EVs is no longer required, so even level 100 Pokemon can be EV trained.

EVs are part of the reason why your Pokémon tend to be stronger than other Pokémon of the same species of the same level encountered in the wild or used by NPC trainers.

Affection vs Happiness/Friendship/Tameness

One of the things introduced in X/Y was Pokémon Amie, a mode where you get to play with your Pokémon and strengthen your bonds with them. It is important to be aware that the Affection hearts/stat in Pokémon Amie is not the same thing as the Happiness/Friendship/Tameness stat introduced in Generation II (or Yellow if you wanna get technical), especially in regards to Eevee. Eevee will only evolve into Sylveon if it knows a Fairy type move and has at least 2 affection hearts in Amie.

Interpreting the Kiloude City IV Judge

This explains it quite well:

As for how to breed for IVs (and breeding in general), take a look at the Trade Corner's Breeding Guide.

Version Exclusives

As with all the paired versions, some Pokémon/items are exclusive to one of the versions.

Pokémon X Exclusives:

As well as Tyranitarite, Pinsirite, and Manecite.

Pokémon Y Exclusives:

As well as Aggronite, Houndoomite, and Heracronite.

The Looker Bureau

One of the post-game activities involves Looker, an Interpol agent who first appeared in Pokémon Platinum. In order to start this side quest, go to Lumiose City after beating the Elite 4 and upgrading your Mega Ring. You will get a call from someone asking you to meet them near Rouge Plaza. The Looker Bureau is located down the alleyway next to the Pokémon Center on North Boulevard, and is across from Sushi High-Roller.

Good ways to get money and exp fast

The Battle Chateau on Route 7 and Restaurant Le Wow in Lumiose City are the best places to get money and exp, particularly if you use the Battle Chateau's Writs as well as the Exp/Money O-Powers. The money from Le Wow mainly comes from selling the shrooms that you get after finishing your battles and meals. The Furisode Girls in the Chateau give out the most exp.


O-Powers are similar to the Pass Powers of Gen V. They give the player various effects such as a boost to Exp gained, increasing your Pokémon's stats, lowering shop prices, etc. You can use them from the PSS screen, and can be used on either yourself or another player (if you're connected to the internet). Using them uses up the energy orbs, which regenerate over time, and they level up (read: the effects get stronger) the more you use them.

You get the various O-Powers from a man named "Mr. Bonding", who randomly appears in the hotels and Pokemon Centers around Kalos, and gives them to you after some "bonding time". Who knows what the psyduck happens during bonding time though.....

The final O-Power, Hatching Power, will not be available to you until you've obtained all the other O-Powers and max out your style in Lumiose City. Mr. Bonding will then appear in Café Introversion to give you this power.

The Strange Souvenir

The Strange Souvenir is a special item that you get from a Backpacker who claims to not be from any of the 6 major game regions (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos). He randomly appears in the hotel around Kalos and will give the item to you after you've talked to him enough times.

It is currently unknown where the Backpacker is from, what the significance of the Strange Souvenir is/what it is related to, or when these things will revealed.

2017 EDIT: It now appears to be the case that the Backpacker is from the region introduced after X and Y, Alola, as the Strange Souvenir can be bought at a mart in Sun/Moon. It appears to be just that--a souvenir--and is likely a carving of one of the island guardians, the Tapus.

Special Clothing Pieces
In addition to the clothes you can buy at the boutiques around Kalos, there is also one extra piece of clothing you can earn: a Pangoro Hat for males, and a Slurpuff Dress for females. To get it, go to Kiloude City. In the northwestern part of town you'll find an Artist NPC complaining about how they're in a slump and need inspiration. They want to see a boy/girl dressed a certain way. Go change your outfit to match the theme the artist wants to see, then go talk to them again. They'll get their inspiration and as a thank you give you the hat/dress.

Here's a picture of me in the Slurpuff Dress, btw:

Hey are there any emulators or ROM Hacks for X&Y?

Go look in our ROM Hacking section, you may find something there.
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